LNTMG-(153) A Piece Of Candy

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 Tang Jinyu stayed in Xia Ye’s apartment, and didn’t forget to call his parents. He called early the next morning and asked about the situation. Asking everything that Chen Suling had asked him before from when he was a child.

  Chen Suling smiled and said, “It’s all good, your dad cooked the porridge and gave me medicine to take later, don’t worry.”

  ”Well, I will go home after the competition. Wait for me at home.”

  Chen Suling agreed. Although she was ill at home, her secretary also took the documents to show her. But she didn’t tell Tang Jinyu about these, so she coaxed the child and hung up the phone.


  Tang Jinyu stayed with Xia Ye for a few days. During this time, Xia Ye would send him to practice, and pick him up after school. And when he returned to the apartment, Xia Ye gave him homework.

  It was the first time that he spent a few days with Xia Ye day and night. In the past, although he would follow his brother, he always had to go home for dinner or live in his own house at night. This was the first time for both of them.

  Xia Ye would stare at him while he practiced the piano. When the time was up, he would lean on the door and knock on the door to let him rest.

  Unlike being coquettish with his dad at home, Tang Jinyu asked Xia Ye to give him a few more minutes, but he was rejected without hesitation.

  After Xia Ye let him rest for a while, he nodded to let him continue playing the piano.

  Tang Jinyu is very engaged in playing the piano. When Xia Ye is there, he will choose some soothing pieces, but he doesn’t know why. He is always happy to see Xia Ye and always plays the piano without care.

  After he finished playing the piano, Xia Ye took him to his study room, and started tutoring him.

  Compared with playing the piano, Xia Ye is much more relaxed when facing textbooks. He is very good at doing this, and he is very comfortable guiding Tang Jinyu.

  Tang Jinyu occupied a corner of Xia Ye’s table just like when he was a child, and was very quiet and obedient.

  Sometimes Xia Ye would look at him for a while, but he didn’t notice it, and was still holding a pen to write seriously. On the contrary, Xia Ye needs to calm his restless heart so that he doesn’t always want to disturb his study.

  After Tang Jinyu finished writing, he stretched out, then handed over his homework kindly and asked Xia Ye to check it. After confirming that it was correct, the two would go downstairs to have a snack together.


  Sometimes it was a small wonton, sometimes it was a bowl of glutinous rice balls. If it was still early, Xia Ye would drive him to a place farther away to eat crab noodle dumplings.

  Xia Ye’s apartment usually doesn’t have any snacks, but after Tang Jinyu moved in, he habitually began to go to the cake shop after getting off work, carefully choosing and imagining the little guy’s eyes when he saw it. Just thinking about it couldn’t help but make him laugh.

  After staying for a few days, it was the day of the competition.

  Xia Ye personally drove Tang Jinyu to the competition and accompanied him all the way. He has seen Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling do such things countless times. Although it was the first time that he took over, he did a very good job and left as much time as possible to Tang Jinyu, and let him rest, and prepare for the competition, and did not let him do any chores.

  The night before the game, Tang Jinyu was rarely anxious in the hotel, and could not fall asleep.

  Xia Ye lay on the side and hugged the person, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

  Tang Jinyu whispered: “Brother, I can’t sleep.”

  ”Are you nervous for the competition?”

  ”Well, kind of, but not really, anyway, I can’t sleep, I’m very energetic.”


  ”Then what about tomorrow’s competition?”

  Tang Jinyu is also worried about this, “I would have prepared some medicine to help me sleep, brother, didn’t you say that the drugstore sells this? I really want a sleeping pill now…”

  ”No medicine.” Xia Ye touched his lips and whispered, “I can give you candy.”

  Xia Ye turned him over, hugged him and gave him an extremely soft and lingering kiss, bit by bit, swallowing the other’s insecurity, with his forehead against each other, and his lips pressed against each other, softly coaxing him to sleep. 

  Tang Jinyu slowly relaxed in his arms, closed his eyes while holding him, and fell asleep slowly after a while.

  This embrace made him feel at ease, as if he didn’t need to be afraid of anything.

  Xia Ye kept waiting for him to breathe smoothly, and after he was sure that he was asleep, he put a kiss on his forehead and whispered goodnight.

  The “sugar” from last night made Tang Jinyu sleep soundly and feel energetic when he woke up in the morning.

  In the morning of the competition, he also drew a good number. When he came to the competition, he was not nervous in the face of the judges and teachers, and his performance was as stable as ever. The music he chose was not very difficult, and he focused on expressing his emotions. Some of the teachers liked this, but the others focused more on his skills. When they gave their scores, it was somewhat different, and finally beat the second place player by a narrow margin and won first place.

  Xia Ye only heard the final announcement of the results throughout the entire process. Because the ranking was read backwards, his brother was always in the top three, especially when he took second place. But this time he didn’t see ‘Tang Jinyu’ name in second place, Xia Ye’s brows wrinkled, and after hearing who was first place, he breathed a sigh of relief.

