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  Chen Xi never thought that the road to self-reliance was so difficult. Because of the existence of the scanning system, although the road to find food was a little difficult, it was still smooth, but what he did not expect was that after he found the food, he was unable to cook it. 

    No matter how many times it was roasted, it was half-baked, and the food he found needed to be cooked and detoxified. Looking at the toxins remaining in the half-baked food in the scan, Chen Xi threw it into the fire again. It has been roasted for half an hour, I’ll see whether or not you are cooked this time. 

    After half an hour, Chen Xi dug up the food from the fire, and then looked at the scorched black outside and the scorched thing inside, and fell silent. 

    He’s not the first human in history to find food, but he will starve to death in the end. 

    When he saw that he couldn’t do anything about it, Chen Xi suddenly saw a familiar figure, and his eyes couldn’t help but shine. It’s that kind person! 

    Immediately, Chen Xi used the robotic arm protecting the bottom of the ball, grabbed the few unbaked ingredients around him, and bounced to find it. 

    Carlo was surprised to suddenly see the transparent shell appearing in front of him, “Little cutie?” 

    Carlo suddenly understood, and said, “Are you hungry? Hold on.”

    With that said, Carlo was about to go back to the bonfire to fetch food, but Chen Xi controlled the protective ball to block Carlo, and placed the ingredients in front of Carlo. 

    This was the first time that Carlo looked at this robotic arm, but fell into a daze. Is this also a cute arm? It’s… majestic. 


    After forcibly calming his mind, Carlo raised his head and looked at the little cutie. He saw that Cutie, who was in the protective shell was blushing and looked at him embarrassedly. The white finger in the protective shell pointed to the things on the ground and the burning fire.

    In the end, Chen Xi seemed to feel that what he was expressing was not clear enough. He frowned and suddenly his eyes lit up. He quickly jumped away from the transparent protective shell, and quickly jumped back, and then the majestic arm at the bottom of the carapace stretched out again. He snapped two black objects down in front of Carlo. 

    After Carlo looked at it for a long time, and distinguished what the dark thing was originally, he couldn’t help being silent. 

    He looked at the sweet ginkgo piled at his feet. He really has an ability to roast sweet ginkgo like this. 

    After a while, those sweet ginkgo berries were strung on a branch, and they were roasted at a constant speed on the bonfire. The sugar juice overflowed the skin and fell on the bonfire with a sizzling sound. The sweet taste slowly floated out. 

    Chen Xi sat in the protective ball obediently, staring at the food on the fire, waiting expectantly. 

    Carlo’s companions by the campfire also looked curiously at Chen Xi, who was enveloped in a transparent protective shell. One of them had animal ears on its head, pointed canine teeth, and short hair with wanton ridges and expressions on his face. This fierce face looked at Chen Xi with a curious look: “Carlo, is this the cutie that you mentioned before?” 

    “Yeah.” Carlo nodded, obviously this companion was the one with Carlo that night, who had discussed the Cai Wing tribe. 

    “What kind of race are you cutie, why have I ever seen it before?” Then, the overly curious companion of animal ears stretched out fingers with sharp claws and poked Chen Xi’s transparent protective shell. 

    After looking at him, Chen Xi silently moved aside. 

    “Fang!” Carlo gave him a disapproving look. 

    “Well, if you don’t touch it, you won’t touch it.” The animal-eared race named Fangs retracted its hand with a bored expression. 

    Carlo turned the sweet ginkgo and other foods roasted on the campfire, and replied: “I don’t know what race he is, he should come from a far away.”

    As soon as Carlo said, everyone understood, and at the same time couldn’t help sighing deeply, this damn red tide bug, he really went to eat wherever he went, and never let it go.


    After that, the people around the bonfire began to talk about some relaxing topics and discussed the arrangements for tomorrow. 

    Finally, the food is baked, and everyone should eat and drink. 

    Carlo originally wanted to give him all the sweet ginkgo that belonged to Chen Xi, but Chen Xi refused. After Carlo saw this situation, he divided the rest of the food to Chen Xi. 

    After Chen Xi detected that all the food was edible by himself, he gladly accepted it, took the food with his  robotic arm, and disinfected it in the transit warehouse, and then came to the inside of the protective ball. 

    Because of the food this time, in addition to the very hot roast, the fruit was sticky, and the piece of barbecue was greasy, it is of course impossible for Chen Xi to take it directly with his hands. He skillfully caught the food with a plate, broke the fruit with a knife and fork, cut the roast meat into small pieces, and then dug, and then used a small spoon to eat. He also used the fork to get the tiny pieces of barbecue. His eyes squinted happily.

