TODMBC-(7) The disfigured interstellar experiment

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 Before going upstairs, Lu Sujun heard the whispers of the servants in Zhu Jing’s mansion. It is said that the slave the General brought back this time was unusual, and actually lived in the high-level room next to the General, and even invited a doctor to treat him!

  Although Lu Sujun heard this, he didn’t take it seriously. He just thought that Zhu Jing was at most doing it out of pity for the slave – of course, this kind of pity was indeed so rare that he was a little surprised.

  However, the scene in the room was beyond his imagination.

  The luxurious carpet was full of blood stains left by this slave, and the valuable ointment had been squeezed out and was thrown aside at will. What surprised him even more was that the slave was sitting at the head of the bed, while Zhu Jing himself was standing beside the bed!

  What’s the situation?

  The moment he entered, he could keenly perceive that the slave instantly became alert, staring at him with that fierce look, like a beast that was about to rush up in the next second.


  And Zhu Jing, who he hadn’t seen each other for several days, didn’t come to embrace him immediately(like a greeting?), but subconsciously stepped forward and stood in front of the slave——

  The smile on Lu Sujun’s handsome face froze.

  Rong Wan also noticed the subtlety of the atmosphere, so he walked to the window and deliberately turned Lu Sujun’s gaze away from the protagonist, and said with a rare smile on the corner of his mouth: “He was indeed picked by me from prison, his name is Jin Zhao.”

  ”Oh.” Lu Sujun thought to himself, who would care what a slave was called. Before he came, he was still a little curious about this new slave, but now it has all turned into a disappointment. He turned his head and looked at the untamable slave, and finally his eyes fell on the velvet pajamas belonging to Zhu Jing on the slave.

His face suddenly looked ugly. In the entire empire, no one would allow slaves to wear their own clothes, which can be an insult to the upper class.

  At the same time, a bad feeling rose in his heart. He and Zhu Jing had known each other for many years, and they had always had a good relationship. He even felt that he was about to pierce the window paper. Whether in private or in government affairs, they both have one outside and one inside, which can be called having tacit understanding with one another. But this slave who suddenly appeared suddenly made him feel threatened.

  Even he hasn’t worn Zhu Jing’s pajamas.

  Holding this subtle jealousy, the smile on Lu Sujun’s face softened a bit, he simply sat down on the rattan chair by the window, and said with a small smile: “I want to eat the desserts in your mansion, will you let your chef bring it to me?”

  The clear and magnetic voice even had a subtle nasal sound, almost sounding coquettish.


  After speaking, he glanced at the slave on the bed.

  ——But this is a scene that did not appear in the original text.

  Rong Wan is someone who has seen three thousand beauties competing for favor in the palace! How could he not guess what Lu Sujun was thinking now, so he immediately thought about what to do. But Zhu Jing couldn’t refuse even such a request from a friend, so a faint smile appeared on his cold face: “Of course.”

  The desserts were served quickly, and Rong Wan and Lu Sujun sat on both sides of the round table, leaning on the rattan chairs and eating. This dessert tasted really good, and after a long day of hunger, Rong finally relaxed and filled his stomach a little. After all, the original text didn’t describe what General Zhu Jing usually ate, and what the food was called, so Rong Wan didn’t dare to put down his guard and ask those servants to bring him food. But after eating three or four pieces, he couldn’t help but think about the protagonist——

  He hasn’t eaten, the protagonist has not eaten far longer than him.

  Rong Wan remembers the original text:

  ”There is not often food in military prisons. Even if there is, it is like some dirty food dug out of the trenches of the pigsty, so many strong people will beat the weak to the ground and directly eat human flesh. But even so, they can’t fill their stomachs. In the whole prison, all the slaves are in a state of eternal starvation. Jin Zhao will not go to feed on other people’s flesh, but no one in the whole prison can dig half a piece of meat from him. Although his mental power has been completely deprived, his beast instinct in his body still remains.”

The protagonist is often so hungry that he can’t feel his stomach.

  Rong Wan stared at the pink and crystalline pastry at hand, and suddenly felt that it was tasteless. If possible, he hoped that the protagonist could eat a little. So he couldn’t help turning his head sideways and glanced at the protagonist in the corner——

  He didn’t expect that the protagonist was actually staring at him. His eye were dark and gloomy, like a desolate land in which nothing could be seen. The protagonist just stared at him, without any mixed emotion of hatred or resentment, but Rong Wan felt a slight weight in his heart, as if he was suffocating.


