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After graduating with a master’s degree, Teacher Liu entered the provincial experiment. He has taught a lot of classes over the years, and is no stranger to this kind of thing.

Before each exam, the top students in the class are surrounded by other students. They either touch their heads, touch hands, or rub their pen or an eraser, which is euphemistically considered a ‘Learning Tyrant’, and seeking good luck in the next exam.

It will be the first monthly exam of this semester, so there is absolutely no problem with Ying Jiao’s argument.

After his feelings went up and down so suddenly, Teacher Liu slowed down for a while, and his face became much better.

He glared at Ying Jiao: “Why couldn’t you do this in the classroom? You came here on purpose!”

“Can’t I be here to eat?” Ying Jiao picked up the salt-baked pigeon that was on the windowsill and handed it to Teacher Liu: “Would you like a piece?”

“Take it!” Teacher Liu looked at the food box and waved his hand: “Take it up to the trash bin after eating, don’t make a mess in the corridor.”


“I know.” Ying Jiao agreed, took a piece of pigeon meat without hesitation, and stuffed it into Jing Ci’s mouth in front of him.

This series of actions were done naturally, and there is no sense of guilty conscience.

Teacher Liu looked at him, then at Jing Ci, and couldn’t help thinking in his heart: There shouldn’t be any problems after being so bold.

He must be too sensitive, they are just interlocking fingers, there are many boys in the class touching each other’s thighs or stacking like pyramids. This is nothing, not to mention that the relationship between Ying Jiao and Jing Ci is still so good.

It was all Qiao Anyan from Class 11, who led him astray.

Teacher Liu felt a little relieved, and his voice couldn’t help but calm down: “Hurry up, eat well and go back to self-study. What kind of aura can you get from a learning god? It’s right to just do a few more questions when you have time.”

“I see.”

“Jing Ci.” Teacher Liu turned to Jing Ci again and instructed: “You are going to participate in the second round of trials next month. If you have any difficulties, don’t hold back and tell teacher.”

Jing Ci had no expression on his face, but his ears were a little red, and he nodded. It may be because there is meat in his mouth, his voice was a little vague: “Thank you teacher.”

Teacher Liu glanced at the two of them, said nothing, and walked forward.

For some reason, while walking, Teacher Liu suddenly felt that something was wrong. He thought about it carefully, but couldn’t figure it out, shook his head and put these strange thoughts behind him, and stepped into the classroom.


In the corner, Jing Ci let out a long sigh of relief. Finally, unable to hold back, he leaned against the wall behind.

Ying Jiao laughed and asked him to spit out the bones in his mouth: “Afraid?”

Jing Ci nodded, thought about it, and shook his head again.

Ying Jiao felt in his heart and asked him softly, “If I didn’t interrupt just now, what were you going to say?”

“Just… just say that I was being good to you.” Jing Ci tilted his head slightly, his cheeks were a little red, he whispered: “The school still expects me to go further in the competition, and they won’t do anything to me. If…”

He pursed his lips, with a look of determination on his face: “If they expel you, then I’ll go with you too.”

“Aren’t you afraid that others will talk about you behind your back?” Ying Jiao knew Jing Ci and knew that he was the least willing to expose his privacy in front of others. He propped up against the wall with one hand and looked down at him: “You are so well-known now, if it spreads out, people who don’t know you will mix in. And those keyboard warriors on the Internet will not let you go.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Jing Ci raised his eyes to meet his eyes, and said seriously: “I don’t want to know what they say, and it’s good if they talk about me, so they won’t pay attention to you.”

“Are you stupid,” Ying Jiao’s heart was soft and overwhelmed, seeing his eyes becoming more and more gentle: “With me here, would that happen?”

Jing Ci smiled embarrassedly and didn’t answer.

After a while, he suddenly said, “Brother.”


“Then are you afraid?”

Ying Jiao smiled: “I can’t wait to hold the horn and stand under the flag to announce our relationship, do you think I’m afraid?” He returned the chopsticks to Jing Ci: “Hurry up, it’s too cold in the corridor, to prevent yourself from freezing.”


After encountering this scene, Teacher Liu paid special attention to Ying Jiao and Jing Ci. After observing the two of them for a long time in a row, and seeing that they have no intimate behavior at all, he was really relieved.


It seems that he really thinks too much. Teacher Liu withdrew his eyes, announced the end of class, and left the classroom with the book in his hand.

With the monthly exam approaching, Class 7’s breaks are not as happy as they used to be, and sighs can be heard everywhere.

This weekend everyone was playing wild, and their homework was rushed out two days before the start of the school. The results of the future exams can be imagined.

When people are guilty of fear, they will try to find a spiritual sustenance.

As a result, Jing Ci became popular, and almost the entire class wanted to get close to him.

Although Jing Ci has a cold face on a daily basis, he is actually very good-natured. Except for his head, no one is allowed to touch it, and the others basically grant his every request.

“Are the people in our class lining up, holding a number plate in order to be influenced by the god of learning?” He Zhou looked at Jing Ci’s direction and sighed: “My brother Ci is about to become a mascot.”

Zheng Que laughed, he belongs to the giving up completely category. Let alone being blessed by the learning God, even if they were enlightened by Buddha, they will still not get any better.”

“Actually, it’s pretty good, and you can also get girls for free…” Before he finished speaking, Ying Jiao, who was beside him, suddenly had a cold face, stood up, and went straight to Jing Ci.


Zheng Que was silent for a moment, looked at He Zhou, and then uttered two words: “So jealous.”

In front, Wu Weicheng stretched out his hand happily, and just about to shake hands with Jing Ci, his body was suddenly swayed by a strong force.