    The people who were chewing the meat and the fruit around the campfire couldn’t help but look up and saw Chen Xi’s food, they couldn’t help but stop. As more and more people discovered the situation, this campfire fell into a weird silence, no one was eating except Chen Xi for a while.

    They looked at their greasy hands that were directly holding the barbecue, and looked at their companions’ hands covered with sugar juice and charred, and suspicious marks on their faces, compared with the appearance of Chen Xi eating, they couldn’t help but have a very strange feeling in their hearts.

    As for Chen Xi, who is pampered by the whole Zhizu tribe, even if he is consciously able to endure hardships and can adapt to the environment, some of the habits engraved into his bones are not even aware of himself, such as eating in a slow and elegant movement. 

    He was shocked by the poor race that was exhausted every day, they raced against time to eat, and lived in the shadow of the red tide bug. 

    After a long while, fang with the animal ears silently turned around, and looked at Carlo: “What is your little cutie background?” 

    Carlo was also silent for a moment, and said: “I do not know” 

    After everyone ate and drinked, the original unrestrained appearance had converged a lot. 

    After this day, Chen Xi relied on Carlo. Every day as long as he could find food, he would bring food to Carlo for roasting at meal time. When there was more food, he could enrich the recipe, the nutrition was more balanced, and there was nothing better than this. 


    And Carlo is not at all impatient with this little cutie who comes uninvited every day. He helps barbecue and exchanges food every day. He is very busy, and sometimes even when the little cutie does not find food, he will take the initiative to send his own food to Little Cutie, and after some manipulation, the eyes of the companions around him looked weird. 

    This guy, something is wrong. 

   After all, Carlo is not such a passionate bone race. 

    In fact, Carlo being kind to Chen Xi is really not purely out of helping others. 

    After all, when he first saw Chen Xi, he gave him a cute name.

    After spending some time with this little cutie, Carlo became more and more excited. He really had never encountered a presence like this cutie that made him excited in every place. Moreover, this little cutie not only looks good, but also has a good personality. Every movement can make him feel heartbroken, which makes him feel impulsive from time to time, wanting to lift the cutie out of his protective shell, rub the soft black hair in his arms, and kiss his pink lips, and then act as a little cute protective shell, protecting him in his arms forever. 

  Carlo, who had never felt this way for another person when he grew up, knew that he had fallen. 

    But the only regret is that he has not had a real language communication with Little Cutie for so long, and he can’t help signing in his heart. If there is a green crystal, it’s fine, so that he can build a spirit link with Little Cutie, and then he can really talk to the little cutie. 


    However, the green crystal is a precious resource for communicating with foreign races. Under the pressure of the red tide, almost all the existing green crystals were taken by the powerhouses of all races. He went to a strange star field to find a new home, but if he wanted to get one it’s too difficult.

    Coincidentally, just as Carlo was thinking, the chat topics of his companions also shifted to those warriors who were looking for a new home. Fang asked: “Carlo, you still haven’t heard any news from your elder brother?” 

    Carlo’s eldest brother, Kas, was once the number one strongman of the Bone Race and one of the strong men who led the team to find a new home. 

    Hearing Fang’s question, Carlo shook his head. 

    For his elder brother, he actually didn’t have much of an impression, because when his elder brother left, he was just a few years old, but since he started to remember, he kept hearing the name of his elder brother Kas from the mouths of people around him. Hearing how good his elder brother is, when everyone mentions him, it seems that his name is Kas’s younger brother. 

    Of course there are some who are not convinced. Under the aura of an overly good elder brother, he constantly hone his fighting skills, and eventually became the strong one among the younger generation of Bone Race. Of course, was still a gap in the name of the first strong man. 

    But now Carlos has passed the stage of youthful spirits. As he gets older, he understands the courage of his elder brother to step into a strange star field to find the new home that he doesn’t know if it exists. And traveling far in the endless starry sky is what a lonely and difficult life.

    Not to mention that now twenty years have passed, his elder brother still hasn’t come back, and there are so many unknown dangers in the starry sky, even the number one strongman in the Bone Race is not worth mentioning in the starry sky. 

    Now when Carlo heard other people mentioning his elder brother, some of them were just silent and worried. 

    Seeing Carlo’s appearance, others comforted one after another: “Don’t worry, your elder brother is so good, he will be fine.” 

    In the face of other people’s comfort, Carlo could only respond with a smile. 



    What Carlo did not expect was that he just regretted that he could not really communicate with Little Cutie. Two days later, Little Cutie gave him a surprise. 


    At that time, the little cutie came to him with the ingredients as usual, and after he took it, he was ready to start baking. At this moment, he heard a soft voice, “Thank you, Carlo.” 

