LNTMG-(106) Perception

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 Xia Ye simply refused, “Don’t even think about it.”

  Tang Jinyu tried to mention more things, thinking that if his brother feels soft, he will follow along.

  But he himself knew that the plan to go out in winter was not feasible.

  Not only before, but even when they moved to Shanghai, the adults at home are also watching him closely. In recent years, he has not lived in the hospital for ten days and a half months every winter, which may be the happiest thing that has happened for the family.

  Even if Tang Hongjun and his wife spoiled him on weekdays, they would never agree for him to go to Harbin.

  The adults in the family would never agreed on this point, and Xia Ye would not be soft-hearted in this regard.


  Tang Jinyu actually didn’t know where the old man in his dream was. It’s just that Harbin was more famous. But when it comes to food, other cities around him are not too good. He was actually not sure whether he could find the old man, since the clues were gone, and he could only depend on fate.

  Xia Ye did not agree to his request to travel, but took him to go fishing the day before school started.

It so happened that Han Yichen and Old Ape were both here. Song Yi asked Han Yichen to stay for two more days to complete the last handover work, and Old Ape came with his wife. He has been married for a few years, and still acted the same as when he got married, and his wife is very good.

  Old Ape’s wife is called Yue Yuan, she was on a business trip to Shanghai to follow Mr. Tang Hui to give a math report. The old man wanted to wait for tomorrow so that he could attend the entrance ceremony of his grandson’s school, and give his grandson a surprise. Old Ape hurriedly turned it in advance, and Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu to meet with Grandpa Tang.

  Elder Tang was also happy to see the two of them. When he caught up with them, he asked his grandchild about his recent physical condition. Tang Jinyu was well behaved in front of the elders in the family, and did not say anything about the minor illness that he had during summer vacation.

  Grandpa Tang has loved him since he was a child, and when he heard this, he nodded and smiled: “It’s good that you didn’t get sick, remember this Xiaoyu, you don’t have to try so hard, your body comes first, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and made tea for his Grandpa, and his words were incredibly sweet.

  Xia Ye sat aside and said, “He has been calling grandpa when he talks in his sleep for the past two days. If you didn’t come, I would have taken him over to see you after taking some time off.”


  Grandpa Tang smiled and nodded, “Yes, Xiaoyu has liked me since I was a child.”

  Tang Jinyu also likes his grandfather. Although he was not the old man in his dream, the goodness of his elders was irreplaceable. He has grown up in this big family since he was a child, and has become accustomed to his relatives surrounding him, and could not bear to part with them.

  He has different feelings for the old man in his dream, and he wants to take good care of him after he finds the old man.

  Mr. Tang Hui finished his business and had a lot of time in the afternoon. Originally, he wanted to leave Tang Jinyu to play chess with him, but Xia Ye said to him, “Grandpa, I arranged a ride. I plan to take Xiaoyu out for camping and fishing, do you want to come with us?”

  The old man was very happy and agreed. He didn’t rush to leave, he originally planned to stay in Shanghai for a few days to attend the child’s entrance ceremony.

  His grandson will be a high school student tomorrow, and has seen him grow up since he was a little boy, and he has finally grown into a big boy.

  Grandpa Tang nodded in response, and Xia Ye called on the way and asked the adults in the family. He originally thought Chen Suling was busy with work, but after she heard about this, she also agreed.

  Not only did Chen Suling come by herself, she also brought the two elders of the Chen family. She helped the old lady down when gathering at the campsite. Grandma Chen had some pain in her knees over the past two years, and it was not convenient to go up and down the steps, and took her hand.

  Tang Jinyu was originally setting up a tent with his brother, and he was specially surprise, and ran over and shouted and hurriedly helped the old lady down, “Grandma, Grandpa, why are you here?”


  Grandma Chen smiled and said, “We wanted to give you a surprise. Your grandpa and I were here last night, and we were staying with your mother. We wanted to go to your school entrance ceremony tomorrow to see you directly and cheer for you!” The old lady was still kind towards him, and reached out her hand towards her grandchild’s face, and smiled, “Xiaoyu is getting better and better, and your face is really beautiful!”

  Tang Jinyu was also happy, and he didn’t forget to correct the old lady and said, “Grandma, I am a boy, I want to be called handsome…or you can say that I am really cool.”

