LNTMG-(24) Family

Xia Ye scored first place in the city. Not only the school was pleased with the news, but the two families were extremely happy.

  Teacher Xia was proud, and he laughed with everybody in the past two days. Mr. Tang wanted to order a banner, and he was discussing with Teacher Xia what to write, before they could get started. The school ended up doing it for them.

  The school sent two banners, one was hung at the gate of their community, and one was hung downstairs where Xia Ye and his family lived.

 Congratulations, written with white letters on a red background.

  So even if Xia Ye wanted to keep a low profile, it was difficult, and soon everyone knew that there was a small champion.


  The difficulty of the high school entrance examination is lower than that of the college entrance examination, but if you want to enter a good high school, then you need to be one of the best. For a while, the Xia family attracted the attention of every family in the building.

  Some families have children that are second or third grade, had some ideas. They ask Teacher Xia if it is convenient for Xia Ye to be a tutor. There are also several people who want to pool money together to let Xia Ye take their children for make up lessons. It can be described as a careful plan.

Without Xia Ye’s presence, Teacher Xia pushed them all without letting these trivial matters disturb his son. It was a rare vacation, he wanted Xia Ye to relax and rest a bit more.

  Tang Hongjun hid his merits and fame deeply. This is also the reason that Xia Ye and their head teacher deliberately did not mention their relationship. Xia Ye didn’t want Tang Hongjun to be disturbed. Their head teacher had to protect Tang Honjun even more than him—just kidding, Mr. Tang Hui’s son, how he let other people receive make up classes from him so easily!

Once there were no other people bothering them. The Xia and Tang families had a meal together in harmony.

  Teacher Xia decided to treat them, he found the best restaurant in the city and opened a private room, which was regarded as a teacher appreciation banquet.

  Tang Hongjun’s family specially wore formal attire to the banquet. Naturally, Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling didn’t need to say much, they can go to the banquet wearing casual clothes. But Chen Suling wore a simple and elegant dress and a double-layer pearl necklace, which was gentle and elegant; the child she was holding wore new clothes, a blue and white striped T-shirt, and a white sweater with high knee shorts and a pair of cartoon sandals. His hair was a little longer, and his face looked more refined, especially pleasing.


  Teacher Xia wore something simple, but his tall height and his slight smile, made him look like a model. Xia Ye stood next to him wearing his sportswear, which is similar to Tang Jinyu’s, except that his T-shirt was black.

 After sitting down, Tang Hongjun said with a smile: “If it wasn’t for the fact that the school didn’t allow the teacher to be entertained, I would have called Xiaoye’s head teacher, who seemed like a serious person when it comes to helping his students.”

Teacher Xia nodded and said with a smile: “Yes, the school has regulations, let’s not break the rules. Xiaoye has been getting tutoring lessons from you, I wanted to thank you.”

  The two families sat together as they ate and chatted, and also brought up Xia Ye’s math exam and how his last point was deducted.

  Xia Ye also had some doubts, the teacher in charge went to check it for him.

  In the end, he wrote the last question too quickly, and he forgot to write down one more step, 

  Tang Hongjun felt that it was a pity when he heard this and comforted him: “It’s not your fault, I think that you might be a bit like me. I’m used to thinking ahead. It might have made you miss a step. I’m sure your teacher can see how well you know your answers, but it’s the requirements that are too strict when it comes to scoring. Don’t worry about it so much.”

  Xia Ye responded back respectfully towards Tang Hongjun.

  Tang Jinyu sat there eating pine nuts and corn with a spoon. He didn’t use the child seat this time. Chen Suling held him with one hand and patiently coaxed him to eat more.


  The child was very well-behaved, he ate whatever he wanted to eat, chewing and eating, with his small cheeks puffed up.

  Tang Jinyu had a small appetite and was full soon. The adults still had something to talk about, so Xia Ye took him out to play.

  Chen Suling kept looking at the door. When the child walked far away, she was still a little confused. Teacher Xia on the side persuaded: “It’s okay, let Xiaoyu go out for a walk. He can already go outside for a little bit and he can handle being in a crowd.”

  Chen Suling retracted her gaze and sighed: “I also know that, I just worry.”

  Tang Hongjun said: “Xia Ye will be careful, it’s okay.”

