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The thin wooden door was pulled open from the inside, Jing Ci wasn’t able to react yet, the next second, his back was suddenly pulled, and his whole person was dragged into the classroom by Ying Jiao with his schoolbag.

“Deliberately teasing me?” He propped up against the wall with one hand, trapping Jing Ci between the door and himself, staring at him, his eyes burning hot.

Jing Ci expressed his feelings to him in such a seductive way.

Ying Jiao couldn’t help but curse in his heart. Who can stand this?

“No.” Seeing his scorching gaze, Jing Ci suddenly looked away as if he was scalded. His cheeks were a little red, and he whispered, “I just… miss you.”

When they were together before, the two held hands, hugged and kissed. Although Jing Ci liked it, he didn’t think it would be impossible without them. However, when he couldn’t touch him, he realized how much he wanted to have physical contact with Ying Jiao.


He had no other idea, he just wanted to get closer and closer to Ying Jiao, even through the glass.

Ying Jiao felt a pain in his heart, knowing that with Jing Ci’s character, it took a lot of him to take the initiative to do this, I’m afraid he really misses him a lot.

He took a deep breath, resisted the urge to rub him into his arms and kiss him wantonly, and said in a hoarse voice, “Want me to touch you?”

Jing Ci gave a low “um”.

Ying Jiao was afraid that he would be uncomfortable, so he deliberately diverted his attention.

He lowered his body slightly and got closer to Jing Ci, but he was careful not to touch him at all, and said ambiguously: “Where do you want me to touch you? Ears, chest, legs or…”

“Brother!” Jing Ci hurriedly interrupted him, stuttering with a red face that was about to be burned: “In, we are in the classroom.”

“Yes, I know.” Ying Jiao looked at his shy look, smiled, and said indifferently, “There’s no one else.”

“…That won’t work either.” Jing Ci insisted inexplicably: “Not in the classroom.”

His affection is still a little old-fashioned.


Ying Jiao laughed and deliberately misinterpreted his meaning: “It’s alright if it’s not in a classroom?”

Jing Ci turned his head embarrassedly, and after a while, nodded lightly.

After the two separated, Ying Jiao rarely spoke to Jing Ci again. Afraid of not being able to control himself is one aspect, but more is worried about putting pressure on Jing Ci and making him feel guilty and remorseful.

But today since he did this on his own…

Ying Jiao licked his lower lip, so he couldn’t blame him for being rude.

“What can I do?” Ying Jiao lazily propped up against the wall and smiled slyly: “If you don’t list them one by one, what if I accidentally do something that crosses your boundary?”

“I… I don’t have any boundaries.”

“Why not?” Ying Jiao raised his eyebrows and tugged at the strap of his schoolbag: “You didn’t allow me to say a word just now.”

He looked into Jing Ci’s eyes and coaxed: “Be obedient, tell me in a low voice, what can I do?”

Jing Ci’s ears turned red now, his adam’s apple moved, and after a long time, he gritted his teeth and said, “Whatever…you can do whatever you want.”

Ying Jiao’s breathing suddenly became heavier, and Jing Ci’s words were no different than an invitation to him. He almost exploded when he was teased, and clenched his fists: “You wait for me! Later…”

Jing Ci raised his eyes.

Ying Jiao chuckled lightly, then leaned over slightly, gasped in his ear and said, “Laozi will kill you.”

The students who went out to eat came back one after another, and He Zhou and the others were the first group to come back.


They also handed in their papers ahead of time. They didn’t finish their answers, but they didn’t want to line up so they went to the cafeteria. Anyway, no matter how they write it, it’s just a few points, so just hand in the papers early and go get dinner.

“F*ck, be more specific, I…” Zheng Que walked all the way in, and wanted to say something. When his eyes fell on Jing Ci, who was lying on the table, he immediately fell silent.

He walked to his seat and sat down, turned around and asked Ying Jiao, “What’s wrong with Brother Ci?”

Ying Jiao was answering questions, and when he heard these words, the pen in his hand kept on writing, and he curled his lips and said, “Just tired.”

“It’s weird,” Zheng Que sighed: “This is the first time I see Brother Ci being tired from an exam.”

In front, Jing Ci tilted his head and hid his red ear tightly in his arm.

Zheng Que just asked casually, and when he got the answer, he didn’t bother anymore, and instead reached out to poke He Zhou: “Old He, you continue to talk about what you were saying before, I’m curious.”

“It was just Qiao Anyan from Class 11,” He Zhou turned around, opened a bottle of Coke, and said while drinking, “He got tens of thousands of dollars in an online lottery.”

“Didn’t brother Jiao inquire about him before? At that time, Old Peng said that he was very lucky sometimes, and I didn’t believe it. I thought it was too strange.” He Zhou stuttered in admiration: “It seems that it’s really not nonsense.”

Zheng Que’s blood boiled when he heard it, and he was eager to try as well: “What kind of prize did he draw? I want to try it too.”

“I don’t know.” He Zhou wiped his lower lip with his hand, shook his head and said, “He wouldn’t say it.”

Zheng Que sighed in disappointment: “I’m afraid everyone will go draw when they know about it, and lower the winning rate, right? Alas, it’s a blessing to share.”

Peng Chengcheng suddenly sneered.


In addition to the lottery, what kind of prize can win tens of thousands of yuan at a time, and also hide it and refuse to disclose it? It’s pretty much the same as gambling.

