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   After solving the accident, Jin Yi’s mental projection immediately came to Chen Xi’s side, telling him that he was okay, don’t panic. 

    Chen Xi, who panicked with the inexplicably unconscious “Jin Yi”, was finally comforted after seeing Jin Yi’s mental projection. 

    It was not until two days later that Jin Yi, who had already been upgraded, appeared in front of Chen Xi again. Chen Xi looked at Jin Yi who was fully intact, and finally felt completely relieved. 

    Regarding the previous accident, Jin Yi explained that during the upgrade of the accessories, he went to the spare body to look for Chen Xi in a trance. Obviously, Jin Yi had no intention of telling Chen Xi about the existence of the new main brain. 

    As for this explanation, Chen Xi felt a little strange in his heart, because he remembered the last look in Jin Yi’s eyes that day, that was full of attachment and admiration, it really didn’t look like Jin Yi would show it, but Jin Yi also said that something went wrong when the accessory was upgraded. So he showed that look unconsciously.


    And the spare body that day had golden eyes. Jin Yi said that the eyes of the main brain only had golden eyes, and the Zhizu tribe only had him as the main brain, so who else could it be beside Jin Yi that day. 

    After figuring this out, Chen Xi completely let go of that little doubt, but he has to say, hehe, Jin Yi’s kind of obsessive and obedient look at him is really a bit cute. 

    After finally dispelling all of Chen Xi’s suspicions, Jin Yi passed through the gates and came to a sealed room. Looking at the black-haired spare body lying in the cabin, a trace of disgust flashed across his face.

    Jin Yi originally had a lot of dissatisfaction with his spare body, but it was obviously just a spare body, but because of the first-mover advantage, Chen Xi’s love for it once surpassed his own body. And now it was still used by others, Jin Yi couldn’t wait to throw this spare body into the incinerator immediately. 

    But thinking of Chen Xi, Jin Yi still took a deep breath, and finally suppressed this impulse forcibly. 

    Human beings are creatures that have a unique emotion for what they recognize, and they only recognize that one. Even if he throws this spare body into the incinerator and recreates a new one that looks exactly the same, it will definitely make Chen Xi if he knew about it, because the new one is not the one he had placed his feelings on. 

    Jin Yi naturally didn’t want Chen Xi to be unhappy, nor did he want them to have conflicts someday in the future.

    So after taking a deep breath for a long while, Jin Yi raised his hand and rubbed his forehead, and then issued an instruction, “Completely disinfect this spare body.” 

    Forget it, after disinfection, you can use it. 



    After the upgrade of Jin Yi’s accessories, Chen Xi’s happiest thing is, of course, that Jin Yi is going to fulfill his promise. 

    Thinking of Jin Yi sleeping with him every night, Chen Xi was so excited that he ordered the alarm clock in the smart wristband early, and the miraculous restorative was also hidden in the bed where it was not easy to find, his eyes shined brightly, and waited to commit the crime at night. 

    But what Chen Xi didn’t know was that he will encounter a beast if he went too far, let alone this kind of night journey that was a trap in itself. 


    Finally it was night, and the two said goodnight to each other, lying on the same bed, looking very harmonious. 

    Until the middle of the night, the wristband vibrated. Chen Xi, who was sleeping quietly beside Jin Yi, got up quickly, and then began to take off his partner’s clothes, and kissed his  “Sleeping Beauty” on the cheek from time to time.

    Under Chen Xi’s skilled work, Jin Yi quickly became unclothed, and his perfect eight-pack abs exuded a seduction atmosphere in the dim and soft light.

    Chen Xi’s hand unceremoniously covered the attractive abdominal muscles. Because he had committed crimes many times, his actions were bold and simple, and because of certain reliance, Chen Xi’s movements today were bolder than before. He had to be cautious, and press lightly for fear of leaving traces as before. 

    Today he can not only leave traces, but he also planted some strawberries, hehe. 

    Looking up at the restorative agent that he had turned over and put aside, Chen Xi was determined in his heart and buried his head boldly on Jin Yi. 

    Well, this abdominal muscle looks good, let’s plant a strawberry here. 

    The color seems to be a little light, let’s make it darker. 

    Here, here is also a symmetrical one. 

    Um, here on the collarbone, planted one here, hehe, it’s so beautiful. 

    Chen Xi worked diligently on Jin Yi, and planted a small strawberry diligently. He was very pleased with himself, even Jin Yi’s neck was not let go, and what he planted was a heart-shaped strawberry.

    While Chen Xi was wondering whether to plant a heart-shaped strawberry on Jin Yi’s chest, he suddenly felt something was wrong, his calf was itchy.


     Chen Xi suddenly thought of something, and his whole body was shocked. He didn’t look at his calf, but dignifiedly, slowly raising his head. What caught his eyes was a pair of golden eyes that were quietly looking at him. 

    Chen Xi was stunned stupid, and that was all he could do.

    The atmosphere was stagnant for a moment. 

    The key is that the scene of the crime was too tragic. Jin Yi’s clothes were not covered, and his body was covered with all kinds of hickeys. It was simply full of evidence, not to mention Chen Xi’s sinful hands, which were still resting on other people’s pectoralis big muscles. 

    For a while, Chen Xi’s head was almost blank, and now he only had the idea of ​​who I am, where I was, and why he was so bold before. He seemed to have made perfect preparations, Chen Xi seemed to think of the life-saving straw, and immediately looked at the restorative agent that he put on the bed. 

    However, just when Chen Xi saw it, before he had time to act, his wrists were entangled with a few strands of long golden hair. The person who was lying there sat up, and the clothes that had been stripped to his arms slipped down, revealing perfection, that jade-white slender hand picked up the spray bottle on the bed and looked at the name on it. 

    The corner of Jin Yi’s mouth showed a meaningful smile, he looked at Chen Xi and said, “It seems that you are well prepared, my dear.”

   I am not, I don’t, don’t talk nonsense!

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