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The days passed quickly, and while Jing Ci was seriously preparing for the competition, July came quietly.

The third years have long since finished their college entrance examination and have been completely liberated. The bustling courtyard in the past has completely quieted down, and even the canteen that has always been crowded is quite empty.

The final exam is just around the corner, and the students in the first and second year have suffered a lot more than usual. There are many people studying under the covers with flashlights after the lights are turned off at night. And Jing Ci finally set off to participate in the International Mathematics Competition.

The international competition will last for six days.


The first day is the opening ceremony, and the next two days are the exams. After that, two days will be left for the judges to review the papers, and the last day will be the closing ceremony and dinner.

In some countries, in order to keep the players in the best state, they will arrive about a week earlier, but Jing Ci and the others only arrive one day earlier.

Before that, Jing Ci had to go to the imperial capital to meet with the other team members, and then the team leader would take them to the UK.

They would only stay in the UK for about a week. When he was about to leave, Jing Ci didn’t take much with him. He just carried a small 24-inch suitcase. He packed everything he needed, and even had enough clothes to wear. There was only one thing he didn’t need, but he was reluctant to leave, and that was the photos that Ying Jiao gave him.

“Brother, I’m leaving.” At the door of their apartment, Jing Ci held the handle of his suitcase, turned around and said to Ying Jiao as easily as possible: “I’ll be back.”

This time, he still rejected Ying Jiao’s offer to send him to the airport, and refused to say goodbye to him.

“What’s the matter?” Ying Jiao pulled him back into the door, looked down at his expression carefully, and said softly, “You can’t bear me to leave me?”

Afraid that Ying Jiao would be worried, Jing Ci wanted to deny it. But for some reason, the explanation came to his mouth, but in the end he only said “um”.


Really reluctant, and a little scared. Nothing good ever happens to them whenever they part and reunite.

“I can’t bear you either,” Ying Jiao reached out and rubbed his hair, pulled him to sit down on the sofa, and deliberately teased, “I wish I could make you smaller and put you in my pocket, so that you can follow me all the time.”

Jing Ci couldn’t help but laugh.

“I didn’t tell you this before, did I?” Ying Jiao peeled off a piece of candy and stuffed it into Jing Ci’s mouth, and said softly, “You are going to the place where I played when I was a child.”

Jing Ci’s eyes lit up instantly: “Really?!”

The knowledge of going to the place where Ying Jiao has been, made him feel a lot better.

“Yeah.” Ying Jiao leaned on the sofa and fiddled with his fingers lazily: “But basically I don’t have an impression. You can take a few more pictures and send them to me, maybe I can remember them.”

Jing Ci immediately assured: “Okay.”

“So don’t think too much, just go and help me find some memories,” Ying Jiao touched his forehead with his forehead and looked into his eyes: “Go happily, then come back happily, I will be waiting for you at home.”

Jing Ci’s heart was suddenly sour and sweet, and he nodded vigorously: “I will.”

“If you promise me, you must do it, otherwise…” Ying Jiao raised his chin and said lightly, “I will really be rough with you then.”


Jing Ci raised his eyes and looked at him in disbelief.

Ying Jiao licked his lower lip and whispered, “Down your waist.”

Jing Ci’s breath was suffocated, and he blushed and hummed.

Ying Jiao chuckled lightly, bowed his head and kissed him.

“Brother, you…” After the kiss, Jing Ci’s ears turned red. He looked at Ying Jiao’s thin lips and whispered, “My candy…”

Ying Jiao fiddled with the candy in his mouth with the tip of his tongue, probably because he stole it, he always felt it was extra sweet. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Jing Ci, and said badly: “You are the one who let me grab it, now you won’t let me have it?”

“…No.” He… He just likes Ying Jiao robbing him like this!

Jing Ci lowered his eyes shyly: “I will let you have it.”

He was so good that Ying Jiao didn’t even want to let him go.


Ying Jiao closed his eyes, barely restraining the reluctance in his heart. He hugged him, and then solemnly said in his ear, “Come on, Jingshen.”


Jing Ci and the others made it on time. After the six team members gathered in the imperial capital that day, the team leader held a small meeting for them.

“You should all know the process of participating in the competition, but I will repeat it again.” The team leader sat on the sofa and took a sip of water: “The exam is divided into two days, from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm every day, a total of four and a half hours. There are three questions each time, and one question is 7 points, with a full score of 42 points.”

He saw that the team members were listening carefully, and there was no desertion. The team leader nodded with satisfaction and continued: “You all have experienced a competition, so you also know the results of our country’s first four years of competition.”

In the past, many people referred to the International Mathematics Competition as the World Cup for Chinese people. Only because the Chinese national team is too strong, they occupy first place every year, and the other countries can only hope to win the championship and sigh.

In recent years, however, the situation has reversed. Before this, China had not won first place for four consecutive years.


“I’m not saying this to put pressure on you,” the team leader smiled. “It’s just to let you remember this situation and do your best. It’s better to mentality prepare yourself, and you can not doubt yourself. This is our current country’s Olympiad situation, this is not your problem to deal with.”

Having said that, after he finished speaking, the atmosphere in the room was still tense.

When the team leader saw this, he stood up and stretched out a hand to the players: “You are all elites among the elites. I won’t say anything else, but these last two words: Jiayou!”

Jing Ci and Wang Qiong looked at each other and stood up with the other team members. He stretched out his hand and folded it on the back of the team leader’s hand and took a deep breath: ”Jiayou!”(t/n: Jiaoyou=cheer)

The next morning, while Ying Jiao got up to study, Jing Ci boarded the plane to England.

