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Jing Ci took a breath, his cheeks flushed instantly, and he turned his head and ignored him.

“What’s wrong?” Ying Jiao leaned over and smiled: “Angry? Did I say something wrong?”

He continued: “Don’t be rude, little classmate, you just nodded your head to admit it, it doesn’t hurt when I rub it.”

Jing Ci’s face was so hot that it was about to burn. He casually grabbed a book and opened it, lowered his head and said nothing.


Ying Jiao wrapped his arms around his shoulders, clasped the pages of his book upside down on the table with him, and said with a smile, “I’m talking to you, what book are you reading?”

He was so close that Jing Ci could even smell the same shampoo brand on him.

Jing Ci’s lips moved, resisting his rapid heartbeat: “You … you don’t always do this.”

Ying Jiao laughed. Seeing that he could hardly sit still, he felt that it was enough, and suddenly said, “You were in the office just now, did you get a headache when you were looking at Qiao Anyan?”

Jing Ci’s mind was in a mess at the moment, and he couldn’t think at all. Hearing that, he nodded subconsciously.

Jing Ci was startled, and after realizing what he had admitted.

Ying Jiao calmly looked at his expression, smiled, and continued the topic just now: “Speak, do you feel comfortable when I touch you?”

Jing Ci breathed a sigh of relief immediately, Ying Jiao just asked casually and didn’t think much about it.

In order to make Ying Jiao forget the question just now, he endured the heat on his face and nodded with difficulty.

Ying Jiao let go of Jing Ci and looked at the table thoughtfully.

The first time Jing  Ci told him that he had a headache was after the midterm exam. He didn’t think much about it at the time, he just thought he was exhausted in class.

The second time Jing Ci had a headache, it was when the monthly exam was released. He went out with Li Zhou, and when he came back, his face was not right.

This time, it’s the third time.

The first and third time he was there, the second time he knew about it afterwards.


Before, Ying Jiao only thought that Jing Ci was in poor health, and even wondered when he would have the opportunity to take him to the hospital for a comprehensive examination.

However, in the office today, Jing Ci’s performance made Ying Jiao instantly overturn this idea.

From the playground to the corridor, Ying Jiao’s eyes fell on Jing Ci from beginning to end, so he was sure that Jing Ci’s headache started when he entered the office, not when he was smashed by a basketball.

When he saw Jing Ci rubbing his temples, Ying Jiao wanted to say something when he saw Jing Ci’s eyes roaming aroundin the office until he saw Qiao Anyan and stopped.

Ying Jiao was worried that he had read it wrong, and was afraid that Jing Ci would not tell the truth to himself, so he just deliberately teased Jing Ci, taking advantage of his embarrassed state.

It turned out that he was not mistaken, Jing Ci really looked at Qiao Anyan at that time.

Why did Jing Ci look for Qiao Anyan subconsciously when he had a headache?

While wondering, Ying Jiao also discovered the commonality of these two headaches: it was after meeting Qiao Anyan.


Because the two had a fight, did he cause Jing Ci a psychological shadow?

As soon as this idea flashed in my mind, it was denied by Ying Jiao. With Jing Ci’s character, only others fear him, but he is not afraid of others.

Why is that?

Ying Jiao couldn’t figure it out.

And the strangest thing is that when Jing Ci has a headache, his touch will make him feel much better.


If it was someone else, Ying Jiao would doubt whether this comfort was a polite answer or sincere. But this was Jing Ci who spoke. He was the type of character, if he said he was comfortable, he was really comfortable.

Thinking of the origin of Jing Ci, Ying Jiao couldn’t help thinking: Is there any invisible connection between himself, Qiao Anyan, and Jing Ci?

Ying Jiao pressed the question to the bottom of his heart, looked up at the wall clock, and called Jing Ji: “Let’s go, go to the cafeteria to eat.”

Ying Jiao wasn’t sure if he was 100% about this being the cause for Jing Ci’s headache, after all, he was not there for the second time.

Jing Ci definitely won’t tell him everything, but it doesn’t matter, he can go and ask Li Zhou.

Jing Ci’s mood has calmed down now, he nodded, put down the book in his hand, and went to the cafeteria with Ying Jiao.

The other classes haven’t finished class yet, and most of the students in the canteen are from Class 7.

Seeing Jing Ci, they came over to ask him what happened just now, and Jing Ci patiently explained to them one by one.

Hearing that the special students were taken away by the principal, class 7 immediately laughed with schadenfreude.

(T/n: Schadenfreude- “pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.”)

Let them go crazy, kick the iron plate, they deserve it!

Jing Ci and a few people finished their lunch, and the bell rang for the fourth quarter.


