LNTMG-(72) Bedtime Story

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When Xia Ye stayed for dinner, Tang Jinyu was very happy. He kept helping arrange the dishes and chopsticks. When eating, he followed Xia Ye to eat more meat and ate all the rice in his small bowl.

  After eating, he was reluctant to leave Xia Ye, and asked, “Brother, are you staying at my house to sleep today?”

  Xia Ye rubbed his head and said, “No, but I’ll tell you a story later, so you should wash first.”

  The little guy went happily. Tang Hongjun was worried that his son might slip and fall in the bathroom, so he followed.

  Xia Ye sat in the living room and chatted with Chen Suling, and then raised the matter of buying office buildings in the Shanghai stock market.

  After listening carefully, Chen Suling nodded and said: “The investment in the real estate market is very good. It has been rising for the past two years. I am also optimistic about the Shanghai stock market. Xiaoye, do you plans to go to the Shanghai stock market after graduation?”

  Xia Ye said: “Shanghai is more convenient than Qizhou.”

  ”That’s true,” Chen Suling thought for a moment. “Actually, I was planning to check it out in two years. The tax incentives offered are very strong. The men’s clothing brands in the company are also mature. They can be made by themselves, and it’s convenient for management in the future.”

  Xia Ye smiled and said, “Auntie, you also want to come? It’s better to bring Xiaoyu with you, let him go to school in Shanghai, or accompany you.”

  Chen Suling said: “How can I do that? I just have this idea. If Xiaoyu goes, there will be a lot of preparation work…”

  ”Are you afraid that he will have trouble transferring to another school? In fact, I also bought a few houses this time.”


  Chen Suling looked at him with a little surprise. The school district housing in Shanghai stock market was not a simple matter. You may not be able to buy it if you have money. After hearing Xia Ye’s account of Lanyin, she suddenly said, “It turns out to be like this.”

  Xia Ye sat and discussed with her for a while, Chen Suling was touched.

  She was in the clothing business, and the brand momentum was at the rising stage. Even if she does not go to Shanghai, it will be more convenient to move to a first-tier city in the future. Not only for more company operations, but also warehouses and factories in the Yangtze River area are more convenient.

  ”Actually, buying a house in the Shanghai stock market this time is part of my dad’s consideration.” Xia Ye admitted “Auntie may not know, but my dad worked at the National Centre for the Performing Arts before. After returning to China, his first and last performances were both in Shanghai… He has always had a knot in his heart, and he can only untie it over there.”

  Chen Suling patted him on the shoulder. Xia Ye hasn’t been so close to his elders for a long time. He was a little nervous and tense. Chen Suling smiled: “You are a good boy, you are doing the right thing. If you need help, just tell me if you need help. Auntie supports you.”

  Xia Ye laughed, nodded and said okay.

  Chen Suling said again: “For the school district’s affairs, your Uncle Tang and I would like to thank you too. You have a lot of  consideration for Xiaoyu, but this matter should not be rushed. I have to think about it.”

  Xia Ye nodded and said, “Of course, it will take me more than two years to graduate. You slowly think about it. Those houses were originally prepared for Xiaoyu. I will let people clean them out and wait for him to live in at any time.”

  Chen Suling asked him a little strangely: “You just started school, right?”

  ”Yeah, but I plan to finish my studies ahead of schedule and come out early to do things.”

  Chen Suling felt that he was not only a little better now. She looked at Xia Ye again, and felt that the boy in front of her seemed to have grown up all at once, and his conversational temperament was different from before. He was no longer such a young boy. But can be called a young man.

  After talking about work for a while, They didn’t know why the topic turned to the child at home again. The two bosses who talked about the child sitting there couldn’t help but smile, and their tone of voice eased a bit.

  ”Xiaoyu has been chanting your name for the past six months. At the beginning, he was not used to it. When he went to the kitchen to get bowls, he was used to getting extra bowls for you. It took more than half a month to not do that anymore.” Chen Suling sighed, “It must be hard for you to think about him too, since you love him so much.”

