TODMBC-(4) The disfigured interstellar experiment

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 Rong Wan plans to bring Jin Zhao back to the mansion.

  The maglev train was speeding on the road, with the emblem of General Zhu Jing printed on the front of the train. Not many people in the entire empire dared to offend, so the road was unimpeded.

  The driver was surprised to see that the arrogant General Zhu Jing would help a slave with his own hands! But General Zhu Jing has always been abnormal. Who knows what is thinking in his heart? So the driver and several of his subordinates did not dare to say anything.

  In the car.

  Rong Wan took off his bloody uniform, leaned on the back of the seat, and silently looked at the protagonist.

  Probably because the expression on his face was too inoffensive, too peaceful, the left side of his brain suddenly stinged, and the sharp voice beeped: “It doesn’t fit the perverted character design!”


  Rong Wan was in so much pain that it felt like it broke his brain with his bare hands, and he quickly switched his look to contempt and coldness, staring gloomily at the protagonist—

  The pain and sound in his head disappeared immediately.

  Rong Wan: Fuck!

  Having acted in so many dramas, it was his first time playing a young perverted general, which is really interesting.

  But after such a toss, Rong Wan also figured out some loopholes in the rules. The rules determine whether he is breaking away from Zhu Jing character design based on his face, eyes, and attitude. As long as he keeps imitating Zhu Jing, there will be basically no major problems. It couldn’t be easier for an actor like him.

  As for his behavior, the rules don’t seem to have many restrictions. After all, Zhu Jing was originally an abnormal and very perverted person, no matter what he did, it was not unusual.

  This way, he can just take advantage of the loopholes in the rules.

  Rong Wan turned his attention back to the protagonist.

  In the original text, the scene where the protagonist was taken out of prison by General Zhu Jing was only mentioned briefly, but what Rong Wan ended up seeing was shockingly miserable. He(JZ) seems to have suffered hundreds of capital punishments on his body. He still wears heavy shackles on his hands and mouth. His right eye is hollow, only the socket and no eyeball.

  He knelt in silence by the door, looking like a cold, self-conscious weapon abandoned in a corner.

  Rong Wan glanced at the soft cushion under his buttocks, and then glanced at the hard iron sheets under the protagonist’s blood oozing knees. His face was cold and expressionless, but his heart was filled with a sense of guilt.


  When he was acting, he couldn’t stand it even after kneeling for ten minutes, and asked his assistant to tie a thick bandage to his knees. But what about the protagonist?

  The blood and flesh on his body is completely real, and even the smell of blood penetrated into the tip of Rong Wan’s nose, Rong Wan could not imagine the torture of more than 800,000 words he had seen had all become reality…

  And his icy glance fell in the eye of the protagonist, and it turned this uncertain general to look at him with dissatisfaction, and maybe he would stepped on his face in the next second——

  There was still a bit of the general’s residual warmth on his broken fingertips, a temperature that a monster like him had never expected. But he would not be foolish enough to think that the general brought him back to treat him well.

  A monster like him has never been given or deserved to be treated kindly. Those are unrealistic delusions. He had already known this.

  Maybe just for a different kind of torture?

  So, when the general suddenly stood up and approached him, Jin Zhao lowered his head, but his whole body was tense and vigilant like a skinned beast.

  He wanted to struggle, but the mental power that he desperately condensed leaked out from his broken chest and hands and feet. People without a mental power source were like trapped beasts in a cage that could only be manipulated by others. A sense of despair rushed to his chest, he clenched his fists tightly, and his one eye was faintly red—

  The expected torture did not come.

  The General walked up in front of him, looking down at his terrifying face, suddenly coldly pulled out his seat cushion and threw it on top of him.

  Jin Zhao was stunned.


  The cushion was woven from animal fur, soft, and fell on his knees, as gentle as if kissing his knees where his bones were exposed—

Rong Wan said deliberately: “This piece is uncomfortable, I will reward you.”

   Jin Zhao froze suddenly, staring at the soft cushion, as if he was looking at a monster even stranger than him.

  After he was twelve years old, he hadn’t lived a normal life. Even if it was such an ordinary cushion, he didn’t know how it would feel to the touch. It turned out to be so soft, with the General’s residual warmth, it would make his pale skin feel itchy, almost shockingly warm.

  He realized with hindsight, not torture? But be kind?

