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   On the wall of the star scene, a planet that was approaching was reflected. The two smoke-like colors of atmospheric pink purple and blue purple are intertwined, thick and light, which makes people feel intoxicated.

    Chen Xi finally knew why the name of that planet was named Drunken Mengxing. It was really beautiful, like a dream. Even when he saw countless planets on the starship all the way, he couldn’t take her eyes off that planet. 


    “Do you like it?” Jin Yi’s heavenly voice came from beside him. 

    Chen Xi stared at the dreamlike planet with a good eye and nodded fiercely. 

    A low-sound laughter sounded, Jin Yi’s beautiful voice said softly: “You will like it more when you pass through the atmosphere.” 

    Chen Xi quickly learned why Jin Yi said that, because when the starship passed through the pink purple atmosphere, what was displayed in front of him was still a pink, purple and blue.. The land and ocean of this planet seemed to be composed of such dreamlike colors. Chen Xi couldn’t help but widen his eyes. 

    Later, when they were getting closer to the land in their flying vehicles, Chen Xi also saw clearly what those pink purples were. It turned out to be a sea of ​​flowers. It was full of pink and purple flowers on the land of this planet, and the rest was a blue purple ocean evenly distributed like a thin ribbon.

    When the aircraft descended to a certain height, Chen Xi also saw a large butterfly-like beautiful creature dancing lightly, sprinkling a bright spot behind him, embellishing the place even more beautifully as a fairyland.

    Here, it was so beautiful that it doesn’t seem to be a planet that should exist on earth.

    The aircraft team continued to move forward, taking Chen Xi through the beautiful scenery, until a floating island appeared in front of him. 

    Yes, the floating islands appear in the air in an inverted triangle shape. Below are realistic rocks and hanging vines. Above, there is also a sea of ​​pink and purple flowers, and he can still see the buildings above. In short, they have an artistic conception and are perfectly integrated with the environment of the entire planet. 

    Jin Yi looked at the floating island and smiled: “That is the sky garden built for you. It is a man-made island with a magnetic levitation system. The island can be raised and lowered in height and position. Enjoying the sea of ​​flowers on the island will give you a better view. it is good.”

    Chen Xi looked at the floating island, and he was almost speechless. Jin Yi told him before that the temporary residence he built on Drunken Mengxing was designed as a sky garden because of its name, so Chen Xi didn’t care much at all. Even the orange-eyed technicians took the design drawings of the building and showed them to himself, he just took a casual glance and put them aside. 


    But he didn’t expect that the so-called sky garden actually looked like this. 

    “Do you like it?” 

    Chen Xi still nodded violently when he heard this question again. 

    Then he heard a low laugh, and Jin Yi’s cheerful voice rang in his ears: “Baby, have fun here.” 



    The starship team in space is moving at its highest speed in one direction, but in a starship at the center of the starship team, in a certain independent space, the atmosphere was a little silent. 

    These silent people are the royal heirs of the various races. 

    Because they found that there have been no more people here for a few days. Does this mean that they are closer to the truth? 

    The unpredictable future makes the heirs of the royal family of all races feel a little heavy. In addition, the information that they know has already been exchanged with each other. The rest is all speculation and waiting. In this case, everyone’s frequency of speaking has decreased. 

    Until this day, the silver wall opened again, but no new races entered, instead a team of intellectuals entered in. 

    The royal successors who were standing or sitting around the hall were subconsciously nervous and looked at the intellectuals with alertness. 

    After the Intellectuals people walked in and stood on both sides of the hall, there was another unhurried footstep at the entrance, and then a tall and strong figure walked in. The figure lifted his clear and handsome face, and his cold eyes scanned them indifferently.

    All the royal heirs present were stunned when they looked at his orange eyes. Was there ever a orange-eyed Zhizu in the world? 


    Aren’t the eyes of all intellectuals dark red? 

    Because of the excessive shock, the heirs of the royal clan couldn’t help but fall into chaos collectively. They couldn’t help but stare at each other. Of course, most people didn’t dare to look at them, because the other’s orange-red eyes were very different from each other. The dark red eyes of the other Zhi tribes were generally cold and dangerous. No, maybe it was even more dangerous. 

    At this moment, all the heirs of the royal family felt that their heartbeats were a little faster, and the intelligent race that had never been recorded appeared. What does this show? 

    This shows that the opponent may be a higher-level intellectual! This shows that there may also be levels within the Zhizu! 

    However, at this moment, rather than knowing a secret of the Zhizu, the fact that this fact scares them even more is, what kind of thing will be sent out that they have never seen or heard of the orange-eyed Zhizu before? And what will happen to them afterwards? 

