TODMBC-(3) The disfigured interstellar experiment

I just got a Kofi from Tty so here’s an early release, even though it wasn’t for this novel I still consider it an update~

  He lightly brushed his shoulders, the rank on it was bright, like it was mocking General Wu Si.

  Wu Si’s face changed suddenly, and he slowly released his feet that were crushing the monster on the ground, but he still stood there, not intending to return to his position. He had always been at odds with Zhu Jing, but Zhu Jing’s military rank was higher than his, so he had to tolerate it. If he had met an ordinary slave today, then it wouldn’t matter if he swallowed it back.

  But, the slave he met today is of the highest quality. If he doesn’t bring it back, he will suffer terribly! What’s more, with so many people watching around, how could Zhu Jing be so disrespectful to him? He really regarded himself as a royal relative of the empire!

  Rong Wan was actually a little nervous, and the palm of his hand hanging on the side of the uniform was slightly sweaty.

  He just sat motionless just now because he knew that the protagonist would stab General Wu Si savagely next, so he planned to wait and see what happened. But he didn’t expect that a severe pain suddenly erupted in his brain, the pain was so piercing, as if someone was pulling his brains out!


  It was really painful, it almost made him, who had always been pampered, almost slip out of his chair.

  The system directly gave him a yellow card warning: “Inaction.”

  Rong Wan had not only read not hundreds of novels, but dozens of them. He quickly communicated with the system and figured out the rules imposed on him.

  ——Watching the protagonist being tortured, and if he is indifferent, he will be regarded as an accomplice according to the rules, his behavior is cold, and it does not conform to the worldview of Genzheng Miaohong. The right brain and temple will hurt badly as a warning for being judged as “inactive”.

  ——If you do something that breaks out of character of the character, that is, violating General Zhu Jing normal behavior, he will be judged as “incompetent” by the rules, and there will be severe pain in the left side of the brain and temple as a warning.

Rong Wan was in so much pain that he wanted to scold his mother. Was this goddamn rule thought up by the author who wrote “Alien” with a pit in his head? But it’s too late to argue with the pit father’s system for a while.

  He walked slowly to Wu Si, and there was a coldness in his light brown pupils.

  General Wu Si also stared at him without backing down, as if he won’t step out of this door unless he gets this slave today!


  ”Zhu Jing, you picked slaves in the first years, and you still have many opportunities to choose good slaves. And I have chosen the slaves in the third year, and I will have no chance in the future, so this year I have to pick the ones that satisfy me. You don’t seem to have much interest in this slave, so why don’t you give it to me?” Wu Si said in exasperation.

  Rong Wan stood there coldly, indifferent.

  Wu Si couldn’t help lowering his voice and leaned into his ear: “If you are willing to give it to me, how about handing over the priceless red crystal ball in my house to you?”

  Rong Wan raised his eyebrows and seemed a little interested, but his thin lips slightly opened, and the words he spat out were still cold: “No.”

  Wu Si was angry at the time, this Zhu Jing was not willing to eat hard and soft, could it be that he really wanted to fight here? For such a monster slave?

He couldn’t help but lowered his head and glanced at the monster in disappointment, only to see that the monster’s eyes were gloomy and cold.

  The competitive spirit in Wu Si’s heart was even more aroused, he had never seen such a satisfying slave! Yet there was one last shred of reason left in his mind. Not only is his military rank lower than that of Admiral Zhu Jing, but even his family does not have any connections with the royal family. And under the appearance of Zhu Jing’s abstinence, he is extremely perverted and uses ruthless means! His mental power is one of the few in the entire empire, otherwise he would not have made great achievements on the battlefield at such a young age!

  If he offend him for a little slave today, he will only have endless troubles in the future!

  Wu Si gritted his back molars and said, “Since General Zhu Jing refuses to raise his hand, then you should choose first.”

  Only then did Admiral Zhu Jing’s gloomy eyebrows stretch out, and a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. Wu Si held his breath and clenched his fists tightly.

After Rong finished dealing with this troublesome supporting role, he lowered his eyes and stared at the protagonist.

  The protagonist’s one eye is also staring at him, and there is only crazy hatred in it.

  Jin Zhao finds it ridiculous, ironic, and desperate—

  Even a weapon without consciousness is unwilling to lie here, like fish on a chopping block, being sought for the right to dispose of it. He curled up his abdomen like a crushed worm, staring at the two above his head, trying to wrestle his fingers from the chains. As long as he can struggle a little, he can try to kill these two people.

  But soon, he found that there was no way.


  When the man with the lower rank came over, he seemed to still have the strength to concentrate some mental energy. But after Zhu Jing, who had a higher military rank, came over, the mental power that he had tried so hard to concentrate on was—all suppressed!

  The strength of the Mental Power Suppression Ring seems to have increased more than tenfold, and his body, which had been deprived of the Mental Power Source, was overwhelmed, and his struggling wrists could only seep blood in vain. This person called Zhu Jing has a mental strength that is equally powerful to a terrifying level. If his spiritual power is still there, he can definitely kill all these people and escape——

  But there is no if.

He clearly remembered how his spiritual power source was crushed.

  With an expressionless face, Zhu Jing leaned down and approached him.

