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On the eve of the college entrance examination, Ying Jiao felt nothing. On the contrary, Jing Ci, who has always regarded exams as simple as eating and drinking, became uncharacteristically nervous.

There was nothing on his face, and his expression was still cold and indifferent. But Ying Jiao noticed that in just ten minutes, he not only checked his items in his exam bag three times, but also rearranged the clothes he was going to wear tomorrow.

“Baby, what are you doing?” Ying Jiao put the lychee in his hand on the coffee table and laughed: “Leave the lychee for a while and the air conditioner will dissipate.”

Jing Ci didn’t look back: “You eat.”

In fact, he is worried that he would mess up. In the last five mock exams in their third year of high school, Ying Jiao has fallen behind the top three in the grade. If there is no accident, there is absolutely no problem with going to the same university as him.


Afraid that Ying Jiao would be nervous if he said something, Jing Ci thought about it and added: “I don’t like lychees.”

Ying Jiao snorted, took out a tissue to wipe his hands, got up and walked over.

Jing Ci didn’t pay attention to his movements, and was about to check the admission ticket again when an arm suddenly stretched out from behind and wrapped around his neck.

Then, the knee was pushed lightly. The next second, his body suddenly lost weight. When Jing Ci reacted, he had already been put on the ground by Ying Jiao.

“Brother?” Jing Ci gasped in a hurry, grabbing Ying Jiao’s arm in shock: “You…what are you doing?”

“Come to find you to eat lychees.” Ying Jiao stretched out two slender fingers and slowly rubbed Jing Ci’s lips: “Open your mouth.”

Jing Ci’s mind was still dazed, and he couldn’t figure out why he was brought down to eat lychees, but his body did what he said first.

Ying Jiao chuckled lightly, lowered his head to hold his lips and drove straight in.

After a while, Ying Jiao’s low voice sounded in the living room: “Is the lychee sweet?”

Jing Ci’s breath was unsteady and his heartbeat accelerated. Hearing this, he lowered his eyes and nodded.

It’s really sweet, even Ying Jiao’s mouth is sweet.

“Do you still want to eat?”


“Ear it yourself.” Ying Jiao raised his head, moved a little further away from him, and said with hooked lips: “You will know if you love it or not after you try it.”

With their eyes facing each other, Jing Ci immediately understood what he meant.

His adam’s apple moved, one arm supported his upper body, and he looked up to find Ying Jiao’s lips.


Ying Jiao played bad, and he stepped back the moment he(JC) was about to kiss him.

Jing Ci tried to kiss Ying Jiao and was stunned.

“Go on,” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows, as if he pretended to be unaware of what he had just done, and said lazily, “Why did you give up halfway?”

Jing Ci has a good temper and was not angry when he was bullied like this. He slowly stretched out a hand and put a hand on his shoulder, and leaned in again.

This time, Ying Jiao did not hide. After letting him kiss for a while, he turned against the guest and pressed him on the ground to kiss him until he had enough.

“Why are you so nervous?” Ying Jiao touched Jing Ci’s hair and smiled: “It’s not like I haven’t taken the exam before. Although I don’t remember the question, at least I am familiar with the process.”

Jing Ci pursed his lower lip embarrassedly: “I don’t know what’s wrong.”

“If you really don’t feel reassured…” Ying Jiao bit his ear and whispered, “Let me get a little bit of that scholar’s breath from a distance, maybe I can get a city champion or something.”

A week before the college entrance examination, Jing Ci was like a sweet pastry. There were people asking for a handshake wherever they went, and sometimes even Ying Jiao couldn’t prevent it.

He knew they were doing it for psychological comfort, but after hearing what Ying Jiao said, Jing Ci was unexpectedly tempted.

But he still has some concerns—

“Forget it… Forget it,” Jing Ci pondered over and over again, but still stammered and refused: “After the exam, you have to cultivate enough energy…”

Before he could finish a sentence, his chin was pinched.

“Who are you saying is lacking in energy?” Ying Jiao looked at him with a half-smile: “Do you want to try and tell me again?”

