LNTMG-(3) Note

After coming back from the hospital, Tang Hongjun and his wife both had a smile on their face.

For so many years they have never felt as relaxed as today.

Tang Hongjun hugged his son then kissed him hard and smiled “When Xiaoyu gets better, let’s go to the beach and then to the place near our former university—”

Chen Suling also smiled “It’s already the beginning of winter, it’s too early to go to the beach.”

His silly father wasn’t disappointed in the slightest, he was still overwhelmed with joy “Yes, it’s cold in winter, let’s go when the weather gets warmer.”

“We are going to the province in two days. My father is waiting anxiously. It just so happens that the result of this inspection came out good, so I’ll bring it to my father to make him happy.”

Chen Suling tied the scarf on her child and smiled gently and responded to her husband “No need to be in a hurry, take your time, it will soon get better and better.”


Tang Jinyu stretched out his hand to hug his dad’s neck, with his back covered in sweat. He worked hard to cooperate during the examination. It’s still a bit hard for him to take a few steps now, but after seeing the doctor slightly nod affirmatively, which made Tang Hongjun and his wife ecstatic, it was worth it.

On the way back, Tang Hongjun had originally planned to go out to eat out together, but shortly after getting in the car, Tang Jinyu was having trouble staying awake. Chen Suling lowered her voice and instructed the driver “Go home first.”

Tang Hongjun gently took off the child’s shoes and covered his little feet with the palm of his hand. He could feel a slight twitch from time to time through his socks, like cramps, and said in distress “Xiaoyu walked a lot today and is tired. “


Tang Jinyu vaguely heard them talking near his ears but he was too tired to respond and fell asleep.

He had a good sleep. He had been wrapped in thick clothes and held firmly, which made him warm and steady.

When he woke up, he was already home and he was lying on his small bed. Chen Suling doted on him and brought him dishes and chopsticks directly to his bed to feed him.

Tang Hongjun cherished him even more and brought over a cleaned small table and moved it towards himself to sit and eat.

He brought the food directly to the bed and the family sat around his little bed and ate together.

Tang Jinyu looked up at them while chewing on rice.

This was something he had never experienced in his life before.

His grandfather was a cook and he used to cook in a school cafeteria. When he was still a child, he used to follow his grandfather to eat in the cafeteria.

As his grandfather had to work until the canteen closed, after eating Tang Jinyu would habitually stay to help wipe the table or wash the dishes and sweep the floor.

Every time he helped those uncles and aunts to do some work, they gave him some fried dried fish as snacks and treated him like family.

When he was a child, the conditions of his family were far better than that of his current family, but he doesn’t care about how much money they have.

Normal five-year-old children will usually go to kindergarten at this age. But Tang Jinyu’s current physical condition does not allow him to, so he usually just stays at home.

After Tang Hongjun goes to work, Chen Suling stays at home with him and takes good care of him.


He looked at Chen Suling who was engaged in answering calls. She seemed to be busy at work but she stayed with him at home these days.

He was a little curious about how this kid usually lived like this but he can’t speak or ask, so he just has to wait patiently for that answer.

After eating and sleeping well every day, he tries his best to practice taking a few steps at a time. Since, he can’t go anywhere now. He can only walk back and forth from the bedroom and living room. If he is lucky, he would get to the door just to see Xia Ye next door go home from school.

He would sometimes observe by the door or by the window and his eyes would brighten every time he saw him.


Chen Suling would look at everything he did and got to know that her child likes to look outside the window. She would always hug him in the morning or in the evening while he was looking outside. One day she asked him with a smile “Does the baby also want to go to school?”

Tang Jinyu saw those elementary school students, in school uniforms, running and jumping outside and looked at Xia Ye who was passing by with a schoolbag on one shoulder. His eyes did not look away from the window and he nodded with a small but firm gesture. Being able to go to the same school as Xia Shen is something that he dreamt about!

He felt like he was dreaming even now, having parents who love him and Xia Ye, who he admires the most is also here. Although, it would’ve been nice if his grandfather was also here.

Chen Suling rubbed his head, laughed and gave him a piece of chocolate. She then put him on the carpet cushion to play and went back to work beside him.


Tang Jinyu seemed to be thinking about chocolate frequently now.

The things that he can recall instantly are slowly disappearing and his body and thoughts are slowly synchronizing with his five-year-old self.

He feels that he is becoming more like a real child and his memory is becoming more blurry.

He has been trying hard to think back on his past for the last two days, he doesn’t want to forget his previous self nor does he want to forget his previous relatives and friends.

While Chen Suling was cooking, he stood up while holding on to the wall and went to his small bedroom and secretly wrote a note.

Although his fingers aren’t very flexible now, he wrote a few trembling words down. The words looked a little distorted even though it was only a few simple strokes, he helplessly jotted down only the important things that he could remember.

He did not write too much and only wrote down ’Xia Ye’, ‘Grandpa’, ‘Medicine’, ‘Go to Pingcheng’……

These are the simplest words that can help him remind himself.

After he finished writing, Tang Jinyu placed the note in one of his tin boxes. This is where he usually keeps his small things.


Chen Suling and Tang Hongjun bought him too many things and would not notice such an insignificant box. He kept the small box in the deepest part of his drawer and hid it.

After doing all this, he couldn’t help but sigh as he sat down on the carpet, with sweat on his forehead.

Even though it seems easy enough for anybody else to do, his current body is still too weak to be able to do simple things, opening a drawer had made him so tired!

Tang Jinyu sat there for a while and couldn’t help but worry. What if he forgets this box in the future?

He kept his hand on the white sweater and patted his stomach. He frowned and thought for a long time. He then decided to put his worries away, for now.

Even if he doesn’t remember the note, he will never forget that Xia Ye and Grandpa are the most important people in his life and to repay them back.

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The author has something to say:

Fishes only have seven seconds of memory:

Xiaoyu: I owe you a favor ^0^!

Xia Ye: When are you going to leave?

Xiaoyu: …What? Where to?

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