TODMBC-(12) The disfigured interstellar experiment

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  This shock was greater than surprise than panic.

  He has always been one of the three top best young people in the 21st century. He was independent, and because of special professional reasons, he is sought after and worshipped by fans. He has grown so much but he never even had a girlfriend! In other words, he has never been taken care of like this in his lifetime. Moreover, since traveling here, even though Zhu Jing is a General who has a habit of cleanliness, he has no servant to serve him!

       At this time, the soles of his feet were pinched by the protagonist in the palm of his hand, and his entire foot was stiff.


  Rong Wan could even feel the devotion in the protagonist’s eye when he stared at his ankle. The protagonist who he had just been brought back was a wild beast with blood stains all over his body, who was also hostile to himself, and showed his claws and claws, was now kneeling in front of him like a devoted guard, or a believer.

  He felt like a farmer raising a wounded king of the forest. Originally, he didn’t expect the King of the Forest to give him anything in return. After all, they are the protagonists of this world. No matter how injured they are and how much misfortune they bring, they are still the center of this world! If this world does not have him, it will cause the world to collapse! ——But not him. After disappearing from that world(JZ?), fans will at most regret it for a while, and after three months, they will find new little fresh meat to continue to love!

  But it was worth it! Even if the corpses of a few mice are brought back, it can make people feel a full sense of accomplishment! (t/n: not sure what RW means by rat corpse)

  Of course not that the protagonist now caring for him is equivalent to a mouse corpse.

  It’s just that some time ago, the protagonist was extremely vigilant about himself, ready to jump over to bite himself at any time, but now he has completely relaxed his vigilance. The little brat even began to repay his gratitude.

  Rong Wan couldn’t help shedding tears of emotion!


  Of course, although moved, he didn’t want the protagonist to do what these slaves would do. As he said before, the protagonist is the protagonist of these seven million words, the protagonist he has stayed up all night worrying about. In his eyes, the protagonist resists his bad luck, never gives in, is the best protagonist, and deserves the best good fortune. So he doesn’t want the protagonist to do this.

  Rong Wan gently moved his foot – but the laces of his boots were already tied by the protagonist.

  He stood up and said slowly, “You don’t have to do this.”

  His tone couldn’t reveal any emotion, but he didn’t want to sound too cold, so he slowly spoke in a calm tone.

  The moment the General moved his feet, a flash of disappointment and depression flashed across Jin Zhao’s eye.

  His heart was gloomy and full of longing, and he wanted to recklessly grasp this person in his hand, as if he was grasping the only thing that could warm him. But he was so afraid of being hated by this man, if this man took back what he had given to him, he didn’t know what would happen if he fell back into hell again. He wants to get this person, and he wants to give things to this person, even if he has nothing right now.

  But the General didn’t allow himself to touch him, was he already disgusted by him? After all, everyone in the Empire knows he was born full of sin, such a monster full of bad luck and ominousness.

       The protagonist lowered his head, Rong Wan couldn’t see his expression clearly, but after rejecting him, he just stood there dryly, and Rong Wan felt a little embarrassed.

  So he thought about it, stretched out his hand, gently placed his palm on the protagonist’s head, and stroked it.


  The stroke was very gentle, like soothing a good child.

  ”You don’t have to do this.” Rong Wan said calmly, “because I never treated you as a slave.”

  Never treat him…

  Jin Zhao’s pupils suddenly dilated——

  Suddenly, a feeling he had never felt in the more than 20 years of dead silence filled his heart. It was a feeling of soreness and bitterness, and it was like being in a dream, light and unreal. He never complained, never cursed, but in front of this person, as if he had found a place to belong where he felt at ease, his nose suddenly felt sour.

  The top of his head can still feel the temperature of that person’s palm.

  A little more, just a little more.

  He has never received such tenderness, nor has he ever hoped for it, but now, can he have a little more?


