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   After the explanations of the races in the Star Beast Territory, this silver-gray long-haired man finally understood that outside this barren star Territory, there is a powerful and cold-blooded race. It was because of the cruel oppression of that race that they came here to escape. 

    There are a lot of livable stars over there, but they belonged to the Zhizu tribe, so they didn’t even think about it. 

    After listening to everyone in the Star Beast Territory, the silver-gray long-haired man was silent for a long time, and then tentatively said: “There are also many races on our side. You see, if we join hands, we have a chance to beat the Zhizu tribe there, right?” 

    However, after hearing what the man said, the Yu clan couldn’t help but laugh, and the other Star Beast Territory clans laughed even harder, and the long-haired man was full of ominous premonitions.

    Sure enough, after their laughter stopped, the Yu clan said with a serious face: “I admit that you are very strong, but with your strength, but even if there are countless more. The Zhizu tribe sees us as rocks on the side of the road, and can step on it at will!” 

    “Don’t try to challenge the Zhizu tribe, it is a kind of horror you can’t imagine!” 

    Hearing the solemn warning from the races of the Star Beast Region, the man with long silver gray hair couldn’t help feeling a despair. 

    Yes, his strength is very strong, but his strength is already a top power in his hometown, and he also clearly knows that the strength of these races in front of him is not weak. It can be considered sturdy, this kind of strength is definitely a powerful race in his hometown. 

    But these are the races that are not weak in his eyes. After listening to his proposal, he refused without thinking about it. He also said directly that there will be more than ten million people with his strength, and it is fundamental to face the intellectuals. There is no ability to resist.


   For a while, the men with long silver-gray hair completely felt despair. Because they couldn’t resist the red tide, they had to travel far away to find a new home, but they finally came here and the many races they met told them that they also fled here in order to avoid the disaster ahead. Does this vast starry sky actually have no soil for their bone race to survive? 



    In the inner universe, in the space base. 

    Chen Xi was sitting in a corner of the bedroom, watching the instructional video in the light screen intensively. 

    A figure with golden hair fluttering behind walked to Chen Xi’s side, and his slender hands landed on Chen Xi’s shoulders, and a low and sweet voice said, “Honey, it’s time to sleep.” 

    Chen Xi’s eyes didn’t move, and continued to stare at the instructional video intently, and say: “You go to bed first, and I will study for a while.” I love learning, and learning makes me happy.

     Jin Yi’s eyebrow lifted up, his face showing a trace of intrigue, but seeing that Chen Xi made up his mind not to go to bed, he did not continue to adhere to, but said:. “Well, you finished school early, and rest,” 

    After the person around him left, there was no movement in the room. For that matter, Chen Xi continued to stare at the boring and profound space theory video. It was not until half an hour later that he quietly moved his gaze and looked towards the bed. Only Jin Yi was seen, Jin Yi’s figure was lying there quietly under the quilt. He should have entered a standby state. His energy slackened and he leaned loosely on the soft cushion. 

    Can be considered asleep. 

    However, just in case, Chen Xi still played the instructional video, and then opened a silent game for half an hour, until he felt that the time was almost up, he got up and stretched, ready to go to bed. 

    Looking forward to sleeping, Chen Xi walked to the bed lightly, stretched out his hand to lift the quilt, and couldn’t help but stay in a daze. 

    Just ask you when you open the quilt and find that the partner lying in the quilt is full of temptation, are you surprised? 

    Whether others were surprised or not, Chen Xi didn’t know. In short, there was no fluctuation in his heart, and he even wanted to wrap Jin Yi tightly with his clothes. 

    With a sigh in his heart, Chen Xi continued to climb into the bed unaffected, getting ready to sleep. 

    However, as soon as Chen Xi climbed onto the bed, the strands of hair wrapped around his hands and feet, and a warm body came close to him, pressing him under him and kissing him passionately. 

    It’s over, actually pretending to sleep! 

    The blow was so severe that Chen Xi was sluggish for a few seconds. 


    In the end, he seemed to know that he couldn’t escape today. Chen Xi simply gave up struggling and layed flat, but couldn’t help but mutter in a low voice: “Can’t you change to a lower power motor?” 

    Jin Yi kissed Chen Xi’s ear, and down to his neck, and said: “No, all the performance of the main brain is the best.” 

    “Then can’t I take a day off?” Chen Xi complained.

    After listening to Chen Xi’s words, Jin Yi, who was originally buried in Chen Xi’s neck, paused, then raised his head, watching Chen Xi with his golden eyes, “Are you tired?” 

    Chen Xi nodded in surprise. 