    But obviously, their tense and complex emotions do not want to understand. 

    Bin Lan’s eyes swept across every intelligent race in the outer universe indifferently in the hall, and his gaze temporarily stopped on a few people, including the third prince of the Canaan family, Gae. 

    However, when Bin Lan’s gaze swept over a small figure in the corner of the hall, he completely stopped. His gaze stayed on the opponent for a long time, including his big watery eyes, cute looks, snow-white and furry big tail, when he withdrew his gaze, he seemed to be in a better mood.

   All of them were carefully observing the various movements of this orange-eyed wise tribe, some of them were aware of the other’s movements, and couldn’t help pretending to follow them inadvertently, but they were even more inexplicable, the ear fox tribe? What’s so good about that? ! 

    Almost every race is full of question marks. 

    Bin Lan initially observed all the people who were sent in this time, and after some accidental discovery, his mood became quite good, and when his mood improved, the cold and hard aura on his body also disappeared a lot, and he entered the topic with a more relaxed attitude than before. He said in the common language of the star and beast domain: “I think you are all very curious, why I gathered you here.” 

    No one spoke, but they all stared firmly. Looking at Bin Lan’s line of sight, it can be seen that they are all waiting for answers. 


    Bin Lan didn’t care, and continued: “That’s because there is a very noble person who wants to see you.” 

    All the royal heirs, including Gae, couldn’t help but tremble. A very noble person, did this orange eyed Zhizu say, a noble person? 

    Unconsciously, all the royal heirs felt their breathing heavier. 

    This conversation was still normal for the time being. At least all the royal heirs were just a little shocked and stressed, but the next moment, Bin Lan’s eyes glanced at them lightly, and then with no hesitation, said: “Your task is to accompany the noble person to play, do your best to meet all his requirements, do not resistance, nor any attempt to harm the other party.” 

    At this point, Bin Lan’s tone carried a hint of coldness, and contained a deep warning.

    But those royal heirs were not happy to hear this. Except for those who are particularly tolerable like Gae, or those who are too weak like ear foxes, other royal heirs, even in this case, heard that orange eyed Zhizu words, and still couldn’t help showing an unconvinced expression. After all, each of them is the next king of their own race. As the heirs of the royal family, they have lived the most superior life since childhood. The indomitable and arrogance is carved in their bones, but now Bin Lan’s words are bluntly telling them to be another person’s vassal and unconditionally please and obey the other person.

    In the eyes of some royal heirs, this was almost impossible to do, and even some eyes can’t help but have a fierce light. 

    Bin Lan quietly watched everyone’s reaction, and saw those who were obviously dissatisfied, but he was not angry. Instead, he showed a smile, just a smile, which was really cold and terrifying, and said: “Have you seen fireworks?” 

    Fireworks? What is that? 

    The royal heirs, who had been angry and didn’t want to do it, looked at Bin Lan inexplicably, and didn’t understand what the orange-eyed wise Zhizu was talking about. 

      Bin Lan continued to say slowly: “Since you haven’t seen it, then I invite you to watch it once.” 

    As soon as Bin Lan’s voice fell, a silver wall in the hall suddenly became transparent without warning, until they could clearly see the starry sky outside. 

    All the royal heirs couldn’t help being stunned looking at this change on the wall, while Bin Lan walked to the wall where the starry sky was reflected, and said to himself: “Which one do you choose? This one seems to be about the same size as the main star of the mad beast clan.” 

    The eldest son of the mad beast clan who showed the most dissatisfaction in his eyes raised his head immediately. Although he didn’t know what the other party was talking about, he still had a bad feeling in his heart.


    Bin Lan slowly raised his hand and pointed at the planet, and then everyone’s eyesight saw a few starships gathered in the starry sky in front of them, and the muzzles were all aimed at the planet. 

    After everything was in place, Bin Lan said to the distant planet that didn’t have any breath of life: “Three, two, one, bang.” 

    With that soft “bang”, the planet in front of them was surrounded by a huge group of light shot in a volley, and then burst out overwhelmingly, reflecting a bright light in the starry sky. 

    “How about? Are the fireworks good-looking?” 

    Bin Lan did not look at the broken planet, but turned to look at all the royal heirs in the hall, and said with a chuckle: “If one of you lets that noble existence get a little hurt, then the next firework will be the main star of your race.” 

    After listening to Bin Lan’s words, all the royal heirs in the hall didn’t look good, especially the eldest son of the beast clan, his face was even paler. 

    Bin Lan looked at all the races in the hall that had been honest, and was satisfied. Sure enough, there is no deterrent to such things as the rules, and they would not have to study hard.

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