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   Protected species? 

    Hearing this word, Chen Xi couldn’t help being stunned. 

    Jin Yi chuckled a bit. Such beautiful sounds of nature’s voice continued slowly and said:. “Protected species is protected by machine family, and will not be hurt by other races, trafficking, slavery, such breaching will be punished,” 

    Listening to Jin Yi’s explanation, Chen Xi’s eyes brightened brighter, and said, “This is good, that’s it!” 

    Jin Yi smiled and continued: “Ear foxes are widely distributed in the star beast area, except for ear foxes. The ear fox tribes on the stars and the ear fox tribes on other planets do not live well, and they do not have the ability to protect themselves. For the convenience of supervision, it is better to gather all the ear fox tribes scattered among other races. However the total number of the ear fox races might not be that large, but it far exceeds the carrying capacity of an ear fox star, but this problem is not big. We still control many vacant habitable stars in the outer universe. We will dial a few when the time comes. It is enough to place them.” 

    While Jin Yi was talking about these arrangements one by one, Chen Xi kept staring at him, and he couldn’t help but admire him more. 

    Although Jin Yi didn’t say anything, it could be seen that he was in a good mood under Chen Xi’s gaze. However, although this arrangement is very complete and feasible, it also has a very obvious shortcoming. 


    After talking about the specific arrangements, Jin Yi said the only shortcoming of this arrangement, “The ear fox tribe is a race with rapid population iteration. Each child of the ear fox tribe can give birth to two or three ear foxes. Since a healthy ear fox family can give birth to more than a dozen children in a lifetime, so if they are given sufficient resources to allow them to survive without any danger and loss, their population expansion will be very terrible. There will be no problem in a short time, but after a long time, it will be a very huge number and even cause a heavy burden to us. “

   Chen Xi understood Jin Yi’s words immediately. After all, who can’t do math problems, if the ear fox clan is allowed to develop freely, there will be 2 children, then 30 children, 450 children, and 6750 children. It’s terrible to iterate all the time. This kind of exponential growth, even if the Zhizu people have solar mines, they can’t afford to raise them forever. However, Chen Xi could answer the solution to this problem. As a Chinese person born in the 21st century, Chinese people hardly need to think about this kind of problem, and a term came up in his mind-family planning! 

    After all, he is too familiar with this fact, who made him born under the background of the family planning era. 

    So Chen Xi quickly asked Jin Yi, “Then what if family planning is implemented in the ear fox clan?” 

    Jin Yi’s eyes curled slightly, “Of course there is no problem.” 

    So Chen Xi discussed it with Jin Yi later . What kind of family planning should be set for the ear fox family? The final conclusion is that every ear fox couple can have one child in their lifetime, and each ear fox family will have two to three small ear foxes. The number of clan births is enough for a healthy iteration of the ear fox clan. 

    In the case of only one child, the population of the ear fox tribe will be infinitely balanced. After all, a couple of the ear fox tribe will give birth to two or three children, which is equivalent to the number of ear fox people who are singled out because of accidental premature death, infertility, unable to find the other half, or the exception of choosing not to have children for life. This number is infinitely close to two, Even if the ear fox population still has a slight increase in this case, the growth rate will never increase the burden on the Zhizu family.

    After all, although Chen Xi liked the ear fox tribe, he didn’t like it to the extent that he wanted to include it to the entire Zhizu tribe. 

    All the details have been considered, so now there is only one question left, which is to classify the ear foxes as a protected race, but the price is to implement family planning programs for their entire race. Can the ear foxes accept it? 


    So the next day, Chen Xi once again found the prince of the ear fox clan, and then told him about the protection of race and all kinds of family planning.

    When the ear fox prince was first called, he was still a little sluggish. The dark circles under his red and swollen eyes showed that he did not sleep well last night, but his whole body is still soft and cute. Chen Xi couldn’t help taking a sneak peek again. 

    However, the soft and cute ear fox prince, after listening to Chen Xi’s words, his eyes opened wider and wider, and his whole body was completely in a state of unbelievable sluggishness.

   Seeing the appearance of the prince of the ear fox clan, Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel a little unsure. After all, although he accepted this plan very well, it was because he had been living in the background of family planning since he was born. The rule that a pair of ear foxes are allowed to have only one child is a bit too shocking for the ear foxes who are not in the same universe with the earth. 

    However, Chen Xi clearly misunderstood the reason why the ear fox prince was really sluggish. He looked at Chen Xi in disbelief. His watery eyes had been widened to the extreme, and he asked in an almost dreamlike tone: 

    “You mean, after being listed as a protected species, will the Zhizu tribe protect us? From now on, no other race will take the ear fox tribe as slaves? No race will harm us anymore? ” 

    Chen Xi smiled and nodded, “Yes.” 