Li Zhou looked at the crowd rushing towards the cafeteria, and a sense of superiority suddenly developed in his heart: “It’s really cool.”

Zheng Que felt the same, and patted his stomach when he heard the words: “I like to see them run wild for food when I’m full.”

Ying Jiao slowed down, took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Zheng Que.

Zheng Que was stunned at first, then glanced at Ying Jiao without a trace, put down his phone, and put his arms around Li Zhou’s neck: “Come on, accompany me to the grocery store to buy something.”

“Okay.” Li Zhou readily agreed.

The two walked towards the store together.

Ying Jiao and Jing Ci entered the classroom and sat in their seats for a while before putting away their mobile phones. Ying Jiao met Li Zhou and Zheng Que who were waiting there in front of the teaching building.

“Let me ask you something.” Ying Jiao said lightly, motioning for Li Zhou to come with him.

Li Zhou walked in the back uneasy, feeling his heart go up and down. For fear that Ying Jiao hadn’t finished the bowl of vinegar in the morning, and deliberately reserved it to settle accounts with himself.

Ying Jiao didn’t stop until he walked to the flower bed next to the teaching building.


He took out a cigarette, lit it, took a sip, and said to Li Zhou, “Last time the monthly exam was released, did you and Jing Ci meet anything outside?”

Li Zhou was stunned and said blankly, “No.”

After all, so many days have passed, and Li Zhou’s impression of that day is blurred, and he really can’t remember it.

Seeing this, Ying Jiao asked more specifically: “Did you meet Qiao Anyan that day?”

This Li Zhou did not forget.

He nodded: “I met him, right in front of the red list. He looked at Jing Ci in a wrong way. If it wasn’t for Jing Ci’s low blood sugar, I would have to go up and ask him if he was looking for something.”

He guessed right, Ying Jiao’s eyes were complicated, and Jing Ci’s headache was indeed related to Qiao Anyan.

Ying Jiao flicked the ash in the trash can, and asked again, “Did Jing Ci suddenly have a headache that day… low blood sugar?”

Li Zhou recalled and affirmed: “Yes, I told him we should leave after reading his score, but I don’t know what he was looking at, and kept standing in front of the red list. Then he started to look wrong, and then I saw Qiao Anyan.”

Ying Jiao was stunned for a moment, remembering what Jing Ci said to him at the time: “I saw your score.” The corners of his lips couldn’t help but rise higher and higher, he glanced at the half of the cigarette in his hand, and crushed the cigarette butt, and threw it in the trash can.

“Okay, I see.” Ying Jiao took out a piece of coconut candy from his pocket, peeled off the candy wrapper and threw it into his mouth, and said to Li Zhou, “Thank you for this today.”

Li Zhou was flattered: “You’re welcome, you’re welcome.”

Ying Jiao nodded at him, turned around and left.


Just after taking two steps, he suddenly seemed to remember something, turned around again, and looked at Li Zhou with a light expression: “The matter of me looking for you today, you don’t have to mention this in front of Jing Ci, okay?”

“I-I know.”

Ying Jiao put one hand in his pocket, took out his mobile phone and sent WeChat while walking.

[Jiao]: Help me check Qiao Anyan.

[Uncle He]: The one who fought with Brother Ci? What the hell is he doing?

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Brother Jiao, what’s the matter with you today? You looked for Li Zhou again, and now you’re looking for Qiao Anyan again.

[Jiao]: There is something to confirm.

[Peng Chengcheng]: Okay, I have someone I know in class 11.

[Jiao]: Thank you.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: It’s not fair brother Jiao, you make it clear, you suddenly want to check what Qiao Anyan is doing? Are you having an affair, and want to slag us and say goodbye? !

(T/n: At this point, I’m not even sure if Zheng Que knows that YJ likes JC)

[Jiao]: …

[Jiao]: I think you need to wake up.

[Zheng Que is incorrect]: Look! ! Did I not say there was a problem? ! Are you still a person? !

[Uncle He]: Brother Jiao, don’t scare me.

[Jiao]: Sober people are the most absurd.

[Peng Chengcheng]:…

[Zheng Que]:_(:з」∠)_

Ying Jiao put away his phone, stood in front of the building for a while, and returned to the classroom with his feet raised.


It was a rare silence in the classroom, and everyone was looking at the forum with their heads down.

In the morning, the conflict between them and the special students was too loud, and it was after class time, and many people saw it. Because it involved Jing Ci, some good people even secretly took a few photos and put them on the forum together.

