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   Jin Yi’s appearance was always full of aura, full of a sense of existence, and now Jin Yi stared at Bin Lan as soon as he appeared, and the pair of golden eyes looked a little uncomfortable. 

    Bin Lan, who was originally smiling at Chen Xi, also retracted his hand, stood up straight, raised his eyes and looked at Jin Yi, as if an inexplicable aura filled the air between the two of them, time seems to have slowed down. 

    Chen Xi stayed for a while, only then realized afterwards that this scene was not the rumored scene of catching rape, right? 

    It’s over. Jin Yi must have heard what Bin Lan said just now. What can he do now? ! 

    However, before Chen Xi could struggled, Jin Yi and Bin Lan didn’t seem to want to solve the matter in front of Chen Xi, and they turned around one after another to leave. 

    Chen Xi suddenly became even more anxious. This wouldn’t end in a fight. 


    As if feeling Chen Xi’s worries, Jin Yi, who was walking in front of him, paused, then turned around, took a piece of Chen Xi’s favorite pastry from the plate and fed it into Chen Xi’s mouth, and then reached out and touched his hair, and said: “Don’t worry, nothing will happen.” 

    Bin Lan on the side also picked up the two-in-one tablet that was just thrown on the bed by Chen Xi, adjusted the page and put it in Chen Xi’s hands again, and said in an elegant voice: “Bin Lan will be back soon.” 

    Jin Yi couldn’t help but glanced at him, but he was afraid that Chen Xi would be worried, so he didn’t say anything. 

    With the two people’s guarantee here, Chen Xi finally reluctantly let go, but after the two left, listening to the lively background sound of the game, he couldn’t play anymore. 

    On the other side, Jin Yi and Bin Lan, who walked out one after another, walked to a place where there was no one, and both stopped. 

    At this moment, Jin Yi no longer hid his secret of his badness. He turned around and stared at Bin Lan coldly and said, “What were you doing just now?” 

    However, Bin Lan didn’t panic at this question of the mastermind. His voice calmly said: “Do what I should do.” 

    Jin Yi’s eyes became colder.

    “I didn’t do anything wrong, Chen Xi has the right to choose who to be his companion robot, right?” Bin Lan said this, even a slight smile appeared on his face. 

    The scene fell into silence again for a while, and the smile on Bin Lan’s face seemed to say that even if you are the mastermind, you have no right to interfere with human choices. 

    In Bin Lan’s smile, Jin Yi’s anger-filled brain finally calmed down a little bit. He knew that Bin Lan was right. He was the mastermind. He could take advantage of this convenience to have more contact opportunities with Chen Xi, but he could not directly make himself the right to become Chen Xi’s companion robot. 

    Choosing who to be your companion robot has always been the unique right of mankind. 

    Even if he did that, the whole Zhizu would probably not agree. Now the dissatisfaction within the Zhizu is already high. If he does something more excessive, it is estimated that the Zhizu will really be dissatisfied with his mastermind. And it caused the first large-scale revolution in history. 

    Therefore, the choice of who to be the companion robot can only be made by Chen Xi himself. 


    However, Jin Yi looked at the smile on Bin Lan’s face and suddenly squinted his eyes, and then his whole body calmed down, showing another kind of superior posture. 

    Bin Lan keenly noticed Jin Yi’s change, and the smile on his face disappeared. 

    Jin Yi just stared at Bin Lan. The reason for his superior posture was not because of his status as the mastermind, but for another reason, another kind of self-confidence that came from his heart, and then slowly said: “That’s okay, let’s see who Chen Xi will choose in the end.” 

    After saying this, Jin Yi glanced at Bin Lan lightly, then flung his shawl and strode away. 

    As for Bin Lan, who stayed in place, his face had become extremely ugly. 

    Every Zhizu is a super intelligent brain. Not only do they have comprehensive knowledge and profound knowledge, they are also the masters of human psychology, and they also have powerful calculation and derivation capabilities. Therefore, sometimes it is not difficult for them to predict the results.

    And all the signs that are now appearing are undoubtedly pointing to if Chen Xi really wants to choose a companion robot from the Zhizu, then the winner is undoubtedly Jin Yi. 

    This result can be analyzed by anyone, and even this is the real reason why those intellectuals are so angry and dissatisfied with the mastermind. 



    On the other side, Jin Yi, who had confidently finished talking to Bin Lan, suddenly paused.

    Because at this time, the scene where Bin Lan smiled and talked to Chen Xi suddenly appeared in his mind that Bin Lan would come back soon. 

    As the master’s brain’s super memory allows him to retrieve any picture he has seen at any time, and now, in his mind, Bin Lan smiled and talked to Chen Xi, and Chen Xi watched Bin Lan obediently. 

    Jin Yi inexplicably felt that the scene where the two silently stared at each other was dazzling. 

    Moreover, Chen Xi might have listened too much to Bin Lan’s words. 

    Thinking that Bin Lan would go back, and Chen Xi was waiting for him, they would still be alone like this. 

    Jin Yi’s beautiful eyebrows couldn’t help but gradually frowned, and then tightened, as if it had become a dead lump. 

    Until Jin Yi’s footsteps turned, he strode towards Chen Xi’s bedroom. 

    Jin Yi told himself as he walked, he was not worried that Chen Xi would like Bin Lan. Chen Xi only liked him the most, and that Bin Lan was far behind him. 

    He was just worried about his cunning comrades, after all, the intellectuals who are well versed in human psychology, but can be used by any means, he must stare at him, that’s it.


