TODMBC-(9)  The disfigured interstellar experiment

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 Rong Wan just temporarily left the protagonist in his mansion.

  And the protagonist deserves to be the protagonist. If the scars on his body were replaced by others, they would have died ten thousand times, but after taking the healing medicine, he has recovered more than half of his injuries in just a few days!

  Of course, only more than half of his injuries have recovered. There is no way to recover his suppressed mental power for the time being.


  Without those terrifyingly entangled red or brown scars, the protagonist finally looks like a normal person. In addition to his morbidly pale skin, and his eye was always on guard and vigilant, he looks no worse than the guards in this mansion. Even more handsome than those under the guards.

  Rong Wan had to deal with Zhu Jing’s military affairs every day. Those account books gave him a headache. Fortunately, there was a system to solve it quietly for him, but he also needed to keep signing those documents and imitated Zhu Jing’s handwriting.

  In addition, he needs to visit the barracks from time to time, so there is a small part of the day when he is not in the mansion.

  In order to prevent these restless servants from causing any trouble during his absence. He directly kept the protagonist in the room next to him, like a treasure in a golden house. No one was allowed to approach him except for the servants in the kitchen to deliver the food.

  Those who came close were exiled under the most severe criminal law.

  The protagonist had finally relaxed a little bit of his vigilance. What if these servants made him return back to his gloomy and violent state when he just got out of prison?

  But this was not a long-term solution at all.

  Soon Zhu Jing’s eldest brother heard about this and came over on purpose.

  Zhu Jing is a family of generals, and their family is difficult to deal with. The forces behind them can be said to be quite powerful in the entire empire. In this generation, there are only Zhu Yun and Zhu Jing. As the youngest young master in the family, Zhu Jing has been favored by thousands of people, it can be imagined that he developed such a perverted character because he has seen all kinds of criminal law methods since he was a child!


  Compared with Zhu Jing’s gloomy and irritable personality, Zhu Yun holds a high position in the royal family, and his character is much stronger and calmer.

  Before Rong Wan walked in, he never thought of facing such a complicated person next to Zhu Jing, and he couldn’t help but have a headache. But if he wasn’t Zhu Jing, he really wouldn’t have the chance to rescue the protagonist—-otherwise, would he be General Wu Si? But he couldn’t even bring the protagonist out of prison that day!

       He returned home from military camp, and before he took off his uniform, Zhu Yun was waiting in the hall.

  The servants all around looked sullen. Because Zhu Yun and Zhu Jing look somewhat similar, they have the same type of handsomeness. It’s just that Zhu Yun’s atmosphere is not as gloomy and violent as Zhu Jing, but the aura on Zhu Yun’s body is also quite terrifying.

  ”Jingjing, come and sit.” As soon as Zhu Yun saw Zhu Jing, the expression on his face immediately slowed down.

  This guy has a brother complex. Full brother complex.

       In other words, the whole family of Zhu Jing’s family is perverted as Zhu Jing, so Zhu Jing was cultivated into such a perverted thing. In the original text, Lu Sujun later expressed his intentions to Zhu Jing and wanted to apply for an imperial wedding with him, but he was stabbed by his big brother, and Lu Sujun was not allowed to enter their house——

  Moreover, every time Lu Sujun wanted to be alone with Zhu Jing, as long as his eldest brother saw it, he would go to interrupt. Therefore, Lu Sujun hated Zhu Yun very much.


       The nickname he called out gave Rong Wan a layer of goosebumps, his eyes darkened, walked over, and said condescendingly, “Call me like that again and kill you.”

  He knew the original text very well. That’s what Zhu Jing said to his eldest brother, so his left temple didn’t hurt at all.

   Zhu Yun didn’t care about his brother’s rejection at all, and thought it was very interesting, he only touched the corner of his lips and smiled.

  After Rong Wan sat down, he said impatiently, “Tell me, what do you want?”

