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Father Jing was drenched in bird feces that day. After leaving the provincial experiment, he drove straight home. While waiting for the green light, he sent WeChat to his leader(boss)to ask for leave.

His leader didn’t reply, and Father Jing didn’t care.

Internet companies have an open atmosphere and relatively flexible working hours. Occasionally leaving for a day and a half has no impact on their performance.


This trip to the provincial experiment made him lose face. When father Jing became angry, he didn’t know how many times he scolded Jing Ci in his heart, and secretly swore that when Jing Ci came to him in the future, he would never let him off so easily.

The next morning, Father Jing went to work as usual. He didn’t know what was going on, but he always felt that his colleagues around him were looking at him strangely.

Does he still smell like bird poop? Father Jing secretly lowered his head and sniffed. Impossible, yesterday he took a full hour bath, and today he even sprayed some cologne on, and Zhao Jinfeng didn’t notice anything unusual.

Father Jing didn’t take it seriously, went to the coffee bar to get a piece of bread, turned on the computer, and ate it while browsing the company forum.

There are not many people who usually read the company forum, and the new posts on the homepage basically do not have much impact. Most of them use it to resell annual meeting prizes, or ask the company’s new policy, and there is no other content.

Father Jing originally wanted to close it after scanning, but unexpectedly, he saw a post with a huge number of replies——

[Is the gossip from the company true that they only care about themselves, no matter how long he was raised?】

Just gave birth and not care? Father Jing frowned. Are there such irresponsible parents?


He swallowed the bread in his mouth and opened the post.

Father Jing’s face turned red little by little, and in the end, even his neck was red.

[It really can’t be more true. The protagonist is Jing Jianguo from the cloud download department. The eldest son from his ex-wife is called Jing Ci. He is the only child in our province who has entered what kind of math training team. He was a little rebellious in the past two years and was not liked by Jing Jianguo, and even his living expenses were cut off. 】

[My child is just two years old, and every time I hear this kind of thing, I get angry, what kind of beast is Jing Jianguo! 】

[Our department has frequent contacts with Cloud Download. In the past, I had a good impression of Jing Jianguo, but I never expected this…]

[My father likes children who study well, and my family still has a collection of newspapers of Jing Ci. Such a good boy, what was Jing Jianguo thinking? 】

[I am from the same office as Jing Jianguo, let’s say something about this. Indeed, I have never heard him mention Jing Ci. We have worked together for many years, and we thought he had only one son. 】

[It feels a little fake, does he really need to be so cruel as a father? That kid in my family has an itch to uncover the tiles in his room(?), but it was the last day of the exam, so I couldn’t bear to touch him, let alone such a promising child as Jing Ci. It’s just a rumor, right? 】

[It’s really not a rumor. I have a fellow from my hometown who is in the same class as Jing Ci, and said that Jing Jianguo never participated in any parent-teacher meeting for him. 】


Father Jing’s head was buzzing and his fingers were shaking. He occasionally hears a cough or a laugh, but he felt that they were laughing at him.


He couldn’t take it anymore, grabbed the phone and stood up from his chair, staggering out of the office.

He didn’t feel much better until he walked into the narrow, dark cubicle of the bathroom stall and locked the door.

Father Jing felt panic and fear in his heart, and he didn’t understand how this matter could spread to the company.

Did Jing Ci say something?

But that is impossible, Jing Ci does not know his colleagues.

Then how was this matter discovered? Father Jing racked his brains for a long time but couldn’t figure it out.

If this matter is put on someone with a thicker skin, the most he can do is deny it with a smile, go out to take an annual leave, and continue to come to work after the limelight has passed.

But father Jing is a person who cares a lot about his face, even if he thought of countless psychological constructions in the bathroom, when he came out again, he couldn’t stand the strange eyes of his colleagues.


However, this was only the beginning, the circle of the Internet is small. Although there are many young people in the industry, there are also many who have become parents, and this kind of thing is the most unheard of. One past ten, ten past one hundred, and then this morning, the media actually called to interview Father Jing.

(T/n: I’m guessing that the ‘one past ten’ thing was shared among others and it spread to hundreds of people knowing about this.)

Father Jing became angry and shouted, “Go away! I don’t accept!” He hung up the phone.

However, Father Jing had never dealt with reporters and had no experience. It would be fine if he refused politely, but he scolded people when he opened his mouth, completely offending the reporters in one sentence.

No news was heard of until the next day. That morning, the news of him abusing his ex-wife’s son was published in major media.

He doesn’t give the reporters any face, and the reporters of course showed no mercy to him. They not only wrote his name on the news, but even put his photo.

With Jing Ci’s recent fame, the popularity of this related news has risen again and again.

After seeing the news, Father Jing’s old friends and classmates couldn’t believe it was him. But thanks to the photos, his identity was instantly confirmed, and they began to discuss with relatives and friends in private.

This time, Father Jing was completely red.

Anyone he knew or not, knew he was a wolf in human clothing. Even the living expenses of his own son can be cut off, and his character can be imagined. Who would dare to make friends with him again?


Alienation from friends, contempt from colleagues, cursed by strangers…

In one day, Father Jing tasted everything.

