TODMBC-(6) The disfigured interstellar experiment

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 After entering the room, he was stunned again.

  The cleaned protagonist deserves to be the protagonist. After the tangled blood stains and scabs were washed away, the protagonist’s original face was revealed.

  It was a very handsome face.

  Even though his right eye was empty and his bones were exposed, there were other scars on his face that had not healed, his skin was pale, and he looked sick and unhealthy, but that still couldn’t hide his good looks.

  Rong Wan has been in the entertainment industry for several years, and it can be said that he has seen all kinds of appearances, but he still can’t help but admire the appearance of the protagonist. It’s a pity that in this empire, power and status are everything, and the protagonist is born with a doom-like energy source, and it is difficult not to be treated as a monster. He couldn’t help but look at the protagonist a few more times—


  Of course, his eyes should be kept cold.

  The protagonist was stared at him like this, and naturally became vigilant again. He subconsciously picked up his original tattered prison uniform, and planned to put it on and climb out of the wooden barrel.

  The water in the barrel was originally clear, but now it has a bloody smell. Some of the blood scabs on the protagonist’s body were even rubbed red by his own disgust, and some wounds were slightly swollen due to soaking in water, and blood was oozing out again. But aside that, he looks much better.

  Naturally, Rong Wan couldn’t let him wear his messy clothes back, his wounds would definitely get inflamed, so he took a step ahead and grabbed the smelly clothes. He wanted to throw it into the trash, but after a pause, he stopped in order to not let the protagonist think that he was disgusted with him——

  He called two servants over and let them take them away and brought clean clothes.

  After he dismissed them, regardless of the protagonist’s shock and struggle, just like how he carried him into the tub, he picked him up horizontally, then put him on the bed, put his clothes on him with a few moves, and fastened the buttons one by one.

       Of course, this process was not easy.

  Because of the protagonist’s resistance, some of the water in the tub fell and it made the whole room dirty and messy, including Rong Wan’s straight white shirt, which was stained with the protagonist’s blood.


  He wore it from morning to afternoon. Fortunately, he finally put it on. (t/n: protagonist’s clothes?)

  The protagonist leaned against the head of the bed stiffly, or it could not be said to be leaning – he did not dare to lean his back completely. He just curled up like a hard shrimp, trying to shrink myself. His broken skin and exposed bloody bones, he knuckles tightly clutching the soft silk pajamas. He did not dare to straighten his legs, trying his best to get close to his body.

  The silk pajamas were as soft as the softest feathers freshly plucked from a swan, and laid against them, almost weightless. There will be some itching when the festering wound is rubbed, but it’s all within his tolerance.

  Jin Zhao does not understand.

  He naturally knows that many people will be treated with good food and food before they are sent to be executed, but that is also a luxury for a monster like him. The general can send him to hell at any time without having to do this kind treatment that is like a dream.

  Rong Wan asked the servant to clean up the room, and when he turned his head, he saw that he was being stared at by the protagonist. That dark eye was gloomy and dead, of course, the strong hatred when he was brought out of prison has subsided a lot, and replaced it with vigilance and confusion.

  Rong Wan finished, and sat on the edge of the bed.

  The protagonist shrank without a trace, leaned his back on the back of the bed, and moved further away from him. All the while, he was still staring at him.

  Rong Wan saw that the wound on the protagonist’s body had been cleaned, and the next step was to apply ointment. In the first twenty-five years of the protagonist’s life, He’s afraid that he has no concept of healing at all, so the wounds are knotted strangely, covering his body, like a huge deformed bird monster with ugly wings.


  But fortunately, the medical skills of the empire have long advanced to the point where it can bring back the dead, so even if these scars have been stubborn for many years, they can gradually recover under careful care.

So Rong Wan called a doctor—it would be impossible to call General Zhu Jing’s personal doctor. If it were spread out, he would be the first person in the entire empire to treat slaves so well, and he would definitely be suspected.

  So he called a doctor from a nearby small hospital from his address book. Treating these injuries is definitely no problem.

  After the doctor came, the protagonist’s eyes were full of vigilance and precaution, but Rong Wan sat aside, he just shrank in the corner, and did not try to defend against him.

  On the other hand, Doctor Chase looked at the slave at the bedside frequently, and his heart was full of shock and surprise.

  Is Admiral Zhu Jing suddenly becoming more playful? Why did he suddenly order him to heal such a slave—this slave has the mark of a war experiment on the tip of his ear, and it looks like the lowest kind of slave! Those who have lived in the dirtiest mud and dirt are no different from the stench of maggots and rats in the eyes of the upper class.

  Treating such a monster? General, I’m afraid I’m not as crazy!

  Chase showed embarrassment and disgust on his face, but he didn’t dare to disobey the General’s order, so he could only grit his teeth and approach the slave to check him.

Unexpectedly, this slave’s life is very tenacious.

