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The picture of the couple is still playing on the LED giant screen in the square. As the picture changes, the light also becomes stronger and weaker.

Jing Ci held the bunch of flowers blankly, and he couldn’t react for a while.

When other people’s eyes drifted over, Ying Jiao didn’t care at all. He cleared his throat, reached out and brushed Jing Ci’s hair: “The people in front are almost scattered, let’s go.”

“Oh.” Jing Ci stepped forward and followed him mechanically.

After walking a few steps, he passed by the venue where the man just proposed. It wasn’t until the strong light shone brightly on his face that he suddenly came back to his senses.

“Why…” His ears were a little red, and he said awkwardly: “Why did you grab it?”

“You have moved your household registration to my name, what’s wrong with me grabbing flowers for you?” Ying Jiao looked down at him and smiled smugly: “Speaking of which, our relationship is much closer than it is now.”

Closer than the couple that just got engaged, isn’t that…

Jing Ci pursed his lower lip, and his heart was suddenly sweet as if he had drunk honey.

Ying Jiao didn’t let him hold the bunch of flowers for too long. After all, Jing Ci was a big boy, so it was a little unsightly. Only one flower was left, and the rest were placed in the restaurant where they ate.


After returning home, Jing Ci found an empty mineral water bottle and filled it with water. Put the rose in the bottle and put it on the coffee table in the living room.

Ying Jiao went into the study for a while, and came out with a photo album in his hand. He sat next to Jing Ci and turned to the first page: “Which one you want, choose whatever you want.”

Jing Ci’s eyes lit up, and he rushed up.

The photos are sorted by age, and the first page is a snapshot of him not long after he was born.

A small lump, his skin is not as red as other newborns, but a little pink. Wearing light blue baby clothes, lying obediently in the crib, sleeping peacefully with eyes closed.

Jing Ci’s heart was about to melt when he saw this.

“Do you want this?” Ying Jiao laughed, took out the photo, pushed it to Jing Ci, and turned the page.

On the second page, Ying Jiao was sitting on the sofa with a building block in his hand, looking towards the camera. He didn’t know who provoked him, but his little brows frowned in dissatisfaction, inexplicably cute.

“This…” Jing Ci raised his eyes and looked at Ying Jiao: “I want it too.”

Ying Jiao squinted his eyes, didn’t know what he was thinking, and smiled meaningfully: “Okay.”

Turning down the album page by page, Ying Jiao grew from a babbling baby to a handsome boy.

Every photo is good-looking, Jing Ci likes all of them, and finally succeeded in picking. Greedily wanting one photo to another.

“Baby,” Ying Jiao leaned lazily on the sofa, raised his eyebrows and looked at Jing Ci: “I can also give it all to you…”

Jing Ci held the photo carefully, waiting nervously for his next sentence.

“What can I get in exchange?”

Jing Ci remembered the exchange conditions last night, and his throat suddenly became dry.


Ying Jiao rubbed his fair and clean ankles repeatedly, and said with a wicked smile, “Say it.”

“I…” Jing Ci clenched his fists and did countless psychological constructions for himself, but he still couldn’t say that colorful sentence.

“That’s it.” Ying Jiao let go of him and pretended to be generous: “I won’t bully you, this time there is only one condition.”

Jing Ci was overjoyed and nodded quickly.

“I want to hear you call me husband.”

Jing Ci was stunned, and then his face quickly turned red.

“What are you embarrassed about?” Ying Jiao held up his face with one hand, looked at him calmly, and said solemnly, “We are both on the same hukou book, why can’t you call me this.”

Although Ying Jiao was right, this title was still too embarrassing for Jing Ci. He really couldn’t open his mouth, so he retorted in a low voice, “Hukou book… I’m your cousin in the account book.”

“Okay, Jingshen.” Ying Jiao gritted his teeth gently: “You’ve learned to talk back.” He picked up the ballpoint pen on the coffee table and raised Jing Ci’s chin: “Do you have to force me to use some other means?”

“You think I can’t help you if I can’t touch you, right?” Ying Jiao smiled and whispered two words in his ear.

Jing Ci’s face was extremely hot in an instant, he turned his head and stammered and refused: “No, no…”

“Are you not calling out then?” Ying Jiao gently pressed his lips with a pen, his face full of ruthlessness: “Otherwise, maybe in the next second, my conditions will be changed.”

When Jing Ci heard this, he was anxious.


He wanted those photos engraved with Ying Jiao’s growth trajectory so much, his heart fluttered, his teeth clenched, and he nodded.

So that night, Ying Jiao shamelessly relied on the photos of himself when he was a child, and listened to him call out until he was satisfied.

The next day, Ying Jiao wanted to take Jing Ci out to play. He heard He Zhou say that there was a shooting club not far away recently. When Ying Jiao saw this in the video game city last time. He liked this kind of exciting activity very much, but he didn’t expect Jing Ci to fall ill.

He felt stupid that he didn’t noticed it. Still, Ying Jiao felt that something was wrong when he saw that he always drank water. He touched his forehead and took his temperature again, only then did he find out.