Ying Jiao didn’t know that someone had taken action for him. At 5:30 in the morning, the mobile phone he put under the pillow began to vibrate. It was the alarm clock he set last night.

Afraid of disturbing Jing Ci’s sleep, Ying Jiao opened his eyes at a speed never possible before and turned off the alarm clock. Looking sideways at Jing Ci, seeing that he did not wake up, he breathed a sigh of relief. He squinted his eyes and slowly waited for his brain to wake up.

There is still a year and a half left for the college entrance exams, leaving him too little time to catch up with Jing Ci, and he doesn’t want to let go even a minute.

At six o’clock, Jing Ci followed his biological clock and opened his eyes on time.

The heavy curtains were drawn tightly, and the room was dark. The bed under him was comfortable and soft, not like the spring bed in the dormitory, which would bounce with a little movement.

Jing Ci was confused for a few seconds, and then he realized that he was at Ying Jiao’s house.

It’s not that they didn’t live with each other before, but they were friends at that time, and now…


Jing Ci raised the corners of his lips unconsciously, and he was happy for a while, then he reached out and pushed Ying Jiao, and called him softly: “Ying Jiao, get up.”

This is what they agreed to last night, the rest of their holiday should be the same as when they were at school, and they can’t relax.

It’s been half an hour, and Ying Jiao’s energy to get up has long since disappeared, but he deliberately held his breath, and pretended to sleep.

Jing Ci called him several times, but when he saw that he still didn’t respond, he had to move to him. Just as he was about to push him again, his wrist suddenly tightened, and in the next second, someone pressed him down.

Ying Jiao’s limbs were slender and strong, and he held Jing Ci in his arms almost airtight. The heat on his body spread to him through his thin pajamas, and Jing Ci’s hair was a little ticklish.


This posture was too ambiguous, Jing Ci wanted to push Ying Jiao away when he was still not awake. However, the person that he called over just now suddenly moved a little, and suddenly said: “What’s going on?”

Ying Jiao’s voice sounded very surprised: “No, baby, are you… thinking about it?”

“I didn’t!” Jing Ci was so embarrassed that he was overwhelmed, and he wanted to beat him up.

Ying Jiao endured a laugh, and continued to tease Jing Ci: “Don’t want to?” His knee suddenly pushed up slightly, and he leaned into Jing Ci’s ear: “Then what’s going on?”

Jing Ci’s head exploded with a bang, and his face was so hot that it almost burned him. He curled up subconsciously and stammered, “Early morning, morning natural response.”

“Oh, natural response,” Ying Jiao nodded and said lightly, “So you mean, you didn’t respond to me?”

This question is too difficult to answer, and Jing Ci chose to remain silent.

“Really?” Ying Jiao put his hand on his waist and said with a half-smile, “Then I will verify it today.”

Jing Ci’s breath choked, and he hurriedly held down his hand that was about to go down: “Don’t…”

“Don’t what?”

“No, no need to verify…”

Ying Jiao licked his lower lip and said shamelessly: “How would I know if I don’t verify it?” He paused and continued: “My boyfriend didn’t respond to me, it’s a big deal.”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes, although he couldn’t see Ying Jiao’s face clearly in the darkness, he was still shy. He clenched his fists, restrained his embarrassment, and whispered, “…Yes.”


“What?” Ying Jiao raised his lips viciously: “What did you just say? I didn’t hear it clearly, is it there or not?”

Jing Ci’s heart sighed: “Yes.”

Ying Jiao couldn’t bear it any longer, buried his head in his neck, and laughed wildly.

After teasing Jing Ci, Ying Jiao was in a good mood and pulled him up to wash and eat breakfast. Then, in strict accordance with the school’s curriculum, they began to answer questions and do paperwork.

When it was about noon, Ying Jiao’s cell phone began to vibrate. He put down his pen and picked it up to see that it was Zheng Que and the others—

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: [Web Link]

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Brother Jiao, are they talking about Brother Ci’s father? Damn, is he still a man?

[Peng Chengcheng]: Old beast.

[Uncle He]: Damn, I can’t hold back my violent temper! Does brother know this? @Jiao @Jiao


Ying Jiao frowned and clicked on Zheng Que’s web link.

At a glance, he was stunned.

Sure enough, people who are cheap have their own harvest(end). Before he could do anything, father Jing collapsed first.

[Jiao]: I see.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: No, why did you react so indifferently? ? I’m going to explode as an outsider! ! !

[Uncle He]: Old Zheng… calm down, Brother Jiao obviously knew this a long time ago.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Oh.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: I thought I was miserable enough, but I didn’t expect Brother Ci to be worse than me.

[Jiao]: You are indeed miserable, but Jing Ci is not miserable, he has me.

[Uncle He]: …………Speaking of matters, don’t make a fuss. By the way, does Brother Ci like to eat buffets? They have a good one here near my house, why don’t you bring him here?

Ying Jiao thought about it and agreed–

[Jiao]: Okay, send me the location.

After sending a sentence, he was about to quit the group chat when Zheng Que suddenly stopped him.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Brother Jiao, don’t leave yet, I have something to ask you.