After eleven hours of flight, it finally landed at 12 noon local time.

Someone at the airport picked them up. It was the team leader who came three days in advance.

For each international mathematics competition, at least two leading teachers will be arranged. One is responsible for leading the team, and the other is responsible for overseas related affairs.

Although the distance between seats on international flights is relatively large, it is still a bit unbearable to sit all day. Jing Ci and a few people were too tired, and because of the jet lag, their heads were dizzy, and they couldn’t lift their spirits at all. After eating hastily at the hotel, they went back to their rooms to rest.

At the same time, the news about this mathematics competition in China has gradually become more popular.


Although the Olympiad is small, few people pay attention to domestic competitions. However, international competitions involving national honors are different. Not only did the major media scramble to report the event, but there were also many people discussing it on the forum.

[I hope the Chinese team will win the championship! 】

[Support Jing Ci, the pride of our Donghai Province! 】

[Previously occupied a pit, senior Wang Qiong, come on! 】

[What kind of exams have been taken in previous years, but this time the session is not low-key? Ha ha. 】

【Where did you buy the keyboard upstairs? Very useful ah, send a link. If you have the ability to do it, then you can do it! I don’t need to tell you how difficult the Olympic mathematics are, right? It’s very good to be able to compete, okay? 】

[Tell me how many marks did you get in the math test in high school? This enables you. 】

[China does not pay attention to the development of the Olympiad now, so the decline in performance is a matter of course, friendship first, competition second. 】

【The key is to participate! Participation is important! 】

Except for a few keyboard warriors, most netizens are still very friendly. After all, being able to see the representatives of their country in the International Olympic Games is already a level that ordinary people look up to.

As for rank, of course it matters. But because of the results of the previous years, everyone did not dare to hold out much hope. What’s more, these non-experts are just watching the fun, so whatever KY is said, just cheer for the players.

(T/n: KY means saying nonsense)


Therefore, the overall atmosphere of the post was very peaceful, and later on, it started obsessing with Jing Ci’s appearance.

Jing Ci didn’t see the news on the Internet. In order to adjust the time difference, he reported to Ying Jiao that he was safe and never touched his mobile phone again.

Forcing himself to rest is still effective, and by the opening ceremony the next day, his spirits have almost recovered.

The opening ceremony is only held in the morning, and in the afternoon they have free time. Because the next day was the exam, after lunch, the team leader was afraid that everyone would be too excited coming to the UK for the first time, and he only let them go after emphasizing twice that they were not allowed to run around.

“What should I do, Jing Ci? My heart is pounding right now.” Don’t look at Wang Qiong, who kept shouting for public travel when he came, but when it’s time for the competition, he didn’t want to go out to play, he couldn’t even lay down.

“My mother keeps telling me that I should not be nervous and focus on the competition.” Wang Qiong scratched his hair desperately and collapsed: “This…isn’t this implying that I can’t get good grades?”

Jing Ci’s heartbeat was also a little faster, but he was more excited to find an opponent.

He didn’t usually comfort people. After thinking about it, he remembered the fact that their class collectively forwarded koi for luck in the exam a few days ago, and said, “Why don’t you collect from a koi?”

“Thanks for the reminder!” As if grabbing a life-saving straw, Wang Qiong immediately took out his mobile phone to find some koi pictures, signed on Weibo and looked at other Weibo posts. He swiped ten posts in one go, and then stopped.

“You aren’t going to?”

Jing Ci smiled and shook his head.


Wang Qiong just asked a question casually and didn’t get into it. While frantically giving a thumbs up to Koi Weibo, he approached Jing Ci and said in a low voice, “Tell me… if our results are not good this time, will we be scolded badly by the netizens?”

“Just don’t look at it.” Jing Ci never cared about other people’s opinions: “Our grades have nothing to do with them.”

“Although…” Wang Qiong scratched his head: “But I’m still a little nervous.”

“Forget it, let’s not talk about it, negative energy is too heavy.” He sighed and changed the subject: “By the way, did you notice the eyes of those foreign powerhouses looking at us at the opening ceremony today?”


“I knew you didn’t see it.” Wang Qiong said angrily: “I can tell from the look of their face that they look down on us, bah! Why should they? When was the main focus of their training not Chinese?!”

The smile on Jing Ci’s face gradually faded, and he pursed his lower lip: “So you must adjust to the time difference today, and be at your best state for the exam tomorrow.”

”Right!” Wang Qiong gritted his teeth and threw his phone aside: “I’ll rest now!”

That night, Jing Ci slept well. Woke up the next morning, clear-headed and full of energy.


After washing up, Wang Qiong went to the corridor to call his mother and finally asked for comfort. After Jing Ci determined that he would not be back for a while, he opened the suitcase and took out a photo of Ying Jiao. After rubbing for a long time, he finally kissed it lightly.

Why not retweet some Koi pics?

He does not need it.

Ying Jiao is the greatest luck in his life.

The corners of Jing Ci’s lips were slightly raised, and he put the photo back to a precious place. After breakfast, he stepped into the examination room in high spirits.

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The author has something to say: I wanted to write the results, but I didn’t write it because my hand speed was too slow… I will write more tomorrow _(:з」∠)_

If brother Jiao knew that his Jing Ci was looked down upon by foreigners——

Brother Jiao: hehe, under the strength of negative points, the heart is full of points.

(T/n: not sure what YJ means here)

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