LNTMG-(62) Trampling On Snow

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Tang Jinyu would go to his grandma’s house during the New Year, but sometimes he couldn’t go there whenever he gets sick, and he would spend a lot of time at home.

  Every time it snowed, there would be a snowman in his front yard the next day. Sometimes it’s a big snowman, or sometimes the snowman is in the shape of a panda holding a bamboo. Since Tang Jinyu knew that Teacher Xia grew his own bamboo, he knew who made the snowman.

  His dad likes to make a big snowman stuffed with a carrot nose, and Xia Ye upstairs likes to make him a panda snowman holding bamboo.

  In the winter of the first year of second grade, the child caught several colds. Apart from going to the hospital, he wasn’t allowed to go outside, and he wasn’t able to step on the snow.

  Tang Jinyu stood by the window every day and looked outside. When Chen Suling questioned him, he shook his head and said, “I won’t go out, I will stay with my mother at home.”

  Chen Suling felt sorry for him, but she really didn’t dare to make any further mistakes.


  The snow this year was heavy, and it floated like goose feathers for several days. The snowmen in the yard grew “fat”. When Xia Ye came to see him, the little guy took him by the hand and went to the window, pointed to the snowman and smiled and said: “Brother look, it has a scarf, but it doesn’t wear a hat, and its head is like a big circle, hahaha!”

  Xia Ye rubbed his little head, “Let me see if it’s bigger than yours.”

  Tang Jinyu took his hand to measure, and said seriously: “Of course the snowman is bigger, my head is not big.”

  Xia Ye was amused by the little guy.

  The next day, Mr. Snowman in the yard had a hat on its head, it was a baseball cap. It was the same as the one Tang Jinyu had worn before, the baseball cap was turned the opposite way, and the snowman looked very cool.


  Tang Jinyu was a bit feverish again, and Chen Suling was afraid to take him to the hospital. During this season, her child kept having the flu. She specially invited someone to come home to give Tang Jinyu an injection, and she also took her work home and stayed by her child.

  In the evening, Xia Ye went to the front yard. The curtains in the little guy’s bedroom were drawn closed, but there was a soft light showing through.

  Xia Ye came over with a handful of snow and made a little snowman by the window. After squeezing it, he kneaded his red hands and knocked on the familiar window. Soon, the curtain moved twice, and a small head came out from behind the curtain, and when he saw him, he laughed with his white teeth showing.

  Xia Ye pointed at himself, then at the little snowman by the window.

  The little guy looked carefully through the window for a while, his eyes were bright, and he wanted to reach out to touch the window glass.

  Xia Ye knocked hard on the window.

  The little hand immediately retracted, and the little guy looked up at him, then quickly retracted behind the curtain and ran away.

  After a while, the door opened. Tang Hongjun stood in the entrance hallway outside and took a look. He saw Xia Ye outside and smiled: “Oh, I saw that Xiaoyu was so anxious. It turns out that there is a gift.”

  Xia Ye called him uncle and wanted to go over.

  Tang Hongjun smiled and said, “Don’t worry, you can also bring the snowman in. There is a box that we can put it in, and store it in the refrigerator later.”

  Xia Ye took the little snowman in. Tang Jinyu ran over in his slippers. Xia Ye avoided him and said in a low voice, “Don’t come close to me, I am cold.”

  Tang Jinyu stood a little further, and waited until the little snowman was put in the refrigerator, then he turned around and called to his brother like a little tail, following Xia Ye.


  Xia Ye came to see the little guy specially, and when he heard him cough, he took him to the bedroom and asked him to lie down and rest.

Tang Jinyu lay down all day, and now he was full of energy. Apart from the slight redness on his face, there was nothing unusual. He still talked to Xia Ye while sitting on his bed, “Brother, I haven’t been out this year, and there’s so much snow outside.”


  ”Is it very soft?”

  ”It’s okay, the road surface is a little bit better, it’s hard after stepping on it, and my bike sometimes slips.”

  Tang Jinyu immediately said: “My brother is very powerful, and he never falls down.”

  Xia Ye laughed, he squatted down and took off his shoes for the little guy. The little guy was still wearing cotton socks. The plush material made his feet look fat, which was very cute. Xia Ye rubbed his palms, and when his hands were not so cold, he held the child’s foot and pressed them on the palms of his hands, and said to him, “It’s probably not as cold as snow, would you step on it?”

  Tang Jinyu’s feet were not as big as Xia Ye’s hands, but he was happy after stepping on his hand twice.

  It’s not like snow, it was a little cold, but it was so soft.

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  The author has something to say:

  This year Xiaoyu also stepped on “snow”!

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