The overbearing demon must be cured


Author: 君埋泉下

Title: 必须治愈霸道魔头

Completed: 146

Updates: I will be translating this novel after I finish translating DATSGEB. I will now be updating every Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, and Sunday’s.

Rong Wan broke into a cruel and sweet world and needed to complete a love game with the demon. The handsome and invincible big demon was chased, beaten, betrayed, oppressed, and abandoned by everyone. 

When he was completely disappointed with the world, completely blackened and planned to turn everyone into ashes. Rong Wan appeared. Rong Wan saved the demon. Then it became the only light. If he could not have him, he would damage his whole body, and kill the gods and Buddhas for him. 

* * *

The first world’s attack: The interstellar experiment is disfigured and pitiful. (Completed)

 The second world’s attack: The campus bully is petite and poor. (Completed)

 The third world’s attack: The rich and powerful iceberg’s legs are weak. (Completed) 

The fourth world’s attack: The immortal was framed and forced to become a demon. (Ongoing) 

Attack of the Fifth World: The zombie’s great powers are taken away. (Not completed)

* * *

Attack is the same person, each world is his reincarnation.

First world: The disfigured and pitiful interstellar experiment

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