TODMBC-(2) The disfigured interstellar experiment

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 In the cold iron room full of violence, there were five generals, led by Zhu Jing.

  In front of them, the warden brought five huge sackcloth bags in total. Those sacks contained all living people—or in other words, in this empire, they could not be called people, but were only slaves who were inferior to ants.

  After the war in the Empire, some of the upper class people developed post-traumatic stress disorder, a disease. Some generals have nightmares, change in temperament, and can’t help but want to beat others. Therefore, in order to reward these generals who earned medals for the empire, the empire allows them to choose their own slaves —- slaves specially used to humiliate, beat, and vent.


As Rong Wan finished reading the first volume of “Aliens”, those burlap bags slowly seeped dark red blood, meandering strangely on the cold floor. The contents of the bag were all curled up into a ball, and the mouth of the bag was tightly tied and airtight. These people did not care whether the slaves in the bag would be suffocated to death—

  The life and death of slaves were not of their concern.

  The skinny slave in the bag in the far corner was trembling, and even scared to incoherence. The stench of excrement and urine came out of the bag, making the air instantly filled with a foul smell.

  A lieutenant commander with a lower rank sitting behind Rong Wan frowned in disgust.

  The warden was startled and glanced viciously at the slave in the corner, fearing that this smelly slave would provoke the wrath of the generals, so he quickly ordered his subordinates to drag it down and replace it with a new slave.

  The new slaves were also squeezed into burlap bags and smashed to the ground with a bang. The new slave seemed to be much more docile, crawling on the ground, not daring to move.

The scene in front of him was all seen by Rong Wan in the novel, but when he saw it all first hand, his stomach suddenly turned violently, and he almost felt sick to the point of wanting to vomit!

  The few words in the original text are already so brutal in this world. He couldn’t imagine whether all the suffering that happened to the protagonist could still be simply described with the word “suffering”.

  Seeing that General Zhu Jings expression was not worried, he had not opened his mouth when the warden hurriedly ordered his subordinates to open the bags of the five sackcloth bags, kicking them one by one like a treasure offering, causing the slaves in the bags to scream miserably—

  Except for the one in front of Zhu Jing.

  The slave did not call out.

  The shackles on him were more and heavier than any other slave. The icy shackles choked his neck, wrapped around his wrists and ankles, and the shackles tightly clasped him so that he could not even breathe. One of his broken eye sockets was hollowly exposed, and half of his body exposed his strange skeleton. Several places on his body were covered with flesh and blood, with viscous blood turning into black blood scabs, exuding a rotten stench. His skin was sickly pale, and his only open eye was staring at Zhu Jing—and the others.


  There is nothing in his eyes, like a weapon without self-awareness, cold, weird, deformed, only instinctive hatred for everyone in the room. It was like an abyss, pure black, desperate, and full of death.

  Under the staring eyes of those eyes, Rong Wan suddenly felt a sense of despair that he wanted to escape.

  - Is this the protagonist?

  Like a slug sprinkled with salt, he slumped on the ground, lingering, shackled by a mouth shackle, unable to hiss even in pain, and treated like ants—this is the protagonist who was tortured alive with seven million words and experienced five reincarnations?

  When reading the text, Rong Wan was already depressed, but he didn’t have any substantial anger. However, when he saw this scene with his own eyes, he felt a volcanic eruption-like anger in his heart, and an inexplicable sense of guilt. He didn’t dare to look into that eye, but felt that the airtight room was extremely hot and abnormal, so he pulled the tie in front of his chest.

  The warden’s flattering voice interrupted him: “How about it, generals, these are the best in this batch and will never disappoint you.”

  Rong Wan looked away with difficulty and glanced at several other sackcloth bags. Compared with the protagonist, the wounds on the slaves in the bags are much less, and they didn’t look so embarrassed. Two of them are shivering, one is lying on the ground like a corpse waiting for bad luck to come, and the other looks like they are suffering from Stockholm syndrome, looking at Rong Wan with a pleasing smile——


  Indeed, none of these slaves can match the sense of fate of the monster in the protagonist. Compared with them, the hatred and death in the protagonist’s eyes are more deformed and beautiful, making people want to push him further into the abyss, watch him struggle, and watch him self-destruct.

  Rong Wan discovered this, and naturally the other majors and generals also discovered this. The warden showed off the best stuff.

  So, the lieutenant commander beside Rong Wan, whose rank was only one step lower than Zhu Jing, wiped away his mouth from excitement with his thumb, stared at the protagonist lying on the ground, and stood up excitedly: “If Admiral Zhu Jing doesn’t like this monster, I will take it away!”

After he finished speaking, he hurried to the protagonist, and suddenly stepped on the protagonist’s finger hanging on the ground, and crushed it hard, with a happy smile on his face. He admired the protagonist lying on the ground with perverted look in his eyes——


  Looking at his one eye filled with hatred and death, and the violent ups and downs of the chest, not willing to admit defeat makes people feel more interested.

  If a slave is just stupid and ignorant, and is beaten and scolded but hangs his head and doesn’t say a word, is it a slave?

  This is the third time he has come to the slave prison. The first two times he didn’t pick any good slaves. He took them back and hung them and beat them for a few days until they were dying. He had to call a doctor to treat them. It was really boring.

  And this time, he should have encountered the best stuff?! He heard that this person was a war machine before. After being brainwashed by the empire, they removed some body parts and organs and used them on the battlefield – that’s why he looks like a monster, and it aroused people’s interest at first sight.

  Lieutenant commander Wu Si was so excited that he stopped choosing and wanted to drag the slave back in his car immediately.

  The warden stood aside and moved his lips. The slave Jin Zhao, originally numbered 1521, was specially prepared by him for General Zhu Jing. After all, he still has something to ask for General Zhu Jing, but it seems that General Zhu Jing is not interested in this slave? If General Wu Si forcibly took this slave away, he would not have the qualifications to stop him!

  Now Jin Zhao was lying on the ground, his fingers were crushed, and beads of blood quickly seeped out of the fingers. He lowered his head and smelled the thick, sticky blood flowing from his wound as it burst open.


  He heard those two words in the eyes of that abominable man in front of him.


  He knew he had been used as a weapon and killed a lot of people. Therefore, in his self-consciousness, sometimes he can’t tell whether he is a human being or an unconscious weapon. Such a thing, if he was not called a monster, what else can he be called?

  ——I have a sharp stone that has been sharpened in the corner of the prison for a long time. If I die with him at this time, is it worth it?

  Jin Zhao thought seriously, his spiritual source had been taken away and he lost all his spiritual power, but his strength was still there. Rather than being brought back to be beaten and tortured by this pervert, it would be better to die together with everyone here. Maybe his strength can explode everyone else in the room out of this room, watching their brains burst on the ground, and become a stinking sticky liquid. Even if his final end is definitely to be sent to the gallows and burned to death, he would have no regrets.

  He was as indifferent as a corpse, thinking, this is probably the best end for a monster.

  But at this moment, an inappropriate voice interrupted him, the voice was low and cold, although the tone was gentle and polite, it still made people shudder: “Lieutenant General Wu Si, don’t forget, we are selecting from top to bottom based to military rank, you are overstepping your boundaries.”

  General Zhu Jing stood up.

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