    Jin Yi tilted his head and thought for less than one second, then said: “Then let’s change the way today.” 

    Change the way? What to change? Chen Xi’s eyes were full of confusion. 

    And just under Chen Xi’s confused eyes, Jin Yi smiled at him, and then slowly leaned down…

    Bang! Chen Xi seemed to hear the sound of fireworks exploding in his head. 



    Another exciting night passed. 

    The next morning, Jin Yi accompanied Chen Xi to dinner. 

    Chen Xi today is very abnormal, always burying his head tightly to eat, and didn’t look up. Sometimes when he has to look up, and inadvertently sees Jin Yi’s face, especially Jin Yi’s lips, his cheeks can’t help but instantly turn red. It was unknown what he was thinking about.

    Jin Yi still looks as usual, and it was easy to tell from the corner of his mouth that he is in a pretty good mood. 

    Jin Yi, who was in a good mood, was picking some dishes on the table to put into Chen Xi’s bowl. 

    Chen Xi, who is a picky eater on weekdays, is also obedient in keeping his head glued down and eating everything.

    However, Chen Xi’s obedience obviously has a limit. After eating a few dishes that he doesn’t like, Chen Xi was unhappy. When Jin Yi was holding shrimp cakes close to his bowl, he silently moved the bowl back.

    Jin Yi raised his eyebrows, “You don’t want to eat anymore? What about this? “

 What is this? Chen Xi, who was still bowing his head, was thinking about it, his lowered head was lifted up by Jin Yi, and then he saw Jin Yi holding a piece of shrimp cake, slowly leaning over. 

    Ah ah ah! Chen Xi felt that he heard the sound of fireworks exploding again.


    Chen Xi naturally ate this last shrimp cake obediently, but Chen Xi’s cheeks turned red after eating. 

    After eating this meal, Jin Yi kissed Chen Xi as a reward, and said: “Really good.” 

    When Chen Xi looked at this evil man, and said with emotion: “I will be killed by you someday.” 

    Jin Yi smiled and stroked Chen Xi’s little head and said: “In theory, indulgence will not cause damage to your health, so don’t worry my dear.” 

    Chen Xi…didn’t know what to say for a while. Should he thank the advancement of technology? 


    The sweet time always goes by very fast. In a blink of an eye, more than two months later, after the last upgrade of the main brain accessories, Jin Yi ushered in a new accessory upgrade. 

    Since Jin Yi transferred the main body of accessory upgrades from the new mastermind of the next generation to him, accessory upgrades have become a routine case every few months. Although it is troublesome, he has to leave Chen Xi for a few days every once in a while.

    Although Chen Xi feels that he is “overworked” daily, he is still very reluctant to not be with Jin Yi for a few days. After the practice has made Jin Yi promise a lot of compensation, Chen Xi reluctantly lets Jin Yi go. The accessories have to be upgraded. 

    After Jin Yi left, Chen Xi felt a stronger sense of emptiness than last time. Even when he went to bed at night, he touched his hand over to Jin Yi’s side, and woke up instantly when he touched the empty space. 

    Two days later, Chen Xi became very depressed, because the upgrade took a long time, and there are still three days left before he could see Jin Yi. Chen Xi felt that this could not be done. He had to find a way to be happy. Once Jin Yi is away,  he can’t just do nothing. After all, there will be more upgrades of this kind of accessories in the future.

    Finally, after thinking about a few plans, Chen Xi decided not to be bored in the base for the next three days, but to go around and relax. 

    Because Chen Xi is in the inner universe, the inner universe is very safe, it is completely the base camp of the intellectuals, and the only entrance is also guarded by heavy soldiers, so they were relieved about Chen Xi’s idea of ​​finding a place in the inner universe, so no one had to worry. 

    Even after knowing Chen Xi’s thoughts, the Zhizu immediately formulated a route and selected some places for Chen Xi’s reference. 

    In the end, Chen Xi chose a distinctive one from those places and set off happily. 


    Chen Xi chose a star field with no danger, but with a more complicated ecology, and the starship would be able to reach it in about half a day when the starship traveled at full force. Chen Xi was going to play there for two days, and spent the rest of the day going back, it was perfect. 

    After one day. 

    Since a few hours ago, the activity of Starnet has reached the highest peak in history. There is no other reason, because the treasure of the entire Zhizu, their Chen Xi baby, is doing a live broadcast. 

    And Chen Xi, who started his  first experience of live broadcast, was staying in a fully transparent protective ball at this time, manipulating the protective ball on a deserted planet, jumping on an “expedition”.