  Although Rong Wan refused to let the protagonist take care of him, but then, the protagonist always appeared in his line of sight. The feeling of being locked at sight anytime, anywhere is really oppressive, not to mention that this sight is unexpectedly passionate.


       But he couldn’t keep a straight face after tolerating it. After he noticed the protagonist’s gaze from the copyboard, he raised his head, but whenever he looked at the protagonist, the protagonist was often lowering his head and doing things seriously —as if the person staring at him just now was not him.

  Rong Wan: “…”

  It would make any person uncomfortable to be stared at all the time, and a layer of goosebumps rose from the neck. Rong Wan couldn’t help but reflect on whether he didn’t feed or give the protagonist clothing recently, which caused the protagonist to be so keen on sticking to him. Of course, it is more likely that the protagonist has some thoughts or desires about him, but it is not easy to say this directly?

       (T/n: not that kind of desire.)

  After keeping the protagonist home for so long, the protagonist hasn’t said a word yet.

  But Rong Wan is not in a hurry, because according to the original story, the protagonist has not communicated with normal people for many years, and even in the years when he was used as a weapon, he was brainwashed at every turn and sealed in a freezer. After this kind of torture, the protagonist’s persistence is different from ordinary people. So it’s normal to have degenerate aphasia. (T/n: not sure if this is correct.)

       Now he can only wait for him to gradually calm down in a stable environment, and then slowly heal those psychological wounds.

  And Rong Wan, who couldn’t read the contents in front him, could only continue this subtle feeling of being stared at all the way to the afternoon for the next few days.

After Rong went out to deal with military affairs, he came back and found that his room was cleaned and tidy.


  The original messy bookshelves have been placed neatly.

  His underwear in the closet was also–

  Rong Wan turned to look at the protagonist, an indescribable feeling of sadness arose in his heart. In his original world, his parents divorced, he was in boarding school since he was a child, and after his debut, he worked non-stop, so when he caught a cold in the hotel and died of illness and was sent to this world. He had never been taken care of like this before.

  Not to mention, there was always someone waiting for him after he came back, and treats him like a god.

  Even if it was the protagonist’s way of repayment, Rong Wan was moved in his heart.

       But he still didn’t want to let the protagonist’s hands that were about to reverse his fate do this for him, so he opened his mouth and was about to persuade——

  But when his eyes fell on the protagonist, what he wanted to say was swallowed back in his stomach.

  The protagonist is standing by the window, waiting for him, the silver mask on his face, his grudges and hatred for his fate, and the dead look in his eyes that were like the abyss have quietly changed…

  The handsome face was still pale at this time, slightly gloomy, but extremely calm. When looking at him, his eye were even stained with a trace of light belonging to a normal person…

  There was only one thought in his mind.

  The protagonist is alive.

  From a self-conscious, deformed, hopeless weapon, that crawled out of that abyss.

  What Rong Wan wanted to say suddenly became: “Come here.”

  Although the protagonist did not speak, his eye showed a hint of surprise, and he walked towards him.

  ”Are you thirsty?” Rong Wan walked to the table, filled a glass of water and handed it to the protagonist. Even the tenacious protagonist has done so many things without fully recovering from his injuries, and it must have been very hard. However, the protagonist is such a person, who neither screams in pain nor cries for hunger or thirst.


  The protagonist shook his head, but still took the glass of water he poured with both hands and held it firmly in the palm of his hand.

  Just a glass of water—

  Jin Zhao was slightly absent-minded. He felt his fingers touch the position of the glass that the General had touched, and it was slightly hot. When he said those words of concern, his heart beat violently, and his blood ran wild as never before.

  He wanted to try to raise his lips towards the general so as to form a less ugly smile, but he had practiced for a long time and still couldn’t learn it, so he had to keep silent, and lowered his head to drink water to hide his longing.

  ”Go eat, you should be hungry.” Rong Wan said again.

  He knew that when he was not in the mansion, those servants would definitely not give the protagonist any face, and maybe they would have deducted his lunch again. But as long as he was in the mansion, those servants would not dare. He didn’t want the protagonist to do so much for him and still be hungry.

