LNTMG-(122) Fermentation

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  Xia Ye knows very little about the entertainment industry, but the other party was Song Yi’s girlfriend, so it was an entirely different matter.

  Thinking of the company’s rumors before, he asked again: “Then Yin Qing, the one who came to the company to look for you?”

  Song Yi nodded and admitted generously, “Yes, it was her.”

  Xia Ye was surprised by this, “Is she not afraid of being recognized?”

  Song Yidao: “I have known her for many years. She used to perform in the S Drama Troupe, but at that time she was acting as a back dancer. It took only a couple of years to start on the show, no one should know her. I already talked to the Secretary room, to not cause a disturbance, since we are all very busy, she’s only been to the company once or twice.”After he said this, he was also a little curious about this, “It isn’t strange that the people in the secretary’s office know this, but how did you find out? I have never seen you interested in this before.”

  Xia Ye said: “Listen to Xiaoyu.”

  Song Yi laughed, “I guess so, Xiaoyu heard more news in the company than I knew.”

  That kid is very popular, and has a couple of older brothers who spoil him, listening with his little ears raised up, and is absolutely a little gossip expert.


  Xia Ye talked to Song Yi for a few words, then went to call Tang Jinyu. He had left the little guy out for most of the day, and felt that it was almost time to get back now.

  Tang Jinyu and a few friends gathered together at noon to celebrate in advance. Li He invited them to have a meal of authentic local specialties. The red sausage, pot-packed meat and stewed fish were all served. Although there was no cake, the future pianist stood up and sang a happy birthday song to Tang Jinyu, and wished him a happy birthday with tea instead of wine, indicating that after the separation, he would be happy to chase stars by himself tomorrow.

  When Xia Ye called, Tang Jinyu and the others were on their way back. Xia Ye wanted to catch him, but he didn’t expect the house fish to be so obedient that he started to swim back in time.

  ”Brother, we’ll be there in a while, I bought you a gift!”

  Xia Ye asked him what he bought, but Tang Jinyu refused to say.

  Xia Ye went to the hotel entrance and waited ahead of time to see if he was deliberately playing around. When the car arrived, he saw Han Yixing beckoning to him, and his classmate who came down from the co-pilot looked back in the back row, but he didn’t see the figure of his younger brother.

  Xia Ye walked over and took a look, and saw Guo Xiaohu trying to help him move the person off. He patted Guo Xiaohu on the shoulder and said, “I’m coming.”

  Guo Xiaohu didn’t know what to do, so he quickly stepped aside. Xia Ye went over and took a look. His brother leaned against the car window and slept soundly. The little guy was quite good at this. He slept with his backpack and put out a soft pillow for himself, and didn’t wake up when I got there.


  Xia Ye called him twice, and saw that he had said “um” and without even lifting his fingers, he picked the person out of the car altogether.

  The other two followed one by one, and Han Yixing looked over with some worry, “Brother Xia Ye, is Xiaoyu okay?”

  Xia Ye whispered: “He’s okay, he’s asleep, did you drink at noon?”

  Han Yixing shook her head blankly, “No, we had dinner with Li He, and then sang a happy birthday song.”

  ”What did you drink?”

  ”Just drink tea, sour plum juice and a little drink…” The little girl’s voice was a little quiet, and she was still trying to help Tang Jinyu. “Really, Xiaoyu hasn’t drank Coke for a long time. Li He recommended a drink at room temperature.”

  Guo Xiaohu had half a bottle left in his backpack. He showed it to Xia Ye. It was a bottle of Kvass. After carefully reading the formula table, he saw that the fermented ingredients were different from the others. It was fermented from bread, and the alcohol concentration was marked. 1%. Guo Xiaohu was a little confused, “Brother Xia Ye, is Xiaoyu drunk?”

  Xia Ye didn’t answer and asked, “Did he do anything unusual in the car?”

  The two looked at each other and shook their heads together: “No, he said that he was a little sleepy after calling you, and then he put his school bags together and started to sleep on his pillow.”