He turned his head in dissatisfaction, and met Ying Jiao’s cold eyes. Wu Weicheng shrank his head and stammered to say hello: “Jiao, brother Jiao.”

Ying Jiao looked at several people one by one with no expression on his face, and then said lightly: “You want to rub some luck?”

Several people nodded.

Ying Jiao snorted: “So nine years of studying taught you feudal superstitions, right?”

Jing Ci has been the focus of the students these days, and with Ying Jiao series of actions, they suddenly became the focus of the whole class.

There was silence in the classroom, and everyone secretly looked in their direction.

The school tyrant suddenly looked like this… Could it be that he wanted to hit someone? But no one bothered him just now.

Ying Jiao didn’t hit anyone, he put one hand in his pocket and stood beside Jing Ci: “Then do you think that I should be immediately recommended by Peking University or be fought over by Tsingtao University when I walk close to Jing Ci everyday?”


Wu Weicheng and several people shrank their shoulders, wanting to cry without tears, they just wanted to seek psychological comfort.

“Don’t come to him again,” Ying Jiao leaned on Jing Ci’s desk and looked around the class with cold eyes, as if he was not only saying this to Wu Weicheng and the others, but also to everyone in class: “Otherwise… don’t you still believe in feudal superstition? Then I’ll ask Zheng Que to hold the pens you use for the exam one by one.”

Who doesn’t know about Zheng Que’s poor score?

This threat level is comparable to a nuclear bomb, not only Wu Weicheng and the others, but the entire seventh class instantly dispelled the idea of rubbing luck from the ​​​​learning God again.

Although they didn’t know why the school bully doesn’t allow them to look for Jing Ci, it doesn’t matter if they can’t ask for good omen, they could at least avoid bad omen!

Looking at the backs of Wu Weicheng and the others fleeing in a hurry, Ying Jiao gritted his teeth gently: “They will get used to this.”

He can’t even touch him now, these people are not welcomed.


Jing Ci’s face was hot, and he explained to Ying Jiao in a low voice: “They have no other meaning.”

“That won’t work either.” Ying Jiao snorted and lowered his eyes: “You can give anything like writing materials, it’s not enough for me to buy it for you. They are not allowed to hold hands with you, you hear me?”

Jing Ci was willing to let him take care of it, and nodded obediently: “Okay.”

Ying Jiao’s warning was very useful, and since then, no one came over to Jing Ci. Li Zhou, who knew the inside story of his desk mate, almost didn’t see the three-eighth line between the two.(See the end of YJ and JC cold war)

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye it was time for the monthly exam.

In the first exam room, Zhou Chao looked at Jing Ci with a complicated expression: “Brother Ci, you have already been recommended, why are you still taking the exam?”

Jing Ci took the pencil case out of his school bag and placed it on the table meticulously: “I come to class every day, so I must take the exam.”

“You…” Zhou Chao sighed in the sky: “Compared to you, I’m just a scumbag.”

He suddenly patted the table, stood up, and stared at Jing Ci with piercing eyes: “Seriously, Brother Ci, now I have one wish.”

Jing Ci wondered: “What?”

Zhou Chao: “I want to be the first in the exam, so can you fulfill this for me?”

Jing Ci smiled at him and said nothing.


Although he doesn’t know if the usual exams are useful, he will never miss the slightest chance, not to mention if he got a scholarship if he passes the exam.

Zhou Chao understood, he sat down numbly, put up a roll of scratch paper in front of his eyes, and left a sentence: “You exam madman.” He never wanted to talk to Jing Ci again.

This time, the exam was a provincial experiment, and the difficulty was higher as usual, but it was no different for Jing Ci. He has a solid foundation and went to high school twice. Knowledge seems to be engraved in his brain, even if it has not been systematically learned for several months, he still answered very calmly and smoothly as before.

After checking the last English reading question, Jing Ci didn’t sit and wait, and went to the cafeteria ahead of time.

After he had eaten, the bell for the end of the exam rang.

The cafeteria suddenly became lively, and on the contrary, the corridor of the teaching building was empty, not a single person could be found.

Jing Ci walked all the way to class 7, and just reached out to push the door, when he looked up, he saw Ying Jiao standing inside.

Did he finish eating or did he not eat?

Jing Ci exerted force on his hands and wanted to go in and ask him, but the door did not open.

Jing Ci was stunned, then increased his strength, but still could push it open.


He raised his eyes to meet Ying Jiao’s smiling eyes, and understood that Ying Jiao did it on purpose.

Jing Ci called him suspiciously: “Brother?”

Ying Jiao raised his lips and didn’t speak. He looked at Jing Ci, reached out and tapped on the small glass window on the door, and said, “If you say something nice, I’ll let you in.”

In the past few days, although the physical contact between them was less painful, Ying Jiao still avoided him as before. No matter what he said, he didn’t touch him.

Jing Ci didn’t think the same as him, if it wasn’t because of his personality, he would have rushed over and knocked him down.

Ying Jiao saw that he didn’t react with his eyes down, thinking that he(JC) was worried about someone else in the classroom. Just as he was about to tell him that he was the only one in at the moment, he saw Jing Ci suddenly stretched out a finger and gently pressed it against his fingertips through the glass window.

Then, as if he took advantage of him, his eyes curved and he smiled contentedly.

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The author has something to say: 

Little Theater-

Teacher Liu: Fart, there is nothing going on between my two students.

Ying Jiao: Yes, Tantan Egg 

(tǎn tǎn dàn dàn)

(坦坦蛋蛋) (I have no idea what he means here)

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