  Although Rong Wan quickly withdrew his gaze, Lu Sujun still noticed his strangeness and followed his line of sight to the slave.

  The slave seemed to be extra vigilant towards him, his eye were empty as he looked at Zhu Jing, but his eye were extraordinarily cruel when he looked at him, as if he wanted to hold him by the throat. Lu Sujun frowned displeasedly. Originally, he had no other emotions for this slave, but now suddenly a kind of hatred extended as his jealousy grew.

  At the same time, the alarm bell in his heart sounded loudly-why did Zhu Jing bring such a slave home and treat him so kindly?

  He has also been injured, but has Zhu Jing personally called a doctor for him?

  Originally, Zhu Jing had just returned from the battlefield, and the two had not seen each other for a long time. They should have had a pleasant meal together, but they were all destroyed. By this slave!

       It’s just that Lu Sujun’s temperament has always been more gentle than Zhu Jing’s, giving the impression that he is good and gentle. Therefore, in front of Zhu Jing at this time, how could he lose the temper for a slave? Wouldn’t that make it seem obvious that he was jealous? He tried his best to suppress his jealousy, frowning and looked away from the slave.

  He was just a slave. With his relationship with Zhu Jing, Zhu Jing would not refuse his small request.

Thinking of this, Lu Sujun gracefully picked up a napkin and wiped his mouth, and then as if he suddenly remembered something, said casually with a smile: “I heard that the slave you brought back is meant to be given to me, why don’t you let me bring it back today?”

  He stared at Zhu Jing, he naturally knew how hot and passionate his eyes were, but he didn’t care, he would not withdraw his eyes – let alone in front of that slave. He wants to let the slave know where he belongs.


       After he asked this sentence, Rong Wan could feel that the gaze from the protagonist behind him became more gloomy, falling on his back, as if it had turned into substance, making him feel like he was sitting on pins and needles. Rong Wan suddenly remembered clearly that the protagonist was abandoned by his biological parents on the street in the middle of the night for being a terrible monster, and the expression on protagonist’s face when he was still a child——

  In fact, every word Rong Was read in the original text was vividly remembered. But when he first read a novel, he thought it was just a novel. No matter how painful and helpless the protagonist was, the only thing that Rong Wan felt was anger.

        But when a monstrous, abominable, doom-like monster whose misfortune falls down on him like a regular meal, thinks that a glimmer of hope has finally appeared in the endless darkness, and with thin and bony hand trying to reach out for it—-How painful would it be to be abandoned into the bottomless abyss without hesitation?

  He didn’t know.

  He just felt that his heart was a bit bitter.

  So he put down his knife and fork, raised his eyes, gave Lu Sujun a lukewarm look, and asked blankly, “Where did you hear that?”

  The expression on Lu Sujun’s face obviously cracked. He looked at Zhu Jing – the other side had a stern expression, his voice was cold and indifferent, as if he was very bored and unhappy because of his question. Could it be true that he did not intend to give this slave to him? In other words, it was originally intended to be given to him, but now he is interested in this slave. It was just a weird slave. Did he dislike him because of one mere slave?


  In fact, Lu Sujun couldn’t understand Zhu Jing’s mind, because Zhu Jing’s personality was strange, and sometimes it was so unpredictable that no one could guess what he was thinking. Even the way he treated himself can change.

  ——But they have known each other for twenty-five years.

  Lu Sujun didn’t want to believe it. Under great pressure, he said with a smile: “I said that I heard from some other people, didn’t I? But I haven’t made any military exploits this year, and the royal family didn’t give me the opportunity to pick a slave. I just so happen to be lacking a few slaves on my side…I think this slave is very pleasing to the eye, and it was chosen by you, so it must be good… can’t you give it to me?”

  The last sentence had a subtle mention of demand.

  But who knew–

  ”No.” Rong Wan directly showed his boredom and displeasure on his face.

  In fact, he was prepared for severe pain in his left temple, but the expected pain did not come. It seems that Zhu Jing did not treat Lu Sujun so well – at least Lu Sujun had a little wishful thinking in their relationship..

  The atmosphere in the room was dead silent for a while.

  The expression on Lu Sujun’s face froze completely.

