TODMBC-(8) The disfigured interstellar experiment

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 After finishing the meal in a stiff atmosphere, Rong Wan wanted Lu Sujun to leave quickly, so he offered to escort him downstairs. While Lu Sujun was astonished, he couldn’t help being a little surprised. The raging jealousy that he felt because his childhood sweetheart cared a lot about a slave also calmed down a little. It was rare for General Zhu Jing to walk him downstairs before. So Lu Sujun hurriedly agreed.

  It’s just a slave—

  He must find a way to get it away. If he didn’t get rid of it, he worried that the relationship between him and Zhu Jing would crack sooner or later. He had been by Zhu Jing’s side for so many years, but how could that dirty slave attract Zhu Jing’s attention? That slave, after a few more glances, Lu Sujun remembered a piece of information related to him.

  He was also a well-known war criminal.

  Thirteen years ago, he was arrested and imprisoned for possessing both the SSS gene and the energy source. People with sss super genes are very, very rare in the entire empire. They can almost be called a genius once in a century. If he only had super genes, maybe he would have been awarded a military rank and sent to the battlefield – but he had both the energy source and gene at the same time!

  That would be no less than a super-gene man possessing inexhaustible nuclear weapons.


  At that time, he and Zhu Jing were not very old, and they were not very clear about this matter. They only knew that the empire quickly issued an arrest warrant for this slave’s family for treason. Later, after he was taken back to a military prison, he was transformed and put on the battlefield. But after the war ended and the two countries signed a peace agreement, the slave killed too many people and was brought to a military court by the other country——

  In order to quell their anger, the empire directly deprived the slave of it’s energy source, suppressed it’s sss-level mental power, and threw him into prison again.

  Losing his mental power, he was like a crippled man, completely reduced to a slave.

  However back then, his force value could have easily abolished a country with ease, and his body would be covered in blood. Perhaps, this is also the reason why Zhu Jing brought him back?

  ——Zhu Jing has always been a person who is extremely fond of blood.

       Lu Sujun thought he had seen through Zhu Jing’s thoughts, and his jealousy subsided a little again, but his sense of crisis was still there. No matter what purpose Zhu Jing had, he wanted to keep this slave away. To him, it was a threat.

  Before he got into the car, he pretended to think casually and said, “Zhu Jing, I know you have a good impression of that slave, but keeping him in your house like this is not good long-term plan, sooner or later, it will attract people’s attention. If you want him to recover back into a normal slave, you still have to train him to understand his place…”

       When Rong Wan heard the latter sentence, he was already unhappy in his heart, thinking to himself, why should my protagonist become a slave? Also normal slaves? What do you supporting characters know?


  But he remained calm, but his face was a little cold in the night, and he motioned Lu Sujun to continue.

  ”Princess Suya of the royal family has recently recruited slaves as personal guards. It not only gives those poor slaves a normal status to be able to join the empire, but also helps them escape from the harsh environment of war and prison…”

  Lu Sujun looked at Zhu Jing cautiously, and seeing that Zhu Jing had no other reaction except for his cold and gloomy face like normal, he continued, “You might as well consider sending that slave over there for a while, it’s better to him there when his anger has not melted yet, and not hurt anyone at will.”

  Lu Sujun didn’t say these words in the original text, but he reminded Rong Wan to remember another thing in the original text.

       Princess Suya.

  Before the protagonist’s family was arrested, they were also nobles beside the royal family, so the protagonist and Princess Suya knew each other when they were young. Back then, when the protagonist was thrown into a laboratory and transformed into a human weapon, Princess Suya cried and begged for mercy. Of course, her begging was useless. However, there are very few female characters in the book “Alien”, and the protagonist does not even have a harem, which once made Rong Wan think this was a danmei novel——

  But the bad thing is that there are no male-male love relationships with the protagonist!

  When Lu Sujun mentioned this, Rong Wan suddenly thought that Princess Suya’s role in the book can be regarded as more than just a female extra. In the space of more than 7 million words, tens of thousands of characters appeared!


  Could it be that the author originally intended to use her as the heroine?

       Rong Wan’s mind suddenly flashed: “When I was sent in, you wanted me to compose a love story with the protagonist. But in fact, it doesn’t have to be me and the protagonist, others can be with the protagonist, right? I don’t need to devote myself at all, as long as this relationship works, right?!”

  The system choked, paused, and said, “Beep, according to the rules, it’s like this.”

  So she occupies a considerable amount of roles in the original text. She is the only brave Princess Suya in the world who does not reject the protagonist so much. She is simply the most suitable candidate!

       What’s more, if Rong Wan wants to change the final result of the protagonist’s fate in the book, he needs to help the protagonist recover his mental power and regain his energy source for the protagonist – that energy source is now frozen in the laboratory of the royal family. Even if Zhu Jing has the rank of general, he can’t get close to it easily. Only Princess Suya can get the energy source out.

      Of course, he would definitely not send the protagonist to Princess Suya, he would be worried if the protagonist was not by his side. But if he can’t pass the protagonist over, Princess Suya can be invited by him!

  Thinking of this, Rong Wan only felt that he had found some hidden plot of “Alien”, and he couldn’t help feeling that excellence was really integrated into his own blood.

A faint smile suddenly appeared on the corner of his lips, which fell into Lu Sujun’s eyes, and he couldn’t help but stare blankly. General Zhu Jing’s face, with those golden-rimmed eyes, was originally handsome and abstinent, but a man who never showed much emotion suddenly smiled. It was like an iceberg melting!

  Many aristocratic women in the empire have chosen General Zhu Jing’s as the number one candidate as their dream lover, not to mention Lu Sujun, who has admired General Zhu Jing for many years?

