LNTMG-(169) Qizhou

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 Song Yi returned to the company just in time to catch up with Han Yichen.

  Han Yichen was called back by Xia Ye, thinking that he could meet them and ask for more information. But when he came back to report several times, he couldn’t find Xia Ye. He felt that was strange. At that moment, he caught Song Yi and asked, “Lao Song, What have you been up to with Xia Ye during this period? I couldn’t find any of you two or three times when I came back. Tell me honestly, what are you doing secretly?”

  Song Yi: “Just going out to invest.”

  “Invest in what?”

  ”…Education and training companies.”

  ”Education? This is good, which company is listed?” Han Yichen was enthusiastic, and asked as he followed him, “This industry has been very popular recently, didn’t we cooperate with a comprehensive education training company last time? When I was doing website protection for them, I also checked it out, and now it’s not the same as before. It’s not only foreign language training, but also online education and overseas consultation. By the way, there is also a lot of book publishing. Have you heard of the network library? The times have really changed. I used to only use my card to borrow books when I was studying. Now I can borrow e-books, Lao Song, you haven’t said what we invested in?”


Song Yishi was embarrassed to say that he had invested in a nursery, but he could only say vaguely: “The basic direction.”

  Han Yichen was very interested and wanted to ask more questions. Song Yi took him to the office and poured him a cup of coffee and gagged his mouth.

  Han Yichen sighed and said with emotion: “My sister is admitted to college, and I can finally take a break. You don’t know that when she was preparing for the exam before, my family did not dare to speak loudly. This has been suffocating me for more than half a year.”

  Song Yidao: “I can see it, how did star do?”

  Han Yichen proudly said: “Do I need to say it, definitely the first choice admission! My sister is better than me and loves mathematics. Our whole family discussed it and signed up to the S-Dashu Institute. She is close to home, and she likes it herself. “

  Song Yi laughed and said, “That’s better than you, Old Ape has been telling you that you failed in math for so many years. He must have never thought that you had counseled Xingxing into a number of schools.”

  Han Yichen was excited when he mentioned this, patted his legs and said, “No! I called Old Ape the day Xing Xing got the notice! He didn’t pass the exam for all his life, and my sister passed the exam right away. Tsk tsk, I can boast about this for a lifetime!”

  Song Yi smiled and shook his head. Han Yichen and Old Ape are happy friends. For so many years, Old Ape loves to use Han Yichen 59 score to tease him. Now that Xingxing is admitted to the S-Dashu Academy, Han Yichen is expected to mention it when they meet. Ten years is not over if you don’t talk about it. After all, Old Ape has been a non-staff member of the academy for so many years, so Han Yichen had a sense of exaltation upon fulfillment.

  Han Yichen talked about his own affairs for a while, and didn’t forget to ask about Xia Ye, “By the way, why did Lao Xia go to work a while ago, why can’t I find anyone else?”


  ”Xiaoyu is not very well, he stayed at home.”

  ”Is it serious?”

  ”It’s better.” Song Yi learned to be smart this time, and Han Yichen immediately wanted to ask him, “When will you be transferred back?”

  Han Yichen was taken aback, “Where to transfer back?”

  Song Yi: “Shanghai, when you went out, you said this was three years ago. If I remember correctly, there should be a contract signed by you here.”

  When Song Yi was looking for a contract. Han Yichen didn’t care about Xia Ye anymore. He hurriedly went over and pressed his hand to please him and said with a smile: “Hey, Lao Song, don’t be like this. You touch your conscience and talk about how I’ve done a good job for the past two years. I never didn’t delay anything, and never affected the operation of the company. In addition, I accompanied Xia Ye and Old Ape for a trip… What task? How long ago did you just come back? Why are you so anxious to transfer me back? You just want me to exercise more outside.”

  Han Yichen began to think of ways to play tricks. He was outside the sky and the emperor was far away. As long as he completed the task, there were basically no rules. Even if there were, he had to set it himself. This type of lifestyle was really comfortable, and he was not willing to come back.

  Song Yi just wanted to divert the topic. After his purpose was established, his expression was much calmer, “Then let’s talk about the work of the past few days.”

  ”Yes, right, let’s talk about work, business matters!”

  On the other side, Xia Ye accompanied Tang Jinyu to Qizhou.

  Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling had already waited for them in Qizhou in advance. When the doorbell rang, Chen Suling went to open the door for them and met them in the yard. After looking at them carefully, she reached out and touched Tang Jinyu’s face. She smiled and said, “You’re getting a little fatter. Your brother said on the phone that you can eat an extra bowl of rice these days. I still don’t believe it, but now I see that it’s true.”


  Mr. Tang Hui was helped out by Tang Hongjun with a smile on his face. The old man looked at the two of them growing up and treated them equally. First patted Xia Ye on the shoulder and hugged Tang Jinyu. He laughed from ear to ear, “You came. I made a few calls to your dad, and he came  sooner than you. If you and your brother didn’t come, I was going to go out and find you!”

Previously, it was supported by Xia Ye alone. After he got here, Mr. Tang Hui kept asking him questions. Tang Jinyu is an honest boy. If he couldn’t answer a question, he would look at Xia Ye. Xia Ye stood by and took care of it all by himself without waiting for him to ask for help. 

  Mr. Tang Xu was stunned by what Xia Ye said, and he couldn’t find anything wrong.

  Chen Suling smiled and said to him: “Dad, don’t ask, weren’t they outside? A while ago, Hongjun and I called to ask them. Xiaoyu hadn’t spoken yet, when Xiaoye stood by and said something. He said that it was his fault. He arranged these things. Anyway, we can’t find any mistakes. Xiaoye has a tight mouth, so good luck!”

  Mr. Tang Hui was also happy when he heard it, and nodded and said, “Yes, he has been the strictest guard over the past two years.”

  The old man didn’t deliberately trouble them, he was just worried about the child’s health. He didn’t know about the landslide in Shanhai Town. He didn’t know when they went out for a trip, and Xia Ye didn’t tell him these things in order for the elders in the family to worry about it.

  Mr. Tang Hui’s celebration here was simple but grand.

  He took Tang Jinyu out, set up a few tables of wine, and notified a few old friends to celebrate together.

  The old man has studied academics all his life, and most of the friends he knows are old scholars. This time they all have big names in the academic circle. A bunch of old men were sitting there, and almost all of them had a few medals and academic names. Each of them is a beacon in the circle. Old Ape squeezed over with a cheeky grin, and “chased the stars” at the banquet under the disguise of helping. The chasing was especially high, and his face was full of excitement.

  Old Ape shook hands when he poured the tea, and when he carried the pot to add water, his steps were light and brisk.

  Xia Ye saw this and asked, “Are you okay?”


  Old Ape took a long breath, his voice trembling, “Not very good, my heart can’t stand it!”

  Xia Ye glanced at the banquet hall over there, and didn’t feel much.

  Old Ape lowered his voice and said, “You don’t understand if you don’t mix with academic circles, who are sitting here, do you know!” He pointed out each one to Xia Ye one by one, starting with the academician of the two academies next to Tang Jinyu After talking in a circle, he clutched his chest and said, “I’m not going to make it. This is the first time I have been in close contact with so many big guys, my heart can’t hold it… Let me put it this way, have you ever chased stars? Can you imagine a table of the most popular stars? No, it’s even more powerful than that. I’m afraid that there are more trophies in one person than any star filming and that are in television. It’s simply brilliant!”

Xia Ye thought for a while and said, “I don’t chase stars.”

  Old Ape: “…”

  Old Ape thinks this man is too unromantic.

  Just when Tang Jinyu came out, Old Ape explained it again. The little majesty supported him, and his eyes lit up on the spot: “Wow, it’s so amazing. No wonder the grandfather kept saying that the old grandfather’s research direction was particularly good when he introduced me just now. It’s a pity that I don’t study mathematics. Otherwise, I can learn a lot more just by sitting there listening, I think I know a lot more!”

  Old Ape felt the same way, holding the hand of the little majesty in excitement, “Yes, yes, I think so too!”

  Xia Ye stayed away from him, and said to him, “What were you coming out for?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Oh, I want a few handkerchiefs. Grandpa and the others are too happy to talk. They dipped their fingers in tea and wrote formulas on the table.” A group of old people acting like children was especially interesting.

  Old Ape volunteered to get it, Xia Ye flicked the kettle he was holding. “I seemed to hear the old gentlemen coughing twice, so why don’t you pour him water first.”