    This fully transparent protective ball is specially customized for Chen Xi. It is the only one in the universe. It uses AX-class safety materials, which are resistant to impact, corrosion, high temperature and high pressure, and can not be damaged even in a nuclear explosion. It has an internal circulation system, which can maintain a comfortable environment suitable for human survival. With the various detection instruments inside, it is specifically designed to allow Chen Xi to “explore” in different environments. An exclusive customized model with a sense of participation.

    At this time, Chen Xi was staying in this protective ball, moving forward on this somewhat harsh planet with a bounce. On the barren ground full of gravel, he bounced, rolled, and came next to a strange huge plant. 

    The plant had a few huge vines, entangled and grown into a ball, without leaves, the skin was gray and wrinkled and looked a little ugly. Seeing something that he had never seen before, Chen Xi activated the scanning system that came with the protection ball. Soon, the composition and nutrients of that strange plant were all displayed in front of Chen Xi’s eyes, with the analysis results: rich in nutrients and containing slight toxins, edible after detoxification treatment. 

    It can be eaten! 

    Chen Xi’s eyes lit up, he wanted to dig up the plant with the mechanical arm at the bottom of the protective ball. 

    But this kind of rough work, how could the Zhizu present let Chen Xi do it? Almost as soon as Chen Xi’s mechanical arm stretched out, the barren stars that originally seemed “empty” immediately appeared from the surroundings and in the clouds. The figure quickly came to Chen Xi’s side. Before Chen Xi could react, the plant was dug up by the roots and held by several Zhizu men. Someone exaggeratedly covered the ugly plant with large flowers made of red silk, with a conspicuous label-Trophy One. 

    At the same time, the star network was boiling, and the rainbow farts like a tide of water were screened without any money. The races of the Star Beast Domain must not imagine that the cold-blooded and cruel intellectuals in their hearts can also say so many flattering words.

    Except for those intellectuals who shouted “Xixi is so amazing!”It seems that finding an edible plant is a feat. The other Intellectuals were all concerned about Chen Xi, saying things like “Xixi must be tired.” “Xix must be thirsty.” “Xixi, would you like to take a break.” Such words, all kinds of concerns are almost insignificant. 

    Chen Xi looked at the text that was swiped across the screen, and smiled and said: “I’m not tired.” 

    This sentence and a smile instantly caused a new round of restlessness on the star network, and countless intellectuals sent it out. “ah ah ah ah!” cries, the remaining intellectuals were thrilled, “Xixi replied to me!” 


    Soon on the star network, when the Zhizu who first sent “Xi Xi replied to me” fought each other.

    Bin Lan walked to Chen Xi’s side and smiled and said, “Trophy One will be sent to be processed immediately. It will be cooked into a variety of dishes. Do you want to taste it later or enjoy it at dinner?” 

    Bin Lan, a senior technician, has an elegant posture and a handsome face. The smile on his face is as gentle as a spring breeze. Looking at Chen Xi with his orange eyes as gentle as water. 

    The Zhizu who had been in a quarrel on the star network were quickly attracted by Bin Lan, and they were vigilant and said: “Who is this?” 

    The Intellectuals quickly exchanged information. 

    “I remember him. He is Bin Lan, a former senior researcher at the High Energy Ray Weapons Research Institute. He was elected as one of the ten people who took care of Chen Xi. He was also the only one in the weapon research and development team.” 

    “I am also from High Energy Ray Weapon Research Institute, I’ve been in contact with this Bin Lan. Don’t be fooled by his appearance. His methods are powerful.” 

    “Is he the only high- ranking member of the weapons research and development team? This is his picture information I found in the photos sent by Xixi before. You see, the reflection on this plate is him, and the hand placing the plate is also him! Damn, he’s so close to Xixi every day.”

    It was completely confirmed when they look in his eyes is the breath of a rival in love.

    At this time, the comments on the star network became even more unfriendly, and one after another began to provoke Bin Lan, and some bombarded the poor Jin Yi who was not present. 

    They all said that the main brain is too useless, how can someone with bad intentions stay with Chen Xi. 

    As for the hostile and targeted words on the Star Network, Bin Lan only smiled lightly after sweeping away. This smile still looks kind, but there is deep contempt hidden in it. A group of losers can only complain. 

    After receiving Chen Xi’s reply that he wanted to eat dinner again, Bin Lan bowed slightly to Chen Xi, and left with the surrounding Zhizu and the “Trophy One”. 

    Chen Xi’s “expedition” on the barren star continued. 

