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When Jing Ci woke up again, it was already noon, and the aftermath of extreme physical exhaustion finally appeared.

He only felt tired last night, but today his whole body hurt, especially at the base of his thighs and the overused area behind him. He has always been able to endure pain, but he couldn’t help but gasp when he moved.

Ying Jiao was lying next to him with his eyes closed, as if he was still sleeping.

Afraid of disturbing him, Jing Ci cautiously moved to the side. Just as he was about to get up, an arm suddenly came across and pulled him directly into his arms.

“Woke up?”

Ying Jiao lowered his head and kissed his neck, the tips of his teeth grinding back and forth on his beautiful collarbone. His voice is clear, without any nasal sound: “Are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

“Brother, don’t bite.” Jing Ci’s body trembled, and he reached out and gently pushed his head: “The mark will be seen when I wear my clothes.”

If it was winter, he could just find a turtleneck sweater and put it on, but it’s summer – his clothes are light and thin, so he can’t cover it.


“So, what’s wrong?” Not only did Ying Jiao not stop, but he continued and sucked hard on the place he just bit: “Is our relationship shameful?”

“No!” Jing Ci quickly explained: “It’s… it’s just not good.”

He is not afraid of having a public relationship with Ying Jiao, but he doesn’t want other people to know about this kind of private matter.

Ying Jiao can see what Jing Ci was thinking at a glance. But he deliberately pretended not to know, and bullied people to suffocation: “I think it’s pretty good, I promise to make a symmetrical shape for you.”

“Change the place,” Jing Ci’s cheeks were hot, and he lowered his eyes and whispered: “Don’t… let it be seen.”

“Where can’t I?” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows, put his hand into Jing Ci’s pajamas dishonestly, and set fire everywhere: “Here? Or this?”

Jing Ci was imprisoned by him in his arms, and there was nowhere to hide, so he could only breathe lightly: “That’s all okay.”

Ying Jiao took enough advantage, withdrew his hand, and sighed with a pretentious sigh: “But I like the collarbone.”

Jing Ci raised his eyes.

The sun was just right at noon, and even though the curtains were drawn tightly, a little light still penetrated into the room. In the dim light, Ying Jiao was looking down at him, and the scene inexplicably overlapped when he was leaning on the head of the bed last night.

Jing Ci’s chest suddenly felt a dull pain.

Isn’t it just a hickey? It’s not a big deal to not go out, and just let Ying Jiao be happy.

He didn’t speak any more, just stretched out his hand and pulled his neckline down, his meaning was self-evident.

Ying Jiao was softened by his small gesture. He gently rubbed the small piece of skin and said in a low voice, “Then can I do whatever I want? Is it okay to leave a darker one?”

Jing Ci’s ears were red, and said “um”.

Ying Jiao couldn’t bear it, and lowered his head.

The two mingled on the bed for a while before Jing Ci was able to go to the bathroom to wash up.


Ying Jiao got up earlier than him and cleaned up earlier. He leaned on the door frame at the moment, holding his mobile phone and asked him: “Let’s have something light today, should I order a casserole?”

“I didn’t have enough porridge,” Jing Ci said while squeezing toothpaste, “Brother, let’s eat rice.”

Ying Jiao chuckled: “Hungry?”

Jing Ci nodded.

He has only eaten a bowl of noodles since he came back from England, and now he really thinks he can swallow a whole cow.

“Okay, then the meaty ones will be stewed mutton and boiled shrimp.” Ying Jiao changed stores, and after a quick glance at the menu, he said, “Do you want vegetarian dishes? They are not spicy.”

“Yes.” Jing Ci held a toothbrush in his mouth and said vaguely, “I’ll take a look.”

After Ying Jiao left, Jing Ci turned around and inadvertently glanced at the mirror on the sink, and was stunned.

His collarbone was clean, with no traces at all.

It turned out that Ying Jiao was just teasing him, and he didn’t want to let himself go out with such an obvious hickey.

Jing Ci raised his hand and touched it, and the corners of his lips curled up involuntarily.

Ying Jiao is really gentle and takes care of his feelings all the time.

At this time, on the sofa in the living room, the “gentle” Ying Jiao was holding his mobile phone and clicked into the small group with He Zhou and the others.