  Old Ape believed him, so he didn’t follow them.

  When Tang Jinyu left, he patted Old Ape on the shoulder and gave him a thumbs up, making a cheering gesture. Old Ape opened his eyes and smiled and gave him a comparison.

  Xia Ye accompanied Tang Jinyu to ask for a few handkerchiefs, and asked, “Are you chasing stars?”


  ”No, brother, did you forget that Li He took me to see Sister Qing’s filming last time in Harbin? He is very good at chasing stars!” Tang Jinyu happily said, “His way of chasing is interesting, he has a sense of ritual to check in every day!”

  Xia Ye said: “If you have a celebrity you like, you can also tell me.”

  Tang Jinyu was curious: “Are you going to take me to the concert?”

  Xia Ye said: “No, at least not this year. You haven’t recovered yet and you get tired easily. If you really want to see it, I can ask the other person to come and sing a few songs at home.”

  Tang Jinyu laughed in the hallway. He gently touched Xia Ye’s shoulder and whispered: “I don’t chase stars. The person I like has already been chased.”

  Xia Ye didn’t react at first, and turned his head to look at him after taking two steps.

  Tang Jinyu looked at the front, his eyes curled up with a smile.

  Looking at him, Xia Ye’s mood improved a lot in an instant, and the corners of his lips were raised without notice.

  They went back to the banquet hall and sat down. Tang Jinyu was next to his grandfather. Mr. Tang was very kind to him. It was even more considerate to see his grandchildren come and bring them handkerchiefs.

  Although the big guys from Qizhou City knew each other, they didn’t have much in-depth contact. They only greeted each other occasionally during meetings. This was the first time they had a relaxing occasion to sit face-to-face. Mr. Tang Hui is very popular, and it is rare for everyone to get together, and the host and guest talked very happily.

  Some people also know musical instruments, and talked to Tang Jinyu about his piano performance, and they talked about everything.

  An old professor from the College of Agriculture pushed his glasses back on the bridge of his nose and looked at him and said: “I remember you, your dad used to come over and ask for melon seedlings from us…”

  Tang Hongjun almost choked with a sip of tea, coughing repeatedly, and it was too late to stop him.


  Xia Ye saw this and said, “It turned out to be you. I haven’t had time to thank you. The breeding of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the past two years has been very good. The melon seedlings are strong and the melons grow very large. This is what our family looks forward to most every summer. It’s very sweet to eat separately.” He was afraid of making any mistakes, and said, “Now there are two places in the house, and there is a peony planted next to the melon seedlings.”

  Xia Ye deliberately introduced the words to Peony. The flower came from a branch that Grandma Chen had raised in the courtyard for more than ten years. It was well-known in Zhengcheng and was worth a lot of money. It was worth a building back then, but now it’s worth was only increasing. The old professor was really interested. After asking, he was very happy and said: “The direction of our latest research this year is the fragrant melons and fruits. We have also made several kinds of melons and fruits with floral scent, mainly roses and jasmine. We first bred grapes and worked hard to make the taste better, do you want to try them?”

  As long as he doesn’t mention melon seedlings, Xia Ye is willing to talk about anything, and immediately nodded and said: “Yes, by coincidence, a vine is about to be removed in the yard at home.”

  The old professor said: “That’s right, this year there are so many new varieties that you have bred, and I will give you a plant later. It just so happens that Shanghai environment is ideal, and the rainfall and temperature are also suitable.”

  Xia Ye nodded and agreed and thanked the other party. Tang Jinyu obediently poured a cup of tea for the old man, and then said, “Thank you, Grandpa!”

  The old gentlemen present here are all in the same generation as Mr. Tang Hui, and Tang Jinyu can’t recognize who is who, so it was alright to call them all grandpa together.


  Xia Ye succeeded in making his rounds, he took the opportunity to look at Tang Hongjun, and he was really pleased over there.

  Tang Hongjun thinks that Xia Ye is really good, and he has quite the demeanor of his age.

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  Melon Seedlings: Look at this melon, it’s big and round!

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  1. The running jokes in this book get me every time they pop up. Han Yichen’s failed math test, the failure to keep melon seedlings alive… this novel is a joy! I’m glad to see Xia Ye is fitting in so well yet. It gives me hope for his acceptance as a son-in-law!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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