    So when Bin Lan returned to Chen Xi, before smiling and saying a few words with Chen Xi, the door was pushed open again. The scene where Jin Yi walked in like the wind was like how he came before. 

    When facing the questioning eyes of Chen Xi and Bin Lan, Jin Yi said without changing his expression: “I remember that there is nothing to do today, I will accompany you this afternoon.” 

    Then Jin Yi accompanied him, and Jin Yi and Chen Xi seemed to become conjoined babies.

    It was not only on this day, but when faced with Bin Lan and Chen Xi affairs, after Bin Lan’s incident, Jin Yi was suddenly suspicious that no one was good. 

    He always felt that all the intellectuals who could have contact with Chen Xi might do what Bin Lan did before he was away. 

    So for a while, all the intellectuals with orange eyes became Jin Yi’s key suspects, and the guards with dark red eyes didn’t seem to be very safe. In short, Jin Yi could only stay with Chen Xi for a while, and can feel a little sense of security without leaving. 

    Chen Xi was so attached to Jin Yi, it felt quite special, but in general, he was very happy. 

    Especially when Jin Yi now often doesn’t leave at night, but stays with Chen Xi all night. This is something that rarely happened before, which makes Chen Xi excited.

    Just like now, Chen Xi leaned comfortably on Jin Yi’s chest and asked Jin Yi to tell stories to coax himself to sleep. 

    And Jin Yi, who favored Chen Xi without a bottom line, naturally did so directly, so using his natural voice, he whispered a story in Chen Xi’s ear, and Chen Xi listened attentively. 

    The story is very exciting and the plot is very fascinating, but he didn’t know why, but when Chen Xi listened to it, his attention shifted from the storyline to the voice in his ear and the shallow breathing, and then he couldn’t help but think about the companion robot again. 

    Will he agree to let Jin Yi be his companion robot?

    Chen Xi didn’t have an answer to this question for the time being, but he also  found himself saying that he wanted him to be his companion robot, but he didn’t feel much entanglement with Bin Lan’s words, and he rarely even thought of it, and he did not think about it.

    Does this mean that he was different to Jin Yi? 


    On Chen Xi’s side, the companion robot is still entangled, and the starship team navigating in the universe has finally reached their destination. The second main star of the race they are going to play, the main star of the Canaan tribe. 

    For the overwhelming intellectual starship that suddenly appeared above the sky, the Canaan was terrified and caught off guard. 


    For some reasons, the Canaan people did not directly participate in the races that secretly exchange information with each other, and their information is undoubtedly blocked a lot. For this situation, they were even more unprepared and fearful. 

    When the old Canaan king heard the news of the arrival of the Zhizu starship, his cheeks twitched a few times, and under his face that was trying to calm down, there was fear and heaviness that could not be concealed. 

    But in the end, he still kept his face stiff, and said as smoothly as possible: “Help me out.” 

    Not only the Canaan palace, but the people of the Canaan people were also in chaos at this time, and all the Canaan people were afraid. They hid in their rooms in a panic and closed the door tightly. 

    They didn’t know what they were about to face. The first arrival of the Zhizu starship took away their third princes, and the second time they took away all the ear-fox slaves. They didn’t know what the Zhizu tribe would take away this time.

    Although the entire Canaan tribe panicked to the extreme, the final negotiations went smoothly. After all, Chen Xi came to the Canaan tribe to have fun, not to scare people, and learned from the previous experience. The next morning, Chen Xi directly appointed Gae to explain the situation to the King of the Canaan clan. 

    As a result, the situation quickly reversed. The King of the Canaan was shocked and in disbelief when he saw Gae. He didn’t expect that the son he sent out was still alive. No matter how much feeling he has for Gae, the neglected prince, he was always happy to see his son come back alive. Similarly, the original tension and fear were relieved a lot.

    Later, he listened to Gae’s words, no matter how much he believed in these words, he immediately welcomed the arrival of the Zhizu, and immediately sent someone to make preparations to meet the needs of the Zhizu. 

    At the same time, the Canaan prince Jiaye on the other side, heard the news that Gae had actually returned alive, and that he had returned with the starship of the Zhizu clan, and he stood up in shock. 

    In fact, compared to the fact that he is old and weak, most of his energy is placed inside Canaan, and he has no energy to pay attention to his father or other races. Jiaye can be said to be the person in charge of the Canaan tribe.

   Some time ago, he represented the Canaan tribe to participate in the royal celebration of the Sangkuang tribe, because at that time they were all the princes who could not make it to the table, and none of the royal heirs who were quite familiar with him had come, and he was defeated early. He left, but when he returned to the Canaan clan, he still felt something wrong. 

    After all, the royal celebration of the Sangkuang clan is a major event. It makes sense that one or two races cannot send the royal heirs because of problems, but all the royal heirs were sick and absent. This was a bit unreasonable. 


    Moreover, it was the royal celebration of the Sangkuang clan. On such an important occasion, the Sangkuang clan’s crown prince did not show up from start to end, which is really a bit outrageous. 

    Not to mention that at the time he always felt that the attitudes of representatives of other races were a bit strange, as if his mind was completely out of the celebration of the Sangkuang clan, and those weird gazes that frequently looked at him when he attended.

    Those things, one by one, only made him angry at the time, but when he went back, he felt that it was really strange everywhere, and it gave him a somewhat uneasy premonition. 

    And now, hearing that Gae had actually come back alive, and the figure of those royal heirs who came back with him, simply confirmed his ominous premonitions. 

    So Jiaye couldn’t sit still anymore, just got up and said: “Go, let’s go to the father’s place.” 


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