  Xia Ye walked quickly. Guo Xiaohu on the side wanted to help, but Xia Ye didn’t let him go, and said politely to him: “I can do it myself. See if there is any clothes in the backpack, give him some clothes.”

  Guo Xiaohu opened his schoolbag and took out a black T-shirt. He hadn’t taken care of anyone before, so he put it on the head of Tang Jinyu, still nervously saying, “Brother Xia Ye, is this all right?”

  Xia Ye looked down and found it a little funny, but didn’t let him touch him again, so he took his brother to the elevator. When the people in the hotel saw that they thought something had happened, they came to ask if they should call a doctor. After hearing the reason, they immediately smiled and said, “That drink is like this. Although the alcohol concentration is very low, people who drink it for the first time will not be used to it, so we will arrange for the back chef to cook a bowl of mung bean soup for you.”

  Xia Ye nodded and said, “Thank you.”

  Guo Xiaohu wanted to follow, but Xia Ye didn’t let him, so he only asked him to help open the door and the guest thanked him.

  Guo Xiaohu was a little afraid of Xia Ye. He stood there looking at the closed door for a long time without having the courage to knock twice, scratching his head and heading to the next door.

  Xia Ye put Tang Jinyu on the bed and watched him condescendingly for a while. He had never seen such a well-behaved drunk person.

  Not noisy, just lying there quietly to sleep, his face looked good, his face was pink, and he looked like a vigorous young man.


  Xia Ye looked for a moment, got up and went to the bathroom to wet a handkerchief, and wanted to wipe the little guy’s face. Just after leaving the room for a while, he saw Tang Jinyu sitting up by himself, sitting on the bed blankly. Xia Ye went over and said, “Xiaoyu, are you awake? Come here, I will wipe your face, and see if you dare to drink this in the future…”

Tang Jinyu raised his head and asked him to wipe his face. After wiping it, Xia Ye poured him a glass of warm water. Tang Jinyu still kept his head up and asked him to wipe his face.

  Xia Ye was amused: “Drink water and stop wiping your face.”

  Tang Jinyu let out a cry, lowered his head and started drinking the glass of water in his hands, drinking a little bit like a chick, especially obedient.

  The doorbell outside rang, Xia Ye wanted to go over to look, but Tang Jinyu grabbed the hem of his clothes. The little guy wondered, “Brother, where are you going?”

  Xia Ye gently pulled his fingers, “Go to the door to see, someone is coming.”

  Tang Jinyu raised his head and said, “Are you coming back? Brother, don’t leave me behind.”

  Xia Ye squeezed his face and smiled: “Come back, I won’t leave you even if I lose my life.”

  The hotel waiter who brought sober mung bean soup. Xia Ye took it and fed him by himself, but this time his brother wasn’t sitting on the bed anymore. Instead, he stood in the middle of the bed and looked at him condescendingly, a little emotional.


  Xia Ye waved to him, “Sit down and drink the soup.”

  Tang Jinyu looked at him for a while, then shook his head and said, “Stop drinking, I have to go.”

  Xia Ye felt inexplicable, “Where to go?”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t say a word, and walked two steps out of the bed. Xia Ye was afraid that he would fall off the bed and quickly put the soup on the small cabinet beside him. He went to hug the person and said, “Where are you going, tell me, and I’ll take you there.”

  Tang Jinyu walked two steps and found that he couldn’t get rid of him, so he simply sat in his brother’s arms, and said with a muffled voice, “I want to put on clothes.”

  Xia Ye took a pajama jacket he wore last night and put it on the little guy and said, “Okay, you’re wearing it.”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head: “Not enough, I have to wear a few more.”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Xia Ye has seen someone who drank too much and took off his clothes, but this was the first time he heard of his brother who wanted to be dressed, but he also indulged him, putting on his clothes on his brother one by one, and wearing a piece of pajamas. A T-shirt, with his shirt on the outside. Xia Ye took his suit jacket and wrapped it up for him, “Is this enough?”

  Tang Jinyu wrapped himself into a ball and was finally satisfied.