[F*ck, that group of talented students beat Brother Ci? ! Are they crazy. 】

[I saw with my own eyes that Brother Ci’s head was smashed by a special student with a basketball. 】

[The idiot standing under the basketball hoop was chasing me recently. I originally wanted to agree, but now… hehe, let him go to hell. 】

[I’ve really wanted to persuade them. It’s not good to fight brother Ci. Even if they do, it’s not good to hit anywhere else, but they hit his head! Brother Ci’s finals are about to start ah ah ah! Please don’t hold him back, okay? 】

[To be honest, I don’t like Jing Ci very much. But our school finally found a person who is likely to enter the national training team. Can he still score first place this time? 】

【What’s the problem? Is Jing Ci’s head made of paper? Can you break it with one hit? And didn’t Ying Jiao beat that special student later? If you want to be ruthless, it is better more ruthless than Ying Jiao. 】

[It’s different for the one upstairs. Fortunately, everything is fine now, but what if something happens? 】

[Okay, I can’t say no to you, anyway, good students can do anything, hehe. 】

Class 7 lacked everything, just not lack of time. As long as they saw a message saying that Jing Ci was not good, they would go up to fight and tear up with other people in the forum.


The posts that led to Jing Ci’s fight were floating on the homepage for several days, so everyone from the third years to the first years knew about it.

In such an atmosphere, the official finally announced the list of provincial teams for the East China Sea Mathematics Competition.

Three people from the province entered the final: Jing Ci, Zhou Chao and Jiang Chong.

Don’t look at the fact that there are only three people, compared to last year’s single, it is several times more.

The provincial experiment was happy and announced the good news directly and posted it on the school’s bulletin board.

But, a very strange situation appeared on the bulletin board——

On the left is the notice of Jing Ci’s entry into the National Mathematics High School Finals, and on the right is the page after page of the review book by the special students.

Comparing the two is tantamount to public execution.

Especially after someone took a photo and posted it on the forum, everyone left a haha at the bottom. Those special students who fought with Jing Ci became even more famous.

The special students regretted their past, and every time they passed the bulletin board, they walked a little faster than others.

At the same time, the amount of prize money for the provincial experiment for the Olympiad has finally been determined.


Jing Ci was rewarded three thousand, Zhou Chao two thousand, and Jiang Chong one thousand.

Originally, there was no bonus for entering the finals of the Olympiad, but because Jing Ci’s personal performance was too outstanding this year, the school decided to award it for the first time.

Teacher Liu said to Jing Ci: “The school will hold a commendation meeting on Monday afternoon, and you will be asked to collect the bonus on the stage.”

He paused and smiled, “Don’t worry.”

Jing Ci nodded to show that he knew.

Mr. Liu thought for a while, but he didn’t have any other instructions, so he waved his hand and let Jing Ci leave.

As soon as Jing Ci walked out of the office, he saw Ying Jiao waiting in the corridor.

“Is something wrong?”

“No,” Ying Jiao smiled and hugged his shoulders and said, “Come with me to the grocery store?”


The first evening of self-study just ended, and the playground was full of people making noises. Jing Ci and Ying Jiao walked on the sidewalk, and Ying Jiao asked Jing Ci, “What did Old Liu talk to you just now?”

Jing Ci didn’t know what he was thinking, his eyes were slightly straight, and he didn’t answer. It was not until Ying Jiao asked the second time that he suddenly said: “Speaking about the bonus.”

“Little classmate, this is where you are wrong,” Ying Jiao snorted and squeezed his face: “Who are you thinking about when you are with me?”

Jing Ci didn’t answer.


The sourness in Ying Jiao’s heart suddenly rushed to the sky.

After finally finding a chance to be alone, it’s okay if Jing Ci is not attentive, but he still thinks about others in front of him, is this a good thing?

Ying Jiao took a deep breath, and slightly forced his hand around Jing Ci’s shoulder: “You…”

“Is there anything you want?”

Jing Ci lowered his eyes, and his voice was light, as if he said ordinary words: “I’ll give it to you.”

Ying Jiao stared at him blankly, and stopped involuntarily.

Jing Ci lowered his head and looked at his shoes: “The bonus is three thousand, which is much more than expected. Do you have anything you want? I’ll buy it for you.”

They had just walked on the upper brick path, and there were constant laughter and noisy classmates passing by. Jing Ci stood there quietly, the dim light of the playground fell on his head, casting a layer of light halo on his handsome side face. It made him lose a layer of coldness and looked a little softer than usual.


Ying Jiao closed his eyes and suddenly smiled.

Ying Jiao grabbed Jing Ci’s wrist and couldn’t resist pulling him to the flower bed where almost no one passed by. His deep eyes tightly looked at his face: “Anything I want, you will give me it?”

Jing Ci nodded: “Yes.”

Ying Jiao’s adam apple rolled up and down a few times, he pushed him against the wall, leaned over and pressed him, his voice was slightly hoarse: “Then what about kissing you? Can I kiss you if I want to?”

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