LNTMG-(90) Self-Service Hot Pot

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Xia Ye sat in the back row with his laptop, he was wearing a white shirt and suit pants. He had a good figure, and even the simplest clothes made him stand out. His cuffs were rolled up and his wrists were white and slender. His slender fingers fall on the keyboard and tap a few times to reply

  His shoulders sank slightly. After getting in the car, the young boy tilted his head and rested his head on his shoulders. Xia Ye glanced at him and smiled: “Tired?”

  ”Somewhat.” Tang Jinyu rubbed against him, “Brother, what shall we eat today?”

  Xia Ye closed his notebook and asked him, “When are you going back today?”

  There is a reason why he asks this. He originally settled this district for him when he was attending school a few years ago, but he didn’t expect the little guy to get so rich. Before they moved to Shanghai, news came from Yunnan Province that Mr. Chen’s mine had been mined, and the output was very large, and it is accompanied by precious metals. It was really great news, it wasn’t any of the mines that they decided on , but it was the one that Tang Jinyu picked at the beginning, with the little fingerprint pressed by the little guy on it.


  Old Chen was very happy. He kept boasting that his little grandson was gifted with fate. The old man made money in the mine, which naturally did not lose a little bit of his grandchild’s money. The 800,000-plus car money invested at the beginning was really converted into a bonus and distributed to him, and every year he paid it to Tang Jinyu’s account on time.

  Old Chen made a fortune, and Tang Jinyu also made a small fortune. When the family asked him what he was going to do, the little guy said he wanted to buy a house without even thinking about it.

  Sure enough, before moving, he used his bonus money to buy a big house in Shanghai.

  The environment in the new house was better and more convenient than what the school district provided him. It was closer to where the Tang family and his wife work. Tang Hongjun and his wife moved in there, enjoying their son’s filial piety in advance. Tang Gong also joked that Xiaoyu had really “provided for them” this time.

  However, Tang Jinyu doesn’t stay there much, since it was more convenient to go to school that the school district provided him before, and only returns to his parents on the weekends. Both Teacher Xia and Xia Ye live in the school district house that was provided with because of their work. Teacher Xia joined the famous Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and was busy at work. Therefore, Xia Ye stays with the little guy more often.

       When Xia Ye asked, Tang Jinyu thought for a while and said, “Brother, I’ll stay with you, it’s time to water the flowers upstairs.” After choosing, he regained his spirit, “By the way, when we pass by the supermarket in a while, would you like to buy some food?”

  Xia Ye nodded and agreed.

  They usually cook by themselves now, but he rarely does it, usually the elders in the family or his younger brother.

  Tang Jinyu cooks quite a bit now. Since he was allowed to enter the kitchen and cook with fire at home, the little guy’s cooking skills have improved steadily. Now he has learned a lot of good dishes from the elders on both sides, and is very interested in cooking.

  They went to the supermarket to buy a few ingredients. Xia Ye pushed the shopping cart, and Tang Jinyu picked whatever he wanted, and would nod at whatever Xia Ye took. To be honest, he still can only cook simple things to eat. The only way to improve his cooking skill is to learn how to make small meals. which can barely improve his breakfast recipe.


  There were also some teenagers of the same age as him in the supermarket, either in school uniforms or in dark-gray clothes. This age seems to be particularly fond of pretending to be mature, and like to pretend to be cool. Even if they go out to the supermarket with their family, they deliberately walk away to show their independence.

      Tang Jinyu has no awareness of this aspect. He was a few meters tall, but he was still a child in Xia Ye’s eyes. Every time, he looks up to see his brother, and he was also very obedient when he was comparing the two corn seriously. He was very conspicuous among a group of middle school students.

  The little guy can wear whatever clothes he wants, and he was not picky, so Chen Suling still bought him a lot of pink and bright colors that he likes. Like his age, the 14-5-year-old tree sprouted and slowly grew into a teenager, slowly stretching out and growing into a young man, and full of vigor.

  Tang Jinyu picked corn, bought other things, and went to the poultry area to get three yellow chickens.

  Xia Ye said: “Isn’t this too much?”

  ”No, uncle will come back from his business trip tomorrow. I will cook it tonight, and he will be back tomorrow to eat it.”

  Xia Ye took a look and said, “Let auntie at home do it, this is too much trouble.”