  He just turned back to the topic: “I heard that you brought a slave back to your house, it’s not that you can’t take slaves. With your military rank, you can have as many slaves as you want. The key is—aren’t you treating this slave too well? I’ve heard some gossip.”

  Rong Wan frowned coldly.

  He cursed in his heart, in fact, Zhu Yun just couldn’t see his brother being too close to others.

  Zhu Yun continued: “The entire empire doesn’t treat slaves so well, so you gave him food, drinks and clothes to wear? It’s like treating a lover, what a joke! You know royal family is suspicious with our family right now, if they suspect that you have the intention to recruit those slaves and intend to commit crimes, you’ll be in big trouble.”

  ”Princess Suya is trying to appease the slaves, but she is a princess after all. No matter what she does, she has a blood relationship with the royal family, and she will not be suspected of doing anything. But what about you? Your military rank has reached such a high level. Being in an important position the royal family is most afraid of now is our family.”

       In fact, the original text almost only revolves around the protagonist, but Rong Wan found that many details of the supporting roles in this world were generated by himself. For example, the turbulent relationship between Zhu Jing’s family and the royal family.


  ”You’re making too much of a fuss, he is just a slave.” Rong Wan said lightly in an indifferent tone, like he was talking about a stray dog in the yard: “After I get tired of playing with it for a few days, I will throw it away.”

  He knew that Zhu Yun came here specially, that is, he was jealous of his kindness to a slave, but he didn’t care about his big brother at all. As long as he showed in his voice that he was just playing around with the protagonist, Zhu Yun would not be so anxious.

      Moreover, if this was bound to cause trouble, Zhu Jing would cut off blood relationship with his eldest brother, but this would make Zhu Yun really panicked.

  Sure enough, Zhu Yun’s handsome face was obviously relieved, and said: “Yes, you are involved in military affairs all day, and it is no big deal to find a slave to play with. But you have to remember that slaves are still slaves after all, don’t make the royal family suspect things..”

  Rong Wan frowned: “What do you mean?”

  ”It’s too much to let slaves enjoy the same treatment as an general. If those slaves on the street hear that slaves can enjoy such good treatment here, it will be enough to arouse the vigilance of the royal family.” Zhu Yun said: “You’d better let him do some hard work, beat and scold him, and after a while, give him away.”

  Rong Wan did not directly object.

  After all, the time he can stay here is not long, and he must quickly get back the protagonist’s energy source within a limited time, so that he can return to his previous combat effectiveness. As long as the protagonist recovers, it would like encountering a god, killing a god, encountering Buddha and killing Buddha! In this empire no one can stop him and not even the worldview settings. At that time, wouldn’t they be too afraid?

  It’s best to complete these things during this period of time before the protagonist is given away as Zhu Yun said.


  Seeing that Zhu Jing didn’t show obvious rejection, Zhu Yun’s expression softened even more, and he stretched out his hand to touch his younger brother’s shoulder—

  Who would have guessed that his younger brother would move away his shoulders, avoiding him was like avoiding the god of plague.

  He smiled bitterly, his younger brother was still so arrogant and indifferent, he didn’t force him, and asked, “Where’s your slave, can you let me see it?”

  ”No.” Rong Wan said with a cold face, then stood up and pointed to the door, expressing to see him off.

  Zhu Yun didn’t really want to see that slave. Aren’t all slaves the same, with a pale face like a sick ghost? What’s more, every time Zhu Jing brought a slave back to the mansion, he would quickly investigate the information of those people, so he had seen Jin Zhao’s files recorded in the military prison long ago, and it didn’t matter if he saw him or not. 

  He didn’t feel unhappy either. He spoke twelve sentences with his brother today, which was enough to surprise him.

  So he dawdled for a while, and then left with satisfaction with the two servants who were waiting outside the mansion.

  Rong Wan sat in the living room, thinking about what Zhu Yun said.