  But after a while he started rubbing his eyes again, and Xia Ye stopped him and said, “Don’t rub your eyes.”

  Tang Jinyu blinked and looked up at him, his eyes slowly reddening, and he sniffed and said, “Brother, if I’m not at home, would you be particularly sad? I can’t bear to…”


  ”I can’t bear to leave Grandpa, but I also can’t bear to leave everyone.”

  Xia Ye didn’t understand what he said, and asked in confusion: “Who can’t bear it?”

  The suit jacket was too big. Tang Jinyu raised his arm and showed a little finger with some effort, and he shook his  fingers to count: “I can’t bear to leave everyone, mom and dad, grandpa, grandma and them, and uncle, and you…”

  Xia Ye listened to him counting for a long time, knowing that he couldn’t talk sense with the little guy at the moment, so he hugged him and coaxed, “You can’t bear to leave.”

  Tang Jinyu was in a dilemma. He shook her head for a while, then hesitated, asking what to do as if he was talking to himself.


  Xia Ye kissed him and raised his head, and said in a low voice: “Stop crying, it’s okay, you say it slowly, will that help you?”

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him, and suddenly stretched out his  hand to explore his face. The tips of his fingers were warm. Xia Ye only felt that the places where his fingers touched were faintly hot, and even his heartbeat accelerated a little.

  Tang Jinyu distinguished him for a long time, as if recognizing who he was, and smiled at him, Xia Ye raised his lips involuntarily, but the following sentence that the little guy said made him stiff.

  The person in his arms whispered, “I’ve been thinking, if you were my brother, it would be nice.”

  Xia Ye held his hand and didn’t move any more at that moment. Even the heartbeat was still for a while. How hot his blood was just now, and how cold it was at this moment, and it ran to his heart like a ball of ice, and his hands and feet were a little stiff.

  Tang Jinyu fell asleep, Xia Ye took the person to the bed and let him fall asleep. He sat on the recliner beside him and kept watching, silently.

  Tang Jinyu slept all afternoon. He was awakened by Xia Ye in the evening, but when he woke up, he was still a little asleep, so he yawned and greeted his brother in a low voice.


  Xia Ye handed over a wet towel, “It’s getting late, it’s going to be night.”

  Tang Jinyu raised his hand to get the towel. As soon as he raised his hand, he noticed something was wrong, and looked down at himself. “Brother, why do I wear so many clothes? This shirt is yours!”

  Xia Ye chuckled and said, “You wore it yourself, did you forget after a while?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head. He had no impression at all. He couldn’t remember what he had done in the past few hours. He just remembered that he was very sleepy when he got in the car and fell asleep.

  Xia Ye sat by the bed and looked at him. Tang Jinyu was still and thought that he was going to check him, and he leaned his face over and smiled as he did when he was a child: “Brother, look, am I clean?”

  Xia Ye put his hand on his face and squeezed it slightly, “Clean, get up, take you out to play tonight.”

  ”Where to?”

  ”There is a cocktail party in the evening, so come with me.”

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2 thoughts on “LNTMG-(122) Fermentation

  1. Oof. Big oof. I swear I felt an anime style lightning crash at that line! I physically flinched!

    Xiaoyu is young. He doesn’t know himself enough to really know what those stirrings of the heart means quite yet, and honestly this is a good take on how this relationship is developing. I’m pretty open to them getting together right this second, but is this a healthy option? I’ve always loved how realistically this story was approached. Let Xiaoyu mature and realize what he wants first. With the age difference and how they grew up together, it’s a good thing for Xiaoyu to have the power to take that step himself when the time is right. I just pray for Xia Ye’s patience! Don’t be discouraged! Slow boil approach is effective and consensual!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thank you for always updating translator-san!!!
    WOW!!! Jinyu has drunk alcohol too, I feel like I’m old for a second there. I have the feeling that my nephews (Xia Ye too) has grown up. *feeling sad for a second*
    I want to see Jinyu and friends surprise expression when they know that the actress they saw earlier is Song Yi’s girlfriend. *excited*

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