  Do not?

  He said no outright?

  For the sake of this slave, is Zhu Jing unwilling to even think about it? Even if it was Tai Ji, if he had promised to give it to him, he can then find an excuse to come back in a few days- but Zhu Jing refused to even do this, regardless of his face?


  Moreover, after spitting out this single sentence, Zhu Jing directly expressed his bad mood and continued to eat pastries with a knife and fork without looking at him again.

  The sun was setting outside the window.

  Lu Sujun stared stiffly at Zhu Jing’s handsome but slightly gloomy profile. He had long been accustomed to Zhu Jing’s unpredictable personality, sometimes gentle, sometimes cold, but he didn’t feel anything before. He even felt that Zhu Jing was charismatic. At least, Zhu Jing treated him differently, and he has never been gentle to others.

  But now he wasn’t sure.

  He had an illusion that Zhu Jing treated this slave with more care than him. There was a raging fire of jealousy in his heart, and he could not be relieved at all.

At the same time, Jin Zhao was as stiff as a puppet, staring at Rong Wan with his pale, sick eye.

  ——He was mentally prepared, it was just being discarded at will, and it didn’t matter. He is used to it, right?

  ——It was his ridiculous delusion that the General did not treat him as a monster. Even if he struggles and resists, he could not deny the fact that no one is willing to accept him. He’s been like this since he was born, and he still hasn’t given up. That is the most ridiculous thing.

  And yet.


  Treating such a ridiculous and pitiful monster that was a weapon. That man did not abandon it, but declared his own ownership. But what’s the use of keeping him? Even when he heard this single syllable, he thought that the General was joking.

  But it wasn’t a joke. For a moment, his mind buzzed like an old machine. The expected deal that was treated as goods did not come. What came was an unspoken refusal—No.


       He stared at Rong Wan silently, his pale face made him look gloomy, but something appeared in his dark eye. His eye stared at Rong Wan’s neck, and there was a bit of a gloomy expression on his face—A mad desire hidden beneath took root and grew suddenly.

  He was extremely unparalleled, and he was inferior—

  - He really didn’t want to leave.

  ——Even if he was used as a weapon, he does not want to leave.


  He just woke up and didn’t realize what happened. He rubbed his eyes, still a little confused and at a loss. He opened his beautiful dark eyes and stared at the shadows of the trees around him, like a weird animal. His parents were gone, he had nothing on him, no note, no blanket to keep him warm, not even a bit of food left.

  He struggled to get up, looked around, and whispered for his parents. He didn’t dare to be too loud, for fear of attracting those who were chasing him. Fear and helplessness flashed in his wide and moist eyes, and he staggered toward the depths of the woods.

        He searched all over the place, but there was no sign of his parents. He fell down and quickly got up again, and many bloodstains appeared from scratch marks on his small hands. The surroundings were as silent as a tomb, and a strange tree shadow fell on the ground, like a monster that could eat him at any time.

  However, he knew that the biggest monsters weren’t the terrifying trees, or the people that were hunting him.

  But himself. He hates himself.

  He hid there for a full month, feeding on grass and insects. His clothes quickly became tattered and calluses formed on his little hands. But he didn’t dare to leave, he was afraid that once he left, his parents would not be able to find him when they came back. Perhaps they did not abandon him, but only for a little bit?


  However, when those chasing people found the cave where he was hiding and laughed excitedly, he finally saw his parents through the disgusting crowd, they were both pale and tired, which also matched the smiling faces of the soldiers of the upper class, were so familiar to him, was now so unfamiliar to him—

  It was them who brought this group of people.

  Jin Zhao trembled all over, like a cub submerged in foul-smelling water, biting his hand and bleeding, unable to make a whimper. The last glimmer of hope in his eyes was finally shattered. As the group approached, the faces of the two became clearer and clearer, and a trace of hatred and coldness gradually appeared in his eyes.

  Overwhelming enough to obliterate him.

  He finally gave up his resistance and realized that he had been abandoned by his biological parents, betrayed, completely.

  - ‘Why did you give birth to such a thing, it’s all your fault. If we knew it would bring such endless trouble, you should have stuff it back into your womb.’

  - ‘Aren’t you also responsible for giving birth to such a terrifying monster?’

  Before he lost consciousness, he heard them whispering angrily and questioned each other.

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