TODMBC-(14) The disfigured interstellar experiment

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  Lu Sujun put down the phone with a gloomy face, but there was no answer. During this time, whether he called Zhu Jing or went to visit him in person, the servants of Zhu Jing’s mansion had only one response: the general was not in the mansion.

  He originally thought that Zhu Jing had just come down from the battlefield, and he must have been busy with military affairs and was tired, so he didn’t bother him. But it had been almost half a month, and since the last time he visited the Zhu Mansion, he had never seen Zhu Jing again, and some kind of bad premonition in his heart could not help but become stronger and stronger.

  He had seen Zhu Jing’s favoritism towards that slave with his own eyes.

  He was somewhat arrogant and arrogant. After Zhu Jing rejected him when he said he wanted the slave, he didn’t mention it again, and he thought in his heart that he was just a slave, how capable could he be? He would get bored and wouldn’t keep him after playing around for a few days. However, according to some rumors recently, Zhu Jing still kept the slave in the mansion and treated him more kindly. Is he still not tired of it——?

  In addition, after he mentioned Princess Suya last time, Zhu Jing invited Suya to come to drink tea, but unexpectedly, Princess Suya went out of the royal family to visit Zhu Jing’s house repeatedly, and there were many rumors in the royal family. It is said that Princess Suya has taken a fancy to Zhu Jing. If these rumors are true, then with Princess Suya’s temperament, it may be very possible for her to ask the emperor to marry him at that time…


       Lu Sujun didn’t expect his comment that he mentioned casually that day, causing him to have a love rival for himself! What heartache! It was only a short month of effort, and rivals in love appeared frequently, and he only felt a sense of crisis.

  He sat down, his tall figure sank into the sofa, forming a shadow, and his temples jumped suddenly, only to feel that something faintly seemed beyond his control. Originally, the relationship between him and Zhu Jing was almost at the stage to pierce a layer of window paper, and he didn’t mind waiting for Zhu Jing. However, for more than a month, he only felt that after Zhu Jing came back from prison, he gradually drifted away from himself…

  Lu Sujun thought desperately, if he goes on like this, he is afraid that he will lose his sweetheart completely.

  ”Master.” The servant on the side handed over a letter, disturbing his thoughts.

  Lu Sujun has always been gentle and elegant, and he is very handsome, but at this time, his eye bags were black, and there is a faint circle of gray stubble above his lips.

  The servant hurriedly said, “The eldest lady sent this out from the royal family.”

  Lu Sujun opened the letter, and it was unknown what he was thinking. His face suddenly became much calmer. He hurried upstairs and entered the study. After thinking for a while, he sent a letter to his sister.


  Rong Wan didn’t know if it was an illusion, but the protagonist has been particularly clumsy for the past few days. When pruning branches and leaves in the garden, the backs of his hands are always scratched a little by the thorns, and when he cleans his room, his knees hit the foot of the bed, leaving bruised bumps. There were already some old scars on his skin that had not yet fully healed, and now adding on to new scars, looked particularly distressing on his fair skin.


       Rong Wan asked the system a little worriedly, “Could it be that he has some kind of post-traumatic sequelae, why does he get so easily injured?”

  After the system took stock of the data, it said, “Host, the emotional factors of the healing target are very complicated, and this system can’t analyze the reason.”

  Rong Wan: “So it’s useless to rely on the system.”

  System: “…”

  Just as he communicated with the system for a while, the protagonist’s hand was injured again in the kitchen. The long wound was drawn from the palm of his hand to the wrist, and it was difficult for his other hand to bandage himself. Seeing him sitting on the steps, Rong Wan saw him bite the bandage and wrapped it around his hand with a little difficulty, and couldn’t help walking over.

  Jin Zhao had his back to the corridor, as if he didn’t know who was behind him.


  But he counted in his heart.




  ”Give it to me, I’ll come.” Rong Wan walked over to him with a tense expression.

  The corner of Jin Zhao’s mouth lifted quickly, and when he raised his head again, there was a calm and docile expression on his face.

  He handed the bandage and ointment to the General, then pretended to move his hand slightly unnaturally, and the General sat down beside him.

  ——This distance is too close, so close that his blood was speeding up.


          Jin Zhao lowered his eyelashes, and out of the corner of his eye, he saw that the general’s face was always frosty, but the white bandages flew under his slender fingers and wrapped the wound on the back of his hand perfectly. Jin Zhao has also figured out a bit of the General’s personality these days. Sometimes, he has a cold face, and his words are simple and unfeeling, but he is actually a very gentle person.

