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On the first day of university, Jing Ci and Ying Jiao became popular.

They were too good-looking, unlike other freshmen that had the excitement and anxiety written on their faces when they entered the university. When they walked into the university to the dormitory, they walked calmly and leisurely, it was particularly eye-catching in the crowd.

It made the senior sisters’ eyes light up, and they wanted to lead them to their destination. It was not easy to come across two handsome men. But why didn’t they have any opportunity to talk to them and ask for their wechats?!

It was unknown who secretly took the photo of the two and put it on the school’s post bar, which instantly set off a heated discussion.

The results about these students soon came out. One of the two was majoring in applied economics at Guanghua School of Management, and the other was majoring in mathematics. He did not participate in the college entrance examination and was directly recommended, and also won the gold medal of the International Olympiad Games, one is better than the other.

To have this much face, and such a bright future. So, before the military training, Jing Ci and Ying Jiao’s wechats was added countless times.


“Jingshen, girls are good friends.” Once again, seeing the notification friend request on Jing Ci”s WeChat address book, Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows and said with a smile that was not a smile: “26, tsk…”

“No, some of them are from our class.” Jing Ci clicked in and read it one by one, those who he knew passed, and those he didn’t know were directly rejected.

He never ignores anyone who adds him on WeChat to make friends, he just refuses. In this way, the people over there will understand what he means, and they will no longer have any ideas.

Ying Jiao lifted the curtain of the cafeteria with one hand and reached out to Jing Ci with the other: “Give me your phone.”

Jing Ci didn’t even think about it, and just gave it.

The corners of Ying Jiao’s lips lifted uncontrollably. He tapped his finger on the screen twice, saved his WeChat avatar, and sent it to Jing Ci’s mobile phone.

“How about this avatar?” Ying Jiao sent the screen to Jing Ci’s eyes and asked, “I just changed it, so I’ll change it for you too?”

Jing Ci stared at it and smiled.

The picture is very simple, with three words on a white background: I am in a relationship. The handwriting is very familiar, and it looks like it was written by Ying Jiao.


“I don’t believe it,” Ying Jiao gritted his teeth softly, “Can anyone else still add you?”

After the two changed their avatars at the same time, there were indeed fewer people who requested to be added, but there were still some. It was not until the scene of Ying Jiao applying medicine to Jing Ci was taken that no one added them.


This year’s hot weather was exceptionally powerful. Jing Ci has thin skin and accidentally got sunburned during military training. A small red spot appeared on the right cheek, and it hurts to touch.

“Why are you so stubborn,” Ying Jiao held his face under the shade of the tree, both angry and distressed: “Isn’t it normal to be lazy occasionally during military training? You are the only one who is serious.”

“It’s okay.” Jing Ci turned his head slightly to make it easier for him to apply himself medicine: “It will be fine in a few days.”

Ying Jiao lightly applied the ointment to his wound, and sneered, “So, didn’t your instructor cause you the little red flower?”

“Brother,” Jing Ci knew that he was worried, and said with a good temper: “It’s not that serious, the mark will definitely disappear in three days.”

“Be careful next time.” Ying Jiao rubbed his head and put away the ointment: “Okay, go back, you are all gathering. After the dissolution, wait for me here, I will come to you.”


Although the interaction between the two is more common among boys with a good relationship, the look of Ying Jiao looking down at Jing Ci can’t deceive anyone. Especially under a high-definition camera, the tenderness and affection in his eyes can be seen at a glance.

As soon as the photo was posted, it was unknown how many girls’ hearts were broken.

Although the trouble of always being asked on a date is gone, occasionally, people will look at them with strange eyes.

Ying Jiao and Jing Ci didn’t care, they weren’t afraid when they were in high school, let alone university.


The two of them can do whatever they want, and they are busy with their own business when they are in class. They stayed together after class, or went to the study room, or went out to relax.

The days flowed forward slowly like this, and three years passed by in a flash. Freshmen came one after another, and the people around them came and went, but the two of them never changed.

During this period, Jing Ci won all the scholarships he could get. Success made him become his professor’s favorite, and the old professor even mentioned postgraduate study to him when he was a junior.

Ying Jiao, on the other hand, has been an intern at CICC since the summer vacation of his sophomore year. He works carefully and has a keen sense of finance, and the department leaders have told him several times overtly and secretly, asking him to stay directly after graduation.

The two lived in the school for the first and second years of their freshman year, and it was not until the third year that they moved out of the dormitory and started living together.

On this day, Ying Jiao got off from work in the evening and did not go home, but went to school to pick up Jing Ci first.

He had the day off, but Jing Ci followed his professor to study a topic and hadn’t left school.

The two made an appointment to meet at the school gate at 6:00 p.m., but it was 6:20 p.m. and Jing Ci hadn’t arrived yet.

Jing Ci’s concept of time has always been strong, something might have happened to make him late. Ying Jiao didn’t rush him, just stood at the school gate and waited. It wasn’t until half past six when there was a sound of hurried footsteps behind him.


Ying Jiao turned around and saw Jing Ci was running over, his breath was short: “Did you wait for a long time? My tutor suddenly asked me to talk about the thesis.”


“No, just arrived.” Ying Jiao quietly wiped the sweat from the tip of his nose: “Let’s go home.”


“Do you want to eat beef hot pot tonight?” Ying Jiao took his schoolbag and carried it on his back: “Didn’t you say that it was delicious last time?”

“Okay.” Jing Ci’s eyes lit up, and his tone was a little excited: “That restaurant’s sand tea sauce is the most authentic.”

Ying Jiao smiled: “Then ask the boss if he sells the sauce alone.”

“It doesn’t seem to be for sale.”

“It would be for other people, but the result will be different when I ask.”

Ying Jiao did what he said, and after eating, with his glib tongue, he coaxed the boss lady until she smiled . For the first time ever, she filled a small bottle of sauce for him that she would never sell out, and didn’t ask for any money.

Carrying the sauce, the two exchanged each other’s day-to-day life and returned home slowly.

As usual, Jing  i read a book for a while, while Ying Jiao sat next to him and played with his mobile phone.

The news on the web are the same, and there is nothing to see. Ying Jiao was about to quit the app, but inadvertently ran across a post——

What happened to the person you liked when you were seventeen?

Ying Jiao turned his head.


Jing Ci was reading a book, his face was clean and handsome. From time to time, he turned the pages of the book, his expression serious.

Ying Jiao’s eyes softened unconsciously.

“Baby.” Ying Jiao threw his phone and called him.

“Huh?” Jing Ci raised his eyes, just as he was about to say something, Ying Jiao suddenly took the book from his hand, pressed him on the sofa, lowered his head and kissed him.

Jing Ci was stunned for a moment, and then he parted his lips in cooperation, letting his breath completely wrap him.

How is it going?

Ying Jiao gently stroked Jing Ci’s hair and the back of his neck, his heart almost melting.

He lives in my home now, in my arms, and will always be rooted in my heart.

I love him, and he loves me, just like before.

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