[Jiao]: @All the members, Jing Ci is back.

【Uncle He 】: So what? Do you have arrangements?

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Yes, brother Ci’s jet lag is fixed? It’s almost time for summer vacation, you bring him to come and play with us.


Only Peng Chengcheng silently blocked the group after seeing the new message prompt, and then pressed his phone to the bottom of the bag in one go.

【Jiao】: Keep dreaming.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: …then why do you mention this?

[Jiao]: We are all brothers, I just want you singles to experience the sweetness of falling in love, no need for thanks.

【Uncle He】: I thank you.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: F*ck! ! If I don’t get off the list this year, I will live broadcast and eat upside down!

[Jiao]: Shit can be eaten indiscriminately, but words cannot be spoken indiscriminately. Remember to notify the group for the live broadcast, I will watch you eat in person.

[Uncle He]: Are you still human?

[Jiao]: Really, if you have friends like me, you can have fun secretly.

【Uncle He】:? ? ?

[Jiao]: Didn’t Old Zheng say a few days ago that no one would accompany him to the movies during the Qixi Festival?

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Hehe, what? Are you going to leave your Jing Ci to come with me?

[Jiao]: No, Jing Ci is back, I can accompany you with him.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: …

【Uncle He 】: Get out! !

After showing off in the group, Ying Jiao was in a good mood. He gathered Jing Ci’s luggage one by one and went to the living room for dinner.


Jing Ci ate most of the box of rice in one go, and the hunger in his stomach finally went away, and he began to have spare energy to think about other things. He took a piece of white radish and asked Ying Jiao, “Brother, have you asked Teacher Liu for leave?”

“Asked.” Ying Jiao laughed when he saw that he was thinking about this, “I made a call this morning.”

Jing Ci changed his sitting position and was a little curious: “What excuse did you use?”

Seeing this, Ying Jiao frowned: “It hurts?”

He reached out and grabbed a cushion on the sofa: “Stand up a little and sit on this.”

“…It’s okay.” Jing Ci stood up: “Only a little.”

Ying Jiao regretted tossing him too hard: “I have medicine at home, I will order it later.”

“No, it doesn’t hurt.” After discussing this issue in broad daylight, Jing Ci couldn’t stand it. He lowered his eyes and stammered: “It will be fine soon.”

Ying Jiao checked him last night, and he knew it, but he was still worried: “Yes, I’ll know after I see it.”

Jing Ci was embarrassed and ashamed, nodded slightly, and then quickly changed the subject: “You… how did you tell the teacher?”

“I said…” Ying Jiao curled his lips, leaned closer to his ear, and said in a low voice, “My cousin is back, and there is such a big baby in the family, I have to accompany him well.”

Jing Ci couldn’t help choking: “Really?”

“Well, summer vacation starts soon. Old Liu is very talkative.” Ying Jiao rubbed his hair: “Eat quickly, don’t worry about it, aren’t you hungry?”



After the meal, Ying Jiao pushed him onto the bed, and after confirming that there was nothing wrong with him, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Jing Ci is young and has good physical fitness. A few days later, not only was it completely healed, but his jet lag was also adjusted.

At the same time, Ying Jiao’s final exam results also came out. This time, he scored a total of 580.

Teacher Liu told him to come and get the transcript, Ying Jiao didn’t want to go out. The weather is hot and dry outside, and now he just wants to hold Jing Ci peacefully and cool in the air-conditioned room.

But after receiving a call, he changed his mind and went downstairs as quickly as possible.

Instead of going to school, he took a taxi to Vientiane City. He went straight to the shop where he ordered the bracelet last time, and picked up a small jewelry box.

When Ying Jiao came back, Jing Ci just got off the treadmill and was adjusting his breathing while drinking water.

Hearing movement, he turned back and smiled at Ying Jiao: “So soon?”

The summer light in the evening shone through the bright bay window, coating him with a light golden light, making even his hair look soft.


Ying Jiao stopped in front of him, with a smile on the corners of his eyes and brows: “Yeah.”

“Where’s the transcript?” Jing Ci put the water bottle aside: “Show me.”

Ying Jiao pointed to his trouser pocket and motioned for him to take it himself.

