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   The result of playing too indulgently on the earth is that after Chen Xi returned to the starship, he was so tired that he didn’t even want to move a single toe. 

    Lying in the large and luxurious bathtub, the warm water soaked his body, countless small streams of water wash his body back and forth, bringing a massage-like experience of relieving fatigue, Chen Xi has been soaking in the bathtub lazily for more than half an hour now, the always constant temperature water keeps him from worrying about the water in the bathtub getting cold, but after soaking for too long, the skin of his fingers has been wrinkled. 

    Chen Xi also knew that it was not good to continue to soak, but when he moved a little, his soft hands and feet seemed to be pressed with a huge weight, so he had no strength to get up by himself.


     Chen Xi struggled for a while, and then lay back in despair, he did nothing more, and just soaked again. Anyway, it’s quite comfortable, and he is in good health now, so he won’t get sick or die. 

    Just when Chen Xi made such a happy decision, the closed bathroom door was opened without warning, and then a tall figure walked in. 

    It was completely beyond what Chen Xi had imagined, making his brain seem to stop for a second, and then as if waking up from a dream, he hurriedly hid further into the bathtub, and said nervously: “You, why don’t you just say that you were coming in?” 

    In a short period of time, Jin Yi’s long legs had already reached the luxurious bathtub. He lowered his head, his golden eyes fixed on Chen Xi and said, “You need help.” 

    Chen Xi collapsed a little, “Who said I want you to help! Do you not understand that I am just taking a bath!”

    Jin Yi lowered his eyes, and said seriously and quietly: “I can still help.” 

    Then, a scene that made Chen Xi’s face flushed and frantic happened. Jin Yi leaned down, taking advantage of his height, two equally slender arms, easily fished him out of the bathtub, yes, fished him out. 

    He was held in a princess pose by Jin Yi, he was brought out from the cover of the original hot water, and was hugged naked in his arms. The skin on Chen Xi’s body was about to turn red. 

    However, at the moment when Chen Xi was about to explode, Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi and said: “I am a robot, you don’t need to be shy with me.” 

    These words seemed to have a miraculous effect, and Chen Xi who was about to curl up his toes in shame. For a moment, then the original tension and shame quickly dissipated. 

    Yes, Jin Yi is a robot, and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal to be seen by the robot. 

    As a result, a conflict that was about to erupt disappeared. 

    He has to say that human beings sometimes have a very strange sense of trust in their creations.

    After Chen Xi was taken to the bedroom by Jin Yi to dry him and changed into new pajamas, Chen Xi, who was served comfortably, was no longer angry, but he still said to Jin Yi: “You are not allowed to come in casually when I take a shower in the future. I’m not used to it.” 


    Jin Yi stared at Chen Xi, “What if you encounter today’s situation again?” 

    Chen Xi was speechless. He thought of his appearance of not having any energy to get up in the bathtub. After Jin Yi came, all his problems were easily solved. He can even lie in bed comfortably now and prepare to go to bed. After hesitating for a while, Chen Xi finally did not categorically say that he was not allowed to come in. Instead, he changed it to, “When necessary, I will naturally call you.” 

    “Okay.” Jin Yi replied gently, and a smile seemed to flash across his eyes. 


    Chenxi has been enthusiastic about bungee jumping on the earth for a period of time, but this situation did not last long. After a while, Chenxi, who had played enough, stayed in the room behind closed doors. 

    Although bungee jumping is fun, it is too tiring, and this is the world of the future. The human civilization that once prospered to the extreme has developed various entertainment methods to the extreme, and when humans died, these resources were not destroyed. 

    So although there are no humans in the world now, it has left him with countless entertainment resources. 

    Those future games and movie novels made Chen Xi completely obsessed with a single glance. 

    Bungee jumping and other sports are more of high-end entertainment. Chen Xi would immediately leave things behind, if a game is not fun, or if a movie novel is not good. 

    Moreover, he had also regretted not being able to play games and watch movies and novels all night.