  In the past few days, it was indeed a bit abrupt to bring the protagonist back to the mansion and treat him carefully. Not to mention that it doesn’t match Zhu Jing’s character, even the royal family will doubt whether he has any premeditated use of the original “war machine” in private. For now it is only Lu Sujun and Zhu Yun who have questioned him— two people who are all on his side. If the time comes and he provokes an enemy like Lieutenant General Wu Si, it will be troublesome.


  Thinking like this, he called the head of the guard in this mansion.

  The captain of the guard does some housekeeping-like work in this mansion.

  ”General, do you have any orders?” The captain of the guard stood beside him respectfully.

  ”The slave I brought back a few days ago has recovered from his injuries. I will arrange some easy work for him.” Rong Wan said in an orderly tone, thought for a while, and then said, “He will be responsible to clean the floor where I live.”

        Except for General Zhu Jing himself, no servants would dare to go up that floor easily on weekdays. So it was just right.


  The head guard thought jealously, it’s too easy to only clean one floor! Compared with the other servants in this mansion who perform their duties, he was simply living in heaven! It’s known that in this empire, slaves are the lowest people in this empire, especially those with tattoo marks on their ears.

  After making such an arrangement, the private rumors became even worse. The servants in the mansion are very clever, they are very afraid of General Zhu Jing. Although they will not speak in front of him, they will inevitably have loose mouths.

 ”The general is really serious, and he actually favored a slave with the lowest status. In the past, so many nobles showed affection to the general, and the general didn’t seem to have any sexual desire, and thought he was cold.”


  ”It’s not fair, a dozen of us are crowded in one room, and the other slaves are all huddled in those dark and damp basements. And this slave has a large independent room, a personal doctor, and even now the general has specially ordered to arrange the easiest jobs for him to do….that’s too much of a preference.”

  Jin Zhao stayed in his room most of the time. His long-standing wounds healed. The process was slow and more difficult to deal with than fresh wounds, and it was often unbearably painful. There was nothing he could do but go through without a word.

  After he was assigned the job of cleaning the general’s bedroom, he appeared in the corridor on the second floor very rarely.

  He was like a ghost who only crawled out of the abyss, exuding a cold aura that no strangers should approach him. After recovering from his injuries, he was barely able to stand and walk. Therefore, when he showed his original tall figure and half-masked face, it made him seem more sinister and cruel, and it looked like he could crush someone to death at any time.

  Even if those servants had some contempt for him at first, they didn’t dare to approach him at will.

  But now Jin Zhao was standing at the corner of the stairs, and the whispering voices of those people still easily fell into his ears. Once he recovered from the injury, many of his abilities began to gradually recover. For example, hearing was one of the basic abilities that he had when he was a war machine.


  He heard the word.

  He stood there silently and coldly, weighing the word in his throat repeatedly, as if he was digging out a blood clot. For some reason, he remembered the profile of the general, standing there indifferently and arrogantly. When he came over, his expression was cold, but his voice in the dark was unexpectedly gentle, with a special allure—


  His face was hot. This time, it wasn’t because the artillery fire on the battlefield burned his face, or when he was splashed with sulfuric acid when he was fighting, and his brain began to buzz after realizing it. A strange feeling suddenly grew in his heart, like a small delicate flower growing from a desolate dump of hatred. It was easy for it to die prematurely, and his hatred for everything suddenly calmed down for a moment.

       He knew he was sent to the general, and he became a slave to the general alone. But for Jin Zhao, for the first time in his life, the word “slave” was strangely and inexplicably made him feel not so disgusted and hateful.

  Jin Zhao stood there, caressed his silver mask lightly, and then walked towards the general’s room.

  Only this one is left for him to clean.

  This was not torture, but a reward from the general.

  Jin Zhao lightly knocked on the door.

  A faint voice came from inside: “Come in.”

  So Jin Zhao pushed open the door and went in. His pale and gloomy face recovered a little because he heard the conversations of those servants.

  ——But when he saw the scene in the room, his dark eye suddenly froze, condensing a dark storm.

  Rong Wan had invited Princess Suya to his room, and the two sat facing each other drinking tea.

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