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    Silence, total silence. 

    Chen Xi’s answer simply made all the royal heirs dare not say anything, even though they wanted to continue asking, are human beings really that cruel? 

    But under the icy gaze of all the intellectuals around, and Chen Xi’s pure black, seemingly innocent gaze, no one dared to ask aloud under the pressure. 

    Only the royal heir who asked the question before laughed twice and said: “Yes, I heard of it.” 

   After hearing the answer from the royal heir, Chen Xi didn’t care, just nodded and continued to play with the ear fox. 

    Seeing Chen Xi who is still obsessed with touching the ears of the ear fox tribe, the prince of the ear fox tribe had blushing cheeks. The royal heirs layed no attention to the ear fox tribe, except that Chen Xi was always in charge of them. Although others have not asked, they are still thinking and judging in their own way, if the information revealed by Zhizu is true.


    Is a human, a race they have never heard of, really that terrible? 

    However, although they didn’t want to believe it, the results of the analysis combined with the information they had just learned made their hearts tremble. 

    Because they never knew that Chen Xi was not a Zhizu before. After all, Chen Xi and the Zhizu look so similar, except that his eyes are black, and they are not as cold as the Zhizu clan, and their emotions are more rich and changeable. Chen Xi is too similar to Zhizu. 

    When they thought that Chen Xi was a young intellectual, they just took it for granted and they watched the intellectuals do their best to serve Chen Xi and fulfill all his wishes. After all, no matter what kind of privileged class they are, they are all special. They can enjoy the best of everything.

    But now they actually know that Chen Xi is not a Zhizu. Since they weren’t the same race, why should the wise race surround him and protect him so unconditionally and satisfy all his requirements? 

    In the hearts of the races in the Star Beast Domain, there are only two ways to create a connection between the two races, dominance and cooperation. 

    The way that the Zhizu unilaterally serves Chen Xi and makes every effort to satisfy Chen Xi is obviously not an with the appearance of equal cooperation, so the only thing left is-dominance. 

    This terrible speculation made almost all the royal heirs feel a little uneasy. Could it be that the incomparably powerful intellectual race, the invincible intellectual race in their eyes, may have another even more terrifying race behind it 

    -Human Is it? 

    After all, human beings are the most brutal race. This sentence was personally uttered from the intellectuals, and only in this way can they explain why such powerful intellectuals have to do their best to make other races serve Chen Xi. 

    For a while, because of the speculation in their hearts, the faces of the successors of the royal clan were a little pale. They looked up at each other, and they all saw the same astonishment in each other’s eyes.


     Their thoughts became more and more terrifying, and more and more divergent, some royal successors even couldn’t help but quietly look in Chen Xi’s direction, and finally their eyes stayed on Chen Xi’s black hair and eyes. In the past, because of Chen Xi’s innocence and harmlessness that they showed made them overlook a lot of things, but at this time, looking at Chen Xi’s black hair and eyes, they suddenly realized how pure and evil it was! 

    Chen Xi naturally didn’t know that he was just playing with the ear fox prince for a while, and the heirs of the royal family had their brains filled up, but after he looked up again, he found that all the royal heirs present were nervous. 

    The look of being nervous and trying to smile at him is really unnatural to the extreme. 

    Chen Xi was at a loss. He didn’t understand, he had been friendly with these intelligent races many times. Before they had obviously been less nervous, but suddenly their attitude changed back again. 

    What’s more, their current attitude is even more nervous than when they first met him. 

    Chen Xi, who didn’t understand, tentatively inquired, and couldn’t ask anything, so he could only give up. Then in order to relax the atmosphere, Chen Xi randomly searched for some topics and chatted with them. 

    As for the successors of the royal clans, although they were nervous, they were always asked to answer Chen Xi’s words. After all, whether it was the cold eyes of the intellectuals staring at the side, or the terrible truth they had just guessed in their hearts, they fundamentally didn’t dare to ignore Chen Xi’s words, and some of them were really nervous, and didn’t know what to say, so they started to praise him desperately, and it would never go wrong if it was nice. This is common regardless of their race.

    When they talked about the environment of this garden, the successors of the royal family praised this garden, including the entire floating island, saying that this is the most perfect residence they have ever seen, and that there will never be something more beautiful in the world.

    Of course, although it is flattery, the heirs of the royal family said these words sincerely. After all, this garden building on the floating island is indeed the most beautiful residence they have ever seen in their life. Even the royal palaces of various races are far from it. 


    However, as Chen Xi watched everyone’s praise  this sky garden to the sky. Although he nodded in agreement, he couldn’t help but said: “It is really beautiful here, but this is not my favorite place to live. I didn’t live here before.” 

    After speaking, Chen Xi fiddled with a device and said to them with the mentality of sharing his beloved things: “Let me show you the place where I lived before I came here.” 

    As Chen Xi’s voice fell, the holographic projection device in his hand casts a huge image, perfectly showing the towering and ferocious steel nest building in the garden. 

    At that moment, the originally beautiful garden seemed to be shrouded in the shadow of that huge building, adding a touch of horror and gloom. 

    Chen Xi stood in front of the evil architectural projection, smiling, and said to them: “Look, I lived here before.”

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