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   Gae picked up the food that was placed on the silver panel, which didn’t look like food. 

    He observed it, and then successfully opened it and ate the contents. He thought that all the small ones would be eaten to relieve hunger, but he didn’t expect that he felt full after only eating one, and unexpectedly, the pale yellow paste, the taste was not bad, but very sweet. 

    He couldn’t help but carefully glanced at these exquisitely shaped, thin-fingered, very portable tubular foods, and finally put them carefully in his clothes. 

    He didn’t know how long he would stay here, so he decided to save food. 


    However, he has to say that after the wise tribes arrived, Gae’s originally tense and desperate spirit relaxed a lot, because he discovered that the wise tribes might not want to kill him so soon. 

    After all, he was given food and was taught how to use the things here. It didn’t look like they wanted to kill him immediately. 

    And speaking of it, he really didn’t want to understand why the Zhizu wanted to catch him on the starship. He had never offended the Zhizu. Although in his own Canaan family, he could indeed say that he was doing great and evil things, by trying to seize the throne, and has almost succeeded, but do these things have anything to do with the Zhizu family?

    In the end, Gae, who couldn’t understand, could only choose to give up thinking about this question, and then he stayed in this room for a long time. 

    He doesn’t have a timing tool, and he doesn’t know how long it has passed, but he has been hungry many times, so it should’ve been a few days. 

    In the past few days, he discovered that in fact, those light yellow tube-shaped foods do not need to be eaten at all, because every once in a while, the Intellectuals would come in and put some more, and at the same time, no one will bother him in this room these days. Except that the Zhizu would come in to put food every once in a while, and then use a small box to press on his arm.

    The feeling was very strange. He felt a bit itching and tingling, but it quickly dissipated. It made people feel like an illusion. After the Zhizu left, he carefully checked that he was pressed by the small box. After watching for a long time, he found a red spot smaller than a pinhole. After checking it many times, he was sure that there should be a broken skin. A hole smaller than the eye of a pin was broken, and a little later found this kind of injury can heal directly.

    He couldn’t help being lost in thought again, so what harm could such a small wound do to him? You can’t poison something that just pierced your skin.

    However, no matter how much speculation there is in his mind, his form is stronger than most people. He is in the starship of the Zhizu tribe, and there are countless tribes outside. It is impossible to escape, no matter what the tribe does to him, as long as they don’t directly take the knife and slashed him, he just silently observes, and does not resist.


    Later, Gae stayed in this room for a long time. After a while, he almost got used to this kind of life. He even figured out how the silver table top stretched out on the wall should be retracted, and how to put it down. He figured out the many hidden items in this room, and knew that this room could actually not be so empty. 

    The only issue is that every time he discovers a new hidden mechanism, he will fall into a new round of thinking about life. 

    He also had to admit that the ancestors’ name for the Zhizu was indeed correct, and the wisdom race was well-deserved. 

    Just when Gae thought he would continue to stay in this room. Without warning, another intellectual came in, and then he was taken out. 

    The peaceful life for the past few days has already let Gae relax, but he didn’t expect that it would be over so soon? 

    He was wrapped in a team of intellectuals and walked forward with his head hanging down. He felt heavier than ever. The silver dazzling ground on the ground was like a sharp butcher knife resting on his neck, and he was a prisoner about to go to the execution ground.

    Full of despair, Gae, who thought he was bound to die this time, didn’t realize that the road he took this time was far more larger than the size of a starship. 

    In fact, the two starship teams in space are now in a state of confluence, and the starship he is on has already set up a channel with another starship. Those intellectuals that were holding him, were bringing him to another starship. 

    The wise tribes led him on a walking path until they reached a silver wall, and then the silver wall opened, and the wise tribe behind him coldly said to him: “Go in.”

    Gae didn’t think much, and subconsciously walked in, until he felt a lot of sights falling on him, he raised his head, and then looked at this huge space, especially the people scattered in the space, and couldn’t help feeling astonished. 


    Gae looked at those people in surprise, but not all of them were looking at Gae, the newcomer. Most of those people looked at Gae with strange and inquiring eyes, but there were a few who looked at Gae’s face in shock. 

    And those people who looked at Gae’s face in shock also made Gae feel very familiar, and then he recognized them a little bit, and his heart was even more shocked. They were crazy, how could they be here? ! 

    At this moment, Gae suddenly felt that things seemed a bit big! 

    Originally, he thought that he was demanded by the intellectuals only because he was unlucky, and that his elder brother had a good fate, and if he sat still, the enemy would disappear on his own due to inexplicable disasters, as if he was born to sit in that position. But now, he found that things didn’t seem to be the case. 

    Because the people he recognized are all heirs to the royal family of the race closest to their Canaan tribe. Every one of them can cause a war between two races. But how could they appear here? This is the starship of the Zhizu! ?

    Suddenly, Gae couldn’t help but look at the other people in this space. He didn’t know those people, and some of them were even strange. He couldn’t even tell the race, and some of them were rare races. However, without exception, none of them are intellectuals! 

    A crazy, terrifying conjecture appeared in Gae’s heart, which made him tremble. Combining the identities of the few people he recognized, could it be that there are more than a dozen different races in this space? Are all the royal heirs of their race? ! 

    This conjecture is really crazy, but it is justified. After all, even he himself, although he is not the rightful heir of the royal family, but he can be sure that if there was no accident with the Zhi family, he would eventually ascend the Canaan throne.

    So the people gathered here are all true successors to the throne of all races! Zhizu, what on earth do they want to do? ! 

    Gae was shocked because of his own speculation, but what he didn’t know was that when they saw him here and recognized his Canaan characteristics, the few royal heirs he recognized were even more shocked. 


    The few people stared at him in disbelief, and even glanced at the silver wall that had been closed behind him, confirming that no one came from behind, but they were still very confused, the Yan Clan prince couldn’t help but directly ask: “Why are you here? What about Jiaye?” 

    Jiaye, the name of the Canaan prince. 

    Being awakened by the prince of the Yan tribe, Gae still had some thoughts and was not in the mood to speak.

    The prince of the Yan clan has yet to ask, but the eldest son of the mad beast prince, who has a deeper mind than anyone else, laughed first, and walked a few steps forward, his palm affectionately patting Gae’s shoulder. Then he hugged his arms around his shoulders, with an affectionate look, “Brother Gae, I’m so bitter that you lied to me. If it wasn’t today, I’m afraid I’d wait to congratulate you on your accession to the throne to know the truth. “

    Gae glanced at the enthusiastic look of the eldest son of the beast clan, and then smiled. The eldest son of the beast clan was the most arrogant before. Although he had met him twice, he had never seen him again. This attitude only existed when he was with his eldest brother.

    But the prince of the Yan tribe didn’t say anything when he saw the behavior of the eldest son of the mad beast tribe. After all, they came early and could exchange information. They had guessed a lot of things. Then the third prince of the Canaan family, Gae, was picked up by the Zhizu tribe, and not the first prince Jiaye. It was self-evident what it meant.

    Before he knew it, the great prince of the Yan family had already received the courtesy of the Canaan orthodox inheritors.




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WCBL: I am not sure if the first prince of Cannan is Jiaye or Gaye, so for now I’m leaving it as it is

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