  After Rong Wan did all this, he arrogantly turned around in the car again, returned to his position, and arrogantly crossed his long legs. He held up the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, and couldn’t help but feel happy. Sure enough, there was no tingling pain in his left temple, and his assumption was true! He’s just a little smart guy!

  Of course, when the protagonist cast his hesitant gaze, Rong Wan quickly withdrew all the expressions on his face and switched to gloomy and cold indifference. It’s just that he was still looking at the protagonist from the corner of his eye, and when he saw the protagonist lowered his head and held the cushion tightly, the only remaining eye was covered that it was hard to see his expression, and he didn’t move for a long time— —

  Still can’t believe it.

Rong Wan felt a little sad for the protagonist, and at the same time scolded the author who was a fool. He didn’t force him either, closed his eyes, leaned on the back of the chair, breathed slowly and steadily, restrained some of his mental power, and pretended to sleep soundly.

  If he stoped looking at the monster, the monster should feel less embarrassed and feel more comfortable.

  Sure enough, not long after he pretended to be asleep, Jin Zhao raised his head expressionlessly, his eyes fell on him for a while, and after confirming that there was no danger, he held the cushion tightly and carefully hid it in his arms.


  It’s just an ordinary soft cushion, but Jin Zhao held it onto the palm of his hand hungrily and greedily. Fortunately, there is still a piece of intact skin in the palm of his right hand, and he can completely touch the soft fluff on the cushion, which is as warm as a small animal – this is something he has never felt before.

But Jin Zhao knows that as a cold war machine, he should not have self-awareness and should not expect so much.

  So before he got out of the train and General Zhu Jing opened it, he quickly let go of the cushion and returned to the corner, turning back into a numb corpse.

  After getting off the train, Rong Wan was startled by the luxury of Zhu Jing’s mansion. Although it has been described in the original text, it is mentioned that General Zhu Jing is the youngest and most admired general in the entire empire. Whether it is status or family background, he is an existence that cannot be ignored. But the mansion with the giant spaceship in front of him is still shocking – no wonder in the military prison, although Wu Si hated him, he still gave the protagonist to him.

  Zhu Jing also had the right to take people’s life or death. With his perverted level, it was normal for him to throw the remains of slaves or servants from the mansion at any time.

Therefore, when he returned to the mansion with the slave he personally selected from the prison, the subordinates, servants, and slaves in the mansion saw the bloody and tragic state of Jin Zhao, but they all ignored it and were accustomed to it.

  Rong Wan roughly went through the original text in his mind.

  In this empire, the general’s bodyguards and subordinates have certain rights. There are more than a dozen subordinates in this mansion, and they all live in two or three rooms respectively.


  And the servants in charge of the work, although they can be beaten and scolded by others, work to eat, receive a salary, and more than a dozen of servants live in large shops. There are more than 100 such servants in this mansion, and basically only a dozen of them who are very miserable are squeezed into a big shop.

  The slaves have it the worst of course—-

  Those are all prisoners taken from other countries, fugitives from the war from back a few years ago, criminals, and like the protagonist, who have been deprived of their self-awareness as war machines.

  It can be said that these slaves rights and freedoms are not as good as pigs and dogs. If the upper class wanted them to die, they would not live the next second.

  Before Jin Zhao arrived, there were still more than 20 slaves in the mansion, most of them were given to General Zhu Jing before, and some were captured when General Zhu Jing was in charge.

  These more than 20 slaves that were like parasites in a small basement. They were not allowed to come out unless the generals summoned them. All food and water were only fed in through small ventilation holes.

  It can be said that it is no different from being put in prison.

  It was definitely impossible for Rong Wan to let the protagonist and the previous slaves mix in the dark and damp basement. That is undoubtedly rubbing salt on the serious wounds on the protagonist’s body, although in terms of the protagonist’s tenacious vitality, death is impossible. Yes, but he will definitely resent General Zhu Jing even more.

  In the next few days, the wounds on the protagonist must be healed, and his eyes must be healed.

  So Rong Wan thought about it, called a servant, and ordered, “Clear out the room next to me and let this person live there.”

  He has a floor of his own, and all the rooms have the softest and most advanced facilities. Even if these servants are lazy and don’t prepare towels and other things for the protagonist, there are automatic robots that can clean the room.

  So this arrangement is the best.


  The servant was the youngest among the more than 100 servants. Hearing this command from the general, his eyes widened in astonishment. At the same time, his eyes swept over the slave whom the General brought back—

  No matter how you look at it, he is just an ordinary slave, and even more morbid than ordinary slaves, he also has just one eye. How can he get such superior treatment?