    “You also said that you will rescue all the ear fox tribes living in other races, and then give them back to several habitable planets?” 

    Chen Xi affirmed. “Of course.” 

    “And the price of all this is that each of our ear fox couples will only have one child in their lifetime?” 

    “Yes, so what’s your answer?” 

    “I agree! I agree! We the ear fox family will absolutely strictly comply with this requirement, and will not have more children. As long as we can really save those compatriots living in other races, I agree with what we can do!”


    The eared fox prince’s excitement was difficult to control. He knew his racial status from their ear fox clan since he was a child, and since he was a child, he looked at his father, who was in sorrow and pain but was helpless. Once, he also had ambitions. He wanted to change the tragic current situation of the ear fox tribe when he grew up, but when he grew up, he could only watch the tragic fate of the ear fox tribe continue, not to mention saving those who had been arrested. The ear fox tribes who are trapped in other races, even the slave merchants who came to the ear fox star to arrest the ear fox tribe, they couldn’t completely drive them away. In the face of the powerful alien race, the weakness of the ear fox tribe is simply written in their bones, no matter how hard they work, they can only do nothing.

    Once, he thought that the dream he had always wanted could only be a dream. The fate of the ear fox tribe was being bullied by other races, but what did he hear today? 

    He heard Chen Xi tell him that if he wants to list the ear fox tribe as a protective race, the Zhizu tribe will come to protect them, and the others from the same tribe that live outside, the Zhizu tribe will all rescue them, and even the Zhizu tribe will give them their own livable planet, to settle those of the same people who have been rescued back. 

    Everything seemed beautiful like an illusion. 

    The prince of the ear fox clan looked at the black-haired boy in front of him with a smile, and finally couldn’t help his eyes from tearing up.

    Chen Xi was very happy when he knew that the ear fox prince had completely accepted all these arrangements. He looked at the mist in his eyes as he tried hard not to cry, and smiled and touched his hair, and said: “Then we’re done.” 


    After the agreement was established, the Zhizu immediately mobilized people to complete this task in the Star Beast Domain. 

    As for the matter between Chen Xi and the ear fox prince, the other royal heirs did not know. They were still addicted to the game. After all, they had never been in contact with this kind of thing. Where could Chen Xi leave quickly. 

    After they barely escaped from their addiction to the game, they discovered the changes in the Prince of the Ear Fox tribe. 

    If the former prince of the ear fox tribe was forced by the oppression of the Zhizu tribe and the horror of the legendary human beings, Chen Xi was allowed to hug him and hug his upper and lower hands. The sensitive parts of the tail and ears were touched by Chen Xi. He also bowed his head and blushed, not daring to say anything. 

    Then the current prince of the ear fox clan can be said to have taken the initiative to embrace Chen Xi. 


    This change made these royal heirs look weird. They didn’t look down much on the weak ear fox clan. At this time, seeing the ear fox clan prince’s behavior, they couldn’t help but despise them even more. 

    Humph, it’s worthy of being an ear fox tribe who gets down on the ground in a fight. How strong is the Zhizu tribe, as for the performance of such a flattering? 

    As an heir to the royal family, it’s simply embarrassing to have this title.

    What these secretly contemptuous royal heirs didn’t know is that when everything is business as usual here and it seems that nothing has happened, the star beast realm where many races live has undergone major changes. 

    Previously, because of the various dynamics of the Zhizu tribe, such as robbing slave merchants of all races, the ear fox tribe was taken away. For example, when some races humiliated and hurt the ear fox tribe. The Zhizu suddenly fell from the sky, scared all the races present to the ground, and then they directly took the ear fox tribe away. Because of this series of developments, many races have noticed something strange, so they dare not attack the Ear Fox tribe for the time being. Even the slave merchants of various races have not dared to go to Ear Fox Star recently, but all of them are more than ever payed attention to the ear fox clan and the ear fox star, because the abnormality of the Zhizu clan is too obvious recently, and almost all of it is related to the ear fox clan. 

    And while these races were watching their changes and speculating, they finally waited for the next big change. Almost on the same day, the fleets of the Zhizu came to the sky above all the race’s main stars, and then resounded across the entire planet. The lingua franca of the Star Beast Region sounded, announcing that the ear fox tribe will be listed as a protection race starting today. All races shall not harm, sell, or enslave the ear fox tribe, and all offenders will be punished. 

    After hearing these words, the races looked confused. What is a protective race?

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