LNTMG-(119) Hot Spring Hotel

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 Xia Ye’s six months of hard work in the company was worthwhile. In May, he finally freed up enough vacation to go to Harbin.

  This time Song Yi also went with him. The company invested in a new project in Harbin, a hot spring hotel and a ski resort nearby. The scenery was very good, and after Xia Ye heard about it, he was also very interested in it. Tang Jinyu likes to play in the snow. Although he was still afraid to let him go out in winter, he can come often after a period of time when he gets better.

Song Yi listened and said: “I didn’t see Xiaoyu grow up next to us, I would have suspected that this was your illegitimate child, you really act as if you were raising a son.”

  Xia Ye laughed.

  Before leaving, Han Yichen came to Xia Ye, thinking of fighting for favor.

  First, he gave him a bonsai, and then he went to the fish market to buy some colorful and beautiful small fishes. After he brought them in, he said with great enthusiasm: “Lao Xia, I think your aquarium is always empty. Come, I’ll give you some fish to put them in. This one is called a guppy, and it looks beautiful with a large group of fish, and looks lively!”

  Xia Ye said: “There are already fish in it.”

  Han Yichen carried the bag of tropical fishes, and stood in front of the aquarium for a long time before seeing the little ones. When Han Yichen was at the fish market, he learned a little from the boss. He was happy after seeing the small fish group in the Xia Ye’s aquarium. “Oh, did you buy them bait too?”

  Xia Ye was taken aback, looking at the bag of guppies in his hand and curling his eyebrows: “Does it eat small fish?”


  ”Eat, it’s good to feed them, they eat everything and have a good appetite.”


  ”Take it away.”

  Han Yichen was inexplicable, “What’s the matter?”

  Xia Ye said: “This is what Xiaoyu caught by the river when we went camping before school started last year, what do you think?”

  Han Yichen took a closer look, and was slightly impressed. It was indeed the kind of small fish commonly found on the riverside. “No, I remember there were only one or two at the time?”

  ”Yeah, some small fish were born later.”

  This was very embarrassing. Han Yichen took the bag of guppies from his hand and put it on the side table. He waited while teasing the little fish in the aquarium while he gave them some bait, trying to show his favor. But he looked at these silvery-white fish that were fed a bit round, and what came to his mind was the vinegar fish that he had just eaten at lunch today. But no matter how he looked at it, he felt a bit like this. It was of the same species and tasted like this, and was not bad.

  The small fish rushed to eat the bait, Han Yichen knocked on the glass, and they all swam away very quickly in fright.


  Xia Ye watched it a few times and said: “I fed them yesterday, don’t put too much bait, they can’t eat much.”

  Han Yichen turned around twice, and decided to stay and tell the truth: “I heard that Lao Song is also going to Harbin this time, and I want to go too.”

  Xia Ye said, “Lao Song will go over there to talk about the project with me, what are you going to do?”

  Han Yichen said: “What? Xia Ye, you have changed now, why are you like Lao Song, you only think about work every day.”

  Xia Ye calmly said, “It depends on whether the project is worth my time.”

  Hot spring resort hotels and ski resorts are very good.

  Xia Ye feels that there will be a more familiar place in the future, and he can safely take Tang Jinyu to see the snow. Skiing is a bit dangerous, but it was still possible to go out and step on the snow. But he can’t help that the little guy has become too clingy recently, and if he let go, he would act like a baby, and it’s impossible not to spoil him a little.

  But this was also good.

  Xia Ye still had some enjoyment in his heart.

  Han Yichen rolled his eyes and said, “Wait a few days for Xiaoyu’s birthday, right? I’ve seen the date, it’s on the weekend, or else I would’ve brought my sister, she and Xiaoyu haven’t seen each other for a long time. Anyhow, there are also childhood sweethearts.”


  He would’ve been okay if he didn’t mention the little girl,  but after bringing up this subject, Xia Ye looked up at him, his eyes full of scrutiny.

  Han Yichen immediately said: “But puppy love is absolutely not allowed. You can rest assured that I will follow them and supervise them for you, so can you take us with you? It would be much more lively with all of us together.”

  Xia Ye didn’t understand why he wanted to go, Han Yichen said, “I’m telling you the truth, my sister-in-law, oh yes, it’s Lao Song’s object. My sister-in-law told me that she would introduce someone to me. I’ve been waiting for months, but I didn’t want to wait anymore, and I wanted to ask her in person. I’m already twenty-six, is it wrong to worry about my well being? At this age, Old Ape started writing poetry…”

  Xia Ye wondered: “Song Yi’s girlfriend is in Harbin?”

  ”Don’t you know, the purpose of Lao Song’s outing this time is not simple. He is not only talking about business, he is going to see his girlfriend!”

  ”Who did you hear this from?”


  Xia Ye pondered, the news might be true. If his brother knew it, it was estimated that the secretary’s office had already grasped accurate first-hand information.

  It didn’t matter to him if two more people went to Harbin with him, so Xia Ye nodded and agreed.


  The Han brothers and sisters set off separately from them and met in Harbin in the evening.

  The little girl wore a small skirt with a denim jacket that her brother forced her to wear. She bounced and waved her hands when she saw Tang Jinyu from a long distance, and ran forward as soon as they approached, laughing happily. “Xiaoyu, you came, I have been waiting for you for a long time, and I even drank two cups of coffee.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Aren’t you afraid of not falling asleep?”

  The little girl waved her hand and said, “No, I can fall asleep after drinking, don’t worry.”

  Song Yi called the driver to pick him up and sent the luggage of a few people to the car. Han Yixing obediently went to say hello to a few older brothers, and was especially well-behaved in front of Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye nodded, and said, “You get in first. Xiaoyu has snacks in his backpack, you can take them and eat them yourself.”

