LNTMG-(42) Truffles

  On Tang Jinyu’s first day in kindergarten, the whole family wanted to send him off.

  The teachers on duty at the door felt a bit embarrassed, they have seen many scenes of parents sending off their child to school. It was rare to see a family spoil the child in their families so much, especially when the whole family sends off their child to school. The child didn’t seem naughty, he obediently greeted his teacher and waved goodbye to his parents, instead of the child being reluctant to go in. It was the parents that seemed very reluctant, and stayed standing there.

  Tang Hongjun stood by the door and refused to leave, staring at his son’s back, almost wanting to go in with him.

  The teacher saw this , and smiled and stopped in front of him and said: “It’s okay, it’s only been a semester, and your child must have already adapted well.”

  Tang Hongjun said, “My child has not, he’s a transfer student.”

  This is also what Tang Hongjun was worried about. When New Year’s was over, he can only enter his son during the second semester that they had available. He wanted to wait for another year, but Chen Suling disagrees. She finally decided to let her son become independent gradually. Staying for a few days, she will regret it herself.

  The couple discussed this, and let Tang Jinyu be transferred for the second semester.


  Tang Jinyu was over six years old, ordinary children his age would’ve of already been in large classes, but he was very good. They have taught him how to read and write at home, so there should be no problem in him being in a small class.

  Tang Hongjun had been watching over the fence of school and looking inside, he occasionally bumped into it by how short it was.

  Teacher Xia coughed and said with a smile: “Old Tang, it’s not good to keep looking in like this, it’s not a good influence.”

  Tang Hongjun sneered, “It’s not like I am going to jump over, I just want to have a look.”

  Not only was Tang Hongjun worried, but Grandpa Tang who was living in the provincial capital, was not at ease all day. The old man brought his mobile phone to class for the first time, he usually wore a watch, but this time he couldn’t help but call there during the passing period. He called several times a day, all of which were asking how his little grandson was doing.

  The old man was really worried about his little grandson, and had to ask several times a day to be relieved.

  The old man was very dissatisfied with his son’s remarks about coaxing his grandson to kindergarten. When he called, he asked him carefully, “That’s right, Xiaoyu likes me the most. I’m sure that I will buy him the next best thing! Next time you must say something else. “

  Tang Hongjun quickly agreed.

  Elder Tang asked again: “Are you going to pick him up at noon?”

  ”He won’t go home at noon for dinner, since the school takes care of serving them meals. Then they will take a nap, and then we will pick him up this afternoon.”

  The old man sighed again, but didn’t say much, and he only said: “The first day of school might have made him scared, you should bring some toys and snacks in advance. Doesn’t Xiaoyu like to eat truffles? Buy some and coax him with them.”

  ”Yeah, I know dad, don’t worry I’m already prepared.”

  The old man frowned all day long, and his expression was solemn, as if he was thinking about major events. The group of students around him became nervous. The old man usually taught his class very strictly, but the students felt like something major had happened. When class ended, all the students checked their work repeatedly, for fear of having any mistakes or their work from appearing to be sloppy.

  When Teacher Xia was in the orchestra, he kept losing his train of thoughts, thinking about the little guy. But he soon readjusted his mind to a good state, and trusted that the little guy would be okay.

  In the teaching building of No.1 School, Xia Ye was absent-minded while flipping through a book, and looked out the window. The snow on the outside had not melted yet, when school opened again the students were told to organize and clean the roads, and piles of snow. The kindergarten school starts a bit later than his school, so there must be piles of snow there. He wondered if his brother had already stepped on the snow secretly?

  The kid in his family is good with everything, but it’s just that he likes snow a lot. Whenever he sees a snowman, he just stands there, and after a while he would jump around for a long time before it’s time to go inside.


  Xia Ye wanted to know this, and he couldn’t help frowning.

  He doesn’t know if the teachers would be strict. If the child steps on the snow, his shoes will definitely be wet. When he was sent to his classroom this morning, he didn’t bring any spare shoes, and only brought a water bottle.

  What can a water bottle do?

  Xia Ye anxiety reached its peak when he was eating in the cafeteria at noon.

