TODMBC-(10)  The disfigured interstellar experiment

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 The original text did not focus much on Princess Suya’s appearance, after all, she was only a supporting role in the tens of thousands of words. But in fact, she was much favored by the emperor of the empire, and even condoned to set up a slave refugee agency. She was quite excellent in all aspects. Especially in appearance, very lovable.

  The Zhu family is a noble among the nobles, so Zhu Jing and Princess Suya have known each other since childhood, but they didn’t meet much. Rong Wan just made a small excuse this time, so he invited Suya over to briefly talk about the weather and the military.


        Through systematic simulation calculations, if the protagonist’s energy source is to be taken out of the royal family, there is only a 1% chance of the protagonist who has lost his mental power to do so, while the possibility of letting Rong Wan risk losing his head for rebelling against the royal family is only 0.01%!

  After all, the protagonist has the halo of the protagonist, and he is a supporting villain so he doesn’t have one. He can be taken down in minutes.

  Therefore, both schemes are allowed to pass.

  Maps and other systems can be provided here. The most difficult thing is the iron walls of the royal family, as well as the strict guards. In this technologically advanced empire, any mosquito or fly that breaks in can be killed by a robot.

  Therefore, Suya is the only one way that can get a pass to enter the underground laboratory.

  As for how to make Suya willingly take out the pass and not leak this out, then special means must be used at special times——

  Rong Wan’s eyes fell on the protagonist who had just come in. In the past few days, his wounds had recovered very quickly, and he was completely different from his bloody appearance he had when he was brought back, especially after putting on a clean white shirt. His whole body was ice cold, which is simply out of tune with other people.

  If you ignore his slightly gloomy and dark eye, and his pale almost transparent skin, he will definitely attract the attention of young girls more than Zhu Jing’s looks.

  Rong Wan had noticed that since Jin Zhao’s injury gradually recovered, the servants in the house gradually began to avoid him, and when they occasionally bumped into him, it would be as if they bumped into King Yama, they rolled and crawled to avoid him.

  Rong Wan suddenly had such a thought in his heart.

  - This is the protagonist.

  —— Being oppressed by fate to the point of lingering on the ground like an ant, that is not the life trajectory that a protagonist should have.


  If it weren’t for the hardships and bad luck imposed by the author, the protagonist would have been a more glorious young general than Zhu Jing.

  He tried his best to take back the sight he could not help but put on the protagonist, took a sip of coffee, and said lukewarmly, “I’m about to finish talking with Princess Suya, go and water the flowers on the windowsill over by the corridor for me. Before leaving, bring out the most beautiful pot of flowers and give it to Princess Suya.”

  The corridor was far away from here. He knows that the protagonist’s hearing is very good, but at this distance, he should not be able to hear it.


  Jin Zhao picked up the watering can in the corner and walked through the long corridor with a blank expression, looking down at the beautiful flowers on the windowsill that had been moistened by the rain.

  He lowered his eye, and no one could see the look in his eye, which was as deep and terrifying as before, but at this time it was mixed with a bit of gloom that could not be concealed.

  He casually cut off a bunch of rose stems with his fingertips, crushed them, and let it pierce into his fingertips. He seemed to be unaware.


  ”General, this is-” Princess Suya looked away from the slave who had left, and hesitated.

  The moment the slave came in just now, she had already recognized who this slave was in her heart. After all, the son of the aristocrat was inexplicably imprisoned back then, and was then secretly sent to the laboratory to be transformed into a human weapon. Although there was no turbulence among the civilians of the empire, it was known to everyone in the royal family.


  She hid behind the pillar and saw with her own eyes when the guards stepped on the sole shoes of the young Jin Zhao and pressed him into the royal council hall. He was like an angry cub, desperate to rush out of his cage—

  She has always been a sympathetic person, and she has begged for mercy, but unfortunately her royal father ignored her.

  Princess Suya thought of the few bloody scars on her childhood playmate’s neck just now, and her heart became more complicated.

  ”Yes.” Rong Wan glanced at her and said calmly, “Isn’t it a pity? He used to be a child with super sss genes, but now he has become the lowest kind of slave.”

  Princess Suya heard the light irony in General Zhu Jing’s words, bit her lip, and said nothing.

  ”Princess, I remember you knew him before.” Rong Wan played with the coffee cup in his hand, with Zhu Jing’s usual indifferent look on his face, it was as if he just casually said this sentence.

  Princess Suya’s pupils shrank sharply.

  ——Isn’t it all because of the cruelty of the royal family that Jin Zhao changed from a noble heir to such a despicable slave as he is today?

  As a member of the royal family, although she did not agree with slavery from the bottom of her heart, she had no other choice.


  After Rong Wan observed Princess Suya’s reaction for a while, he lightly retracted his gaze. All these were within his expectations.


  In the original text, Princess Suya is a relatively positive character. Now he only needs to give a small hint, and Princess Suya will soon have sympathy for the protagonist, then according to the hidden plot of the original text, she will provide a pass sooner or later. It’s just that this matter can’t be rushed, and the princess has to have a good impression on the protagonist—

  He doesn’t have to worry about this at all.

      After all, it was hinted in the original text that the young princess had a favorable impression of the protagonist. Although it was only brief, it was already a very important piece of text for a silly story that has no emotional connection to the abuser!

  The next step is to invite the princess a few more times and get her to be in touch with the protagonist.

 Thinking of this, Rong Wan felt a little melancholy and glanced at the protagonist at the end of the corridor. Anyway, he brought the protagonist back from hell with his own hands, he wasn’t completely fine yet.