Jing Ci didn’t think much about it, and directly stretched his hand in.

Jing Ci’s body froze suddenly, he looked at Ying Jiao blankly: “Brother?”

Ying Jiao only looked at him and smiled, but did not speak.

Jing Ci seemed to realize something, he swallowed, and slowly and solemnly took out the small box he touched.

The box contains two platinum rings with a simple and elegant design. The larger size is engraved with C≡J, and the smaller one is engraved with J≡C.

Ying Jiao took his hand, rubbed it lightly on his wrist a few times, and then suddenly untied the bracelet on it.


Jing Ci was startled, and subconsciously retracted his hand: “Brother, what are you doing?”

“Change it to another.” Ying Jiao picked up the smaller ring and put it on Jing Ci’s ring finger: “It’s no longer a good meaning.”


“Yeah.” Ying Jiao smiled: “I thought you were going to leave, so I chose the anchor and rudder deliberately.”

Ying Jiao lowered his head and kissed Jing Ci’s finger: “I wanted to tell you, as long as you wait in place, I will definitely ride the wind and waves to find you. But now…”

He held Jing Ci’s hand and intertwined his fingers with him: “I don’t have to find you anymore, I just want to tie you by my side forever.”

The fingers of the two of them intertwined, they are both obviously slender and strong boys, but they looked inexplicably harmonious.

Jing Ci fixedly looked at the two interdependent rings, and his eyes turned red.

Ying Jiao is always like this. He never says anything, but he does everything for their relationship behind his back. He is so nice and…

“Baby,” Ying Jiao suddenly interrupted his thoughts: “I put the ring on you, don’t you have to put something on me too?”

Jing Ci was immersed in emotion and couldn’t help himself, and asked with red eyes, “Put on what?”

Whatever Ying Jiao wanted, he would put it on for him.


Ying Jiao lowered his eyes and smiled, bit his ear and said in a low voice, “Put on a condom.”

Jing Ci: “…”

Ying Jiao wrapped his arms around his waist, rubbed him into his arms, and said with a chuckle, “Will you put it on me?”

Jing Ci buried his head in the crevice of his neck, and nodded lightly for a while.

Later, the two bracelets were buried in the small garden downstairs by two people. Together with their past, they were all sealed and never mentioned again.

Everything started over again.

Later, Jing Ci and Ying Jiao had a dream at the same time.

About the return of Jing Ci, but also about their feelings for each other.

At the end of the first life, the whole world forgot Jing Ci, but Ying Jiao was still struggling. His biggest obsession was to find Jing Ci, protect him, and be with him forever.

And Jing Ci, who was locked in the system space at that time, watched Ying Jiao in pain and despair, but was powerless. His biggest obsession is to be able to reunite with Ying Jiao. Even if they only meet once and say one word.

Relying on the obsession that Ying Jiao had hidden in his heart for several lifetimes, that book was actually a novel about their second life, and it was sent to Jing Ci from another world.


Relying on Jing Ci’s obsession, he came back abruptly with an incomplete soul.

Ying Jiao wanted to protect Jing Ci desperately, so in this life, Qiao Anyan’s first life memories related to the system and Jing Ci are vague.

Jing Ci wanted to see Ying Jiao desperately, and after reading the novel, he accumulated all his luck and traveled through time and space, so his college entrance examination scores were inexplicably low.

It was the fusion of both of their obsessions that jointly opened their third life.

Although the beginning was different, and the way they met was different. But even if time were to reset a hundred times, they will still fall in love with each other.

Jing Ci suddenly woke up and met Ying Jiao’s burning gaze.


Ying Jiao hugged him tightly, lowered his head and branded his lips one after another: “I love you.”

Even if the whole world doesn’t want you anymore, I’m still here.

Jing Ci raised his head and kissed him back, and his voice disappeared in the place where his lips and teeth were attached: “Brother… I love you too.”

I love you very much, even if the world separates us by mountains and seas. I will still love you in this life, in the next life, and in the future.

——End of the whole book——

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The author has something to say: The main plot of the story is here, but brother Jiao and CI will always fall in love.

(t/n: Despite the fact that the novel was mostly about the main plot the protagonist would still fall in love together without it. This is what I think the author is trying to say here.)

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