  ”What’s cool?”

  ”It’s so cool! Just like my brother, the kind who sits there and doesn’t speak are so handsome~”


  Han Yichen has never seen Tang Jinyu coax his elders before. He thinks that Xia Ye’s younger brother has a special magnetic field on his body, which is especially attractive to elders and small animals. The adults in his family love him, seeing such a clever and sensible little boy, they naturally like him from the bottom of their heart. His younger sister also liked him in the beginning, but his five-year old sister was completely old enough, and her mind was not mature enough, so Han Yichen classified her as a small animal.

  Teacher Xia and Tang Hongjun were busy with work, so they didn’t make it. Old Ape came with his wife. Incidentally, with a bachelor like Han Yichen, he gathered a lot of people. This was originally considered a simple camping has now become a lively family gathering.

  Tang Jinyu especially likes the lively atmosphere of his big family. He helped everywhere like a little bee, and he can be seen everywhere. He was either looking for a fishing rod for Grandpa Chen, or helping his mother and Grandma Chen find seasoning in the car. Xia Ye often drove out to play with him, so he was more familiar with it. After finishing all these tasks, he helped Old Ape and his wife set up a tent. Old Ape thought that his highness was also a technical foreign aid. After all, he looked like he had never done any work before, but he didn’t expect that Tang Jinyu was quite skilled.


  The tent stood up after a while, and Old Ape praised him: “Wow, Xiaoyu, how come I never knew you could do this before, this tent was set up so fast that it can catch up to a professional level!”

  Tang Jinyu helped him fix a few sticks, and said proudly: “This is nothing, my brother can do it faster.”

  Old Ape said: “Oh? Did Xia Ye teach you?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head: “No, my brother didn’t let me, so I just watched and learned it by myself.”

  Old Ape immediately boasted: “You learned by watching, you have a high understanding!”

  The two of them started to flatter each other, Old Ape flattered Tang Jinyu, and the little highness flattered his brother wholeheartedly, boasting louder than Old Ape.

  Yue Yuan pursed her lips while listening. She was a particularly gentle person, and has studied with Mr. Tang for many years, and naturally knew about Tang Jinyu. Yue Yuan was fortunate enough to hold his five-year-old majesty. Although she didn’t meet him that much afterwards, she had a very good impression of the child, and considered Tang Jinyu as a junior, and took care of him.

  Naturally, Old Ape didn’t need to say much. Since he cheekily entered this family, he has taken care of Mr. Tang with all his heart, and he has never regarded himself as an outsider.

  The two elders of the Tang family and the Chen family found fishing rods and buckets, and made an appointment to go fishing by the river. Seeing Old Ape hurriedly moving his chair to follow him, he was afraid that he would not be able to take care of him well, so he deliberately called Han Yichen, who was particularly good with fishing.


  Han Yichen also moved a folding chair, and whispered to him as he walked: “Brother, you want to dig the boss’s corner again?”

  ”What corner?”

  ”Xiaoyu, you didn’t see Lao Xia just looking at you so many times. If you don’t leave, he will have to go and ask for someone.” Han Yichen was happy, “Don’t be greedy for other people’s children, you and your sister-in-law too need to work hard.”

  Old Ape smiled and said, “It’s all on fate, we are still young and we are not in a hurry.”

  ”My sister-in-law is young, but you are getting older…”

  ”Hey, don’t you know the average age of a couple? I’m younger than average.”


  The two elderly people went fishing together. Chen Suling accompanied Grandma Chen to make some snacks in the RV, and Yue Yuan came over to help. Chen Suling originally wanted to come by herself, but her business made her too busy these past two years and her cooking skills did not improve much. Yue Yuan looks gentle and smart, but her cooking and snacks were made particularly neat, which looked better than Chen Suling kneading noodles.

  Grandma Chen looked at her and liked her. After hearing her name, she continued to smile, nodding and boasting: “This name is good,’Flower and full moon’, it is a good name!”

  Yue Yuan chuckled. She also felt that this family of the Little Highness was good. After she came to camp here, she didn’t know how many words she was praised for, and even her name was praised for. It was really comfortable to get along with their family, both the young and old. 