[Zheng Que is incorrect]: What, how did you catch up with Brother Ci? Can you teach me? I failed to ask a girl out today.


[Jiao]: My method is not suitable for you.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Why? ? Is there a difference? ? ? Isn’t it all tricks? ?

[Jiao]: How is it not a difference? You look at your face in the mirror and think about my face.

[Jiao]: Some of the things that I do is just stir people up, and what you do is a red exclamation mark warning.

(T/n: not sure what YJ means by comparing him to an exclamation mark.)

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Get out! ! ! ! !

Ying Jiao smirked, put down the phone, and glanced sideways at Jing Ci, who was earnestly writing questions. After pondering for a while, he entered a name in the WeChat search box, and while walking to the balcony, he typed——

[Jiao]: Uncle Yao, are you busy now? I have something to ask you.

Yao Ruicheng was the lawyer who handled the inheritance for Ying Jiao’s grandfather at the beginning, and he was also Ying Jiao’s grandfather junior. He had a good relationship with his family and was very concerned about Ying Jiao.

[Yao Ruicheng]: What’s wrong Jiaojiao?

[Jiao]: Can you stop calling me Jiaojiao?

[Yao Ruicheng]: Okay Jiaojiao.

[Jiao]: …Forget it, let me ask you, how do you move a student’s hukou(household)?

[Yao Ruicheng]: Do you want to move? Where to?

[Jiao]: Not me, my friend.


[Yao Ruicheng]: Oh, that’s it. One is to relocate with other family members, the other is to move schools, and the other is to have a house under their name and settle down based on real estate.

(T/n: not sure if this is entirely correct…)

Ying Jiao read his message carefully, the first and second are definitely not applicable to Jing Ci, so only the third is left.

[Jiao]: Uncle Yao, are you in Donghai Province now? Help me with a real estate grant.

[Yao Ruicheng]: Grant of real estate? Who are you giving it to? The tax on the grant of real estate is very high and not cost-effective. If you really want to give it to that person, you might as well give him the money first, let him buy your house, and put the house in that person’s name in this way.

[Jiao]: It’s okay, just give it, otherwise he will definitely not agree if he knew it.

[Yao Ruicheng]: Him? Who is it? What’s your situation now? Suddenly selling away your houses.

[Jiao]: My boyfriend.

Yao Ruicheng: “…”

Yao Ruicheng called directly: “Ying Jiao, are you serious?”

Ying Jiao hummed, turned around and closed the balcony door.


“No,” Yao Ruicheng took a deep breath, barely suppressed the shock in his heart, and persuaded: “You are still young, you’re a man…”

He moved his lips several times, but didn’t say “boyfriend”, and continued with another word: “The other party is still young, and your hormones are playing a role in this relationship. There’s no need to make it so big, you…”

“Uncle Yao,” Ying Jiao interrupted him and said lightly, “I’m an adult, I know what I want. Do you have any free time?”

Yao Ruicheng knew Ying Jiao and knew that when he said that, there was no room for negotiation. Adding a house is nothing to Ying Jiao, so he had to compromise: “Just figure it out for yourself, I’ll find you tomorrow.”

“Okay, then I will trouble you.”

Ying Jiao hung up the phone and smiled.

Hormones at work?

He didn’t know how many times he had slept in his bed, and he was not willing to move.

Thinking of when Jing Ci sat on the bed in the morning and pursed his lips, he was obviously blushing, and he tried his best to look calm, and Ying Jiao felt itchy.

His adam’s apple moved, he wanted to take out a cigarette and smoke one, and then he thought about Jing Ci who didn’t like him smoking, so he had to take out a handful of candy and chewed several pieces in a row to suppress the fire in his heart.


When he went back, Jing Ci had just finished a math Olympiad problem and was changing to a new scratch paper.

“Let me show you something.” Ying Jiao clicked on the link posted by Zheng Que and handed it to Jing Ci.

Jing Ci took it over and read it in one glance, and suddenly he was a little stunned: “This…why is there such a big deal?”

“It’s too wicked, he deserved it.” Ying Jiao snorted and looked down at Jing Ci: “Don’t worry about him coming to you again in the future, it’s just…”

Ying Jiao took his hand and said softly, “Everyone in the school should know about it.”

This has indeed got rid of father Jing, but for Jing Ci, he may have to face the sympathetic eyes and private discussions of others for a long time in the future.

“It doesn’t matter.” Jing Ci smiled. He didn’t like to expose his family matters in front of others. The last time he told Teacher Liu alone, he was already embarrassed.

But if he can use this to get rid of Jing Fu’s entanglement, it’s worth it.

And…Isn’t there Ying Jiao? When he is unhappy, look at him, talk to him, and forget all your troubles.

Ying Jiao took a closer look at his face and saw that he was indeed smiling, and finally felt relieved.

He took away the draft paper in Jing Ci’s hand and pulled him to stand up: “Let’s go, let’s go to a buffet at noon, He Zhou and the others will also be there.”

That’s all that makes him happy? Let’s make him a little happier for the next few days then.

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