  There were many people eating in the cafeteria at noon. After Xia Ye had a meal and sat down, he heard Han Yichen calling him from afar. Han Yichen was a year older than him, he was in his second year of high school, but he didn’t really act like a senior. He walked over to Xia Ye, and put down his plate, “it’s really hard for us to have some good food in the cafeteria. It took me a long time to get a spoonful of diced spicy chicken. Hey, it’s better to eat at home during the holidays…”

  Xia Ye couldn’t eat anymore, and stood up and said, “I’m done.”

  Han Yichen grabbed him, and looked at him strangely: “Why are you going? You didn’t even move your chopsticks, how are you done?”

  Xia Ye said: “There is something wrong, I’m leaving.”

  Han Yichen: “Where to? If it’s a big deal should I accompany you?”

  ”…It’s my brother’s first day in kindergarten, I don’t know how he is doing, so I’ll go and see him.”

  Han Yichen asked more about the school. As soon as he heard that it was an experimental kindergarten, he immediately sat down and waved his hand: “It’s an experimental class, don’t worry, my sister is there, so I will go back and tell her about Xiaoyu in the evening. Don’t worry about it, she would take care of him.”

Xia Ye in the end left, during the rest of his lunch break to go

  When he rode to the school, it was not 12 o’clock yet, so the children were all eating. When he found the classroom, he happened to see Chen Suling, who was standing in the glass window at the entrance of the classroom, looking in secretly.

  Chen Suling saw him, but without letting him say anything, she pointed inside and whispered, “He’s eating.”

  Xia Ye took a look in through the window, and it was different from their collective dining in the cafeteria. The children here passed around their meals in the classroom, since they were younger and they prefer to eat in familiar places, which is also convenient for the teacher to manage.

  Tang Jinyu sat in the last row, holding a small bowl in his hand quietly. He had some winter melon and pork rib soup. Every kid had a pork rib in their bowl, with stir-fried vegetables, one shiitake mushroom core and the fried carrots on the side.

  The food was okay, but the classroom was a little noisy. From time to time, someone would accidentally overturn their small bowl and cry to the teacher.


  The kid next to Tang Jinyu overturned their bowl. After the little guy saw it, he took the initiative to help them clean it up. He wiped it with a paper towel, rubbed it around, and did good in helping.

  After the meal, the teacher gave each child a piece of chocolate. The sweets attracted the attention of all the children, even Tang Jinyu was no exception.

  Xia Ye looked at the wrapping of the truffles, and felt like he had seen it before. Before he could ask, he heard Chen Suling let out a light cough, she seemed a bit embarrassed: “I was brought some because I was afraid that Xiaoyu would miss home, he usually eats them around this time…”

  The two watched inside for a while, and after reassuring themselves, they walked away quietly.

  Tang Hongjun kept watching the time during work. When school was finally over, he picked up Chen Suling and drove to the school to pick up his son.

  They sent their child almost late in the morning, so that they didn’t bump into many parents. Many people at this time off from work, and parents who came to pick up their children stood at the front of the door, like a rally full of people, with a huge momentum.

  The little iron fence hadn’t opened yet, and there were many people standing in front of it, from the young parents to the gray-haired grandparents, everyone was fierce, gearing their hands and waiting for the moment to rush in. The atmosphere was too contagious that Tang Hongjun also felt competitive. He took off his coat and let his wife hold it for him, and he started to warm up.

  As soon as the iron fence of the kindergarten was opened, the surrounding parents started to run inside!

  Tang Hongjun took the lead and ran in first!

  When he rushed to the small classroom, panting out breath, there was a row of children carrying small school bags, with water bottles. His baby son was the last in row, the teacher yelled “Tang Jinyu”, and the child tilted his head and looked at him, smiled and leaped over and hugged his leg, and said affectionately: “Dad!”

  Tang Hongjun hugged him and kissed him, the teacher praised the child’s performance today, and he took him home.


  Tang Jinyu was very relaxed on the way back, and looked no different from usual.

  Chen Suling held his little hand and asked him about what he did in school today. The child explained what happened, then smiled and said, “Mom, they gave us truffles today!”

  Chen Suling pretended to be surprised, “Really?”

  ”It’s the same as what mom gives me, so sweet~”

  ”That’s really good,” Chen Suling kissed his little cheek and smiled. “Maybe you would have some tomorrow.”

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  Small Theater:

  Tang Honjun, who worked hard on his 100-meter sprint: I don’t care, I tried my best! I must be first, my son is waiting for me! !

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