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Teacher Liu was thinking about Jing Ci. He didn’t eat dinner well, so he could endure the first night of self-study, and he carried his huge water bottle and walked quickly to class.

When he reached Class 6, he deliberately slowed down, moved quietly to the back door of Class 7, and looked inside from the back window.

Upon seeing him, he was immediately relieved.

Jing Ci sat down in his seat honestly, with a copy of “Five Three” in front of him. Although the speed is very fast, it does not look like a serious question, but it is good that he is willing to write.

Teacher Liu nodded in satisfaction and walked in through the front door.

As soon as he showed up, the original noisy Class 7 suddenly fell silent, and the classmates who were originally no matter what they were doing, all panicked looking for their books.

Teacher Liu rolled the math book in his hand into a tube, picked a few students that moved the most, and knocked on their head one by one, and shouted angrily: “Are you monkeys jumping up and down? Do you want to show me a monkey show on the podium? Huh?”

The students who had been beaten by him sat there honestly and did not dare to say a word.

Teacher Liu is 1.9 meters tall, with bulging muscles, and his big hands are the same as a fan. With a bald head and a gold chain, he could look like a underworld boss in minutes, who would dare to fight against him.

“He Zhou! Zheng Que! I think you guys are talking very boldly. You guys have too much time, right?” Teacher Liu sneered, “Tell me “Pipa Xing” within this week! I’ll check it on Friday!”


He Zhou wailed, and his hands shook his language book: “Teacher, I don’t know if Pipa will work, but I really can’t do it if you want me to recite this.”

As for Zheng Que, he doesn’t even know what “Pipa Xing” is.

He was still out of shape, and when he heard the name, he felt that it was probably an ancient poem, and he immediately patted his chest to promise: “No problem.”

It’s less than a hundred words, there are still four days, he can recite more than twenty words a day, and can recite it with no big deal.

He Zhou stared at him angrily, wishing to seal his mouth with glue. He snapped to the page of “Pipa Xing” and pushed the book under Zheng Que’s eyelids.

“No problem? Are you okay with this?”

Zheng Que looked stupid at the densely packed pages.

“Don’t recite it,” Teacher Liu didn’t get angry either. He looked at He Zhou: “The game console from this morning…”

He Zhou surrendered in one second: “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”

After scolding a few people, Teacher Liu walked to Jing Ci and lowered his head to pick up the math “Five Three” he was doing.

Teacher Liu wanted to tell him not to work hard in the wrong direction. At the beginning, he should focus on the basics and should not be in a hurry to do the exercises.

He accidentally scanned a multiple-choice question and found that it turned out to be right.


Teacher Liu almost thought that he was mistaken, and continued to look down in disbelief. He kept looking at the multiple-choice questions, but he didn’t even see one wrong answer.

“You…” Teacher Liu looked at Jing Ci with complicated eyes.

Jing Ci felt the alarm bell in his heart, thinking that Teacher Liu had discovered something, and was about to say the questions that had been filled out, but then he heard Teacher Liu say——

“Did you memorize all the answers from the back?”

Teacher Liu patted Jing Ci on the shoulder, racking his brains to encourage him. After holding back for a long time, he finally squeezed out a rough voice: “You have a good memory, and can keep up with my hard work now, but don’t do that in the future.”

Jing Ci: “…”

Jing Ci said with a sullen face: “Yes.”

“If there is anything you can’t do, go to the office to find a teacher. The evening self-study teachers are available.” Teacher Liu returned the workbook to Jing Ci, gratifyingly said: “I will also let the other several other subject teachers know tomorrow. Don’t be embarrassed. If you don’t understand anything, you have to ask. Study diligently. Our class is not far from the office. We usually need help to run some errands, but it’s not a loss.”

Jing Ci felt a little warm in his heart. He nodded, “I see, thank you teacher.”

“Study hard.” Teacher Liu encouraged him again, picked up his big water bottle again, glanced warningly at the class, and walked out of the classroom.

After Teacher Liu left, Jing Ci picked up the pen and continued to work on the questions. He kept finishing all the exercises in a unit. Feeling full of electricity, he found a notebook with great enthusiasm and began to organize the knowledge outline of each subject.

Ying Jiao looked at him for a long time, then turned around.

He Zhou held a pair of playing cards, yelling to find someone to fight the landlord: “Brother Jiao, come here. Sh*t , I was killed by Old Zheng. I must find some entertainment, otherwise I will be suffocated. Was this Pipa thing meant to be read by humans? Is Bai Juyi crazy to write these things to harm the future generations!”

Zheng Que was going to make atonement for his meritorious deeds, but came over after hearing his words: “Bring me one, I will come too.”

“Boom!” He Zhou pushed him aside and pulled Peng Chengcheng who was lying on the table to his feet, shuffling the cards clatteringly, and sneered: “You are so stupid, I refuse.”


Zheng Que was furious: “I’m stupid? At least I didn’t pull brother Jiao to fight the landlord, and directly send myself directly like a cannor fodder, so who of us is actually stupid?”

He Zhou shook his head: “I was willing!”

Zheng Que was so angry that he rolled his eyes, threw his phone into the table hole, and didn’t say anymore nonsense, and pointed at He Zhou: “I will be by on the sidelines to watch how you lose!”

Ying Jiao is very good at playing poker and almost never loses. He Zhou and the others are usually not willing to play with him.

“Two Qs.” Ying Jiao half leaned on the desk and lazily threw out two cards.

