LNTMG-(113) Growing Taller

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Tang Jinyu seldom filed complaints, but this time he told his brother all about it.

  Xia Ye asked again, but after hearing that his brother’s focus was on his classmates’ height, he said to him: “I will take you to eat bone soup later, and you will grow taller if you eat more.”

  Tang Jinyu was unhappy, up until he was eating, but once he heard his brother say that he had been drinking bone soup in middle school to grow tall, he then regained his energy and cheered up.

  After dinner, Tang Jinyu followed Xia Ye, begging for a small glass of ice-cola skillfully, and drank the coke to see the small fishes.

The fish in the water made him really happy, and soon his mood improved.

  Xia Ye has already “delivered” the little fish, and moved the newly hatched fry to the aquarium where water has been placed on the side. The whole body of the newly born fry was almost transparent, and only the eyes of the fish were slightly colored. Swimming back and forth. The fish looked small, but it was quite able to grow. More than twenty fry were born in one breath.


  Xia Ye brought special fish food over and helped him grind the solid fish food into powder and feed it to the fishes,  “When he grows up, you can feed them a little, and you don’t have to crush the food so much. Just feed them carefully for a period of time, and they will be just fine”

  Although this kind of fish was often seen in the river, it was very difficult to raise it in captivity. For this reason, Xia Ye asked many people from aquarium stores and pet hospitals for advice and took care of them very carefully.

  Xia Ye went to the kitchen to cut fruits, and Tang Jinyu held his chin and talked to the little fishes, “You guys eat more, you can grow bigger if you eat more!”

  Xia Ye brought the fruit over, heard the little guy chanting, and fed him a strawberry while asking: “How tall do you want to grow?”

  Tang Jinyu’s cheeks swelled as he ate a strawberry, and gestured, “Eighteen meters!”

  Xia Ye laughed and rubbed his head, “Well, let’s set a small goal first. I will measure you every time you come, and I will make your small wish come true if you grow at least one centimeter.”

  Tang Jinyu’s eyes lit up, “Brother, really?”

  Xia Ye nodded.

  Tang Jinyu asked Xia Ye to measure him on the spot. He habitually stood at the wall on the other side of the corridor, stood up straight and held up his chest, waiting for his brother to measure. Xia Ye took a measurement tape for him, and the two of them stood close. Xia Ye was almost the little guy in his arms, and carefully measured him and said: “16 4.5 cm.”

  Tang Jinyu was content with this, “Did I grow taller? Then I can use a little bit of it for my wish.”

  Xia Ye looked down at him, and was infected by his simple happiness, with a smile in his eyes, “Well, you can make a wish with 0.5 centimeters, what do you want?”

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him, his eyes gleaming, as if he wanted to say something but was embarrassed to say it.


  Xia Ye has been with him for too long, and he knew what the little guy was thinking at first glance. He leaned over and pinched the tip of his nose and said: “It’s not good in winter. It’s too cold. When the weather gets warmer, I will take you there, but I will ask if they have an indoor ice sculpture exhibition in April or May.”

  Tang Jinyu let out a “wow” and jumped up to hug his brother. Xia Ye held him firmly in a hug, but after only a few seconds, he let go: “Eat well, and when you grow taller, I will take you there.”

  ”Hmm, brother, you are the best!”

  Soon it was not just Xia Ye helping him grow taller, the whole family began to help Tang Jinyu grow taller, trying to make more foods that are easy to absorb calcium. Xia Ye would take him to exercise on weekends when he was not practicing the piano. Tang Jinyu would let his fingers practice a lot, and after practicing the piano, his fingers became more flexible and he was able to do more things. One of the happiest things to do was follow Xia Ye to learn indoor rock climbing. The young man’s body was flexible enough, like a dexterous kitten. His movements were fast and good.

  With the efforts of the whole family, his developmental period, which was three years late, began.

  One day when he got up, Tang Jinyu’s throat felt uncomfortable, and he spoke hoarsely, and then his appetite obviously increased when he went home for dinner during the day. In the past, he could only eat more when Xia Ye ate with him, but now the child can finish two  bowls of rice by himself. In the evening, the occasional leg cramps would cause him to wake up in pain. When Tang Jinyu experienced this, he knew that he was going to grow taller, and he felt happy every day, and drank his milk in the morning and evening on time.


  Xia Ye’s company has been busy recently and hasn’t come back for a while. When he took some time to pick up his brother from school on the weekend, he found that the little guy had grown taller.

  Tang Jinyu put his head against his arm, gestured, and said excitedly: “Brother, look, did I grow taller again?”

  Xia Ye was still looking at him. Not only his height, but also his eyebrows seemed to be a little longer. He stretched his hand over, and the little guy habitually put his face on his palm, smiling wide that his eyes were bent, looking like he was waiting for praise.

  Xia Ye also smiled, and the likability was exactly the same as when he was a child. He nodded and said, “Yes, you have grown taller, I almost can’t recognize you.”