  After the game, Xia Ye didn’t stay here for long. Xia Ye talked to his family about the good news about winning first place and took Tang Jinyu back to Shanghai.


  Chen Suling’s cold was almost gone. Tang Hongjun wanted to pick them up, but his fake slip has not been approved yet. Their unit was really too busy at the end of the year. Many people were still waiting for Tang Honjun to approve their holiday. The leaders were afraid of making any mistakes at this time, how could they dare to let Tang Honjun leave his post? . Tang Hongjun went to the leader for this, but the leader didn’t mention the issue of approving his leave, and instead talked to him about promotion.

  Tang Hongjun is a very high worker, but he was surrounded by other high workers and went out of the office in a daze.

  Since he couldn’t leave, he still made some preparations for other things. Tang Hongjun bought a lot of food that they like to eat and made a large table of dishes at home to welcome them.

Tang Jinyu smelled the scent of the food as soon as he entered the house, and his nose moved, and said: “Mom, uncle is making braised pork ribs, right? It smells good!”

  Chen Suling took what they were holding, and smiled and flicked the tip of his nose, “You have a good nose, you guessed it, your dad and your uncle are cooking in the kitchen. It’s the ribs you like to eat, and I’ll make squirrel and mandarin fish later.”

  Tang Jinyu was very happy. He washed his hands and wanted to help, but he was soon turned away. Tang Hongjun drove him through the kitchen glass door: “Xiaoyu go to the living room to play. Dad will fry things later, I don’t want it to burn you.”

  Tang Jinyu said through the door, “Dad, do you have ham and asparagus?”

  There was a “noise” in the kitchen, and some vegetables were in the pot. Tang Hongjun didn’t hear him clearly, and asked him, “What—?”

  ”Ham and Asparagus—”

  Their father and son talked through the kitchen door, their voices were too loud, and this was all heard in the living room.


  Chen Suling shook her head and smiled: “He’s still a child, and hasn’t grown up yet.”

  Xia Ye heard this too, and the corners of his lips raised a little and said, “Very good.”

  Chen Suling sat there and asked about the competition. Xia Ye showed her the video, and film almost all the way. The memory card was full, but didn’t Chen Suling didn’t find this annoying at all. She sat there and watched for a long time. Xia Ye also had the patience to talk about it, and remembered everything along the way. The two chatted for a while until the food was ready.

  Chen Suling said: “Looking back, I will send these to the elders in the family. Xiaoyu took first place again!”

  Xia Ye said: “Auntie, let me come.”

  ”You are usually busy at work, and these little things don’t need to delay your time.”

  ”Not busy.”

  Xia Ye insisted, and Chen Suling couldn’t stop him. She smiled and handed the errands to him, gave the mailboxes of several elderly people in the family, and told him: “After you send it, remember to call them again.”

  Xia Ye nodded and agreed, keeping this in mind.

  In the future, he will slowly take over all these things, which will become his responsibility and obligation.

  Tang Hongjun and Teacher Xia prepared the food, and Tang Jinyu helped them bring it out together, and a table was filled in the dining room.

  After Tang Hongjun put this down, he said, “Xiaoyu, wait, there is another dish. I will fry some small snacks for you. You can try it.”


  Tang Jinyu seldom eats fried food outside. Tang Hongjun tried to make some at home this time. He squeezed all kinds of food and fried them. Some of them were specially shaped into small animals, but after they were fried. It looked terrible, and it was hard to tell what animal it was, and it looked strange looking.

  Tang Jinyu still supported, and encouraged his dad to try one.

  He was stunned as soon as he bit it. The taste was so familiar. The taste of horseshoe and seaweed in it was exactly the same as the vegetable ball he had eaten in Ping Cheng before. His eyes immediately turned red, and Xia Ye saw this from the side. Thinking he was scalded, he immediately put his hand on his mouth and said, “Spit it out.”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, he couldn’t say anything clearly, but he wanted to say a lot of things, but he didn’t know how to speak for a while, so he simply passed half of it to Xia Ye’s mouth, “Brother, you eat! Eat and see! “

  Xia Ye took a bite and immediately understood, then turned to look at Tang Hongjun and asked: “Uncle, who did you learn this dish from? Where is that person?”

  Tang Hongjun said, “I learned from the chef in our cafeteria. What’s wrong? Is there a problem with this one?” He said this, and also picked one up and tasted it. The book said that after the ball was fried it then needed to be rolled in a layer of sesame. He tried to improve the shape, but it seemed to be a bit over-fried, slightly burnt, and Tang Hongjun felt a little bit guilty.


  Xia Ye asked, “Is that chef’s surname Tang?”

  Tang Hongjun nodded and said, “Yes, it’s the same as my surname. He has a very good temper. He has a beard and is very grand. His name seems to be Tang Zhengde. Why, do you know him?”

  Xia Ye smiled, “Yes, I have been looking for him.”

  Tang Jinyu was speechless, he raised his hand and rubbed his eyes, his heart was sour and throbbing with excitement. He tried to find all the places he could possibly go, but never thought that the old man was by his side.

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