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Their eyes collided, and everything around them became silent in an instant.

The footsteps between the corridors, the whistle outside, everything faded away quickly, and it seems that there were the only two people left in the whole world.

They didn’t know who moved first, but when he reacted, the two were already kissing each other again.

Their scalding bodies were tightly pressed against each other. Their loud heartbeat almost overshadowed their rapid pants. Jing Ci raised his head high and put his hands on Ying Jiao’s shoulders. While trying to kiss him back, Ying Jiao stumbled forward.

Ying Jiao’s eyes were red, and he pressed Jing Ci’s neck and pressed him to himself. The kiss was fierce and ruthless, and the force was so strong that it almost devoured him. Hot sweat slid down his face, he breathed heavily, and couldn’t wait to tear off Jing Ci’s clothes.

The torn button fell to the floor with a clatter. It was like a signal before ignition, instantly raising the temperature in the room.

No skills, no tricks. The two people were like beasts who have been hungry for a long time, just wanting to get close to each other desperately to relieve the longing in their hearts.


From the living room to the bedroom door, their clothes were scattered on the ground intermittently.

Jing Ci was short of breath, his legs were weak, and he slid down a little unconsciously. Ying Jiao was keenly aware of this, and directly picked him up by the waist, kicking open the door of the master bedroom.

“Brother…” Jing Ci lay on the bed, panting and tilting his head, groping with his backhand to grab Ying Jiao’s hand.

The feeling of being lost and found is so precious that he still can’t believe it until now. Even if his eyes could see him and his body could feel him, he was desperately trying to grab something.

“I’m here.” Ying Jiao took his hand and intertwined his fingers, using his body temperature and movements to calm Jing Ci’s heart a little bit.

Outside the house, the lights are already on. The light outside came in through the wide bay window, and two figures in the bed were faintly visible.


When everything was over, it was already early morning.

“Does your stomach feel uncomfortable?” Ying Jiao reached out and touched Jing Ci’s lower abdomen, and asked softly.

The memory of their past is really too long. When wearing the condom, Ying Jiao forgot to squeeze out the air at the front. In addition, although he tried his best to control it, his movements were still a little violent just now, which caused the condom to break several times, and a lot of it went inside.

Even if he cleaned up Jing Ci, he was still a little worried.

Jing Ci was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, the end of his eyes flushed red, his eyelashes moved when he heard Ying Jiao’s words, but he didn’t say a word.

“Sleepy?” Ying Jiao pushed the hair on his forehead aside and asked again.

Jing Ci still didn’t respond.

Ying Jiao laughed, he leaned over with one hand and gently traced the outline of Jing Ci’s face with the other. He looked at him greedily, his eyes reluctant to blink.


It’s good, this person, this person he couldn’t wait to exchange with his life, has finally returned to his side.

Even if he lost everything, he still grew up tenaciously in another world. Become excellent and dazzling again, and then meet him again across time and space.

Ying Jiao could hardly contain the surging love and happiness in his heart. He put his hands on Jing Ci’s sides, lowered his head and started from his forehead, kissing down little by little.

He loves him so much, he doesn’t know how to love him.

“Brother?” Jing Ci slowly opened his eyes, met Ying Jiao’s eyes, his voice was a little hoarse: “You called me?”

He was so tired and sore. He didn’t even want to move his fingers, and even his consciousness was a little groggy. He was in a daze just now, he heard Ying Jiao talking to him, but he couldn’t wake up.

“Yeah.” Ying Jiao bowed his head and kissed him: “Why is your voice so hoarse?”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes in embarrassment, this…does he still need to ask?

At the beginning, he really wished that he would never be separated from Ying Jiao. He wanted him to be a little closer, a little closer, and as close to him as possible.

However, he hadn’t rested yet, he couldn’t stand it after such intense sex- twice. He even begged Ying Jiao to do it again next time. However, the more he begged, the more excited Ying Jiao became, and he even bullied him even more…

Ying Jiao smiled lowly, and his fingertips swept across his adam’s apple: “Baby, you just called out so nicely, just thinking about it makes me hard again.”

“Brother!” Jing Ci was ashamed and angry: “Can you be serious?”