  Lu Sujun didn’t dare to stay any longer, fearing that his lower desire would be too obvious to hide in the dark, so he said goodbye in a hurry.


  He was reluctant, but Rong Wan had no nostalgia and hurried back to the second floor.

  He sent off the servant, took a plate of food and water from the kitchen, and went back to the room where the protagonist was in—

   It was all the food the protagonist likes to eat. After all, the original text was long like a foot-binding cloth. The author’s brain is broken. Not only does he end up in the book, but he also keeps pouring water. Even what the protagonist likes to eat is clearly written, such as light yellow osmanthus cake, porridge and golden rice cake.

(T/n: I guess pouring water is like the author is throwing pits at the RW?)

  There was no light in the room, it was completely dark. The protagonist was in the corner, like a trapped withered beast, making no sound, not even when he was breathing. Rong Wan could only use the faint moonlight to see his position clearly.

       Rong Wan originally wanted to turn on the lights, but remembered that the military prison where the protagonist was staying was dark all the time, so he didn’t turn on the lights for fear of disturbing the protagonist.

  He walked over and put the food on the head of the bed.

  Immediately, he just stood there and asked, “Are you hungry, do you want something to eat?”

  Rong Wan has a good voice, and when he lowers his voice, it does not appear cold, but has a kind of magnetic tenderness. And it just so happened that his face was hidden in the darkness, so there was no need to force himself to show a stern expression in order to comply with Zhu Jing’s character.

  But he didn’t relax, his whole body was still tense, because he knew that the protagonist hated everyone, and could kill him at any time.

  A full ten minutes have passed, and the protagonist did not move.

  There was no movement in the corner.


  The protagonist held his head up, his bottomless eye staring at him, as if he was waiting for an opportunity.

  In such darkness, Rong Wan was also sweating for himself. He walked to the rattan chair by the window and sat down, picking up a book like when he had let the protagonist take a shower, looked at him, and told the protagonist that he had no intentions of hurting him.

  He didn’t know how long it took before the protagonist moved to the bedside to eat. At first, he chewed slowly, and his eyes kept staring at him. Like a cub of some kind of beast, who would rather risk falling into a trap, but sneak out because he was too hungry to bear it.

After eating half of the food on the plate, the protagonist’s hunger eased slightly. He stopped staring at Rong Wan, but lowered his head and ate wildly, occasionally raising his eyes to see what Rong Wan was doing.

  His vigilance towards Rong Wan had relaxed a lot.

  Rong Wan could feel this. When he first came into contact with the protagonist, the protagonist endured the severe pain caused by the bloody hole in his body, but he still stared at him, his eye were full of indifference and hatred. He almost couldn’t find a trace of humanity in him. The protagonist was disgusted with the world, he was vigilant, bloody, crazy, gloomy. He wanted everyone to die with him.

  Now, some shallow wounds on the protagonist’s body have slowly scabbed over under the effect of the drug.

  In the eye of the protagonist staring at him, the hatred and madness have subsided a lot, although there is still a slight vigilance, but compared to the protagonist’s attitude towards others, it could even be called too peaceful.

  Even when Rong Wan was stared at by the protagonist, he felt that his gaze was too hot. It was also mixed with some inexplicable dark emotions that he could not distinguish.

  It’s not right to say that he was staring at him, it’s more like a dying man struggling in the water staring at their last life-saving straw.

  Intense and crazy—

  Rong Wan didn’t think about it, he waited for the protagonist to eat the bowl of food and drink a glass of water before standing up. After sitting for a long time, his legs were numb, and he accidentally let the chair drag the floor making a harsh noise.


  The protagonist heard the movement and immediately raised his head. But after confirming that there was no one else in the room, only him and the general, he paused, the tense and gloomy expression on his face calmed down a little, and he continued to lower his head and continue to eat.

  Rong Wan picked up the mask and slowly walked not far from him, two steps away.

  ”I’ll heal you during this time. Before that, you can put this on first.”

  Jin Zhao was stunned, staring at the mask handed in front of him. The silver mask glowed with a faint metallic luster in the moonlight, thin and delicate enough to cover his right eye. Although he knew that the eye he lost had an empty socket, it was ugly and unbearable, but in prison, it was difficult to even protect himself, and he never thought of finding something to cover that eye.

  Seeing this mask, the little bit of calmness that he had bred because he had filled his stomach disappeared completely.

  The mask reminded him that he was nothing but a terrifying, sinister monster.

  Even if his ugly bloody wound was healed.

  He was silent, raised his other gloomy eye to stare at the general, his fingers that were itching and red as they were healing, finally lifted and pinched the mask that was handed over. He knew very well that to some extent, this mask was another kind of shackle to him.


  —— He didn’t want to leave. Even if the temperature that can be absorbed here is small, he is not willing to leave.

  ——And the General obviously thinks he is ugly, so he will let him use a mask to cover the eye that shows his bone.

  ——If he wants to stay, he must wear it.

  Jin Zhao’s fingers stayed in the air for several minutes without moving, and finally he lowered his eyes, a self-deprecating look appeared on his pale and gloomy face, squeezed the mask and pressed it towards his face. The mask was so light that it could barely be felt. But he still held the mask for a while before slowly releasing it.

  It wasn’t until the general looked at him for a moment, and suddenly said calmly, “Yes, it looks good.”

  —Good? Did he actually say it looked good?

  Jin Zhao’s heart suddenly trembled.

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  The author has something to say: Rong Wan: Wouldn’t it be enough to find a heroine for the protagonist hee hee hee.

  Jin Zhao: I think that’s not good.

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