  Tang Jinyu said with joy: “This isn’t the end of it, I will grow taller!”

  Tang Jinyu hadn’t seen Xia Ye for a long time. After having dinner at home in the evening, he told his parents and went to play with his brother. His little fishes were raised on Xia Ye’s side, and now they are bigger now, swimming around in the small fish tank with ease, and they look very good.


  Tang Jinyu watched them for a long time with relish. He now only enjoys watching the little fishes. Ever since, during his changing voice period, he can’t drink Coke anymore.

  Xia Ye chose a movie to watch with him. This was one of Tang Jinyu’s wishes after he grew tall, and he said that the two brothers would watch a movie together at home. Xia Ye chose a very lively action comedy. Tang Jinyu was watching while eating cherries. When he saw the climax, he wanted to turn around and say something to his brother, but when he turned around and saw that his brother was already asleep.

  Xia Ye wore dark blue pajamas that were the same color as him, sat there leaning against the sofa, and fell asleep with his eyes closed.


  Tang Jinyu lightly took a blanket over and covered it over his brother. After thinking about it, he tried to sit up, and let his brother lean his head on his shoulder, and took the initiative to let him use him as a pillow.

  Xia Ye’s eyelashes moved briefly, and stayed in that position and fell asleep again.

  Halfway through the movie, Tang Jinyu sat and watched it by himself. The lights in the living room were dim, but it was not cold beside him, and there was a person beside him to give him some warmth. His brother was very tired from work, so it’s good to accompany him while watching a movie, and enjoy it.

  Xia Ye slept very deeply. He woke up two hours later and recovered some energy. He moved a little, and the boy next to him quickly noticed it and smiled and handed over a glass of warm water.

  Xia Ye took it and drank it. When he looked up and saw the screen, his hand paused, “Sorry, I accidentally fell asleep.”

Tang Jinyu shook his head.

  Xia Ye looked up at him, and the little guy pointed to his throat and then to the dimples on his face. He didn’t look upset at all.

  Xia Ye’s hands were itchy, squeezed his face, and said, “Next time I will make it up for you, go wash and sleep first, and I will send you to school tomorrow.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and went to wash happily.


  Xia Ye slept with him at night, probably because of tiredness from work. Hearing the deep breathing of the little guy, he slept very securely this time.

  In the middle of the night, Tang Jinyu had a cramp in his calf and gave out a painful “hiss”, and Xia Ye was awakened. He was startled when he saw the thin layer of sweat on the little guy’s forehead. Later, he realized that it was just a cramp on his leg and hurriedly rubbed him, and put a towel on it for a while.

  Tang Jinyu’s eyelashes were very long, it was unclear if he was sleepy or if pain caused by the cramps on his calf just now, his eyes were foggy and his eyelashes were a little wet. But he yawned, patted the pillow next to him, and whispered, “Brother, sleep.”

  Xia Ye rubbed him and asked, “It doesn’t hurt anymore?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, unable to open his eyes from sleepiness, “It doesn’t hurt, I’m all right.”

  Xia Ye observed for a while and confirmed that he was all right, then turned off the lights and fell asleep.

  When the little guy in his family grew up a little bit, Xia Ye’s career ushered at its peak again. This time it was a big business, specializing in network security. If this order was completed, the entire company will reach a new level.

  Xia Ye only gave himself one day off during the New Year. After spending a short time with his family, he went to the company to work overtime.

  During the New Year, Tang Jinyu followed his parents to visit his grandfather in Qizhou City. After staying for one day, he went to his grandma’s house on the second day of the New Year and stayed for a few days.

  He remembered that his elder brother who was in Shanghai could not go out to play with him, and he returned home early after spending a few days with the elderly.

  The house was cold and quiet, It was obvious that no one else had come back to see what they were like when they left and what they are still like now. During the Spring Festival, there are many concerts. Teacher Xia was very busy at this time. If it was in the previous year, Xia Ye would be at home, but now he lives in the company.


  Chen Suling cleaned up the house, while Tang Hongjun cooked some food and personally accompanied his son to deliver food to Xia Ye. He rarely came to Xia Ye’s company, but Tang Jinyu came over often and knew the people here very well. Tang Hongjun didn’t even have to worry about finding him, and smiled after being sent to the elevator: “Xiaoyu, go up by yourself. At night, see if you go to live with your brother or go home. If your brother is busy, call me and dad will pick you up.”

  Tang Jinyu agreed and went up with the lunch box.

  Xia Ye stayed up all night and was busy in the office, when suddenly the door opened with a “click”. His room card was only given to a few important people. After raising his eyes and seeing the people coming in, his eyebrows also relaxed a lot. A smile appeared: “Why are you back today? Didn’t you go to grandma’s house and stay for a few more days?”

  Tang Jinyu probed, and said, “I miss you… Brother, are you busy now? How about I go to Song Brother and wait for a while.”

  Xia Ye beckoned him over: “I’m not busy, come in.”

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