  Tang Jinyu also went to the riverside. He helped the old men lay down hand-held buckets. After a while, he filled a few small fish in a glass bottle and held them over. The little guy laughed very happily, and showed his brother first as if offering him a treasure.

  Xia Ye took a look, put the bottle aside, and beckoned the little guy to come and sit down.

  There was a small empty chair next to him, but Tang Jinyu didn’t go, shook the drops of water on his hand, and put it on Xia Ye’s arm again, “Brother, is it cool?”

  Xia Ye clutched his hand and said, “Come and sit down.”

  Tang Jinyu habitually squeezed with him, with one leg on his knee.

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t notice this, and talked about fishing. After talking for a while, he looked up at him, “Brother, what’s wrong, do you not like this bottle? I’ll change it for you…”

  Xia Ye looked at him for a while, raised his hand to squeeze his chin, and chuckled, “Still a kid.”

  Tang Jinyu asked strangely: “What’s the matter?”

  Xia Ye pulled him over, and the little guy squeezed him into a chair next to him with his legs overlapping his, and the two brothers cuddled up and talked.


  The folding chair was a bit small. Tang Jinyu still wanted to sit on his brother’s lap as before, but this time Xia Ye didn’t let him. He lowered his eyes and said, “What’s the matter with your legs? Look how big you are.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t understand. He had been sitting in his brother’s arms like this since he was a child. He was slapped on the butt and moved aside, tilted his head and leaned in his arms and looked up at him, looking at him like a chick who was kicked out of the nest, ignorant and was still trying to stay.

  He wanted to see if he would be driven away, and wanted to see how much Xia Ye who he relies on most can tolerate.

  This time, seeing Xia Ye didn’t drive him away, he became happy again and continued to talk to his brother, “Brother, you see that the fish is only as thick as it’s finger belly, right? Actually, Grandpa said it was going to have a baby, and that’s a very small species, and you can see that it has a very round stomach, and Grandpa bet that it’s going to have a baby fish in a few days…..”

  Xia Ye listened to him, and it was a bit cold when the wind rose. So he took the thin windbreaker on the side and covered himself. The little guy raised his hand and was ready to get into his arms, and his movements were particularly skilled.

  Xia Ye covered the two of them with his clothes, held his hand and asked, “Are you cold?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head and was still smiling, “I was a little bit earlier, but I’m not cold anymore. Grandma said that she would make us a full fish banquet at night. There is going to be some sweet and sour fish and grilled fish. Brother, do you want spicy or vine pepper flavor?”


  The little guy talked a lot for him.

  As if he was the only one in his heart.

  Xia Ye lowered his eyes, unable to see what he was thinking.

  Tang Jinyu waited for a long time for a response and looked up at him. Just as he called out his brother, Xia Ye scratched his chin with his hand, and he laughed and said that it was itchy.

  Xia Ye also laughed and said: “Anything will do, I won’t pick.”

  ”How about the taste of rattan pepper?”

  ”Are you so greedy?”


  Xia Ye ordered this along with him,

  Tang Jinyu happily got out of his clothes and went to report to the RV.

  Xia Ye sat there alone, with a book in his hand, but did not turn the page for a long while, staring at the page with a heavy eye, furrowing his eyebrows and loosening it for a while, not knowing where it fell.

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  1. Yep, Xia Ye is definitely putting the pieces together! His road might be a bit long yet considering Xiaoyu’s mindset (I know he’s growing up, the author is doing a great job showing it, but you can tell he’s still in an awkward growing up stage!) and protective family! Everyone loves Xia Ye now, but how about when goes from adopted son to son-in-law? I hope it goes well, truly! I love everyone in this family (minus the aunt who hasn’t been mentioned lately but left a very bad impression) and want everyone to get along happily together. I’m rooting for you, Xia Ye!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Xia Ye needs to wait a few more years. Till Xiaoyu graduates from highschool and gets into college atleast. It’s going to test his endurance for sure. I wonder when Tang Jinyu will realise his own feelings?

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  3. Thank you for updating, translator-san!!!
    LOL, Xia Ye already has a clue, I think. So he start to fix his and Jinyu’s manner, LOLOLOL
    I love grandpa Tang, grandma Chen and grandpa Chen. I hope there are holiday scene again like in the previous chapters with complete family members (including teacher Xia and Tang Hongjun too)

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