    This planet is indeed a barren star. The feeling of desolation on it can easily create an atmosphere of exploration, but in fact there is no danger at all, and animals and plants are scarce. Chen Xi searched for a long time before finally found another plant. 

    This time, Chen Xi was afraid that this plant would be dug up by other intellectuals before he could do it, and directly shouted: “Don’t move, I will dig this tree by myself.” 

    [Ahhhhh! Xixi is so cute, I’m dying~] 

    [Tangled, how can Xixi’s hand do such heavy work, but since Xixi wants to dig it by himself, I can only watch with pain. 】

    【Xixi promised me that you can only do this kind of heavy work once. ] 

    Chen Xi’s words aroused a burst of painstaking care on the star network.

    After Chen Xi drove the protective ball to jump to the plant, he turned on the scan as usual, and the scan results showed that it was edible. 


    Chen Xi couldn’t help being more satisfied. It was great. He could dig out this tree by himself, then keep it fresh, and take it back to eat with Jin Yi. 

    However, just as Chen Xi stretched out his mechanical arm and was about to excavate, there was a sudden fluctuation in the space, and Chen Xi’s figure became illusory and disappeared from the place.

    No one was able to react in time, and when the surrounding Zhizu reacted and rushed over quickly, the spatial fluctuation had ended. 

    Under the eyes of everyone, in the much-anticipated live broadcast, Chen Xi suddenly disappeared in place, and the star network exploded directly! 

    Bin Lan was one of the few intellectuals who rushed to the spot where Chen Xi disappeared the fastest on the scene. He issued a command with a serious face, “Track the coordinates of the protection ball, monitor the fluctuations in the space, and analyze the reasons for the fluctuations.” 

    Several others rushed here at the same time. The Zhizu tribes also gave orders with a calm face, “Assemble the armed forces of nearby space bases and mobilize nearby large-scale space monitoring equipment.” 

    “Turn on the first level of alert and enter a wartime state!” 

    At this time, all the intellectuals present received instructions, and the main brain is forced to connect and report the presence situation. 

    For a while, the intellectuals present fell into deathly silence. 



    At the same time, Chen Xi, who was planning to pick the ingredients by himself, suddenly changed place in the blink of an eye, which was also daunting. 

    The huge plants he was about to pick are gone, the wild stars are gone, and the surrounding environment has all changed. 

    But Chen Xi didn’t think about what was going on right away, because the new environment he changed to was not a quiet place for thinking. There were many alien races around him, but all of them were one’s that he hadn’t seen before. Chen Xi thought that he is well-informed. He has seen a lot of humanoid intelligent races in Star Beast Territory. Others who haven’t seen it with his own eyes have also seen the information on Star Network, but he didn’t know any of the ones that are right in front of him. 


    Not only he didn’t know it, but even the languages ​​spoke was unknown by the surrounding races. Chen Xi’s body included the translation system compiled by all the wisdom races in the intellectual territory, and they couldn’t translate it. 

    Chen Xi faintly felt that things were a bit big.

    But what makes Chen Xi feel strange is that for him, who can be said to have appeared out of thin air, no one cares about the new intelligent race around them, and they didn’t even notice. They were all shouting and running in a panic in one direction. If they insist on using one word to describe it, it is chaos.

    What are they running? 

    Chen Xi was curious, but soon Chen Xi knew the reason. 

    The high smoke and dust gradually appeared in the position where everyone desperately wanted to escape. When Chen Xi raised the protective ball, he saw that the source of the smoke and dust was a surging and approaching red tide on the ground.

    Taking a closer look at what exactly the red tide was, it was a big red fleshy insect entangled together. 

    Even the big meat insects were an insult. Except for having the same shapes as caterpillars, those insects have nothing to do with the caterpillars. Each of them has a huge mouthpart that is as thick as the body. Inside, there are layers of fangs, which make people feel dread. The insect body is extremely tough. It can make a pit when sweeping on the ground, That’s how the huge smoke and dust rising in the air came from.

    Chen Xi’s protective ball comes with telescope equipment. He saw some intelligent races running behind. Because they were slow or accidentally fell, they were directly invaded by the insect swarms. In less than a second, they were full of flesh and blood, and there was no residue left.

    Seeing such a bloody and brutal scene with his own eyes, Chen Xi couldn’t help but shudder. 

    Even though Chen Xi loves to watch horror movies in normal times, this kind of real brutality is completely different from the scenes in the movie that he knows to be fake. 

    Seeing the red worms approaching fast, and the overwhelming number of them, Chen Xi couldn’t help but turn the protection ball, and ran in the same direction with those who fled. 

Ah, Jin Yi, there are monsters here!

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