  Tang Jinyu thought that it was fine, but since his brother had already decided, he nodded, “Okay, I will make the bag of ingredients, and then put it in and stew it.”

  The elders of the Xia and Tang families are busy now. Before they found a few aunts to take care of their two brothers in the house that they lived in. Tang Jinyu was good at talking, but Xia Ye was very picky. After changing seven or eight aunts in a row, they were left with the current nanny. 


  Moreover, Xia Ye will never let Tang Jinyu stay at home alone with outsiders. Not only was it him, but the whole family members also tacitly approved of it. Tang Jinyu might not remember what happened in the past, but it does not mean that the adults have forgotten the past. Chen Suling occasionally had bad dreams at the beginning about the nanny who scalded her son, and was still afraid.

  Xia Ye went to pay, and after he bought it, he held it in his own hand. But since he grew tall, Tang Jinyu only reached up to his shoulder, and talked to him there. There were many people outside, and Xia Ye went to hold his hand. “Follow.”

  Xia Ye’s palms were wide and dry, and his fingers were slender and straight. Tang Jinyu’s hands were much slender. They were well-maintained hands after playing the piano all the year round. Xia Ye’s hand envelopes his, one large and one small hand.

      Tang Jinyu was happy, shook the hand held by his brother, and was protected by his side as he did when he was a child.

  In the evening when the aunt was cooking, Tang Jinyu wandered in and fried a dish, making a good vinegar cabbage.


  Xia Ye worked outside in the living room. He didn’t dare to stay in the kitchen much, and soon went out. He liked the feeling of cooking. In the past two years, he seemed to be able to learn by himself without a teacher. He also learned a potato noodle dish, and after making it for the first time, it was particularly successful. The strange thing was that no one in the family had ever heard of this dish, but he somehow felt inexplicably familiar with it, and he made it after he got the hang of it. It seemed as though he had done this countless times before, and his body seemed to remember.

  After the meal was prepared, the two brothers ate together, and Xia Ye helped him with his homework and watched him practiced the piano.

  Other people’s families may not know what to do, but the little guy in his family forgets the time every time he plays the piano, and had accidentally played until midnight before, and after going to bed late. He would not be in good spirits the next day, and would often doze off.

  Xia Ye doesn’t understand music, but he understands time.

  In strict accordance with the last second time to stop, and regardless of Tang Jinyu’s pleading with him, he took the little guy to go wash, and stood at the door staring at him, “I’ll give you five minutes, brush your teeth quickly.”

  Tang Jinyu: “Brother…”

  Xia Ye looked at his watch: “There are four minutes and fifty seconds left.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t dare to linger any longer, and immediately brushed his teeth honestly, rushing to finish washing at the end, but before Xia Ye could call him, he lowered his head and squeezed toothpaste again.

  Xia Ye said: “What are you doing?”


  ”It’s for you.” Tang Jinyu put the toothbrush in Xia Ye’s cup, poured half a cup of warm water in it, took a towel and hung it around his neck, and imitated Xia Ye’s tone, “I’ll go to the small bathroom to take a bath, you brush your teeth first, I’ll come back to check on you…” Before he could finish talking, Xia Ye slapped his buttocks, he covered his buttocks and moved away, and said with a smile: “Hey, don’t hit me, brother, I was just teasing you!”

  Xia Ye took the towel on his neck and held a mouthwash, and said. “Go take a shower.”

  Xia Ye washed quickly. After he finished washing in the small bathroom, he came to check on the little guy after thinking about it for a while. The big bathroom was empty, and only a little warm water vapor was still there.

  Xia Ye thought about it, and went to the balcony to take a look. The balcony was presented on the top floor, enough to arrange dozens of potted flowers to form a small garden.


  Tang Jinyu was really there. He wore a large T-shirt with a pair of shorts. He took a water bottle and watered the flowers and plants carefully. The bougainvillea that was above him was growing vigorously. It had already climbed into a small flower shed in the summer and bloomed with roses, with colorful buds.

  Xia Ye approached a little bit, just as Tang Jinyu got up, and almost fell when he stepped back. The little guy’s first reaction was to immediately raise his arm to stabilize the kettle in his hand!

  Xia Ye helped him and laughed. The tip of his nose smelled a little peach shower gel on the little guy. The summer night breeze blew the tip of his nose, and the air became sweet.

