TODMBC-(13) The disfigured interstellar experiment

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  It was early winter in the empire, and the air was a little cold, but the sun was shining brightly today. The golden ginkgo leaves were sprinkled on both sides of the roads, exuding a faint smell of leaves.

  When Rong Wan was walking on the road, he thought that the protagonist has rarely seen such a beautiful scenery outside. It seems that he should not be kept around him on the second floor. He should be sent to the garden to work more to enjoy the sunshine, and the rain and roses that normal people can enjoy.

  He stopped, pointed to the tool in the corner, and said to the protagonist, “When you have time, come around the garden and trim the leaves.”


  Jin Zhao distracted and glanced at the branches and leaves along the road, and then his eyes fell on the general again. The general’s face was always expressionless, and he couldn’t figure out what he meant. Jin Zhao felt a little uneasy. The garden is far away from the second floor, the general is… Doesn’t he like to be around him and take care of him? So why is he sending him away?

  He stared at the general and nodded slowly.

  Rong Wan immediately noticed that the protagonist didn’t seem to be in a good mood, he was silent for a while, and quickly added: “I like the ones you trimmed. Bring some to my room every day.”

  Just after he finished saying this, he instantly felt that the protagonist looked at him with a less uncomfortable look in his eye. Expression really is a work of art. Rong Wan also breathed a sigh of relief.

        His idea is actually very simple. Even without the constraint of the healing value, he hopes that the protagonist can be treated well after suffering so much misfortune. This is what the protagonist deserves.

  Under the restrictions of the rules, he is willing to give some tenderness to the protagonist and be gentle to him, as long as he is able to.

  ”Let’s go.” Rong Wan said.

  Jin Zhao looked at the general’s calm face, and he(JZ) was still thinking of the two words just now — like?


  He was almost flattered, and was caught off guard by his wave of praise, which made him feel a little dizzy for a while.

  Like, like, like… The general said he liked what he had trimmed…

  His ears became hot, his eyes brightened, and he stared at the back of the general who turned around again. He never thought that one day he would get these things that belong to normal people. It feels good to be cared for, praised, and have someone be so gentle…

  It was so good that he was greedy and unsatisfied, longing for more, longing to escape, and wanting to possess every moment.

  He followed the general into the garden, his eyes were calm and happy until he saw the person sitting in the pavilion in the center of the garden.

  After Rong Wan knew that the protagonist had developed an admiration value for him, he tried to avoid letting Lu Sujun come to the door or answer Lu Sujun’s phone calls in the past few days, so as not to cause the protagonist’s unnecessary emotional fluctuations. Because according to the system data, if the protagonist is constantly stimulated, the healing value will increase very slowly. So Rong Wan can be said to have obediently cut off all possible rivals for the protagonist.

       But it should be no problem for Princess Suya to come to the door. After all, the protagonist should also feel that she was coming for him(JZ).

  Rong Wan felt sour again, patted the protagonist on the shoulder, and motioned for the protagonist to trim the branches and leaves nearby, while he walked towards the garden pavilion and saluted politely: “Princess.”

  The moment he left, Jin Zhao’s eye dimmed, and a crazy gloom suddenly surged up.


  When the princess came again, the general would make tea for her, joke with her, discuss the weather, discuss military affairs, and even laugh with her. How can those people in the royal family who have blood on their hands get the most beautiful things in the world after trampling on countless bones?

  He turned around to trim the branches and leaves, his eye was dark and dull, but he didn’t notice that he cut the flowers to pieces because of his absent-mindedness.


  ”General Zhujing.” Princess Suya tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, glanced at Jin Zhao in the corner, and then looked back, her cheeks were still slightly red because of the general’s arrival, she whispered softly, “I have nothing to do today, and I feel very bored, so I came to chat with you. I hope I am not disrupting your military affairs.”

  After seeing her glance at the protagonist, and seeing her turn red. Rong Wan’s heart was clear, and he said, “You are not disrupting.”