He used to be a military doctor in the prison facility, and the slaves he has seen come down from the battlefield have more or less all kinds of problems, the heart, lungs, kidneys, and all kinds of places rotting like an old man in his 70s and 80s. But this slave does not have these conditions. He has countless traumas, but his recovery ability is very good. The internal organs in his body are young and healthy——


  It’s just that he seems to be mentally ill, and has been staring at himself fiercely, ready to stick out his fangs at any time.

       In front of the general whose status is second next to the royal family, how could he dare to resist?

  Chase felt disgusted and in disbelief .

  Rong Wan naturally also noticed the protagonist’s hatred towards the person in the white coat, and the increasingly restless mood of the protagonist. He was afraid that the protagonist’s emotions that were finally calmed down would be on the verge of madness again, so he stood up and said to the doctor with a cold face: “As soon as possible, I don’t have that much time for you.”

  ”Yes, General.” Cold sweat oozes from Chase’s forehead. He didn’t dare to neglect, and his movements quickly accelerated. He prescribed ointment to apply on the wounds, and some oral medicines to preserve his physical strength.

  Imperial technology is already quite advanced. After he formulated the prescription, he searched the machine he brought with him, and quickly presented several packets of medicine to Rong Wan.

  Chase said respectfully: “The medicine must be applied once every three days, and oral medicine can be taken more.”

  Rong Wan looked at the packs of white pills that can be taken orally, and asked, “Are there any bad side effects, such as possible complications?”

  He just asked casually. Unexpectedly, Chase opened his mouth wide and looked at him in disbelief, and the protagonist eyelashes trembled as he sat at the head of the bed, as if he had heard something he had never heard in his life——

  Chase swallowed, fearful in his heart, only to think that the general was abnormal enough to be considered mentally abnormal. Even if the slave experiences small or big shortcoming or feel unbearable pain after taking the medicine, does anyone in world actually care about this?!


      The question the General asked was simply unheard of! Could this slave be some kind of treasure? He should be grateful that he was even treating him. He still managed to take care of the problem, but he doesn’t solve problems that have no complications!

      Rong Wan also noticed his mistake, so he quickly raised his face, parted his lips gloomily, and said coldly, “Doctor, your duty is to provide medicine, not to stand in front of me with your useless head thinking wildly! “

  The general was indeed abnormal, and his cold aura made the whole room gloomy!

  Dr. Chase stared at the skulls of the people hanging on the wall, and his cold sweat became worse. He felt that his head was about to fall, so he quickly replied, tremblingly: “This medicine has no pain relief effect, only rapid healing effect. The more you take, the more severe the pain will be. So as long as it is within the pain tolerance range, he can eat more to promote the healing of the festering wound as soon as possible!”

       The General let out a cold snort.

  Even if he was not punished, the doctor wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

  But before he could breathe a sigh of relief, the General spoke again, staring at him with his cold light brown eyes: “Apply medicine to him.”

  The wounds on the protagonist’s body are somewhat connected to his nerves. If it was the protagonist or him who applied the medicine on him, he would be clumsy and make the wounds burst even more.

  Although the doctor did not dare to disobey, there was also a little fear and disgust on his face.

  He walked over with the ointment. But who knew that before he could touch the slave, the slave struggled violently and resisted him even more. The slave moved to the other side of the bed with difficulty, and would rather the wound burst and stare at him viciously. His white bone fingers pressed on the bed, and his mouth made a terrifying clicking sound, as if he would bite his throat without hesitation as long as the doctor leaned over——!

  It was the first time the doctor saw such a brutal slave, and he felt his neck hurt.

  He was drenched in cold sweat and looked back at the general with tears in his eyes.


  Rong Wan didn’t expect that the protagonist, who had a better mental state just now, was then approached by the doctor, actually changed back to his state of attack and defense. But he quickly realized what was going on—

  Even though the protagonist has been brainwashed for several years, he is still a person, and he can keenly perceive who is contemptuous and malicious towards him. Even though the doctor prescribed medicine for him, he was reluctant and treated him like a bed bug crawling under his feet.

  At this moment, Rong Wan deeply realized how difficult it is to complete the tasks of the system.

      He paused, waved his hand to the doctor, and said with a stern expression: “Just leave, but step back first.”

  As soon as Dr. Chase was pardoned, he bowed hastily, picked up his medicine box, and hurried away.

  There were only two people left in the room again.

  Without a word, Rong Wan picked up the ointment on the table and walked over. And the protagonist stared at him coldly, three steps, two steps, when he was only one step closer to the protagonist, the protagonist did not relax from the state of his defense, but the frightening sound in his throat stopped, and used scarlet eye stared at him—

  Rong Wan spread out his hand, slowed his expression, and indicated that he was not malicious.

 ”I’ll put the medicine on you, and after applying it, you’ll feel much better.”

  But his left temple immediately ached, because it is impossible for General Zhu Jing to treat a slave with such kindness. However, Rong Wan has also figured out the rules. When he does things that are not in line with the character’s setting, he has a headache, but there seems to be no other punishment. Therefore, as long as he can persist for a while, he can successfully get the protagonist to accept the medicine.