    So Chen Xi has completely turned into an internet addict, and now he is already proficient in using various future entertainment devices that can be virtual reality, and has also asked Jin Yi and the others to customize a two-in-one phablet and mobile phone for him to use. When the device is unfolded, it is the size of a tablet, and when combined, it is a mobile phone, which fully takes care of Chen Xi’s usage habits and retro feelings. He uses this device to complete some entertainment that does not require a virtual reality experience. 

    In the future, it developed into the ultimate entertainment resources, suitable equipment, healthy body, and various delicacies that change every day. Because of nostalgia, the carbonated drinks that robots can easily replicate are taken care of by Jin Yi every day. He didn’t have any trouble, and enjoyed them to his heart’s content. Chen Xi is living a life like a fairy.


(T/n: I’m guessing what he means by ‘troubles’, is about how he’s in good health now and has no trouble drinking soda or other cold beverages.)

    There is a saying that God closed your door, closed your window, and then turned on the air conditioner and took out snacks and drinks. Chen Xi feels that this sentence is a true portrayal of his life now.

    However, he always felt that something was missing. 

    While laying on the recliner, wearing virtual glasses and watching a great movie, Chen Xi thought for a long time, and when Jin Yi took a snack and fed him, he thought of what he lacked, a pet, he still lacked a pet! 

    Chen Xi likes small animals very much, but because of his previous physical condition, his family were worried that pets will have a bad effect on his health, so he has always been insulated from pets and can only envy him and never raise them. 

    Chen Xi quickly put forward this demand to Jin Yi. 

    Faced with Chen Xi’s request, Jin Yi asked him what kind he wanted to raise, and then on Chen Xi’s two-in-one tablet, small square photos of the entire page immediately appeared, and these small square photos could be pulled down indefinitely. In each photo, there are photos of cats and puppies of different breeds and poses, and click on them to see more detailed information. 

    Jin Yi told Chen Xi that the gene bank of pets is very well preserved, especially cats and dogs pets that have been loved by humans. Not only do they have a complete gene bank, they have been champion pets at every stage, or they are well-known. Pets even have cells and sperm and eggs, so it doesn’t matter if Chen Xi wants to make a copy, or want their offspring. 

    Chen Xi was stunned after hearing Jin Yi’s words, and he sighed again that human methods are really powerful. 

    He lowered his head to look at the photos on the tablet, which were all champion pets from the time of human existence. 

    Those who can become champion pets generally have their own special features. If they are not particularly good-looking, or not particularly smart, in short, they didn’t have a chance if they were mediocre, Chen Xi was shocked by those appearances. 

    In the end, Chen Xi saw a very beautiful Persian cat with a snowy white and fluffy fur and blue eyes, which looked extremely cold and noble.


    Chen Xi chose to have its offspring. This Persian is a female cat. Jin Yi used genetic algorithms to display a few couples with the best pairings on the tablet. Chen Xi chose an equally good-looking Persian cat. Then when everything was done, Chen Xi just needed to wait for the time to come and receive the kitten. 

    After fulfilling his wish to raise a pet, Chen Xi was happy for a long time, and then continued to indulge in the virtual world. 

    After entering the virtual world, Chen Xi layed there, motionless for a long time, and the sound of a needle dropped quietly in the room. 

    Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi’s quiet figure with complicated eyes. In fact, Chen Xi’s appearance in the virtual world during this period of time was the most familiar to the human race.

    This is what humans used to do most often, and it would be an extremely quiet, day after day immersion in the virtual world. 

    Seeing Chen Xi do this every day, and getting closer and closer to what humans did before, Jin Yi couldn’t help feeling a little anxious, and even fearful. 

    After all, human beings once chose to perish themselves in this way day after day. 

    But now Chen Xi seems to be going the same way. 

    This is a very dangerous signal. 

    In the end, Jin Yi narrowed his eyebrows in thought, maybe he should take Chen Xi to the outer universe to see.

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