“How does being serious make you comfortable?” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows: “Who begged me to hurry up just now?”


Recalling back when Jing Ci was approaching his climax, his eyes were slack and his body was red, grabbing his arm and begging unconsciously, Ying Jiao’s blood couldn’t help but be restless again.

He coughed, knowing that Jing Ci couldn’t take it anymore. He got up and unscrewed the mineral water on the table: “Understood, listen to you, drink some water first.”

Jing Ci slightly propped up his upper body and took two sips.

After he finished drinking, Ying Jiao took it and took a few sips himself. He layed back and pulled Jing Ci into his arms, and asked again, “Is your stomach uncomfortable?”

Jing Ci shook his head: “No.”

“Then where?” Ying Jiao reached out and touched it: “Does this hurt?”

When he was touched there, Jing Ci’s body trembled sensitively, but he didn’t hide and said with a blushing face, “…it doesn’t hurt.”

In fact, it still hurts a bit, but it’s not unbearable, there’s no need to let Ying Jiao know.

“That’s good.” Ying Jiao reached out and pulled the quilt up: “Go to sleep.”

Jing Ci was indeed tired and sleepy, his eyelids were fighting, but he didn’t want to sleep.



Jing Ci simply wanted to call Ying Jiao, and didn’t want to say anything. Hearing his answer, he changed the topic: “Did you skip class yesterday?”

Ying Jiao: “…”

Ying Jiao gritted his teeth, stretched out his hand and squeezed his face: “It’s not too late to clean you up now, right? I didn’t make it hard enough for you just now?”

“No…” Jing Ci’s ears were a little red, he wanted to say something, but suddenly his eyes lit up: “Brother, it doesn’t hurt if you touch me now!”


“You just found out?” Ying Jiao smiled and flicked his forehead: “Jingshen, your reaction is slow.”

“Why?” Jing Ci was puzzled: “How could Qiao Anyan have such a big influence on me?”

Before, Jing Ci always thought that Qiao Anyan was the protagonist, so he would interfere with himself unconsciously. But after he figured it out, he realized that it wasn’t like that at all.

“It was not him, it was the system.” Ying Jiao lowered his eyes to hide the coldness in his eyes, and told him all the things from threatened to commit suicide and forcing the system to spit him out.

That system was originally processed scrap, with formatters embedded in the code. But it is not willing to be destroyed like this, so it urgently needed a lot of energy to strengthen itself and eliminate the formatter.

And the way to get the most energy is to support a new protagonist of a world.

Qiao Anyan, as the person who is the most malicious and the beaten at the mercy of Jing Ci, has naturally become the host chosen by the system.

In the first life it failed, even with its own memory, it still failed.

“It’s bound to Qiao Anyan and it can’t be released, and there’s no way to leave, unless Qiao Anyan succeeds.” When Ying Jiao was talking, his hands were not idle, and he kept making trouble in the most fleshy part of Jing Ci’s body: “So there was a time reset.”

He no longer had the memory of Jing Ci, and Jing Ci was changed. As for Qiao Anyan, he was a copy of Jing Ci, and the system was certain that he would fall in love with him. It took a desperate risk and consumed most of its existing energy.

Jing Ci’s waist was softened by his touch, he held down Ying Jiao’s hand, and his voice was a little panting: “Speak, talk about business…”

“Don’t say that with your hands.” Ying Jiao raised his lips badly and deliberately rubbed his waist. Satisfied to see Jing Ci trembling a little, he said solemnly: “Do you still want to know?”

Jing Ci nodded silently.

Ying Jiao chuckled and continued: “But it miscalculated.”

In the second life, Qiao Anyan held the golden finger and face slapped anyone. He got everything that Jing Ci once had, but the one thing he couldn’t get was his feelings.


“That world stagnated only after Qiao Anyan was first place in the school.” Ying Jiao looked at Jing Ci’s eyes, his eyes became more and more gentle: “Then you came back, to the present.”

At this time, the energy of the system was already very weak, and even its self-consciousness cannot be maintained. But he didn’t know why Qiao Anyan no longer had any memory of it.