  A light at the end of the long dark tunnel appeared in Jin Zhao’s eyes. After staring at Rong Wan for a while, he nodded and went out.

  After he went out, Rong Wan took off his uniform and sat down on the rattan chair.

  At this moment, the voice of the system sounded in Rong Wan’s mind: “The current target character’s healing degree is 30.”

  Rong Wan: ? ? ? ! ! !

  ——Has his favorability in front of the protagonist been so crazy? !

  ——-He didn’t even realize it himself!

  Rong Wan: “How is the degree of cure evaluated? Why haven’t you reported it to me before?”


  System: “When the healing degree is below 30, it is not worth broadcasting, because there has not been a qualitative change. Moreover, the healing degree is based on the target person’s physical treatment status, psychological state, and the accumulation of joy of being cured.”

  After a pause, the system hesitated.

  Rong Wan: “If you have any more nonsense to say, just say it.”

  System: “…What the host doesn’t know is that the healing degree and the admiration value are linked to a certain extent. When the healing degree reaches 30…”

  Rong Wan: “What’s the matter, just say it!”

  System: “When the healing degree reaches 30, the admiration value can be far more than 30.”

  Rong Wan: “…”

  Rong Wan suddenly understood the abnormal behavior of the protagonist over the past few days. All of the persistent burning eyes that can melt anyone, and all the carefully prepared care. He also honestly thought that the protagonist, the little brat, wanted to repay his kindness, but it turned out that he really wanted to repay his kindness, but it was this kind of repayment ♂♂♂.

       He naturally did not forget that when he first entered “Alien”, the rules told him that in addition to reversing the ending of the book, he had to write a love story…

  Things are getting complicated.

  After he thought this, he sorted out his ideas.

  Now, Princess Suya adore the protagonist a little, and the protagonist adore him a little.

  Princess Suya → protagonist → himself.

  What a complicated love triangle. And if he wants to help the protagonist get the pass, he must encourage princess Suya’s arrows to the protagonist, and at the same time he must continue to cultivate his favorability in front of the protagonist??? Because if the healing value is not full, even if the ending of the book is reversed in the end, it will be of no use.


  Rong Wan’s mind was still in a mess, and he asked the system simply and clearly: “In other words, in my current situation, not only do I have to help the pig to help my cabbage, but also allow the cabbage to arch me. At the same time, my cabbage is also facing the eyes of Lu Sujun and Zhu Yun?”

  System: “Uh, uh…”

  Before he had time to answer, Rong Wan looked like he was in pain. It seemed that the two cabbages have to depend on each other to live.


  The protagonist continued to appear around him for the next few days. Fortunately, Rong Wan was used to the scorching gaze of the protagonist.

  And when he was gradually clearing his thoughts and preparing for the next step, the servant hurriedly sent a message: Princess Suya came to visit. This time, she was not invited by General Zhu Jing, so Princess Suya came uninvited. She has been waiting in the garden for awhile, and was also dressed up—-

       Rong Wan saw from the terminal screen that she had specially put on a light pink lace skirt, her long hair was braided into a beautiful shape, her fingers were stroking the edge of the coffee cup uneasily, and there seemed to be a hint of blush expectation on her face.

  Rong Wan knows why at a glance. It seems that since the last time she saw the protagonist, Princess Suya has begun to eat the marrow and know the taste.

  If it goes on like this, getting the pass from princess Suya is definitely inevitable.

  Rong Wan thought so, smiled and put on his most inconspicuous uniform, so as not to hinder Princess Suya from continuing to have a good impression of the protagonist. And called the protagonist and went down from the second floor together.

  The system looked at the confident host, and fell into silence: “…”

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The author has something to say:

Princess: Today’s General also seems to have a unique charm.

  Rong Wan: I make the most inconspicuous light bulb.

  Jin Zhao: Hehe

  Lu Sujun: Haha

  Zhu Yun: Haha

  System: emmmmmmm

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