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Xia Ye led him to the bathroom, everyone was mostly gone, Tang Jinyu could finally use the bathroom at ease.

  The child could take care of himself and his self-esteem was surprisingly high, so Xia Ye didn’t need to help him.

  When he finished washing his hands, Xia Ye took him out, “Go home? The car is downstairs, your mom is already waiting for you.”

  Tang Jinyu stepped inside an office, Xia Ye picked him up and went to find his father. The kid was very well-behaved and kept his arms around his neck and waited obediently. Teacher Xia changed clothes and came out, and saw them, one big and one small, and smiled: “Let’s go home together. Xiaoyu was very good today, he made a new friend!”

  Xia Ye asked him, “Boy or girl?”

  Teacher Xia smiled and said, “Of course it is a girl. Xiaoyu is the most popular among the girls in the class now.”


  The most popular Tang Jinyu held back for a long time, didn’t dare to say anything.

  After going to the Children’s Palace several times, summer vacation was coming to an end.

  After the start of high school, Xia Ye went to the City No. 1 School, and he entered the experimental class without any problems. There are many classes in City No. 1 School. There were more than 30 classes that were either too fast or slow

. There are four types of experimental classes. Xia Ye chose one of the experimental classes, which has the best teaching configuration in all aspects. The courses given to them were faster than other classes. The previous top students have been admitted to famous universities in the country, they have been admitted to well-known universities across the country, and there were only a few that have stayed in Qing Bei.

  Xia Ye didn’t conceal his strength this time, he was already busy with schoolwork. He really didn’t have time to make up classes, and he didn’t want to trouble Tang Hongjun anymore. Tang Hongjun was busy at work and he didn’t want to waste the other party’s time. Xia Ye felt overwhelmed.

  Xia Ye scheduled everything, from studying to working in order to keep it balanced.

  On weekends, he would send Tang Jinyu to the Children’s Palace. Although Tang Hongjun and his wife would pick them up most of the time, he felt that the child seemed to be looking forward to it, and he was willing to run a little longer and spend more time with the child.

 As for the part-time job, Xia Ye hired more people.

  Their city is smaller, even if he and Han Yichen are both busy, they can still maintain it. Qizhou City was different since it was located in the provincial capital. Old Ape’s work is too big for him to handle it all by himself. After discussing with Xia Ye, he told him that he recruited three more people to help him.

  The person Old Ape was recruiting for was his friends that he used to go to school with. When he introduced him to Xia Ye, he promised him: “These are all my brothers that I’ve known since graduation. I made sure to give them lessons, and they have studied for over a year now, and they don’t really have anything to do, so they can come and help out. The previous contract was too sloppy, there were too many loopholes that I found, should I fix that for you?”


 Old Ape was useful when it came to things like this, he used to go to law school, he helped Xia Ye draw up a new contract, the rules and regulations more clearly.

  After all, this was the Internet that they were dealing with, piracy has been rampant these years, and it’s no use trying to stop people from copying their software and selling it as their own for money.

To Old  Ape’s surprise, Xia Ye was much more sensitive to business contracts, and many things were thoughtful and clear enough. The commission ratio has been modified in the contract. He still draws 20% for each set of software, and there are many others, as many as 15%. But he is also accurate. The core terms were not weak, it was avoiding many long-term problems, and firmly holding the rights in his hands.

  Old Ape himself is addicted to learning, so he can earn a lot of money and save some tuition fees for his degree. He doesn’t attach much importance to these rights. To put it bluntly, Xia Ye originally made it himself, and he was only an agent who worked for him, and he was satisfied with his 20% of his salary.

  Old Ape accepted the new contract and went to find his friends to sign.

  Old Ape has a big heart. Some of his junior friends he brought in signed directly, and some read the entire contract seriously. After asking for a little more information in detail, they smiled and said, “Senior Yuan, is everything that is in the contract accurate?”


  ”It seems that the official seal has not been printed yet?”

  ”It will be mailed in a few days, so I will make sure it gets to you on time.”

  The other party nodded, then tentatively asked: “This profit is so big, there will be no problems, right?”

  Old Ape smiled and said, “No, I have known Xiaoxia for a long time, and he would never lie.”

  The other party smiled and nodded and said, “That’s good, since you trust him that much, then I’ll sign it too.”

  He wrote down his name carefully and kept a copy for himself.


