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The days of the training team were as boring as ever, and this time it was even harder than the first time.

After finally breaking through to the last level, there were only nineteen people left. No one wanted to be the one to be eliminated, so everyone worked hard and tried their best to keep forward.

Jing Ci’s work and rest time is from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, with an hour and a half lunch break in between. But in reality, almost no one rests.

Even before going to bed at night.

Even if he is exhausted, after washing, his body will sit in front of the desk subconsciously and automatically enter a learning state.

Jing Ci slept less than six hours a day, and his average study time was almost sixteen hours. In just a few days, he lost weight.


His body is tired, but his spirit is excited and satisfied.

Because Ying Jiao has been with him all the time, no matter how late he learns, as long as he calls on the phone, he will always get a response.

“Jing Ci, does your brother study with you every day?” During lunch, Wang Qiong asked him curiously while stuffing chicken chops into his mouth.

At first, when he heard an occasional sentence or two from Jing Ci, Wang Qiong thought he was learning too much and became stupid and started talking to himself. It was only when he saw the wireless earphones on his ears that he realized that he was on a phone call.

Jing Ci choked immediately, covered his mouth and coughed vigorously: “Yes.”

“Look at you, what are you excited about?” Wang Qiong didn’t know why he reacted this way, and pushed the soup bowl in front of him: “Your face is red, so take a sip of soup to calm down.”

Jing Ci thanked him vaguely, picked up the soup bowl as if to cover up something, and drank half of the bowl in one breath.

“He’s so good to you,” Wang Qiong still did not give up, and continued to ask: “Is he your brother?”


“God,” Wang Qiong didn’t dare to believe: “It’s not a bad thing for a brother to do this, but isn’t this too good?”

He shook his head and sighed, “Why don’t I have such a brother, I envy you.”

It’s really good, it couldn’t be better.

Jing Ci involuntarily touched his mobile phone in his trouser pocket with his fingertips, thinking of Ying Jiao, his whole heart warmed.

After the separation, Ying Jiao has been using different methods to reassure himself. Even if they are separated from each other now, even if they can’t meet, he can feel the existence of Ying Jiao every moment.


From a nightly call, or a bookmark in a book, or a bracelet that hasn’t been removed from his wrist since it was put on.

He did everything he could for their relationship.

Jing Ci swallowed the last bite of the meal in his mouth, sent the plate to the recycling place, and hurried towards the classroom.

So leave the rest to me.

So, in the next few days, Wang Qiong discovered in horror that Jing Ci had worked so hard that it could be said to be desperate.

He originally thought, anyway, the training is only for a few days, and temporary struggle is meaningless. But every time he turned his head and saw Jing Ci, this thought would vanish immediately.

It was not just Wang Qiong, but others also had roommates like Jing Ci, the other two people in the dormitory also felt a sense of crisis involuntarily.

Especially Cen Hai, he entered the reserve team with first place result, and was also selected as the player representative to speak at the opening ceremony. The pressure is much greater than the other team members. At this moment, he was stimulated by Jing Ci and almost stayed up all night.

In this way, a magical scene appeared in the bedroom of 207——

Every night, the four people in the dormitory would sit in front of the table with their books in their hands and study hard, as if whoever got up first would lose.

The nine-day period was stretched infinitely, and it was difficult to endure until the end of the last exam. Everyone seemed to have lost their strength and collapsed in their seats.


Although Wang Qiong and Jing Ci have a good relationship, they are also competitors. There were some things that were hard to say during the training camp, but it’s okay to say it now.

He sat next to Jing Ci and sighed: “You are fighting hard this time.”

Jing Ci finally took a look around the classroom where he stayed for nine days, put his belongings into his schoolbag, and zipped up: “It is the last level after all.”

“You don’t know how Cen Hai was forced by you.” Wang Qiong picked up his belongings, walked out with Jing Ci, and whispered: “He is already thin, but now he looks like a hemp pole. Fortunately, it’s not winter, otherwise I feel like a blow of wind can knock him down.”

Jing Ci was stunned: “Forced by me?”

He spent all his energy these days on his studies, and sometimes he even forgot that he was on the phone with Ying Jiao, and fell asleep with his headphones on. The next day he would wash up and find out, let alone pay attention to the state of other people.

“Did you not know our feelings?” Wang Qiong was speechless, and smacked him on his shoulder with a smile: “You studied so hard, and even made us nervous. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice that our dormitory was turning off the lights much later?”

Jing Ci laughed: “Not really.”

“I’m convinced.” Wang Qiong rolled his eyes at him, then looked left and right, seeing no one around, and said in a low voice, “How did it go? Are you confident?”

“I don’t know.” Jing Ci shook his head and gave a very standard answer: “Wait for the results.”

Wang Qiong snorted, knowing that he wouldn’t answer, so he didn’t force him any more.

In addition to them, their parents, friends, teachers and others of the training team members are also waiting for the results.


According to the time when the first selection list came out, many people in the outside world are speculating that this time the results will also be released at the closing ceremony, so there are not many people waiting that day.

However, Xu Shi was about to catch them by surprise, and the judges were extremely efficient this time. After lunch, the selection results were announced.

Under the short title of “IMO China National Team List”, the first one is——

Jing Ci, Donghai Experimental High School, Donghai province.

No one expected that in the end, Jing Ci would overwhelm Cen Hai and enter the national team in first place.

“F*ck! Awesome!” After looking at the list, Wang Qiong jumped on Jing Ci and hugged him tightly, and said excitedly: “Congratulations! This achievement is too awesome!”

Jing Ci was hit by him and staggered. He took a few steps back before standing up, and smiled: “I could say the same thing.”

