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After the game, Jing Ci and the team boarded the return plane according to the original itinerary.

There is no direct flight from the UK to Donghai Province, so he still has to go to the imperial capital first, and then be sent home.

In the seat, Wang Qiong leaned against the back of the chair and breathed a sigh of relief: “Fortunately, we didn’t stop and returned to China.”

“What’s wrong?” Jing Ci put his schoolbag under the seat and turned to ask him.

“You don’t know, when my mother heard that I won the gold medal, she was only happy for a while.” Wang Qiong raised his eyebrows and complained: “Then she sent me an order and asked me to help her buy things for her. I don’t know the brands of those cosmetics and bags, wouldn’t this kill me?”

Wang Qiong looked at him enviously: “It’s better to have your parents, they don’t bother you with these things.”

Jing Ci was startled, he had not thought of the Jing family for a long time.


After his hukou was moved out, he seemed to have really cut ties with them. They are not connected to each other, they live separately, and treated them as if the other did not exist.

He smiled and didn’t speak, that was for the best.

Jing Ci thought so, but father Jing did not.

When Jing Ci won the gold medal at the International Olympiad on TV, father Jing regretted it deeply. He never thought that his eldest son, who was dyed yellow hair every day and had no skills, would climb to the height he is now.

These days, when he walks on the road, he can hear pedestrians discussing Jing Ci. The elders were full of praise for him, saying that he was the pride of Donghai Province. The younger ones either adored or admired him, and watched the video of his interview over and over again.

Even the three sisters of the Zhao family who have always looked down on others asked him when Jing Ci will return to China. They wanted Jing Ci to tell their children about his learning experience.

Of course, Father Jing wanted to show off using Jing Ci everywhere. Such an outstanding person was his son, and he wished the whole world would know about it.

But not to mention when he would return to China, the question now is whether Jing Ci recognizes him or not.

Father Jing threw the coffee cup into the trash can, took out the key and entered the house.

During this time, he thought a lot, and in the past he was indeed a little cold to Jing Ci. Mainly because the thing his mother did was so disgusting, it made him angry that he vented his anger on him.

Before he was reluctant to admit it because of his face, but now he figured it out.

Isn’t it just an apology? What could be more important than recognizing a son who won a world-class gold medal?

They were all men. Who wouldn’t understand what it felt like to have a cheating wife? If Jing Ci thought about it from his perspective, he would definitely be able to understand him.

Father Jing loosened his tie, changed into a set of home clothes, and reached into his bag to take out his mobile phone to send a message to Jing Ci. Who knew that it was only after searching for it that he found out that he did not know when it was stolen.

Not only the phone was lost, but even the wallet with his money was gone!


The other things don’t matter, the key is that his bank card and ID card are in his wallet, which is the most troublesome.

Father Jing was so angry that he quickly found the mobile phone that he had seized from Jing Miao some time ago, and called to report the loss of his ID card and bank card.

“F*cking bad luck.”

Father Jing scolded him fiercely, and he didn’t care about thinking about Jing Ci any more. After searching the Internet for the information to be used for the replacement of the ID card, he began to rummage through the boxes to find his household registration book.

He is currently unemployed, and has time. An ID card, which would be spot checked when taking the subway, should be reissued as soon as possible.

Father Jing took the household registration book out of the drawer and was walking out with it when he suddenly thought of something—

In any case, Jing Ci has to come back, after all, his household registration is still at home.

Father Jing laughed and turned around.

The smile on Father Jing’s face suddenly froze.

In the household registration book, the page belonging to Jing Ci had a little red stamp at some point, with three words printed on it: Moved out.

When Jing Ci arrived in Donghai Province, it was almost noon. It took two planes in a row for a total of fifteen hours. Coupled with the jet lag, he was exhausted. He ate a bowl of Lazhou ramen for lunch downstairs, went upstairs to take a hastily shower, then fell on the bed and fell asleep.

His body was so exhausted that he should have slept until he woke up naturally. But when he fell asleep, Jing Ci dreamed again.

Like the previous ones, this dream is still a continuation of the previous one.

That system promised Ying Jiao that as long as his(JC) soul was raised in another world, it would return automatically.

But it deceived Ying Jiao.

In order to gain energy from Qiao Anyan’s superior position, it only sent away part of his soul, leaving a small part secretly, which almost cut off the possibility of him coming back.


Therefore, instead of waiting for him, Ying Jiao waited for the time to reset.

The system expended most of its energy, making the entire world’s timeline retreat back to when they first met in the first year of high school.

The only person in the world who remembered him, had his memory go back to the past. As a result, his image of being excellent in both character and learning was wiped cleanly. Instead, it was the small part of Jing Ci that was taken away by Qiao Anyan, became muddle headed and did not seek to make progress.

At this moment, Jing Ci finally understood that there was never any original owner, that was him. The body is his, his father was his, even the school is his.

Ying Jiao is my ex-boyfriend, we will reconcile sooner or later.”

“You are shameless!”

“What’s your business if he ignores me? Go away.”