  ”What are you doing, you still need me to teach you how to do things?” Rong Wan frowned gloomily according to Zhu Jing’s character.

  The servant shuddered suddenly, his legs almost softened, he hurriedly called the two servants next to him, and shoved the protagonist upstairs. This empire did not have the habit of treating slaves well. Even the servants thought they were better than slaves, so these three people used a lot of force.

  The protagonist was helped out of prison by Rong Wan. Rong Wan was very clear about his condition. His legs were almost crippled, with spikes running through them, and he endured three times the pain that ordinary people could not bear when walking.

So these people pushed the protagonist into the room, and the protagonist almost rolled down the stairs in the middle. The bones on his knees were clearly visible, and the small piece of flesh hanging next to it also bled again.

  ”How annoying.” One of the servants kicked him.

  Rong Wan frowned, and his face darkened a bit. His subordinates and servants next to him didn’t know what happened. They only thought that the general was in a bad mood, so they didn’t dare to go up and seek death.

  But the three servants had their backs facing him, how could they know that his expression was extremely ugly.

  This was because Rong Wan remembered that after the perverted General Zhu Jing brought the protagonist back to the mansion to be tortured, the biggest torture did not come from him. Because he was busy with work, how could he have so much time to find a little slave to vent?

  Instead, the biggest torture came from the servants and subordinates in the mansion-these people did not treat slaves as human beings, and often beat and scolded the slaves to vent.


  He has just brought the protagonist home, and some servants dare to treat the protagonist like this in front of him. After that, if he had to go to the royal family, and left the protagonist home alone, would he be okay?

  In the past, Zhu Jing had always paid no attention to these trivial matters with how the servants treated the slaves, but now Rong Wan can’t ignore this anymore.

  With a gloomy face, he walked over quickly.

  The three servants only felt a chill behind them, and they didn’t know what was going on, when they were suddenly violently pushed from behind by the general, and slammed against the wall, and they almost became the one to roll down the stairs. They were startled, and had no idea how they had angered the general, so they knelt down and begged for mercy like crazy.

       Rong Wan didn’t want to target them.

  He stared at the protagonist on the ground. The other party was breathing heavily, and opened his thin and pale fingers, which were strangely shaped, trying to grab the handrail and get up with difficulty. But his hands are still locked by the chain magnets, and any further movement is futile.

The protagonist’s leg was broken before he was offered in prison, and he can’t stand up. His struggle was ugly, terrifying and painful.

  He raised his head, his scarlet eye filled with hatred—

  Rong Wan couldn’t help being stunned for a second, but with this second of hesitation, his right temple was punished, and the pain was so severe that his brain was about to burst.

  He cursed inwardly, then bent down quickly, picked up the protagonist’s crippled leg with one hand, and put his other arm around the protagonist’s arm and picked him up. The whole process was very short and easy. After all, the protagonist was so thin that he could easily be held in his arms.

  ”Go away.” With a cold expression, he said to the servants behind him.


  The servants were so shocked that they fled in a tumultuous manner. There were many servants and subordinates in the yard, all of them felt it was unbelievable! What happened to their general? How could he treat a slave so kindly? He has always been a clean freak, let alone picking up a filthy slave, he even wears gloves when he gets close to a slave!

  What’s going on now? Could it be that there is something special about this slave?

  But the slave—

  It doesn’t look anything special, it even looks like an untamable monster!

  The slave was held in Rong Wan’s arms, he was so shocked that he forgot to struggle.

  His only remaining intact eyeball turned stiffly, his eyes fell on his messy body mottled with blood scabs, and then on the General’s meticulously tailored uniform. The contrast between the rich and the poor is too obvious. But he smelled the breath of this person with his nose, it was hot, with a straight-forward aura, as if it would scald a person—

  …This person actually hugged him?

  It was just like a bed bug or a stinky mouse that everyone shouted and beat in the sewer. Isn’t this person too dirty?

  Jin Zhao was as stiff as an iron plate. Even though he still thought that this was just a gentle illusion before general Zhu Jing tortures him, he still couldn’t restrain himself. His hand that was hanging down gently closed, as if he was trying to grab something.

  He had never experienced the feeling of being hugged. It was calm before the storm, he temporarily put down his defenses.

  He knew he was being ridiculous.

  He stared at the bricks on the ground, with a dull look on his pale sick face.

  He was carried into a clean room step by step. There was a blood clot in his throat and he was stiff.

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