  Xia Ye touched his arm and asked, “Is it cold?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head and said with a smile: “It’s only May, it’s not cold at all.”

  Xia Ye took him to sit down on the rattan sofa and asked, “Your birthday will be in a few days, do you have anything you want?”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while, and tentatively asked, “Is anything fine?”

  Xia Ye raised his eyebrows and nodded slowly, “I will try my best.”

  Tang Jinyu immediately became happy and whispered eagerly: “Brother, you can give me some money. I want to invite my classmates to dinner.”


  Xia Ye didn’t expect that he would want this, and said inexplicably, “Who are you inviting to dinner and where?”

  ”To my birthday? Many classmates gave me gifts. I just want to invite them to have a meal together. Do you think you want to give me some pocket money…”

  Xia Ye said: “Where can you find a good place, turn around and tell your Brother Song, I will let him arrange it for you, do you need a car to pick you up?”

  Tang Jinyu hesitated and still wanted money, but he watched Xia Ye’s face carefully, looking for anything suspicious, and he immediately said, “Brother Song is going to look for something different, brother, I want to eat near the school. There is a hot pot near our school, and the food is very delicious.”

  Xia Ye flicked his forehead and said, “One year older, and he is indeed bolder. You want to go out to eat by yourself this time? Not going home for your birthday?”

  ”No, I will have dinner with my classmates at noon, and I will go home to eat together with them in the evening.”

  Xia Ye said: “Okay, you pick a place, just tell me when you come back, I will arrange everything for you.”

  Tang Jinyu talked for a long time, but still didn’t get a penny, but his brother was in a good mood early the next morning. He just helped straighten his tie when he went out, and Xia Ye took out his wallet, and gave him a few large bills, saying that it was his pocket money.

  Tang Jinyu was very happy, but he didn’t leave, and he still wanted to say something.


  Xia Ye closed the wallet and asked, “What are you buying? Isn’t this enough?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “What I want to buy is quite expensive.”

  ”Buy what?”

  ”…Buy a skateboard.”

  Xia Ye burst into laughter and rubbed his head, “Who do you think I am for you to pour me water and squeeze toothpaste just to please me last night, how much do you need?”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while and said, “One thousand yuan?”

  This number was not too much, but it was not too small for a middle school student. Xia Ye didn’t ask much, and took a thousand from his wallet.


  Tang Jinyu’s birthday was on May 20th. It was a coincidence that businesses are hyping various festivals in recent years. It soon becomes a special anniversary for lovers. Many businesses call this “Little Valentine’s Day”, and roses sell well every time.

  On Tang Jinyu’s birthday, Song Yi really came to contact him.

  After Song Yi heard what Xia Ye said, he came to ask: “Xiaoyu, there are three hot pot restaurants near your school, and one barbecue restaurant serves hot pot. Which one do you want to eat at?”

  Tang Jinyu had forgotten this. After listening to him, he could only choose a self-service hot pot. Song Yi agreed and asked him to bring his classmates over for dinner at noon.

     Tang Jinyu was actually short of money. He owns a lot of houses and has a lot of savings, but none of them can be used. If he uses a small amount of it, the adults will find that he can only make these certain ideas from getting pocket money. He thought he could get a little extra pocket money by celebrating my birthday, but now it seems that there was no hope.


     He told his classmates that he originally only wanted to invite a few boys, but by noon, almost the whole class was watching him eagerly, waiting for him to send an invitation.

  It’s up to today who the little school grass has a good relationship with!

  Many people were filled with fighting spirits, just waiting for Tang Jinyu to come over. Some young girls were not to be outdone, and eagerly signaled with their eyes that they were usually in a study group as him!

  Tang Jinyu only wanted to invite a few people, but felt that this was not very good. He scratched his head, and simply invited the whole class to eat self-service hot pot.

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3 thoughts on “LNTMG-(90) Self-Service Hot Pot

  1. Jinyu, as always, is so popular! I mean, why wouldn’t he be? Sweet, good looking, talented. Too bad for the girls in his class, but this isn’t their story.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. He is already 14. Time really flies, even in novels. At the beginning I still wondered, if the Story was a little bit slow and now I don’t want him to grow up.
    I wonder when He will find the Note from when He just transmigrated, when He will meet the grandpa of his other life and if there is another him in this life or if the Person He was originally, just does Not exist here.

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