  “I wasn’t used to it when I first went to school. I think I was used to eating the dishes my dad and Uncle Tang make, that I would miss home after eating.” Xia Ye paused, then smiled, “Actually, the school district room I bought this time is far away. Since my company’s office building is very close, I can pick up Xiaoyu when I go to work, and I can pick him up for dinner at night.”

  Chen Suling thought about the scene for a while and smiled and said, “That’s great, Xiaoyu would be happy. I will plan it out. When you graduate, I guess the company is almost ready.”

  ”Will it be easy for Uncle Tang to transfer over?”

  ”Yeah, it’s convenient that someone from the headquarters called him before. In order to make it easy to go home and take care of Xiaoyu, it happened when I was starting my career. He pushed it off two or three times.” Chen Suling was still a little bit emotional when she talks about it now. She and her husband have known each other since they were students, and they have been dating for many years until they were married. Later, they had a child. The two had a lot of hardships together. Outsiders saw that she had been carrying her child. It seemed that it was the hardest thing, but no one knew how many opportunities Tang Hongjun rejected for his family, and no one knew that she would always have hot meals and dishes when she returned home. The first one to give her a hug, holding their child, waiting for her to eat for dinner.


  She eats quickly, it takes around ten minutes. For so many years, Tang Hongjun has been giving her ten minutes, so that she can eat hot meals.

  Chen Suling had to plan to go to Shanghai again. Hearing the voice of her child in the corridor, Xia Ye went to accompany Tang Jinyu first.

  Tang Jinyu had just taken a shower and changed into a small dark blue nightgown with cartoon planets and small spaceships printed on it. The little guy’s skin was milky white and tender, and his hair had just been dried and was soft and fluffy. Seeing him ran over and gave him a hug. He raised his head and laughed, “Brother! I finished washing!”

Tang Hongjun followed, holding a storybook in his hand and handing it to Xia Ye, smiling and saying, “It just happened to be the last one, and I will be able to replace it with a new one tomorrow.”

  Xia Ye took it, picked up the child and took him to his bedroom to tell the story. The little guy sat on his arm and asked in a low voice, “Brother, I want to hear a new story, how about the encyclopedia with animals printed on?”

  ”After listening to this, I will tell you that one.”


  The little guy’s bedroom was similar to when he left, and the small bed was still the same. Xia Ye took him in and sat on the bed to help him put on the little cotton socks to sleep in. Tang Jinyu was only slightly better, but it takes more than a month to get rid of a cold every winter. If he has a fever, he will have to sleep for at least two or three days. The whole family was very nervous about this, and the work of keeping him warm is very meticulous.

  The small socks are loose-fitting. Xia Ye put them on for him while asking, “That Guo Xiaohu, how is he in class?”

  ”He’s okay!”

  ”Does he have a good attitude towards other students?”

  ”Very good, he doesn’t bully people.”

  Xia Ye frowned and asked him, “Does he not bully you or other children?”

  Tang Jinyu thought about it seriously, “Don’t bully, he’s pretty good.”

  Xia Ye put on cotton socks for him, scratched the soles of his feet, and the little guy laughed and rolled onto the bed to hide. Xia Ye sat on the side of the bed and asked, “Why, isn’t it best for you to be with Ji Yuanjie now?”

  ”Not bad.” Tang Jinyu was ticklish, and a little head popped up under the quilt to see him, “Xiao Ji is at the same table as me, and Guo Xiaohu is our deputy monitor.”

  ”Will the Xingxing still be your class monitor?”

  ”Yeah, it has always been her!”

  Xia Ye laughed and asked him, “Is anyone in the class bullying you?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head.

  How could someone bully him? He usually pulls Xingxing and Guo Xiaohu to not to let them bully others.

  Han Yixing’s sense of collective honor was particularly strong, while Guo Xiaohu came up for a while and suddenly expressed his desire to burst out. They are now famous throughout the four-year classes in school, and the children in other classes are afraid of what school awards they will rob.

  Xia Ye took the story book and turned over that page, but before speaking, he was still worried. “You and Guo Xiaohu didn’t know each other before. He is not a child in this community. Why did you suddenly play together? He seems to be very good to you.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “I helped him once before.”