The small part of him that had not been nurtured has forgotten his ideals, his plans, and even his favorite mathematics, but he only remembers Ying Jiao.


Ying Jiao is indeed his ex-boyfriend.

It’s just that it’s not this boyfriend that broke up with him, but the boyfriend of his previous life.


Jing Ci suddenly sat up, leaning against the head of the bed with red eyes.

The system thought it had a thorough understanding of human nature, it deliberately sent himself to Ying Jiao that had no advantages. After a year of observation, after carefully determining that Ying Jiao could not like him(JC), he sent over Qiao Anyan who was almost a copy of him.

So this was the pit text he saw in another world.

Qiao Anyan returned to the second year of high school with his golden fingers, and quickly counterattacked at an incredible speed, reaching the first place in the whole grade.

But the system failed again.

It can help Qiao Anyan take away his studies, his teachers, and his friends. But by all means, it was unable to snatch his boyfriend.

Although he lost his memory, Ying Jiao sent his(JC) soul to another world with his own hands, and he experienced Qiao Anyan imitation of himself and approached him. So he hates all those who are like him, and who are not him.

What Ying Jiao likes is not a person who studies well and is admired by his teachers and classmates. He likes everything about him(JC).

Advantages and disadvantages, any point. No less, no more.

Jing Ci covered his face, tears streaming down uncontrollably.

Therefore, Qiao Anyan failed again, and his career reached the peak, but his relationship could not move forward even one step, and he still could not replace him and become the protagonist of this world.

Jing Ci jumped off the bed suddenly, accidentally tripping over because he was too anxious. He wants to see Ying Jiao now, he can’t wait even for a moment!

His obsessive-compulsive disorder has always been so severe that even his shoelaces have to be symmetrical. At this time, his hair is messy, the collar of the pajamas is half tucked inside, and the sleeves were short and long.

But Jing Ci couldn’t care about anything, except for Ying Jiao, he couldn’t care about anything else in his mind.


At this time, in the provincial experiment, Ying Jiao began to review the exclusive interview videos of Jing Ci again and again.

Jing Ci is confessing to him, and confessing to him in front of the whole world.

This realization made Ying Jiao so happy that he could hardly control himself. He even wanted to find the reporter in the video immediately and ask him to do an interview for himself. Tell the netizens below who cry out that they want to be Jing Ci’s girlfriend, and let them know what the definition of limit on the white paper means.

[Even if you give me the whole world, I will only be by your side. 】

In this passage, he clearly knew every word, but when they were combined, it seemed to have magic power, which made his heart speed up and his blood boil just thinking about it.

The corners of Ying Jiao’s lips were raised, and he clicked the replay again.

Next to him, Zheng Que accidentally glanced at the screen of his mobile phone, and was suddenly sore. He endured and endured, and finally couldn’t hold back: “Brother Jiao, it’s already finished. Isn’t it just an interview, how many times have you watched it?”

He Zhou doesn’t miss any opportunity to ridicule Ying Jiao. Hearing that, he immediately answered, “Old Zheng, you don’t understand, this is the loneliness of an empty-nest old hooligan.”

The two looked at each other and laughed.

Ying Jiao took off the earphones on his ears, and his eyes slowly swept around them, not even letting Peng Chengcheng, who had been mute, go.

Their hearts were suddenly alarmed, but before they had time to escape, they heard Ying Jiao say, “Do you know the limit of the function?”

Zheng Que’s mind was straight and he spoke quickly, and subconsciously said, “I’m sorry, I only know how to challenge the limit.”

“I guess you didn’t know.” Ying Jiao put the phone on the table: “So you didn’t understand what Jing Ci meant.”

He Zhou rolled his eyes at him: “What do you mean, didn’t Brother Ci just explain it to the reporter?”

Ying Jiao lifted his lips slightly: “No, he is confessing to me. You…”

Ying Jiao’s words stopped abruptly, and his face changed suddenly. Under the surprised eyes of He Zhou and the others, he pushed aside the chair and ran out of the classroom.


He remembered, he remembered everything!

Ying Jiao didn’t know how he got home, but when he realized it, he was already standing at the door.

His heartbeat almost covered the sound of heavy breathing, he wiped his face hard, and just as he was about to open the door, the door was pulled open from the inside.

Jing Ci was standing there blankly, the corners of his eyes were red: “Brother.”

Ying Jiao pulled him into his arms, kissed and stroked him like crazy.

This person, who has crossed two worlds and has undergone several time resets, has finally returned to him.

Ying Jiao held Jing Ci’s face and looked at him deeply: “Baby, welcome back.”

I don’t remember you in my mind, but in my heart, you are always there.

If you hadn’t come, I will stubbornly guard our world, looking for you and waiting in an infinite time loop.

If you come, then I will definitely recognize you at first sight.

Then love you, guard you, hold your world in the palm of your hand, and give it to you again.

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The author has something to say: There is still a little bit left in the plot ~ about the return of Jing Ci.. Don’t worry, everyone.

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