  Old Ape finished the matter, and hummed a little song back to the dormitory, and asked Xia Ye a question: “Xia Ye, which university do you go to? Is it near Qizhou City? Maybe we can hang out sometime.”

  Xia Ye: “…Han Yichen didn’t tell you?”

  Old Ape: “Said ah!”

  Xia Ye: “What did he say?”

  Old Ape smiled and said, “He said he was from Qingbei. It’s no wonder that a man with good skills has a stubborn personality, he really is someone from the capital.”

  Xia Ye was silent for a moment, and said, “He and I are fellow classmates.”

  Old Ape immediately praised them. He followed Xia Ye to get rich and eat meat. He made a lot of money in the first three months, enough for him to lie down and study anything for the next ten years, He praised them sincerely. “He is worthy of being a popular student!”

  Xia Ye didn’t bother to explain, he already told him the truth. It was Han Yichen who lied, it’s better to let Student Xiao Han go round by himself.

Since hiring more people, Xia Ye has a lot less things to do , and there is also the help of Old Ape and Han Yichen. It is better for three people to work on it together instead of one person, Xia Ye was finally able to take a break.

  Old Ape made a full six grand with Xia Ye. Although Han Yichen didn’t get as much, he also made a fortune.

  The first thing he did after he got rich was to buy an IBM laptop, and enjoy it at home. He enjoyed that he didn’t have to share it, he was so happy that he could fly!

  He finally doesn’t have to share a computer with his sister!

  Most of Xia Ye’s money has been saved. He needs hundreds of thousands of operation expenses, and he also needs to wait for a suitable time to take his dad for his operation. After the money was almost saved, the first thing he did was to upgrade his equipment.


 He put two computers in his room, and a laptop was also purchased. It was sometimes used with his other computers, the cost of Internet access was always paid by himself, not wanting his father to pay for it.

  At this moment, the internet fee has not yet come down, and he needed to dial-up to access the internet. The internet fee of 1,000 yuan a month combined with the telephone fees, most people can’t afford it.

  Han Yichen also complained to him about this, “Internet fees are too expensive, how can it be reduced? I’ve had to pay several times this month, and they are almost catching up with my mom’s salary. I suspect that there is something wrong with the billing device of the telecom company. You say their server…”

  Halfway through typing, Xia Ye made a call, and Han Yichen’s network disconnected after a “pop”. He wailed, and finally had to start over again after half the song was played, and then he lowered his voice and said, “Xia Ye, what are you doing!”

  The voice over the phone sounded serious for the first time, “Don’t move the server, do you remember the first rule of the contract?”

  Han Yichen scratched his head inexplicably, and said to him: “I just said casually, I didn’t want to move it.”

  ”Don’t do anything illegal.”

  ”Yeah, I know!”

  After hanging up, Han Yichen realized that he had been warned by Xia Ye. He had already met Xia Ye in school and knew that the other party was one term younger than him. However, Xia Ye was taller than him and had a strong aura around him, Han Yichen subconsciously obeyed him, and followed him.

  It was the first time he had seen Xia Ye warn him, and his voice was cold.

  Han Yichen thought for a while, and ran to ask Old Ape, he always felt that there was a reason behind it.


  Old Ape was busy, and it took a long time to reply: ‘It’s nothing, Xia Ye is like that. When I met him, I was very law-abiding. There was a person in the chat room who got along well with everyone, but he had a small problem and liked to steal data… After Xia Ye knew about it, he kicked the person without saying anything. He chased the person for more than a month and asked him to restore what he took. If that guy didn’t go abroad, I’m afraid that he wouldn’t have a single shadow left on the Internet.’

  Han Yichen always felt a little strange, Xia Ye’s attitude was not right, but Old Ape didn’t seem like he knew as well, so he buried the question in his heart and didn’t ask it again.

  Xia Ye doesn’t have much material pursuit. His purpose of making money is very simple. He wants to transfer medical expenses. If the money is enough, he discussed with his dad about going to the doctor for surgery.

 Teacher Xia was surprised at the money he took out, and when he saw the contracts filed by Xia Ye, he suddenly realized that some time ago, Xia Ye asked him to register a company and engrave an official seal. He thought it would be a small amount of cash, he had tens of thousands of yuan as before, but he didn’t expect him to make nearly a million yuan.

  This money is enough for surgery, and the remaining money can be used to pay for Xia Ye’s tuition, which is more than enough.

  Teacher Xia finally had no worries, nodded and agreed to go to the hospital for surgery.

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