  Tang Jinyu took her up. The two children sat in the last row. Han Yixing patted her chest and said, “Hey, talking to Brother Xia Ye is too stressful. I don’t dare to joke every time I see him.”

  ”My brother is actually very good at talking, but it’s just that he doesn’t like to laugh.” Tang Jinyu pulled out a few bags of snacks to her, trying to prove, “Look, he was afraid that you would be hungry, and he even let you take my snacks, right?”

  The little girl giggled, took a bag of plum blossoms, bit one, and nodded with her cheeks full.


  Everyone got seated, and the inside was very spacious. After Xia Ye came up, he glanced at the two children in the back row, “Xiaoyu sit in the front and be careful of motion sickness.”

  Tang Jinyu agreed, and sat forward in a row, next to his brother.

  Han Yixing sat behind him and said unconsciously: “I don’t get motion sickness. I’ll sit in the back, Xiaoyu, do you want to eat plum? If you eat a little bit of sour, you won’t get motion sickness.”

Tang Jinyu actually did not get motion sickness easily, but his brother has always been a little bit careful, especially in airplanes. Tang Jinyu’s rejection of airplanes this year was also apparent, and more serious than last year, so they chose to go on a train soft sleeper this time.

  The little girl came over and chatted with Tang Jinyu, her voice was small and crisp, and when she laughed, it sounded like a string of sweet little bells. Tang Jinyu could make her laugh without saying a word, and was very coaxing.

  Xia Ye looked at them once and listened to them talk about trivial things in school, and soon closed his eyes and took a nap.

  Tang Jinyu invited Han Yixing as well as other friends this time, but everyone was busy, so she was the only one who came. Ji Yuanjie was working, and studying. He took the time to make a small handicraft and asked Han Yixing to bring it together as a birthday gift for the little birthday star. The little girl couldn’t hide it, she offered the treasure directly in the car before his birthday, “Xiaoyu, here, this is a birthday present from me and Xiaoji.”


  Tang Jinyu reached out to pick it up, and placed two handmade keychains in his palm.

  Han Yixing gave him a cross-stitch keychain kitten. The kitten was embroidered with a naive embroidered ground. It was a small tabby. Xiaoji gave him a puppy. Although the embroidered ground was crooked and twisted, he could see the traces of dismantling, but he could also see that he worked hard on it.

  Tang Jinyu looked at her.

  The little girl blushed, pretending to be calm and said: “I taught him, Xiaoji’s other things are pretty good, but his hands are a bit clumsy, and had to be embroidered many times, and was barely able to finish it.”

  Tang Jinyu put them on his keychains they both gave him, and they looked pretty. There were a bunch of keys in his school bag. Tang Jinyu smiled and said, “With this, I can find my key by just touching it.”

  Han Yixing curiously asked, “Why do you have so many keys, isn’t that tiring?”

  Tang Jinyu took out his key to show her, “This is the key of my house, this is the key of Uncle Xia’s house, these two are the keys of my brother’s apartment, this is the entry card for their company, and this is the key to my class…”

  ”Why do you keep two identical ones in your brother’s apartment?”

  ”Because my brother thought it was too noisy, so he bought the house next door.”


  These were just some places that Tang Jinyu often goes to, but he doesn’t take the keys with him. And it doesn’t just include garages or basements, so he was afraid that there would be a lot more to carry.


  They first went to the hot spring hotel to check in, Song Yi asked the person in charge here to discuss business here, and the travel and work were resolved together.

  In the evening, the hot springs were drained to each room. Even the bathtub was made of special stone, which was very interesting.

  Tang Jinyu and Xia Ye were in the same room. He soaked in it for a while. After a while, his whole body became pink and he didn’t have much strength. He could only shout to his brother and let Xia Ye come in and help him.

  When Xia Ye came in, he saw his brother lying on the side of the bathtub, dizzy by the heat. He tried to slap out half of his body but still couldn’t climb out. He was already a small salted fish.

Xia Ye looked at him funny, took a photo of him lying in the bathtub and sent it to the elders in the family. Tang Jinyu was soaking in the tub in swimming trunks, and he tried to look up at him when he heard the photo.

  Xia Ye didn’t hold back and took another picture.

  ”…Brother, I’m going to be cooked.”

  Xia Ye then went to help him get out of the pool. The stone bathtub was big enough to soak two or three adults. Tang Jinyu threw some splashes when he came out, and got Xia Ye’s clothes a little wet, but he was out already. So he didn’t care anymore, lying there panting for a while, and was fed some water before recovering.


  Tang Jinyu glanced at his brother, “Brother, I got your clothes wet, what will you wear it tomorrow?”

  Xia Ye said: “It’s okay, I brought a spare, this one will be washed.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and Xia Ye took a wet towel and put it on his face. He sat by and watched the group chat on his mobile phone. The elders in the family were happy to read, some were boasting, and some were typing “hahaha” with them. Old Chen even chatted in the group that his grandson has long legs and arms, and that he should sign up and learn to swim again. This proposal was supported by everyone, and started to vote.

  Xia Ye thought for a while and voted against it.

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Hello. dear readers! I just wanted to apologize for the previous chapter. I realize that I didn’t do a good translation on it, and I wasn’t very satisfied with it. I’m very sorry about that QAQ, I’m still an amateur but I’ll make sure to try harder for readers to make sure that you guys understand it better in the future, and I will also try to go back on previous chapters to proofread them 🙂

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    Xia Ye taking a pic and sharing before helping is such a meme though. Reminds me so strongly of the moms seeing their kiddo stuck in a fence or something and their immediate reaction is to pull out their phone!

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