But after all, he is the host of the system, and he has done things to keep Jing Ci in the system space. He subconsciously automatically used the energy of the system to extract things from Jing Ci.

This is why Jing Ci had a headache whenever he saw him.

“You are getting stronger and stronger, but the energy of the system is getting less and less.” Ying Jiao’s voice was low: “So when you see Qiao Anyan later, the symptoms of the headache are getting lighter.”

“As for the reason we couldn’t have any physical contact…” When Ying Jiao mentioned this, his teeth were itching: “That should have been caused by Qiao Anyan using the last bit of system energy.”

This bit of energy was finally balanced out after their relationship got better and better, Jing Ci won the gold medal in the international competition, and the trajectory of his life completely overlapped with that of the first world, and they regained their own world.

Jing Ci couldn’t help but ask, “Then it’s over now, right?”

“Yeah.” Ying Jiao nodded: “Don’t worry, the day you saw Qiao Anyan without a headache, it was already over.”

Even if it wasn’t over, he would smash Qiao Anyan’s head, and destroy this dog thing.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t recognize you at that time.” Ying Jiao gently stroked Jing Ci’s hair, his heart aching.

His Jing Ci, which should have a bright future, a beautiful and happy life, was destroyed in the hands of two wastes.

In the first life, he was locked in the system space, and sucked dry of his life and wisdom.

In the second life, he was hit in the head with an iron rod and died alone in a small alley.

Even in the second life, it was only a small part of his soul, but Jing Ci still had consciousness, right?


That’s why now he protects his head so much that no one else is allowed to touch it.

“It was my fault.”

Jing Ci was stunned, only to realize that he was talking about the second world.

“No.” He took the initiative to hold Ying Jiao’s hand and said seriously, “Brother, don’t think blindly, it has nothing to do with you.”

If it wasn’t for Ying Jiao, he wouldn’t be where he is now. He will stay alone in another world, continue to be a transparent person, and he will die because of his incomplete soul at some point.

Ying Jiao smiled and said nothing.

He understands the truth, but he can’t help feeling distressed and regretful.

Jing Ci was afraid that he would blame himself, so he yawned and changed the subject: “Then how did I get back? It stands to reason that my soul is incomplete and should be trapped in that other world forever.”

But they happened to have a third life.

Ying Jiao held his hand tightly, and a sense of fear suddenly rose in his heart.

If Jing Ci hadn’t come back…

He took a deep breath and calmed down before saying, “I don’t know either.”

Ying Jiao saw that his eyes were almost closed, but he still wanted to stay awake. He laughed: “Don’t think about it, I’ll talk about these things later. If you really don’t want to sleep…”

Ying Jiao rascally rammed his crotch against him: “Then let’s do it again?”

“Just… just asleep.” Jing Ci closed his eyes immediately.

For some reason, Jing Ci always felt as if he had forgotten something. He wanted to think about it, but he couldn’t resist the surging sleepiness and fell asleep completely.

When the sky was dawn, Jing Ci suddenly woke up from his sleep.

He remembered what he had forgotten! Him and Ying Jiao are still broken up!

Jing Ci opened his eyes, and when he raised his eyes, he happened to meet Ying Jiao’s gaze.


Only then did he realize that there were dim lights in the room. Ying Jiao was leaning on the head of the bed, with an unlit cigarette in his mouth, looking at him without blinking, not sleeping at all.

Jing Ci’s heart was suddenly sore and painful, Ying Jiao was… afraid to sleep?

“Did I scare you?” Ying Jiao took down the cigarette, reached out to touch his face, and asked softly.

Jing Ci shook his head.

“How are…”

Ying Jiao’s voice stopped abruptly.

Jing Ci suddenly got up from the bed, held his face, raised his head and kissed him on the lips.

“Brother.” His face was a little red. He learned from what Ying Jiao said when he confessed to him, and asked softly, “Do you… want a boyfriend?”

Between the two of them, it was always Ying Jiao who took the initiative.

Actively seeking for him, taking the initiative to pursue him, taking the initiative to confess…

So this time, let him speak first.

Ying Jiao was stunned for a while, then he pulled him into his arms and said with a low smile, “You don’t need to ask.”

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