“No…” Jing Ci wanted to explain, but Ying Jiao didn’t want to hear it anymore.

That night, Ying Jiao used his strength to prove that he was not “insufficient”. The next morning, he woke up refreshed and entered the examination room leisurely.

Jing Ci did not send him off.

When the two of them are not going together, it has become a tradition in their family that the other person doesn’t send them off.


The weather for the college entrance examination this year is just right, neither cold nor hot.

After two days of stress, the 300,000 candidates in Donghai Province were finally liberated.

Ying Jiao estimated his score and found that his 710 points was stable. He didn’t even think about it, he directly filled Peking University on a volunteer basis. The first major was applied economics, and the second and third were economics and finance respectively.

When Old Liu saw his choice, he hesitated and then reminded him, “Tsinghua’s finance is better than that of Peking University.”

If someone told Teacher Liu two years ago that Ying Jiao’s future choice would be between Peking University and Tsinghua University, Teacher Liu’s first reaction would be to blow that person’s head off.

Who are they taking for a fool? !

However, who would have thought that the one who was either sleeping or looking at their phone in class every day would get such a good grade now.

“I know.” Ying Jiao glanced at Jing Ci beside him, leaned lazily on the back of the chair, and pointedly said, “I only want to go to Peking University.”

Teacher Liu was startled, then relieved: “You can just think about it yourself.”

It turns out that Ying Jiao has a Peking University complex, no wonder he worked so hard in the two years after high school.

Teacher Liu sighed with relief. Sure enough, with these ideals in mind, there are infinite possibilities.

After reporting, Jing Ci and Ying Jiao went home while discussing going to travel in a few days.


He Zhou and the others have already set a date to go abroad, and there will be fewer opportunities to meet in the future. As soon as they met together, they planned to go out for a lap together.

“Li Zhou is also going.” Jing Ci avoided the strong sunlight above his head and said, “There will just be three rooms open.”

“Yeah.” Just as he was crossing the road, Ying Jiao dragged him to his side: “Come with them first, and then we’ll go back later. Have you ever thought about…”

Before he could finish speaking, the phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated.

Ying Jiao took out and glanced at it, and directly rejected it.

Seeing this, Jing Ci said casually, “Scam call?”

“No.” Ying Jiao snorted: “My dad.”

Jing Ci’s footsteps slowed down.

“What’s with your expression?” Ying Jiao gently flicked his forehead: “He is no different from a stranger to me now, and he has no influence at all.”

Jing Ci knew that Ying Jiao didn’t need comfort, but he still wanted to say something. But before he could speak, Ying Jiao’s phone rang again.

“Answer it.” Jing Ci knew that this was not the way to go, so he whispered: “Let’s see what’s wrong with him, and then we’ll both change numbers later.”

Ying Jiao listened to him: “Okay.”

As soon as the phone was connected, Father Ying couldn’t wait to say, “Jaojiao, are you finished?”

Ying Jiao hummed lightly.

When Ying’s father saw that Ying Jiao was willing to pay attention to him, he breathed a sigh of relief and flattered him: “Which school do you want to go to? Dad will think of a way for you! How about your brother’s school? I…”

Ying Jiao lowered his eyes indifferently and interrupted him: “What brother?”

“It was a slip of the tongue.” Ying’s father said quickly: “Shengjun’s school 211, and it can be ranked first in our province. I think it’s pretty good.”

Ying Jiao sneered: “I don’t think so.”


Father Ying immediately changed his words: “It’s not very good, at least it’s ranked 985.” He paused and said tentatively: “Then why don’t you go home? Dad will give you some suggestions.”

“Oh.” Ying Jiao subconsciously wanted to pull out a cigarette again, but when he stretched his hand halfway, his hand was suddenly held. He was startled and turned to look.

People were coming and going on the road, Jing Ci stood beside him with his eyes down, holding his hand. His back was straight, his face was expressionless, but his ears were a little red.

Ying Jiao’s mood suddenly improved, he laughed: “Okay, I’ll go back and discuss with my mother.”

Father Ying was stunned for a while, then he growled in embarrassment and annoyance: “Jiaojiao, stop making trouble, how could you be here if you didn’t have a mother!”