Although it was last place, Wang Qiong also squeezed into the national team.

In July, the two will represent the country together and go to foreign countries to participate in international competitions.

“I almost thought I was wrong.” Wang Qiong paused for a while before saying, “You actually overpowered Cen Shen(Cen Hai)!” He shook his head and sighed: “It’s terrible, it’s terrible.”

Jing Ci was equally excited, his first reaction was to call Ying Jiao. But after all the calls were made, he realized that Ying Jiao was on a lunch break at the moment. He quickly hung up the call and opened WeChat instead.


His fingertips trembled, and after clicking several times, he poked Ying Jiao’s name and sent him the list.

Seeing this, Wang Qiong, who was on the side, understood: “Announce the good news to your brother?”


“You’re still calm, I’m so happy that I didn’t remember to do that!” Wang Qiong took out his mobile phone and said to Jing Ci, “Wait for me here, I’ll go and call my mother.”

Jing Ci nodded: “Okay.”

After Wang Qiong left, he couldn’t hold it in any longer.

After he joined the training team last time, when he saw Qiao Anyan again, his head didn’t hurt so much.

What about this time? He has become an official member of the national team, will it completely offset Qiao Anyan’s influence on him and Ying Jiao?

The more Jing Ci thought about it, the more anxious his mood became. He wished that he didn’t even have to attend the closing ceremony, and just run straight back to Donghai Province.

His phone vibrated in a timely manner, and he was stunned for a few seconds, barely retracting his thoughts, and looked at the screen.

The caller turned out to be Ying Jiao.

“Brother?” Jing Ci answered the call doubtfully: “It’s lunch break, how are you…”

“I’ve been waiting for your news.” In the corner of the hallway, Ying Jiao leaned against the wall with a smile in his eyes: “Baby, congratulations.”

Watching Jing Ci come this far, only Ying Jiao knew how difficult it was for him.


Facing not only powerful competitors, but also the influence from Qiao Anyan. Fortunately, all his hard work paid off.

For the first time in the history of Donghai Province, a contestant entered the national team…

Ying Jiao’s heart beat a few times, such a powerful Jing Ci is the person he likes.

Just thinking about it, the pride in his heart almost overflowed.

“When are you coming back?”

“Tomorrow afternoon,” Jing Ci’s breathing was a little short, and he couldn’t wait to say: “I will buy the earliest ticket! Brother, wait for me, wait for me to go back and let’s try again, in case… in case it works this time! “

This fool.

Ying Jiao’s throat was a bit blocked. After joining the national team, the first thing he thought of was not honor or prestige, but him.

How could Jing Ci be so lovely and distressing.

Ying Jiao took a deep breath and didn’t dare to tease Jing Ci, afraid that he would be in a hurry to come back, so he said dumbly: “No hurry, don’t be in a hurry. Be obedient, just come back normally, don’t let me worry about you.”

“Okay.” Jing Ci also realized that his emotions were a little too much, he tried his best to calm himself down, and said on the phone: “Brother, don’t worry, I will pay attention to safety.”

The two talked for a while, until Wang Qiong came over, and then hung up the phone.

The next morning, the closing ceremony of the training team was held on time.


As one of the selected team members, Jing Ci needs to take photos on stage. His face was indifferent, he looked very serious and calm, but in fact he didn’t know where his heart had gone.

He cooperated with the staff to walk through the whole process, and took photos with various teachers. When the closing ceremony was over, he didn’t even eat lunch, he said goodbye to Wang Qiong in a hurry, and set foot on the train back.

During this time, he was very tired, and his mood suddenly fluctuated. Originally, he just leaned against the window and closed his eyes to rest, but somehow he fell asleep and had an unprecedented dream.

This time, Jing Ci finally dreamed of the cause of death in his previous life.

It was not death in the traditional sense, but instead he disappeared from reality, and entered a space of the so-called life-changing system that Qiao Anyan mentioned, and became his golden finger.

Day after day, he extracted his life, wisdom, and anything that could be squeezed.

“God bless me and let me have this thing when I was on the verge of death.” Watching him weaken little by little in the space, Qiao Anyan’s eyes were full of pleasure: “So what if you are the protagonist of this world? It’s no longer yours anymore.”

“When my life becomes successful, the protagonist of the world will become me, and you… no one will remember you anymore.”

Jing Ci’s head hurt a lot, and his consciousness was getting blurry day by day, but he always remembered that Ying Jiao was waiting for him.

He wanted to escape and break the shackles in the space, but he couldn’t do it no matter what, he could only watch Qiao Anyan use him, and make him successful.

The traces of his existence were erased little by little, and his teachers, his classmates, his friends…everyone gradually forgot about him.

Except for one person-

Ying Jiao.

All this time, his boyfriend remembered him clearly.

Jing Ci saw Ying Jiao trying his best to find his whereabouts, and saw him asking everyone around him.


At first, the answer he got was-

“I don’t know, maybe he left the dormitory? You can call him again at night to see.”


“The name Jing Ci sounds familiar. Is he from our class? I’m sorry, I don’t know why I suddenly forgot it. I didn’t see him.”

In the end–

“Jing Ci? Who is this? I don’t know, there is really no such person in our dormitory. That vacant bed? It was always vacant when school started.”

Although Jing Ci was in the system space, he was able to see all this. He shouted desperately inside, almost bleeding out—

Brother, look at me, I am here!

Please look at me!

But Ying Jiao can’t see or hear him.

The amount of times Ying Jiao has brushed past Qiao Anyan, and brushed… passed him.

Day by day, week by week, month by month. Ying Jiao has been looking for him, he never gave up, but he never found him.

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