“37.9 degrees.” Ying Jiao put down the thermometer, stood up and said, “Put on a coat and I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“No.” Jing Ci has always lived a rough life, let alone treating a low-grade fever, which is not a big deal, so he didn’t care: “I don’t feel uncomfortable, it’s just a little hot, it doesn’t matter.”

“You still have to go and have a look.” Ying Jiao had already cleaned up quickly while he was talking. While opening the car-hailing app, he coaxed: “Be obedient, what if your temperature rises?”

“It’s really okay.” Jing Ci took a sip of water and comforted him: “Maybe it’s because I haven’t rested well during this time, maybe I should get some sleep later.”

“Why are you so stubborn.” Ying Jiao couldn’t do anything about him. After thinking for a while, he snatched the ice water from his hand: “Don’t drink this, I’ll cook something hot for you.”

Jing Ci nodded, and when Ying Jiao wanted to turn around and go to the kitchen, he suddenly stopped him: “Brother…”

“Huh?” Ying Jiao turned his head: “What’s wrong?”

Jing Ci hesitated for a moment and wanted to say something, but finally swallowed: “It’s okay.”

“What’s the matter?” Ying Jiao walked back to him and said softly, “Is there anything else you want to say to me?”


Jing Ci lowered his eyes, and after a long while, whispered: “Is it, is it because your mother is not satisfied with me?”

(T/n: JC is wondering if he’s sick because YJ’s mother doesn’t like him.)

Ying Jiao was dumbfounded: “Baby, what are you thinking about every day?” He was helpless and sat down beside Jing Ci: “You have good grades and good personality, she has no choice but to like you.”

“But,” Jing Ci was still worried, he licked his dry lips: “I’m a man…”

“What’s wrong with being a man?” Ying Jiao snorted: “I chased you first, if my mother is angry, she should be angry with me instead of you.” He rubbed Jing Ci’s head: “Don’t think too much, it’s just coincidence.”

Ying Jiao knew that Jing Ci valued their relationship too much to be like this, and his heart couldn’t be soft. With a smile on his lips, he deliberately teased him: “Didn’t Old Liu ask you to write your application for joining the party last time? Can it be that Jingshen is an active member in feudal superstition, what kind of feudal superstition is he engaged in?”

 (T/n: not sure if this correct)

When Ying Jiao said this, Jing Ci also felt a little baffled. He smiled embarrassedly, and the miscellaneous things in his mind were finally scattered.

“Go to the bedroom and lie down for a while, and I’ll bring the water to you when the water is boiled.”


Jing Ci didn’t want to sleep, but he had a fever and his head was already groggy. In addition, he worked too hard some time ago, and his body was still a little weak, and he fell asleep soon after touching the pillow.


Then he dreamed again.

Calling it a dream is actually more like watching a movie, but his consciousness was awake the whole time.

In the sixth month of his imprisonment in the system space, when Qiao Anyan imitated him again and again to approach Ying Jiao, Ying Jiao finally found the clue.

Compared to the previous dream, he(YJ) lost a lot of weight, the lines on his face became sharper, and his eyes were dark without light. The temperament of the whole body was suppressed to the extreme, as if it would explode with the slightest touch.

And Qiao Anyan became a man who acted recklessly and blindly.

Jing Ci has never seen Ying Jiao like this: ruthless and cold-blooded, as if Qiao Anyan, who was crying and begging for mercy in front of him, was not person, but a chicken, duck, and livestock that could be killed at will.


But he didn’t feel scared, just felt distressed.

Qiao Anyan, a spineless person from head to toe, could not stand the torture of Ying Jiao, and it didn’t take long for him to reveal everything—

“I didn’t do it… It’s that system! It says that as long as I take everything from Jing Ci as my own, I can replace him and become the protagonist of this world.”

“Now… you might feel even worse now.”

“Because, because you’re the other protagonist.”


Qiao Anyan succeeded, but Qiao Anyan also failed.

The system needs to rely on Qiao Anyan’s superior to collect energy to strengthen itself, so it deliberately chose a simple-minded and easy-going person. But it didn’t expect that in the end, because of this characteristic of him, he easily leaked the secret of his existence.

It can’t do anything to Ying Jiao, there are only two protagonists in the world. It doesn’t matter if one dies, but if both die, the whole world would fall apart quickly. And as the initiator of the destruction of the world, it will be formatted.

So, this time, Jing Ci finally knew his true origin.

He didn’t transmigrate in a book, he was originally from this world.


It was Ying Jiao who threatened suicide, forcing the system to send him to another world when his death was irreversible.

The system promised Ying Jiao that as long as his soul was healed, it would return automatically.

So Ying Jiao relied on that illusory hope, looking forward to it day by day…

Jing Ci’s heart was sour, and he suddenly woke up.

He looked over at the mug on the bedside table that had a simple design. He reached out and touched it, and the body of the cup was warm.

Jing Ci got up and held the cup in his hand, his eyes slowly turning red.

He always thought that lying in the trash can in the cold winter on the twelfth lunar month was the most ruthless abandonment in the world. But it was only now that he understood that it was full of love that a person gave him with all his strength.

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