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   After a while, Chen Xi was a little bit dumbfounded and said: “I didn’t want to cry, I was just moved to tears and happy.” 

    However, Jin Yi’s expression was still very solemn, “That won’t work.” 

    But he didn’t wait for the rest of his words, a soft and warm body got into his arms, with two hands around Jin Yi’s waist, Chen Xi said in a sweet voice: “Okay, okay, I know, I won’t cry. Thank you for doing this for me. I’m really happy to see that these ear fox tribes have homes.” 

    As soon as Chen Xi’s arm came out, Jin Yi immediately stopped talking. After a long time, he raised a hand and stroked Chen Xi’s soft hair, and said, “It’s good if you are happy.”


    The two quietly enjoyed this quiet time for a while, Chen Xi raised his head and looked at Jin Yi a little narrowly: “But speaking of it, are you so afraid of me crying?” 

    Chen Xi said this only casually, but who knew, under his gaze, Jin Yi’s Adam’s apple moved slightly, and he let out a low and affirmative, “Yeah.” 

    When Chen Xi quieted down unconsciously, Jin Yi’s bright golden eyes watched With 

    Jin Yi looked at Chen Xi earnestly : “Anything that makes you cry shouldn’t exist in the world.” Jin Yi said this sentence very seriously. In this atmosphere, Chen Xi felt inexplicably guarded. 

    However, after being moved for a while, Chen Xi still woke up. He added: “You said that anything that makes me cry must disappear.” 

    After a few seconds, Chen Xi heard another voice in his ear, “Yeah. ” 

    The corners of Chen Xi’s mouth couldn’t help but go up frantically. It feels so good to be pampered and treasured, but at this moment, an idea came to Chen Xi’s mind inexplicably. Maybe from today onwards, his tears can be renamed. It can be called a biological nuclear bomb. 


    During the period of staying with Drunken Mengxing, Chen Xi played everything that should be played, and even called all the royal heirs to play speed and games with him. Chen Xi, who could never think of a new idea, began to feel bored again. Chen Xi then asked Jin Yi this evening, “I’m a little tired of staying here, don’t we have tourist attractions this time? Are there any exciting places? I want to play.” 

    For Chen Xi, Jin Yi naturally did not need to think about his request, and said: “Okay, we will set off tomorrow.” 


    Chen Xi’s eyes couldn’t help but reiterated, “It must be exciting enough, I’m all bored lately.” 

    It was because Chen Xi’s body that was once weak was suffocated before. After the body recovered, he was particularly seeking stimulation. But even if the scenery of Drunken Mengxing is beautiful, it is too mild. There is no steep mountain like Mount Everest on earth, so Chenxi has no place to go bungee jumping. During this time, she can only watch some horror movies for stimulation.

    Chen Xi’s hobby was very well known by Jin Yi, he nodded and assured him:. “Absolutely enough stimulation” 

    Jin Yi thought about it, and the scene of the movie Chen Xi was watching appeared in his mind. He sat on the side of the bed and quietly watched Chen Xi wearing virtual glasses. Unfortunately, he waited for more than ten minutes, and only saw Chen Xi’s face change from time to time, but his whole body was still lying on the bed very smoothly, knowing that what he was looking forward to would not happen, Jin Yi couldn’t help but feel a little regretful. Chen Xi is more and more calm when watching horror movies with virtual glasses. It was not like that in the beginning, he would scream and drill into his arms from time to time.

    But… the sights he took Chen Xi to this time should be able to make him relive that feeling. 

    Thinking of this, Jin Yi couldn’t help showing a little expectant smile on his face. 

    The next day, after Chen Xi woke up and had breakfast, he boarded his luxurious and palace-like customized starship again. After Chen Xi entered the starship, the starship team immediately set off. All the preparations were made as early as Chen Xi had breakfast or even before he woke up.

    Chen Xi’s playmates also came, those royal heirs, also boarded an ordinary starship long before Chen Xi, waiting to set sail. 

    The residence of those royal family heirs in the outer universe on the star ship is the same as when they came, which is a closed space with a hall. But this time, these royal heirs are nowhere near as nervous and fearful as they came when they entered this place. They found a room familiar to them and moved in by themselves. After the arrangement was completed, they would come out to exchange information in the lobby. 


    But at this time, there are not many things they can communicate, because none of them know where these intellectuals plan to go. 

    And Chen Xi stayed in his palace starship, enjoying the service like an emperor, opening his mouth, and grabbed Bin Lan’s peeled grapes, holding Xianxian in his hand, and asked: “Where are we going this time?”

    Regarding Chen Xi’s question, a virtual light screen appeared in front of him soon, and then the next moment, he was taken aback by the fangs that almost took up the screen, and when the fangs left, he could see clearly. The behemoth that swims in the void of the universe. 

    Looking far away, it is a meteorite belt, and in that meteorite belt, there are countless kinds of terrifying creatures. 


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