If Chen Suling knew beforehand how big this restaurant was, as children were playing outside the corridors, if Xia Ye wasn’t there to watch him, she wouldn’t want her son to leave her line of sight.

  The two men, Teacher Xia and Tang Honjun, had a drink together. There was white wine in Tang Honjun’s glass. Teacher Xia had a heart condition so he couldn’t drink wine, so they had a toast together.

  Tang Hongjun has lived in Tongzilou for a few years, and he has never gotten drunk with any of his neighbors before, but only with Teacher Xia who he had a good relationship with.


 He didn’t think that half a year later, that he and Teacher Xia would have so many intersections.

  In the past six months, Tang Hongjun and his wife felt that their moods were like a roller coaster. They had been flying in mid-air with their hearts hanging. They trembled slightly when something happened, and they felt like they would fall at any moment.

  Tang Hongjun and Teacher Xia had a good friendship, and the two had a drink and chatted together.

  Tang Hongjun drank white wine for the first time. He had a very low alcohol intake. When he was talking to Teacher Xia, he couldn’t help but drink a few more glasses. After a while, he took off his glasses and wiped away his tears repeatedly, he actually cried in front of someone for the first time.

  ”I can’t let it go……”

  ”Many people persuaded us to have another child, but I can’t do that. Xiaoyu is still there. If we had another child, we would be abandoning him… He is my son even if he never gets better, but since we brought him into this would, we must take care of him.”

  ”Lao Xia, I feel so uncomfortable in my heart, not because Xiaoyu is not good, but because I feel useless.”

  ”Whenever he was sick or uncomfortable, seeing him go to the hospital to take a blood test and waiting for the results. He used to cry when he was a child, but now he doesn’t even cry anymore. I would ask him if it hurts and he would just say it didn’t hurt. Lao Xia, such a thick syringe and the bunch of pills he had to take. I don’t think I would be able to stick a big needle like that everyday. Xiaoyu is such a good boy, he would wipe my tears for me, you know…”

  Teacher Xia is not in good health, and feels the same, and feels a little more sympathy for the child. He listened with a sigh and patted Tang Hongjun on the shoulder and said, “You have done a good job. It is his blessing that Xiaoyu has parents like you.”

  Tang Hongjun held his hand and pleaded with a nasal voice: “Lao Xia, can I ask you something.”


  ”Can you accept Xiaoyu as your godson, and let us become a family?”

  ”Hong Jun!” Chen Suling was a little surprised and thought he was just drunk.

  Tang Hongjun waved his hand, still looking at Teacher Xia and pleaded: “I’m just such a child, Lao Xia, the last time Xiaoyu was in the hospital really frightened me. He said a lot of nonsense, and the only people he shouted for were my father and Xia Ye. You might think that I’m desperate, but I’ve never asked anyone for this before. I was really scared this time, I’m afraid Xiaoyu will encounter something like this again and next time he won’t wake up…” His last sentence was choked.


  Chen Suling moved her lips and she couldn’t say anything.

  Teacher Xia pondered for a moment and said, “I like Xiaoyu very much. Last time I got sick, it was thanks to Xiaoyu that I was able to avoid the disaster. I owe him for helping me.”

  Tang Hongjun stared directly at him with a glimmer of hope.

 Teacher Xia said with a smile: “it’s up to you. If you don’t dislike it, we can become family. I’ve got an old problem with my body. I don’t know how many more years I can live for, but I really like Xiaoyu. No matter how many years I might have left, I will take care of him.”

  Tang Hongjun himself poured a glass of wine to toast him with red eyes. A person who has been engaged in scientific research all the year round didn’t know what to say now. He just sullenly took a glass, as if all his feelings were in the wine.

  Outside the corridor, Xia Ye held Tang Jinyu and looked at the paintings on the walls.

  There wasn’t much to look at, but there is a small landscape in the hall, with a small pond with a few koi carps, looking lively.

  Xia Ye glanced at the small pond, then at the child in his arms, “Want to see the fish?”

  The child in his arms nodded, holding on his neck, curiously looking outside.


  Xia Ye saw that there was no one there, and then hugged him. He kept paying attention to the child in his arms, and was relieved when he saw that his attention was focused on the pond and there was no stress reaction.

  The child in his arms was like a bird, trying so hard to get into the air, looking at everything.

  ”Little fish~”

  ”Yes, Xiaoyu.”

