TODMBC-(5)  The disfigured interstellar experiment

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  Rong Wan frowned and rescued the protagonist from the servants, in order to make them not dare to bully the protagonist next time.

  Originally, he was worried that this approach would violate the character of General Zhu Jing, but he finally breathed a sigh of relief when he walked into the room with the protagonist in his arms.

  It seemed that the group of servants didn’t understand Zhu Jing at all, and they only thought that the general was so perverted that it was possible to do crazy things.

  As soon as Rong Wan entered the room, he was taken aback by the luxury of General Zhu Jing’s. It was exactly as described in the original text, and it was exactly the same!

  Thick Impressionist murals, priceless glassware, and even the sheets on the bed are all made of bright red velvet—


  A human skull hanging on the wall made Rong Wan even more frightened.

  The perverted general is really perverted!

  Rong Wan had never seen such a luxurious style, let alone the slave in his arms.

  Jin Zhao was in a trance. The room is huge, and there is even sunlight coming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, falling on the ground creating warm colors. He was laid lightly on the bed, which was clean and soft, unreal, without the icy dampness of the sharp, muddy prison floor.

  He suspected that he was dreaming.

  He sat there stiffly, feeling out of place in the room, as if a weapon used to kill had been carefully covered with a velvet blanket. It didn’t make sense at all.

       Everything is perfect, only he is ugly.

  He had the urge to hide himself.

  Naturally, Rong Wan also felt the stiffness of the protagonist. He stretched out a hand and gently pressed it on the protagonist’s shoulder. Fortunately, after the initial contact, the protagonist seemed to be a little more relaxed towards him than others, so his body was just a little bit more relaxed. His eyes were full of vigilance, but there was no other overreaction.

  After passing the temperature in the palm of his hand, Rong Wan squatted down, his face was calm, and he looked at the remaining eye of the protagonist.

  ”Want to talk? Do you want to take off the muzzle?” Rong Wan asked.

  After he asked this sentence, a hint of shock and disbelief flashed in the protagonist’s bottomless eyes—


  In the entire empire, slaves have no right to have self-consciousness. Masters can torture slaves in any way, but slaves cannot escape or avoid them, otherwise they will only end up in worse conditions.

  Of course there are slaves who hate all these unfair systems. Therefore, very few masters will release the shackles of their slaves, which is likely to cause the slaves to escape or counterattack.

  Not to mention, monsters like Jin Zhao, who were once used as weapons by imperial warfare.

  Even if he was deprived of his mental power, the pleasure of killing people remained in his memory, and he was more dangerous than ordinary slaves.

  Like a dangerous weapon that could explode at any time. And now the General said he was going to unleash this weapon?

  Jin Zhao was tense all over, staring suspiciously and vigilantly at the young general in front of him, not sure what the other party was trying to do.

  But his blood that had been silent for a long time really boiled for a moment because of Rong Wan’s proposal. If these things can disappear, his mental power may be able to accumulate a little bit——

  But can those muzzles used to tie animals from thrashing really be removed from him?

He was still hesitating, but in the next second, the general’s hand approached, with a strong mental force that could not be rejected, he pressed the back of his head with one hand and pulled his head closer. His strength is very strong, and could not be resisted, but his palm was warm, so it did not cause any harm to him.

  Even that action was gentle for a monster like him, and the moment it came over, it made him tremble a little.


  On the General’s other hand, he inserted the key of the lock, only to hear two “clicks”, and the general broke it open.

  Immediately after, the other lock also opened.

  Jin Zhao watched helplessly as the general held the two heavy shackles in his palms, and without playing too much, he threw them into the corner without hesitation.

  Jin Zhao felt his breath suffocate.

  –Was he free?

  Perhaps it was because he had been in pain for too long, and had been trapped for too long. Jin Zhao rolled his stiff eye and looked at the sickly pale white on his wrist that had not seen the sun for many years. Then he realized in a trance that everything restricting his freedom from moving had been removed by this person?—- Is he free?

  No, he wasn’t completely free, but at least he looked a little normal now.

His heart suddenly beat wildly, all the blood rushed to the top of the scalp, raised his eye and stared at the general quickly.

  Even if the protagonist didn’t say a word, Rong Wan can see from his detailed facial changes that he is really happy now. The joy is very shallow, just because his hands and feet can move freely, and maybe next, when he is thirsty, he can put some water on his lips.

  Even if he knew, he was still a slave, but now he was just transferred from a small cage where he could not stretch his limbs to a bigger cage——

  But the deadness of the protagonist still faded a little.

  ”You can move freely in this room, but it’s best not to leave the door of this room.” Rong Wan said lightly.

  After all, it is for the sake of the protagonist. The protagonist’s spiritual power source has been completely deprived, and his body is weakened by years of torture. If he leaves this room at will, he is afraid that some guards or servants in the mansion will insult him. Of course, the protagonist can go out with him while he is there.


  The protagonist took his words as an order, lowered his head slightly in resistance, and his gloomy eye returned.

Rong Wan stood up and looked at the protagonist for a while, and saw that his body was covered with blood, bruises and blood scabs, it was really unbearable, and his hair was also tangled up, so he had to wash it well.

  So he went out and ordered two servants to bring hot water in a cold tone, and ordered it not to be too hot. The two servants didn’t dare to object, and they came in with a huge bucket after a while.