  But what he didn’t expect was-

  Facing him, the protagonist did not resist so much. Although he was curled up stiffly and stared at him, he did not act as aggressively as he did to Dr. Chase.


        Rong Wan felt somewhat relieved, so he sat down, dipped his fingers with ointment, and pulled the protagonist’s leg over and started with his bloody knee.

  This ointment seems to be irritating, even if he touched a little on his fingers, his fingers felt numb and tingling. He didn’t know what kind of severe pain he would feel when he applied it to the protagonist’s skin covered with blood scabs, or on another war criminal. But in short, the protagonist remained silent from beginning to end. Rong Wan could only force himself to ignore it, he frowned, and carefully applied medicine to all the wounds on his body.

      It was another long process, from afternoon to evening.

  Sweat dripped from his forehead.

  Jin Zhao lowered his eyes, expressionless, staring at the person in front of him applying medicine for himself. His movement was so gentle that it seemed like he was dealing with something fragile.

  Jin Zhao felt very unreal, his body was stiff, but he didn’t dare to move. For fear that if he moved, everything will disappear like a moon reflects on water.

  He clutched the corners of his pajamas with his fingers and couldn’t feel the sting of the ointment on his body—this pain was nothing to him. However, he was still trembling, and whenever the general’s fingers touched his skin, he felt an electric shock.

  He finally realized that the General didn’t treat him like a monster.

  But when he turned his terrifying eye and looked at the light brown eyes of the general, he clearly saw himself in them- an ugly, blood-scarred, scabby thing whose mental power was taken away, like a defective product, or a used weapon without self-consciousness.

  He became desperate and angry for a moment, but that anger quickly turned into a strong sense of inferiority under the caress of the general’s cold fingers.

  He turned his head away in pain, no longer looking into the general’s eyes.


  After putting on the medicine, he found that many of the shallower wounds had formed pink flesh scabs, and the deeper wounds slowly began to heal. He did not expect that the medicinal effect of this empire would be so powerful, and he couldn’t help being a little surprised.

  If he can bring back this to his own world, wouldn’t he be able to get rich quickly? He’s still a poor actor, he was going to die from overworking all day long! Rong Wan thought happily and put the blanket on the protagonist.

  With this smile, his left brain temple immediately stinged.


  Rong Wan quickly restrained his expression, switched to a cold expression, and stood up abruptly, like an uncertain neurotic.

  ”And this, you heard what the doctor said, take it.” Rong Wan opened the medicine box and handed over a pill to digest.

  The vigilance in the protagonist’s eyes was still not dissipated. He held it in his hand for a long time. When Rong Wan wanted to put it directly in his mouth, he picked up the medicine and swallowed it.

  ——Has he finally let go some of his vigilance towards him?

  Rong Wan thought proudly, he really is no.1 in ability, no matter what industry he goes to, he can keep his job! Just when he wanted to open the drawer and hand the silver mask to the protagonist—the protagonist’s eye was still unable to be cured, and it would take some time to find a suitable eye and cure him. So during this period, Rong Wan hoped to use a cool mask to make him feel that he was not an alien.

       The door of the room was suddenly knocked twice.

  A clear and magnetic voice was heard outside the door, with slight happiness calling out: “Zhu Jing, can I come in? I heard that you brought back another slave from prison. Is it for me?”

  Hearing this voice, Rong Wan suddenly remembered.

  This sentence is simply the original sentence that appeared in the original text, he had an idea on who it was!


  The person outside the door is Lu Sujun, who is also a member of the upper class. Now he is the head of the guards in the royal family. He grew up with General Zhu Jing from a young age. The original text clearly stated that he had some vague and unspeakable thoughts towards General Zhu Jing. As for Zhu Jing, because of his perverted personality, he did not know whether he had the same thoughts towards Lu Sujun.

  The only thing he knew was that Zhu Jing was extremely cruel to others, including his subordinates. Only to this bamboo horse, who grew up with him together since childhood, will show a little tenderness. For him, Lu Sujun was different. In the original text, after he brought the protagonist back for a few days, he gave the protagonist to Lu Sujun—-

       But Lu Sujun is still a normal person, not as perverted as him. He locked up the protagonist for a few days. The protagonist was always trying to escape, like an untamable beast. Lu Sujun felt bored and returned the protagonist to General Zhujing. 

  And now…

  After hearing Lu Sujun’s words, the protagonist raised his head abruptly, his bottomless eye filled with shock and disappointment – if he looked carefully, he would find that there is no anger.

  Because he has experienced enough betrayals, abandoned, and left behind, his heart is like a place of death that cannot produce fire, and he no longer feels angry.

  ——The so-called kindness of the General turned out to be just to give him to others.

  At the same time, without hearing any response inside the room, Lu Sujun also pushed open the door curiously.

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  The author has something to say:

Rong Wan: Keep your heart hot and your eyes coldヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

  Jin Zhao: ▼_▼ General is so fragrant

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