He Zhou looked at his face, then sneaked to Peng Chengcheng side to peek. Peng Chengcheng was very alert and immediately put the card upside down on the table. He Zhou retracted his gaze wryly: “Two 2.”

Peng Chengcheng shook his head to indicate that he would not follow.

He Zhou played another card: “Three threes.”

Peng Chengcheng: “Three Eights.”

Ying Jiao half-closed his eyelids and didn’t respond.

His mind was not on playing cards, all he was thinking of was the name Xue Jinxing.

It sounded a bit familiar, he seemed to have heard it somewhere…

He Zhou tentatively called him: “Brother Jiao, your turn.”

Ying Jiao raised his eyes and glanced on the table, absent-mindedly: “Two eights, right? My two nines.”

“Old Peng had three eights.” He Zhou corrected him: “It’s not like you Brother Jiao, what’s wrong with you? What are you thinking?”

“You…” Ying Jiao buckled the card on the table and said thoughtfully: “Do you know Xue Jinxing?”

“I have heard of this name,” He Zhou looked at his head and thought hard, “but I just can’t remember who.”


Zheng Que followed up, and said: “I also seem to have heard of him, is he not in that group that alternates in Class One and Class Two? The prize winner, Mr. Liu said this many times before, so maybe that’s why I feel familiar.”

Ying Jiao tapped on the desktop: “Probably.”

“What’s the matter, Brother Jiao?” He Zhou was no longer interested in playing cards, and put down the cards in his hand: “Did he not have eyesight and provoked you? Let’s go and give him a lesson?”

“Forget it,” Ying Jiao pursed his lower lip and smiled: “It’s okay.”

The provincial experiment ends at 9:45 in the evening for the first and second years in high school, and 10:25 for the third year.

At 9:45, the students in the first and second years of high school can go back to the dormitory. Of course, they can also study until 10:25 in the same way as the third years.

But these students in Class 7 didn’t stay at 9:45, most of them ran away after 9:15.

Jing Ci had already agreed with Li Zhou to go back to the dormitory with him in the evening. But Li Zhou’s cell phone kept shaking. He hid under the table and answered the call, leaving behind a sentence: “You go back after school, my friend came with a girl to find me!” He ran away with a grin.

“Hey—” Jing Ci stretched out his hand to grab him. He didn’t catch him, so he could only watch him disappear.

Then he secretly worried about how he should find his dormitory later.

Ying Jiao watched him frown, then thought about the conversation that he had with Li Zhou over and over again, and the corners of his mouth were slowly raised.

Seeing that the classroom was more than half empty, He Zhou couldn’t sit still, and dragged Ying Jiao: “Brother Jiao, want to go out for a while? Old Zheng booked a place in 1982.”

1982 is a entertainment club near the school, Ying Jiao and his friends often go there to play.

“You go,” Ying Jiao refused: “I have something to do today.”

Peng Chengcheng frowned: “Not going home?”

Ying Jiao nodded, with a smile in his eyes: “Living in the dormitory tonight.”

Zheng Que wondered: “Why is Brother Jiao suddenly living in the dormitory? Didn’t you say that the bed in the dormitory was uncomfortable and you could not sleep?”


Ying Jiao skillfully turned the pen in his hand, and inadvertently changed the subject: “Well, something is going on. You guys have fun, and you can charge me tonight.”

He Zhou went crazy, and slapped Ying Jiao, and frantically flattered him: “It’s worthy of being my brother Jiao, so bright! My brother!”

Zheng Que smiled and blew a kiss to Ying Jiao: “Thank you, Dad!”

“Don’t go fooling around,” Ying Jiao gave him a kick and scolded with a smile: “Disgusting, get out of here.”

Zheng Que didn’t care, he dragged He Zhou bluntly, and walked away with his arm around Peng Chengcheng’s shoulder.

Jing Ci originally wanted to go with the students in Class 7, at least to find the dormitory building, and talk about it with others after they went back. However, the students in Class 7 are basically home students. After leaving the teaching building, they went straight to the school gate, and did not go in any other direction at all.

Almost in the blink of an eye, he was left alone in front of the teaching building.

Jing Ci was wondering whether he should look for it by himself, or wait for other classes to finish and follow the crowd to the dormitory, that’s when a low voice suddenly came from behind him: “Hey.”


Jing Ci turned his head, Ying Jiao walked over from behind, he was upright and lazy. Wearing a white t shirt, sticking loosely on his body, wind blew over, revealing a thin and beautiful body.

Jing Ci was startled: “What’s there…”

“Let’s go together.” He said in a low voice.

Jing Ci didn’t speak or move, he didn’t forget what happened when he was in the classroom just now.

“What’s the matter?” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows and smiled lazily: “Aren’t you going back to the dormitory? Why aren’t you leaving?”

He leaned forward slightly and leaned in: “Afraid I will sell you?”

Jing Ci raised his eyes and glanced at him. Does this person still have the face to say this? Does he have any conscience for what he has done?

Ying Jiao laughed, his voice seemed particularly magnetic in the dark: “Little classmate, no, why are your thoughts so dirty at such a young age. What will you do if I do sell you? Can you speak softly? Can you kiss? Can……”

“Shut up!” Jing Ci gritted his teeth, his ears turned red, gave him a fierce look, and strode forward.

Ying Jiao grinned and ran after him.

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Ying Jiao: Little classmate, come I’ll teach you how to kiss.

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