  The protagonist looked at the steaming wooden barrel, a little startled.

  There is a healing potion in the wooden barrel, and he only let the servant pour half of it into it, so that the effect of the medicine is milder and not too irritating. But he frowned and looked at the scars on the protagonist—

  Some of the ugly scars are very brutal that he got from the artillery fire when he was used as a mindless war machine on the battlefield.

Some people maliciously cut his skin with a knife, sprinkled with salt, and the fleshy flesh that has not been healed has turned inside out, and there is a little pus on the outside. If it breaks, it will definitely be extremely painful.

  There are also the bruised whip wounds, bumps that were caused by being kicked, and the white bones exposed under the torn flesh at the joints, such as the knee.

  Rong Wan is the only person who knows all about the tragic experience of the protagonist. His eyes fell on these wounds, and he could easily know what kind of bruises the protagonist suffered, leaving such wounds. The suffering equivalent to those seven million words became real, and blood dripped in front of him.

  Rong Wan didn’t dare to look any further, his nose was sore, he turned his head and walked over to the window, his voice cold as he tried his best to sound calm: “You have to clean yourself up, should I ask someone to help you, or you do it yourself?”

After hearing silence, he turned his head and saw that the protagonist was not moving, so he beckoned and planned to call someone to help. After all, the protagonist’s tragic situation, he can’t even walk very well. How can he put himself in the tub?


But as soon as the servant walked to the door, the protagonist quickly became vigilant. The hatred and resentment he finally put down in his eye surged wildly again, and he even tried to squeeze his fists!

  He was tense, like a wounded beast ready to go. Once someone approached, he would not hesitate to bite the person’s throat, even if they died together——

The two servants who carried the tub were different from the ones that helped the protagonist come in. They were the only servants that were in a lower position, who did rough work. They had never seen such a terrifying scene, so they all shrank their feet in fear. They didn’t dare to go forward.

  ”Forget it, go out.” Rong Wan frowned.

  The two servants hurriedly turned around and ran away.

  When there were only two people left in the room again, the hatred and fear that filled the protagonist was a little better. He still stared at Rong Wan vigilantly, while trying to prop himself up, trying to move towards the bathtub, but both his posture and the way he struggled were ridiculous.

  Finally, he got himself beside the tub, and bloody sweat was oozing from his forehead—

  He had nails in his legs and couldn’t lift it, he couldn’t get in.

  Rong Wan watched him struggle silently, and finally couldn’t bear it anymore, walked over quickly, ignoring his resistance and anger, ripped off his clothes, picked him up and put him in the bathtub. Throughout the whole process, his face was frosty, as if to condemn this slave for making himself do the work for him.

  Jin Zhao was immersed in the hot water below his neck, and his struggle and rejection eased a little.

  ”Then, you can wash it yourself. After washing, there is a bell by the bed, ring it.” Rong Wan said, his voice did not fluctuate.

  Jin Zhao raised his eyes and glanced at Rong Wan, then sat there stiffly.


Rong Wan had never seen a man naked in his entire life. Although the system sent him in to let him fall in love, he just felt like a fool and didn’t know how to fall in love, so he felt a little embarrassed. He stopped talking, turned his head and walked outside.

  Walking quickly to the door, he opened the door with a cold expression, and was about to go out, but for some reason, he looked back at the protagonist unexpectedly——

  However, he found that the protagonist’s bone-exposed hand was clasping the rim of the wooden barrel and did not move, and the only remaining eyeball was staring at him without turning, and the hatred and resentment seemed to be less intense, replaced by some dazedness. He didn’t know if it was because of the dense fog, but Rong Wan could see a hint of reluctance from him.

  Rong Wan’s footsteps stopped suddenly, he didn’t know why he suddenly felt that he had to stay with the protagonist.

  It’s like when a vulnerable child is rescued, he will recognize the person he first sees as their savior.

  Although his body is very resistant, he also pushes people away with his words, and does not let people care about his affairs, and let people not pay attention to the sad and pitiful, monster-like him. But in the end, he was afraid of being thrown into an empty room, forgotten, discarded, or sent back to the original abyss-like darkness—

  Although the protagonist didn’t say it, Rong Wan felt that he wanted him to stay.

       So Rong Wan paused for a while, took back his hand on the doorknob, slowly paced to the rattan chair by the window and sat in, took out a magazine at random, turned his back to the protagonist, and said indifferently, “Just wash like this, I’m not interested in watching you.”

  After a long silence, the sound of water finally rang out.


  Rong Wan felt that the vigilance and rejection against him in the air was finally softened a little, and the protagonist finally stopped staring at him with his incomparably dark eye, and lowered his head to clean——

  Rong Wan stared at the text in his hand that he couldn’t understand at all, and finally hooked the corner of his mouth.

As the protagonist cleaned himself, the faint bloody smell was washed away from him, turning into a bath scent mixed with medicinal fragrance. He finally looked a little more like a living person.

  After the protagonist was nearly done, Rong Wan went out and came back with a silver mask in his hand.

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  The author has something to say:

Rong Wan: “The little brat is so clingy and I can’t do anything (╯▽╰)╭”

  Jin Zhao: continues to stare at Rong Wan

  In the next chapter, General Zhu Jing’s childhood sweetheart will appear, and a complicated relationship is scheduled haha

  Fried Chicken Thanks to everyone who commented, it gave me a little courage (one kiss one by one!)

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