  He knew he was only here to act as a bridge—because if a princess and a slave were alone in the same room, it would definitely be controversial, but with him here, he could prevent them from being gossiped about. At the same time, let the princess who was quite fond of the protagonist in the original text, have further feelings for the protagonist.

       So not only did he wear the least visible uniform, but he kept his words as low as possible to avoid distracting his guest.

  But he thought to himself how much he had helped the protagonist through so much—from a little monster who showed his fangs at the sight of people, to a normal person who could trim flowers and branches. As a result, he still had to open the fence and let a pig from outside come in and arch his cabbage. Rong Wan felt like he was an old father picking his son-in-law, but of course he quickly stopped this messy thought.


   Princess Suya can clearly feel that today’s general is not in the mood today.

  He even put on an old uniform with no military rank, and paid no attention to her. She said three or four words excitedly, but he only said “Hmm”. Sometimes he even lowered his head to drink coffee and remained silent. 

       Princess Suya became a little uneasy, thinking that there was something wrong with her appearance or clothes, which caused the general to be so indifferent to herself today. The General was very gentle with her last time, and they talked about military affairs and the weather, and even mentioned some rules of the royal family. You know, no one in this empire would respect a woman so much, or talk to a woman about so many topics that belong to men.

  So Princess Suya felt that the general was different, and she was deeply attracted.

       However this time…

  When she left last time, the General stared at her back for a long time. So it makes no sense to be suddenly indifferent today. Then princess Suya suddenly realized, is he playing hard-to-get?

       Although she has no experience in dating, she understands many basic methods. As a young general of the empire, Zhu Jing is cold and arrogant, and would not easily show his interest in a woman.

  After figuring this out, she let go of her biting lip, and her face turned slightly rosy again.

  She needs to be proactive.

  ”General Zhu Jing, if you are free later, I would like to invite you to the royal horse race.”

  When Rong Wan heard Suya’s words, his ears suddenly froze! Horse racing! As mentioned in the original text, the underground of the racecourse is the laboratory, but the racecourse of the royal family has always been open only to the princes and princesses of the royal family, and is not open to officials. If he could be invited by the princess, he might be able to bring the protagonist there on that day—after all, the princess who invited him must actually want to invite the protagonist.


  Wouldn’t that give the protagonist a chance to find his energy source? !

  Rong Wan wanted to agree almost immediately, but after a pause, he only replied lightly, “Thank you princess for the invitation.”

  However, Suya saw that General Zhu Jing’s mood was obviously much higher, and it seemed that he was indeed interested in horse racing. And seeing that although he is in high spirits, his face is still indifferent, which further confirms his character, which is as uncertain and unpredictable as the rumors.

  A two-faced general.

  Suya found it funny and couldn’t help but laugh.


  Jin Zhao watched from the corner.

  He didn’t know what they were talking about, and what made her laugh so happily.

  The look in his eye darkened even more.

  When he was still deep in the deformed and filthy garbage heap, he didn’t expect too much, all he hoped was to survive, and he struggled to survive, and then retaliate thousands of times.

  But then that man appeared and rescued him from the mud, and he became greedy, getting a little, and craving for more.

  But he felt lonely at the moment—an emotion he had never felt before.


  He felt that he was far from that person. Even though the man was just a dozen paces away, he still felt far away, too far to hold, far enough to drive him mad. There was hatred in his heart, and the strong desire to monopolize almost drove him crazy.

  So annoying, so annoying. So painful.

  An extremely dark thought suddenly grew in his heart, it would be great if everyone else around the General was dead. If Suya was dead, and the road guards were dead. This gloomy and terrifying thought took shape little by little, like an airtight black net, gradually surrounding his heart.

  If they all disappear, the warmth he draws from that person can be his a little more, and just a little more, he can continue to maintain his life.

  He put down his trimming tool and walked over.