  —So just take advantage of his soft-hearted weakness.

  ”Okay.” Rong Wan breathed a sigh of relief after bandaging up the protagonist.

  He carefully recalled the original text, and found that the original text describes all the misfortunes of the protagonist who escaped, was tortured, and sent to the battlefield when he was a child, and did not even describe the protagonist doing housework—is that the reason why the protagonist can’t do housework because he gets hurt? It’s not easy to be a normal person. Things that are simple for others, but the protagonist needs to learn this all over again. Rong Wan couldn’t help feeling pity for the protagonist even more in his heart.

       But when he was thinking in a mess, he didn’t know that the protagonist was staring at him, with deep longing and joy in his eye, as if those wounds were not painful wounds, but some kind of enjoyment.

  ”Be careful next time.” Rong Wan instructed blankly.

       After seeing the protagonist nodding obediently, he stood up and raised his feet to leave, but at a glance Rong Wan saw another wound of the protagonist that had been bandaged the day before oozing blood again.


  F*ck, Rong Wan almost began to wonder if the protagonist had a blood coagulation disorder. This wound has burst open for several days in a row, and it has to be wrapped with gauze every day!

  He glanced at the protagonist, and the protagonist to believe he had done something wrong, he lowered his head, his face pale, and he tried his best to put the wound on the arm behind him so that he would not see it.

  After all this, he couldn’t blame him. He squatted down while frowning, and without saying a word, he bandaged the old wound for the protagonist.

  He thought to himself that he couldn’t send the protagonist to the garden any more.


  After Rong Wan bandaged the wound of the protagonist, he left. Today, for some unknown reason, the royal family suddenly summoned him over. He glanced at the rainy weather outside, and he felt a bad premonition. According to the original plot, when Zhu Jing came down from the battlefield, he should have rested for three months. Except for some occasional military affairs, the royal family should have no reason to summon him——

  Then why would he suddenly be summoned today?


  After getting into the car, Rong Wan unintentionally glanced from the car window, and saw the protagonist looking through the second floor window, looking at him eagerly.

  Rong Wan: “Didn’t I just wipe the medicine and bandage him, why did he lay down at the window and watch me leave?”

  The system said: “According to the system detection, every time you come back from dealing with things outside during this period, the healing target will be there to watch.”

  Rong Wan: “It’s so sticky.”


  Rong Wan: “Seriously, can you find out why the royal family suddenly called me over? This doesn’t match the original plot, this was completely unexpected.”

  The system unfolded a video in front of Rong Wan, motioned for Rong Wan to watch it, and said, “This does not involve healing characters, so this can be answered. Lu Sujun went to the royal family in the past two days, and asked his sister to do him a favor.”

       Rong Wan watched the video completely until he saw the letter written by Lu Sujun, stunned: “Ask for marriage?”

  In the original text, Lu Sujun’s family is regarded as part of the royal family, because the eldest Miss Lu family is the third wife of the emperor, and she is very favored. Therefore, Lu Sujun also served as a guard major in the royal family, which is a relatively easy and high-ranking position. However, there is no such subplot in the original text of Lu Sujun’s request for marriage——


  Because Lu Sujun in the original text is very confident in Zhu Jing’s feelings, the two of them came together naturally. But now Lu Sujun is obviously extremely unconfident about this relationship, and is even afraid that Princess Suya will take him first.

  Therefore, he sent a letter to the royal family yesterday and asked his sister to ask the emperor for marriage on his behalf.

  This was completely unexpected.

  It seems that the plot of this world will affect everyone, and if he changes one point, it will definitely affect other people, thus causing the plot to lose track. Fortunately, Lu Sujun’s sister just mentioned giving marriage in the emperor’s ear, and the emperor has not yet made a decision. And, even if he had to marry Lu Sujun, it doesn’t matter. This imperial aristocrat is corrupt, couldn’t he just leave?

       It’s just that I’m afraid that the protagonist will do something. Rong Wan couldn’t help frowning: “Before Lu Sujun made so many phone calls every day, I shouldn’t have turned him away, I should have calmed down a little, it really hurts my head.”

  System: “That is to say, is it useful to rely on the host?”

  Rong Wan: “…”

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  The author has something to say: 

       Lu Sujun: If you don’t open the door to see me, I wouldn’t have had to ask the emperor to make you marry me!

  Protagonist: Blackening.jpg /Marriage grabbing.jpg

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