  Xia Ye pinched his fleshy little face, and after two months of taking care of him, he finally recovered a little, and he was a little bit heavy in his arms.

  ”Xiaoyu look at the little fish.” Xia Ye taught him, and when he saw the child was silent, he felt himself smile.

  They watched the koi outside for a while, and then quickly returned to the private room.

  In the private room, there was a tacit silence between the three adults. Seeing them both came back, they turned their eyes to them.

  Xia Ye felt that it was a little weird, but he still hugged the child on the table and chair and asked, “Dad, Uncle Tang, what’s wrong?”

  Tang Hongjun’s emotions increased after drinking, he became a little sober, but his complexion was still red and he looked a little excited. 


Chen Suling on the side looked at Xia Ye with a kind smile, asking him softly: “Xiaoye, we were discussing with your father just now. There is something I want to ask your opinion on. Do you mind if our two families got together? Although it’s a little hasty, your Uncle Tang and I have always liked you very much. We want to accept you as our godson. Similarly, Xiaoyu will still call you ‘brother’ in the future…”

  Xia Ye was stunned for a moment, then turned to look at his father, Teacher Xia nodded slightly.

  Chen Suling’s attitude was very gentle and she was still asking him patiently for his opinion. Xia Ye hurriedly said, “Auntie Chen, since my dad agrees, I also agree.”

  Chen Suling was surprised: “Really? That’s great.”

  Tang Hongjun sat aside with red eyes. He looked at Xia Ye and then at his son. He suddenly called the waiter to come and ask for another bottle of wine. He insisted on having a good drink with Teacher Xia.

  Teacher Xia stopped him, “Our two families are close now, so we will get together often in the future. Drinking too much hurts the body.”

  Chen Suling also smiled and said: “See that, you should learn from Lao Xia and pay attention to your health.”

  The relationship between the two families became a step closer.

  At the end of the party, Xia Ye helped send Tang Hongjun back. Chen Suling hugged her child and followed behind them. When Xia Ye was about to leave, Chen Suling said to her child, “Thank your brother.”

  Xia Ye stood there waiting for the child to speak.


  Tang Jinyu was still dazed, watching Xia Ye for a long time before he said “Thank you”. Xia Ye rubbed his head and left, leaving the little guy unable to respond.

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t think that he would have such a powerful brother during this meal!

  On the other side, the Xia family.

  After Xia Ye returned, he poured hot tea and sat on the sofa with his dad to talk.

  Teacher Xia only drank a little red wine, and he was still sober. He sighed when Xia Ye asked, “It was your Uncle Tang’s intentions. When he mentioned it, Aunt Chen was more surprised than me, I don’t think she expected that.”

  ”Then why did you accept their request?” Xia Ye was puzzled: “Uncle Tang’s family is better than ours, why did he ask us?”

  ”Because Xiaoyu.”

  ”What happened to Xiaoyu?”

  ”The last time Xiaoyu was hospitalized with a fever, he woke up in your arms. Your Uncle Tang felt that you had a special connection with him, so he wanted us to become a family to take care of each other. In fact, I can understand him. If it was you, If something like this happened to you, I would also want to believe in any sign of hope.” Teacher Xia took a sip of tea and said slowly, “And I have a selfish mind when I agree to this.”


  ”My body, you also know, my heart is not in good condition, I thought if something were to happen to me, you will still have a relative to rely on when that happens.”


  Xia Ye twisted his eyebrows and interrupted him: “Dad, don’t say that.”

  Teacher Xia chuckled, and raised his hand to touch his head. Xia Ye was quite tall, but in fact he is still a teenager, “Xiaoye, it’s your dad’s fault that I can’t give you anything, if you had just followed your mom, your conditions would definitely be better…”

  Xia Ye suddenly turned away and said, “Don’t say that. Didn’t you just find me a godfather and godmother, and a younger brother as a gift?”

  Teacher Xia paused and shook his head with a smile.

  Xia Ye stood up and said, “Dad, I asked my classmates to play in the afternoon, I will go out first.”

  Teacher Xia nodded in response, and sighed slightly as he looked at his son’s back. As expected, that women still couldn’t be mentioned in his presence.

  Many things happened after he divorced his wife. The relationship between Xia Ye and his mother was not good. Xia Ye didn’t want to mention it, so he tried not to talk about her anymore.

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