  Rong Wan saw the protagonist suddenly come over, stood quietly behind him, and asked, “Is it trimmed?”

  He glanced at the place where the protagonist had just trimmed. It was just a casual glance, but he was almost scared to death when he saw them all. They were all cut bald! The ground was full of scattered petals and messy branches and leaves! This was too much!

  Did the protagonist have no such talent for garden art?!

  The protagonist nodded slowly to him, indicating that he had trimmed them, and bent down to put down the tool. The tool looked really heavy. When he leaned over to the coffee table, the coffee table shook a little, and the coffee mug on the glass tea table also shook–


  The coffee splattered on Rong Wan’s trousers uniform.

  Rong Wan hurriedly brushed off his pants: “…” The coffee was neither cold nor hot, and it didn’t feel like it was spilled on his pants.

  He turned his head, just as he was about to say something to the protagonist, he saw that the protagonist lowered his head, stared at the ground, pursed his pale lips, and he couldn’t see his expression at all —Rong Wan’s heart softened. He looked just like a poor little pupil who took the initiative to admit punishment when he made a mistake. How could he be willing to punish the protagonist like this? !

       So Rong Wan waved his hand and said sternly, “It’s fine, just practice more.”

  He was completely unaware of the doting in his tone, which was completely different from the tone he had just spoken to Suya.

  Princess Suya’s expression tensed, and she couldn’t help looking up at Jin Zhao who was standing behind General Zhu Jing.

  His gaze was also raised, and his abyss-like eye were still the same as last time, full of hostility and rejection. Only this time, Suya’s sixth sense told her that there were other more terrifying emotions in Jin Zhao’s eyes. It was a very subtle aura that only rivals in love could feel.

  Under the warning and aggressive gaze, Suya grabbed the corner of her skirt with her fingers, and suddenly became nervous—

        Rong Wan had a panoramic view of her appearance and wondered, when the protagonist came, why was her reaction so big? Rong Wan asked the system in his mind: “Simulate the possibility of Princess Suya providing the pass.”

  After a while, the system replied: “It has risen to 60%.”

  Rong Wan asked: “When it reaches 80% and we ask her for a pass, is there a high probability that she will agree?”

  System: “Well, according to the simulation data, yes.”


  Rong Wan tutted in his heart, last time it was only 40%, but this time it has risen so much. It seems that Princess Suya’s favorability for the protagonist has risen very fast. The original text did not deceive him. Princess Suya didn’t have much communication with the protagonist, but she still had a good impression of the protagonist. There is a special attraction between the two!

        System: “…Uh, um.”

  When Rong Wan finished communicating with the system, the protagonist suddenly squatted down, took out a handkerchief, and gently wiped the coffee stains on his trouser legs. The force was very gentle, and the sticky feeling was quickly wiped away. After wiping, the protagonist looked up at him expressionlessly, looking very calm. Normally, when the protagonist raised his head to show this expression, Rong Wan would put his hand on his head.

       But with Princess Suya present today, Rong Wan would definitely not do this.

  But even though he had tried his best to avoid lookin at him, he turned around and saw the displeasure on Princess Suya’s face that was swept away.

        Princess Suya’s face was indeed a little displeased. She has heard that General Zhu Jing has a habit of cleanliness and will not let people get close to him easily. Even the Zhu family guards who have been with him since childhood… But now, he actually allows a slave to be so close…

  Rong Wan also realized that at this moment, Princess Suya and the protagonist should be given some alone time, and he was getting in their way.

  So he stood up and said lightly: “These clothes are dirty, I’ll head upstairs and change first, the princess can wait here.”

  Princess Suya opened her mouth and was about to say something—

  The slave she had known since childhood had blocked her view of General Zhu Jing. Princess Suya was stunned for a moment, only to feel that he was staring at her with a bottomless line of sight. If Zhu Jing was still there, he would cover it up, but now, his heavy threat was almost undisguised—it was like confiding and protecting its prey, and repelling extremely toward everything from the outside. If someone continued to intrude in, they would be shredded to pieces.