  Xia Ye was a little surprised: “You still helping people?”

  ”Yeah, I will speak for him.”

  This story was a bit long, but Tang Jinyu still told Xia Ye.

  The little guy spoke a bit slowly, but he explains what happened.

  The thing was like this.

  This was in the second grade of elementary school.

  Guo Xiaohu’s family was indeed a nouveau riche, just like what it was said outside. His family had money, but his background was not good, his parents are not well-educated, so he has the courage to fight. His family had made a fortune in doing earthwork business in the sea.


  There were people in the school who were in the same unit as Guo Xiaohu’s father. They were reluctant to organize and didn’t dare to go on their own. But now seeing that the Guo family came out to do a big business alone, they were dissatisfied. The parents have grievances, so naturally the children will follow suit. When several classes in the school were taking gym class together, Guo Xiaohu played football and rushed to the front. He had good physical strength and seldom passed the ball to others. One of the boys was not happy and pushed Guo Xiaohu.

  ”What’s so great about you, so what if your dad is a nouveau riche!”

  Guo Xiaohu didn’t understand the specific meaning of nouveau riche, but was irritated by the opponent’s contemptuous tone, so he went up and hit them.

  The two of them were fighting at first, but then the ones who were fighting with each other kicked others, and so the other kids also started fighting. Many children were fighting together in the playground. It immediately alarmed the assistant principal and called their teacher’s for a lesson. 

  When Xia Ye heard this, he couldn’t help but interrupted and asked, “Did you fight too?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head: “No, brother I can’t play football, so the teacher asked me to stand as a referee. Whenever they fight, I blow the whistle hard.”

  ”Did it work?”

  ”They never listen.”

  Xia Ye didn’t hold back, and smiled.

  Tang Jinyu said angrily: “Later, the assistant principal came and asked everyone to write a review. Our gym teacher was in the bathroom and followed us when we came back. We wrote five hundred characters, and he wanted to write five thousand characters.”

  Xia Ye: “Did you write?”

  Tang Jinyu still shook his head, looking a little weird and said: “I was responsible for listening to them reviewing and I listened to them all afternoon.”

  Tang Jinyu felt that this was also a punishment, it was simply a spiritual punishment. He would have to memorize it after hearing it for so long, so he might as well write a copy himself.

  ”Later, the teacher called the parents. That classmate and his mother kept talking about Guo Xiaohu. Mother Guo apologized and they said that the teacher asked if anyone saw what happened, I had a good memory, so I went up and said something..” Tang Jinyu lay down. Then, put his feet up to support the little quilt, and made a tent to amuse himself, “Brother look, a camping tent!”

  Xia Ye wrapped the little guy in a quilt and asked him, “What did you say?”

  The little guy wrapped in the quilt twisted and lay down comfortably, “Just those on the playground, I just said everything that I saw.” Those people cursed and pushed, but Guo Xiaohu also beat him back. He was honest, he didn’t help any kid.

  After Xia Ye asked, he was relieved. He picked up the book and told him a story. Tang Jinyu lay there with his eyes open and listened. When Xia Ye looked at him, he immediately closed his eyes and made himself look like he was sleeping.

  In order to imitate the image, he deliberately slowed down his breathing and made it heavier.

  After pretending for a while, he fell asleep for real.

  Xia Ye didn’t have time to finish telling a story, his fingers paused flipping the pages, shook his head with a smile, closed the book and placed it on the small desk aside, tucked the corner of the bed for the little guy on the bed, and turned off the lamp, leaving only one a small night light.


  The small night light was half-moon-shaped, and the tender yellow moon was very cute, leaving a warm glow.

The bedroom door slowly closed, and Xia Ye glanced at the little guy inside and closed the door softly.

  He said goodnight in his heart. His little friend must have had a particularly beautiful dream, his sweet little dimple would be revealed even when he fell asleep.

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  1. I want to roll around in this fluffy nest of a fic! Such a feeling of home, you know? They all honestly love, respect and support one another!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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