    Carlo thought that he had an auditory hallucination for a moment. After reacting, he stared at the little cutie fiercely, “Were you just talking?” 

    Under Carlo’s shocked gaze, Chen Xi nodded embarrassedly. That’s right, the language of these races was deciphered successfully. 

    The little cutie who thought he could not understand the common language could suddenly speak, and the proficiency of the common language sounded not low. Carlo was naturally shocked and puzzled.

    But for the people he likes, who is willing to be harsh? Carlo quickly figured out the reasons for the little cutie himself. It must be that the little cutie was a little scared and nervous to them at the beginning. After he put down his guard after getting acquainted with them, he was willing to speak. 

    Carlo’s little cutie could speak suddenly, and he told them that he was not called little cutie, but Chen Xi, and Carlo’s companions were naturally shocked. 

    But seeing Carlo’s accepting look on his face, they slowly accepted this fact. 

    Chen Xi, who officially learned his language skills, also took the time to inquire about the news from them, including things like where it is and how far it is from the star beast domain.

    But the final result was not optimistic, just like he couldn’t connect to the star network, the people here didn’t know the race he was talking about, and they hadn’t heard of any star beast domain. 

    Hearing this result, even if it was expected, Chen Xi couldn’t hide his disappointment. It seemed that he had really reached a place where he didn’t know how far away he was from the sphere of influence of the intellectual race. 

    Seeing Chen Xi’s loss, Carlo quickly comforted him, and said that he would definitely find his own people in the future.

    After listening to Carlo’s comfort, Chen Xi finally cheered up again. Yes, Jin Yi will definitely find him! 

    Before that, his most important thing is to take care of himself. 



    It was another campfire meal, Carlo grilled the ingredients in different categories, while Chen Xi sat aside and waited. 

    There are several round fruits with a hard shell in today’s bonfire, which exudes a charming aroma when they are roasted by the bonfire. 


    The fangs took a deep breath in intoxication, “Badan fruit is really fragrant.” 

    When the fruit on the bonfire let out a few crackling noises, each fruit had a crack, which meant it was roasted. At the same time a stronger scent also came out. 

    Fang and others stretched out their hands towards the Baden fruit, and before the group of beasts robbed the fruit, Carlo reached out and took the most good-looking one, and gave it to Chen Xi. 

    “Thank you.” Chen Xi whispered. 

    Fang and others just glanced at them, and focused their attention on the Badan fruit in their hands. Everyone easily broke the fruit along the seam with their hands, and the white flesh was exposed, and they took a bite. It was fragrant and soft, it is the tastiest thing on earth. 

    After seeing how other people were eating, Chen Xi tried to break the fruit along the seam, but it didn’t move. 

    So he simply tried to pry it with the knife and fork, but until the palms of the hands are red, the extremely hard shell still doesn’t move, and even the seam hasn’t become larger.


    After discovering the situation, Carlo quickly said: “Give it to me, I’ll help you.” 

    Chen Xi sent the fruit out again after hearing the words, and the fruit that was originally in Chen Xi’s hands really smashed in Carlo’s hand. After breaking it apart, Carlo gave the fruit with the white flesh to Chen Xi again, and Chen Xi finally ate the Badan fruit that made others admire. 

    Fangs who had witnessed the whole process couldn’t help but laughed out: “I really don’t know how you survived before. If you didn’t have Carlo, you would have starved to death.” 

    Chen Xi deeply agrees after hearing the words. He looked at Carlo and said very seriously: “I will repay you in the future.” 

    However, after hearing Chen Xi’s words, Fang smiled even harder, and almost mocked: “Repay? On what basis do you repay? With your small body that can’t even break the Badan fruit?” 

    This was a bit too much. Carlo immediately looked at him in warning, and said: “Fang!” 

    But when Chen Xi heard Fang’s words, he was stunned for a while, yes, how can he repay Carlo, and not rely on Jin Yi, and rely on the Zhizu, but now Jin Yi and all the others don’t know where he was. He doesn’t know if they can find him in the future. He doesn’t know if they can see each other again… 

    Chen Xi’s strength after he fell to this place alone was suddenly dissipated by a ridicule from fangs, and he was speechless for a moment. After a while, he said. “I’m done, I’ll go over there first.” 

    After finishing speaking, Chen Xi controlled the protective ball and left with one shot. 

    When Carlo saw Chen Xi leaving sadly, he stared at Fang with some anger, and then hurriedly chased after him. 

    Fang didn’t expect that a word of him would make the scene like this. Seeing many people looking at him condemningly, he could only say bluntly: “I, I didn’t mean it, I’m just not used to seeing people talking big.” 

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