  Although the protagonist does whatever he orders these days, the protagonist still seems to have a distrusting attitude towards the people in the royal family, and he hadn’t said a word to him——

  Rong Wan’s current mood could be described as inviting pigs from outside to arch his own cabbage, which made feel extremely complicated.

  However, at the same time, he was being scrutinized by Princess Suya.

  After Princess Suya heard those words from General Zhu Jing, she suddenly felt an invisible pressure. That pressure did not come from Zhu Jing’s words, nor from his arrogant attitude that Zhu Jing unintentionally revealed, but a certain kind of pressure… it seemed as if the other party knew everything, and she was being stared at.

  Princess Suya stayed in the royal palace most of the time. She had never met Zhu Jing, the young general, so she only heard the majority of rumors outside. He had a handsome face, but an unfathomable mind.

  She didn’t think too much about her inexplicable feelings, she just only felt that the rumors were indeed true.


  But this sudden surge of feeling made her temporarily let go of her guilt towards Jin Zhao, and turned her attention to General Zhu Jing.

  In all fairness, the general deserves the title of “the most wanted person by women in the whole empire”. He looks absent-minded, has a temperament that surpasses his appearance. His face is indifferent, with an inborn sense of gloom and coldness.

  In addition, there was a sense of inexplicable spark when he raised his chin just now, which was better than those stars in the empire—Princess Suya had never seen this on any man in the empire.

  When Princess Suya realized what she was thinking, her pretty face suddenly turned a little red, she quickly looked away, and pretended to land her gaze on the corridor inadvertently.

  Rong Wan noticed, and as soon as he looked up, he saw Princess Suya staring at the corridor floor and blushing slightly. The feeling of pain in Rong Wan’s heart couldn’t help but get stronger, wasn’t this developing too fast?! When she first saw the protagonist, was she attracted by the protagonist’s handsome face or personality?

  Sure enough, his guess was right. The original text had already given a hint on Princess Suya’s careful thinking about the protagonist.

  This made things better. Maybe it won’t be long before he can get the pass directly from Suya.

      All in order to correct the bad ending in the book.

  Rong Wan forcibly suppressed the sadness of his cabbage being gnawed at in his heart.


  After having a conversation with Princess Suya, Rong Wan rang the bell on the chair, called the protagonist, and handed the potted plant he(JZ) picked to Princess Suya.


  Princess Suya likes flowers, so she couldn’t help being a little surprised, sniffing and smelling the rose. However, facing Jin Zhao at such a close distance, she couldn’t help but feel more guilty in her heart, and she didn’t even dare to look up at Jin Zhao. She only felt that the other party was standing near the door of the room, exuding a certain sense of coldness and death—

  She couldn’t help holding the potted plant and took a step back.

  Before the age of twelve, Jin Zhao was still a normal person, and she would intercede for him. But Jin Zhao now, was no longer a normal person, but more like some kind of lifeless terrifying monster. Although she felt guilty, she also had fears that kept coming up.

  She lowered her head, and did not see the sarcastic sarcasm in the protagonist eye.

  Rong Wan stood up, glanced at the protagonist, and said to the princess, “Let this entourage of mine escort the princess downstairs.”

  He thought that the protagonist and the future heroine should be given a little time to be alone. Although he didn’t know why, facing such a kind princess, the protagonist eye was still vigilant and alert, and there were even signs of hatred that had not appeared in the past few days. 

  However, the attitude of the protagonist does not matter, as long as the princess has a good opinion or guilt towards the protagonist.

  That way he can get the pass.

  After Rong Wan ordered this, Jin Zhao raised his dark eye and stood there, staring at the general for a long time, expressionless.


  But when Rong Wan looked at him, he quickly lowered his eyelashes, his eye was gloomy, complicated and indistinguishable, and there was some kind of possessiveness that he hadn’t even noticed himself—

  He took the general’s order, turned to open the door, and went straight out.

  Princess Suya was a little terrified of Jin Zhao in her heart, but she couldn’t show it in front of General Zhu Jing, so she left with a pale face and smiled: “See you next time, General.”

  Rong Wan also said, “See you next time.”

  He stood at the door for a while, and saw Princess Suya carefully following the protagonist away from the corridor, and from time to time she secretly raised her head and glanced at the protagonist in front of her. She looked no different from a young girl in love, so he breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Princess Suya has some thoughts on the protagonist according to the original text, the next step will be easy.

  Just after walking to the end of the corridor, Princess Suya suddenly turned around and glanced at him.

  It seems that she didn’t expect that General Zhu Jing would pay attention to her departure – his eyes were quite focused, and the expression on his face was calm, not like General Zhu Jing’s usual coldness, Princess Suya was startled, Immediately, she turned her head back, and a faint blush appeared on her face.

  After he was done, he sat back on the reclining chair.

  Rong Wan asked: “Can you help me simulate and analyze, what is the probability of getting the pass through Princess Suya?”


  The system bound to him is quite cold and rigid. It is not at all like the cute systems in other system novels, but it is just a machine. What it does every day is to just analyze, further analyze, and finally analyze big data. After making Rong Wan transmigrate into “Alien” for so long, it became a little boring.

  The system paused and answered honestly: “Currently it is forty percent.”

  When Rong Wan heard this, his eyes lit up. Very good, it seems that he really discovered the hidden plot in the original text, and the line of Princess Suya’s goodwill towards the protagonist has begun to work.

  The system watched its host get up to make tea with satisfaction, and hesitated: “…”

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  The author has something to say: 

       Princess Suya: Didn’t expect it? Accidental or not?

  Rong Wan: Everything is for my tender cabbage.

  Cabbage: Oh, the General seemed to have a good chat with the princess.

  Lu Sujun: Cnm has another rival in love.

       (T/n: Cnm- f*uck your mother)

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