  - Are you going to die?

  -Or continue to linger, be taken back, and continue to be crushed like a bug?

  The two slaves next to him couldn’t help shivering because of Zhu Jing’s approach. They are a group of people whose spiritual power has been taken away. Seeing Zhu Jing, whose spiritual power is superior to the other generals, is like a rabbit seeing a tiger. They screamed as though they were like a rabbit being stripped alive. Soon because of their fear, they were kicked by the warden next to them, and they could only swallow back their sobs back into their throats.

But Jin Zhao didn’t move, and didn’t make any sound. He watched helplessly as the man stretched out his hand toward him—perhaps to kick him brutally at any part of his body, or grab him and push him to the ground, like throwing a useless weapon, or a terrifying monster.

  From birth to the present, everyone has treated him like this, without exception.


  He closed his only remaining eye and waited patiently for the hand to attack him. He would use his last strength to fight this one last time.

  But just when he was so desperate that he was about to pull everyone to die with him, his dry and peeling hand was suddenly grasped by something warm. That thing was not the blunt weapon that he imagined, but a soft touch like a touch of skin— It was a hand.

  The hand held his crippled hand.

  Jin Zhao suddenly stiffened.

  Immediately afterwards, the man supported him and stood up.

  He was being helped to stand up. Instead of being crushed under the feet of different numbers of smelly shoes, like a struggling ant.

Suffering is like garbage that falls from the sky, it never ceases to stop for a moment to smash him to the ground, like a corpse.

  No one will save him. And no one will sympathize with him.

  Because he is a monster.

  —Now, however, this monster was gently lifted up.

  The owner of that hand had a gloomy look, and in his light brown eyes, with a casual look, he gently wiped off the shoe print on the back of his hand that was crushed by Wu Si. The force of wiping was neither light nor heavy, but every stroke made Jin Zhao shiver slightly.

  ”He’s mine now, you can pick the rest slowly.” Rong Wan glanced around the other upper classes in the room, his eyes finally fell on the other slaves, and finally concealed his pity and looked away. There are already quite a few slaves in Zhu Jing’s family, and only one can be selected each year, which is the rule of the royal family. So he can’t take these people away.


  Wu Si was very angry, and he snorted heavily with his nose: “It’s just a slave who looks like a monster. Isn’t General Zhu Jing too concerned?”

  ”Concern?” Rong Wan showed a smile that was not a smile, but there was a hint of coldness in his light brown eyes as he looked at Wu Si: “You touched my slave first and stained his hands, I didn’t ask you to to apologize to him just now. It’s enough respect for the rank on your shoulder.”

  Before Wu Si could be furious, he(RW) turned his head and said to the warden, “Where is your doctor, I hope to bring back a healthy slave.”

  Healing slaves is something that the entire military prison has never heard of! The warden was startled, but considering General Zhu Jing’s mental strength, he hurriedly agreed, and asked, “General, before taking serial number 1521 back, do you want to rebuild him in the furnace?”

  Hearing these four words suddenly, the protagonist struggled violently in Rong Wan’s arms. His emotions were so strong that he almost burst out with intense hatred! He really should have broken the shackles on his wrists and stabbed through this general’s abdomen, after all, living is better than dying.

Even if he hates himself being covered in blood, he doesn’t want to lose his memory and become a monster with an empty mind! Becoming a manipulated, mindless weapon!

Seeing that the protagonist was stimulated, Rong Wan quickly said without thinking, “No need!”

  He hadn’t figured out what it meant to be rebuilt. After all, it wasn’t mentioned in the novel, but the warden quickly answered his doubts: “General, are you sure you don’t need it? Most slaves will have their memories erased before they are taken out. In order to let them think that they are only slaves inferior to pigs and dogs, so that they can absolutely obey—”

  Before he could finish speaking, Zhu Jing raised his voice and interrupted coldly: “I said it, no need.”

  The warden didn’t dare keep talking.

  ”Also, break the chain on his ankle for me, you won’t let me carry my slave out?” Rong Wan imitated Zhu Jing’s cold tone.

  The warden wanted to say that all the slaves here were rebuilt and then packed in sacks and thrown onto the generals’ spaceships. But he thought that Zhu Jing didn’t know this, so he had to break the slave’s chain anklet. He thought that maybe this was just the general’s unique pleasure? So he did not dare to disobey, and soon called someone to cut off the number 1521 chain anklet.


  The moment the chain anklet broke, Jin Zhao regained his freedom, but he actually forgot how to walk.

  After being taken by Rong Wan, he left this icy white prison. He could not walk. Most of his body was supported by the stern general beside him. The dirty blood on his body stained his black-green uniform— – When leaving this military prison, Jin Zhao’s bottomless eyes filled with hatred like a wild beast, gradually becoming dark and indistinct.

  He noticed that the general had been holding his slave.

  Due to the violent struggle, his wrists bleed so much that it stained this person’s fingers. But slaves don’t deserve to bleed, and monsters are even less worthy. Once they bleed and dirty others, they will be beaten.

  - But, that man is holding his hand.

  The slightly warm touch of the fingertips warmed the heart of the monster.

  The monster lowered its dark and terrifying eye, and the mutilated eyelashes trembled slightly.

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