“Yeah, I don’t have a mother.” Ying Jiao said every word, like a reminder and like a statement: “So there is no negotiation.”


“Don’t call in the future.” Ying Jiao didn’t want to talk to him any more, and said quickly, “You don’t need to worry about my affairs.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone directly.

“Let’s go.” Ying Jiao put the phone back and held Jing Ci’d hand instead: “Let’s go change numbers, want a couple set?”

In the summer, the two big boys with strong firepower were holding hands, and their palms soon sweated, but Jing Ci did not break away from him: “Okay.”

After walking for a while, Jing Ci suddenly said, “Brother.”


“We won’t come back in the future, we can stay in the imperial capital or go elsewhere.”

“Okay, we’ll go wherever you want.”


Time flies so fast, and twenty days went by quickly.


After the results of the college entrance examination came out, the whole provincial experiment was a sensation.

Without him, Ying Jiao took the 733 exam.

There is no need to think about it at all, this is the number one province’s champion of science with proper results.

Although it was no longer allowed to publicize the number one in the college entrance examination, there will still be a lot of relevant reports intentionally or unintentionally.

Father Ying accidentally refreshed the news related to the college entrance examination during his break at work. While watching casually, he thought about Ying Jiao.

His younger son has poor grades and strong self-esteem, so he is always not allowed to help.

But what should I do if I don’t help? Are you just watching him go to a specialist?

Father Ying clicked on a news report about the top scorer in the entrance examination, and felt that he didn’t know how other people educated their children…

Father Ying stood up abruptly and with his eyes wide open—

“This year’s college entrance examination has come to an end, and the champion of the new science department in Donghai Province is Ying Jiao, with a total score of 733…”

Is it the same name? Father Ying’s hands shook and scrolled down. When he saw the high-quality photo of Ying Jiao in the picture, his phone fell to the ground with a bang.


A few days later, Ying Jiao went to Teacher Liu to get his score sheet.

“Brother Jiao, you are awesome.” After seeing his scores, several students in the office sighed: “If you say you will go to Peking University, you will go to Peking University.”

They all graduated, and faced with the changes of the school bully, everyone naturally felt a lot.


One of them said boldly: “Brother Jiao, how did you get such a high score? Is there any secret?”

“You…” Ying Jiao glanced at a few people slowly, and suddenly asked, “Have you ever been in love?”

“No!” Several people shook their heads quickly.

“How can you fall in love early!”

“Brother Jiao, you want to say that you can’t fall in love to not let it affect your studies, right? We all know that.”

“No.” Ying Jiao gently shook the score sheet in his hand, and smiled: “The secret is to fall in love.”

Several classmates: “…”

Later, Ying Jiao’s remarks were passed on from one person to the next, and finally it was posted on the provincial experiment forum.

Everyone has been around for a long time, and before the eighth person came out, there was no news that he got close to any girl, and they finally came to a conclusion: the school bully is talking nonsense.

They all sighed that he was not kind, if he didn’t want to say anything he should have not said anything. How can he deceive people into puppy love.

At home, Ying Jiao surrounded Jing Ci from behind, put his chin on his shoulder, and sighed, “These days, no one will believe the truth.”

Jing Ci pursed his lips and smiled, put the admission notices of the two together, took a few photos, and posted them to his circle of friends that only they could see.

“So happy?”


This thin piece of paper is evidence of Ying Jiao’s efforts for their future.


Ying Jiao laughed, lifted the hem of Jing Ci’s clothes, and rubbed on his lower abdomen: “Speaking of which, Wu Weicheng and the others are actually right, it is really useful to be around the aura of a scholar.”

He deliberately lowered his voice, and his warm breath gently sprayed on Jing Ci’s ears: “Is it okay to do this before exams in the future?”

Jing Ci blushed and did not speak.

“Don’t want to give it?” Ying Jiao’s hand stretched into Jing Ci’s pants, but his face was still the same: “So stingy? Jingshen.”

Jing Ci’s breathing was a little short, and he swallowed. After a long while, he whispered, “…Give it.”

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