  Under the suffocating blackness of his eye, Princess Su ya shuddered for a moment.

  The slave didn’t say anything, but Princess Suya understood inexplicably.

  “Get out.”


  Rong Wan walked upstairs quickly, but kept dawdling in his room, changing his pants slowly. Since an opportunity has been created for Suya, it is necessary to extend the time of this opportunity so that they can develop freely. It’s just that he felt a slightly sour taste in his heart, and he felt really bad handing over the protagonist.

  However, just as he was thinking about it, the door was suddenly knocked, and the protagonist came in.

  Rong Wan: ? ? ?

  ”Why did you come up?” Rong Wan asked. He gave the opportunity for the two of them to be alone, Suya didn’t grasp the opportunity well and was stood up by the protagonist? !

  Rong Wan hurried to the window and glanced at the garden, only to see that Suya had already left. He hurriedly asked the system about the probability that Suya might give them the pass at present, and the system said that it was still 60%, which had not decreased. Rong Wan breathed a sigh of relief and thought of Suya, what a good person! Even if she was left by the protagonist in the garden, her favorability of the protagonist did not decrease in the slightest!

  The protagonist didn’t say a word, and stood at the door staring at him. Against the light, he couldn’t see the protagonist’s expression. He only felt that the shadow cast by the silver mask on his face was a little dark, and there was something hidden inside that he couldn’t understand. The protagonist didn’t move for a long time, and after a while, he walked a few steps forward.


       It was only then that Rong Wan could see the slightly pale expression on his face. He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but there seemed to be some grievances on his face. He raised his bloodstained hand that was scraped by branches and leaves.

  ”Injured?” Rong Wan’s attention was immediately diverted —seeing that the back of his hand, which had finally grown new skin, was injured again like this, he couldn’t help but feel distressed and dragged him over.

  The protagonist lowered his eyebrows meekly and did not speak.

  After Rong Wan finished rummaging through the boxes and cabinets, he found the ointment that had not been used up last time, and poured a glass of water very naturally, filled the glass, still warm, and handed it over.

  The protagonist held the glass in one hand and drank in a hurry, as if he was thirsty and choked. So Rong Wan patted him on the shoulder, let him sit down, and said, “Drink slowly, no one will rob you.”

  He held his hand, skillfully used his fingertips to pick up a little bit of the yellow ointment, and patiently smeared it on the back of the protagonist’s hand. The protagonist’s fingers are very slender, but pale in color. Rong Wan thought distressed while applying the medicine. If he knew that the protagonist was clumsy in gardening, he would have not allowed him to prune the flower branches. The tender skin that had just grown was scratched again. It must be painful.

  Jin Zhao stared at the general’s frowning eyebrows, and sat there obediently, looking like a deer tamed by the general.


  Rong Wan carefully wiped the medicine for the protagonist, and told him not touch water before letting the protagonist leave.

  The protagonist did not leave immediately, but waited for him to turn off the lights in the room and go to bed before gently closing the door and turning around to go out.


  Jin Zhao stood on the dark and dull promenade for a long time, and his eyes began to no longer appear docile and calm, but full of possessiveness and madness. Just looking closely is enough to make you feel cold and terrified. The back of his hand was touched by the general just now. He thought of this, and it took him a long time to calm down.

  He felt that he was ill, it was not because of trauma, but a psychological disease. He wanted to get this guy’s attention all the time. As long as the person’s eyes fall on him, he will calm down.

  The world chased him, betrayed, oppressed, and abandoned him. Only this man recast his dismantled bones and gave him gentleness and kindness.

  So he will do whatever he can.

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  The author has something to say: 

       Rong Wan: Don’t bully my little cabbage.

  Princess: Ha ha.

  Lu Sujun: Haha.

  Jin Zhao: The general said so.

  System: …

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