“Old Peng, why are you so yin and yang?” Zheng Que put his arms on Peng Chengcheng’s shoulder without any heart: “Are you also envious and jealous?”

Peng Chengcheng glanced at him like he was mentally retarded, and slowly spit out four words: “Internet gambling.”

“F*ck!” He Zhou was so shocked that he almost threw the Coke bottle in his hand: “Is he serious? He dares to do such a thing?”

Although He Zhou and the others do not like to study, they often skip classes and go out to play games. But they know what can be touched and what can’t be touched, there is a clear line in his heart.

Zheng Que didn’t believe it either: “Gambling is all about losing, how can there be so many wins? And we are all students, where did this addiction come from?” He waved his hand: “Old Peng, don’t be a killjoy.”

Peng Chengcheng was too lazy to waste his time with him, turned around blankly, and went to sleep on his own.

Later, Ying Jiao turned the page of the exercise book in his hand, and lowered his head to cover the coldness on his face.

These days, he had been thinking a lot.

After asking Qiao Anyan on the roof, Ying Jiao was sure that in his last life, he must have been with Jing Ci. Not only that, the classmate he saw walking beside him should also be Jing Ci.


If, as Qiao Anyan said, he died when he went back that day, even if he was reborn, he shouldn’t have such a big influence on Jing Ci.

Therefore, Ying Jiao is more inclined to believe that Qiao Anyan did something to Jing Ci, which caused all this to happen.

He couldn’t think of exactly what it was, but…

Ying Jiao squeezed the pen, the corners of his eyes and brows were filled with ruthlessness.

The person who harmed Jing Ci, let alone being reborn, even if he was reborn a hundred times, he will remember this hatred.

What is Qiao Anyan most afraid of?

Having lived so miserably in his last life, he must be afraid of falling into that situation again.

Then he just wanted Qiao Anyan to watch, as he repeats the same mistakes again. If he(QA) wants to change his life, and not work hard, but use crooked ways to snatch other people’s things and plan to keep them for himself. How can he use such a cheap way.

Ying Jiao slowly turned the pen in his hand, gambling, it’s naturally to give some sweetness at the beginning , otherwise——

How could he keep getting addicted to it?

The provincial experimental teachers are very efficient. It only took two days to get the monthly test results.


Jing Ci was still a top performer, ranking high on the top of the list, so the person in second place had no hope of catching up at all. But after being shown these results for one semester in a row, the entire sophomore year group was completely numb to it.

When he saw his name and score again, he didn’t even feel that much in his heart.

Isn’t this a normal thing? It wouldn’t be normal if Jing Ci did not take first place in the exam, right?

What? Hasn’t he been studying for months in preparation for the competition? Shouldn’t the academic performance be lower?

That would be the case if they were ordinary people, but can the boss be the same? What a rare sight!

However, compared to their calm outside, class 7 at this time was caught in a new round of shock.

This time it was not because of Jing Ci, but because of Ying Jiao.

“Brother Jiao…” In the classroom, He Zhou, who had just returned from the red list, walked up to Ying Jiao with a complicated expression: “Do you know what your total score is this time?”

His hard work during winter vacation was not in vain. The moment he saw the exam paper in the examination room, Ying Jiao knew that he would not be too bad this time.


When the teacher talked about the examination papers before, he estimated a score in his heart, thinking that he could get at most 550.

Before he could ask, He Zhou couldn’t wait and said, “566!”

“This…Is it over a line?” He Zhou looked at Ying Jiao in disbelief: “In just one semester, you improved in one semester with 166 points! Are you a beast?”

First Jing Ci, and now Ying Jiao.

He didn’t know why, He Zhou suddenly felt that learning is very simple in his heart…

Maybe if he works hard, he can get 500 points on the exam?

“F*ck!” Zheng Que had no idea about scores, but when He Zhou said a line, he understood: “Is my brother Jiao so awesome now?”

The two of them were stunned for a while, but Ying Jiao continued to do the questions without any reaction, as if the person who got 566 points in the exam was not him.

He Zhou couldn’t stand it anymore, and leaned over and snatched the pen in his hand: “No, Brother Jiao, why are you so calm?”

“What’s there to be surprised about? After all…” Ying Jiao finally raised his head, and he curled his lips into a sly smile: “How would I not know how powerful I am?”

He Zhou: “…”

He Zhou looked at him with dead fish eyes: “Would you like some face? You’re still panting when you say you’re fat.”


Ying Jiao took out a coconut candy from his pocket, peeled off the wrapping paper and stuffed it into his mouth. He leaned back against the wall and sneered: “Do you want to blame others for your stupidity? How many points did I score on the exam? Just look at Jing Ci, don’t you know?”

He Zhou was stunned for a moment, and then suddenly realized: “Yes, after all, your notes were written by Brother Ci.”

“No.” Ying Jiao lazily hooked the candy with the tip of his tongue: “I’ll give you another chance to show your IQ. I’ve been with Jing Ci for a long time, so I’m becoming more and more like him, what is this called?”

He Zhou blinked, and subconsciously followed his words and continued: “Is it called the contagious influence of the learning God?”

Ying Jiao looked at the back of Jing Ci’s head and smiled softly: “Wrong, it’s husband and wife.”

He Zhou: “…………”

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The author has something to say: Today’s brother Jiao is an awesome brother Jiao that scored 566 on the exam! So he won’t play in a small theater!

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