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    He walked over to Chen Xi and slightly bent over and said, “During this time, you have suffered.”

   “Bin Lan!” Chen Xi’s eyes lit up when he saw Bin Lan, and he was very excited, “Binlan, I miss you so much.” 

    “Yeah.” The corner of Bin Lan’s mouth lifted slightly, showing a very gentle smile, then picked up the white wet wipes on the tray held by the other Zhizu behind him, and carefully helped Chen Xi wipe his little hand.

    After cleaning, another row of trays was laid out in front of Chen Xi, with various exquisite dishes and snacks, and someone brought a comfortable stool for Chen Xi to sit down on. In a short time, Chen Xi enjoyed good food.


    Of course, this is not the most exaggerated part. The most exaggerated part is that Chen Xi hardly needs to use his hands during his meal. Whenever he wanted to eat, he just looked at it and someone brought it to his mouth with a small fork or spoon. Anything that is a little more complicated and needs to be processed, or needs peeling, is done before being delivered to his mouth, and has undergone the most meticulous processing. 

    The treasure that was lost, was finally regained back to them, and these people who were originally responsible for taking care of Chen Xi took care of them more meticulously. 

    Bin Lan is a vivid interpretation of what it means to only have him in the eyes. His orange eyes are always full of Chen Xi’s images, and the whole process is like the roundworm in Chen Xi’s stomach, making the most appropriate response to every subtle movement of Chen Xi.

    Carlo has never seen this kind of battle. Watching the scene of a group of people serving Chen Xi alone, he silently thought of how he used to feed Chen Xi. After all the ingredients were cooked, he passed the shells directly to him, the rest was all done by Chen Xi himself. Occasionally, when the shell is too thick, Chen Xi isn’t able to break it. He would break it up for him and give it to him. In this way, Chen Xi would then be severely ridiculed by Fangs, saying how he lived until now. 

    And now, Carlo finally knew how Chen Xi lived before meeting them. 

    At the same time, he also learned what the little cutie’s partner meant by the previous sentence “My family Chen Xi won’t do those things”. 

    If Little Cutie has always lived this way, then when I was with him before, the days he lived every day were really hard. 

    Not knowing what he was thinking of, Carlo’s expression suddenly dimmed a little. 


    And Jin Yi has been watching Chen Xi eat his meal quietly, and occasionally handles a plate of food, and feeds it into Chen Xi’s mouth by hand. When he saw that Chen Xi now even eats shrimp cakes that he didn’t like before, his heart couldn’t help but feel pain, Jin Yi endured the extreme pain, and reached out to touch Chen Xi’s soft black hair, and said softly: “First eat a little to cushion your stomach, and then return to the starship to rest.” 

    “Yeah. “Chen Xi bit the food in his mouth and nodded vigorously. Hey, it’s delicious, how come the shrimp cakes are so delicious? Why did he hate it so much? Does he have a taste problem?

    After taking another look at Chen Xi’s fragrant eating, Jin Yi raised his head and looked at Carlo again. 

    Jin Yi looks as noble as a god. When he looks at Chen Xi, his eyes looked tender, and it seems to be a bit warm when he looked at Chen Xi, but when he looks away from Chen Xi, his sight becomes completely indifferent, as if a lofty god watching sentient beings is a deterrence higher than the simple cold eyes of other intellectuals. 

    And now, with these indifferent eyes, Jin Yi looked at Carlo and said: “In order to thank you for everything you have done for Chen Xi during this time, I will send you a sincere thank-you gift on behalf of Zhizu.”

    Chen Xi, who had been immersed in food, suddenly perked up.

    Carlo was originally sad because he saw Chen Xi’s lifestyle, was ready to let go. 

    After all, he had known that Little Cutie has a partner and loves the other very well, but because he thought that Cutie’s partner was as weak as Cutie. He wanted to win over his love with a sword. At that time, he felt that being strong gave him the right to be his partner instead. The person who protects their partner deserves to be taken away from a partner that is weaker, and in troubled times, can provide stronger protection to the little cute, which is a better choice for the little cute. 

    But the real situation is that the little cute companions and fellow clan are so strong that the entire swarm of red tide insects was pinched to death without any effort. Even now, he doesn’t understand what’s going on with the rays that just turned most of the red tide insects into ashes.

    In addition to the strength of the cute companion and the same race, what made him even more heartbroken was that he suddenly realized that the best life he could provide to the cute before was actually the patience of the cute not afraid of hardship. 


    Looking at the exquisite food that Little Cutie is eating now, and the scene of the group of people taking care of him carefully. Then thinking about the dark food roasted in the fire when Little Cutie was with him before, every day he would go find and dig out the ingredients himself. 

    But even so, the so-called best life he could provide would have to make the little cutie be mocked by  Fangs and be looked down on by the tribe. 

    The real reality has never been displayed in front of Carlo so mercilessly, he no longer had any qualifications to think about being with little cutie anymore. 

    It is precisely because of this thought that Carlo now looks a little depressed as never before. 

    However, after hearing the voice of the little cutie’s partner, he immediately woke up. After listening to the other party’s words, Carlo said coldly and very clearly: “No.” 

    Yes, even if he is inferior to the little cutie’s partner in anything, but his heart for Little Cutie is true. Everything he has done for Little Cutie during this period is also because he likes Little Cutie, and he wants to do it for Little Cutie from the bottom of his heart, without anyone’s thanks. 

    However, when Carlo was suffocating his ambition, the scene he saw inadvertently from the corner of his eye made his entire attention crooked. 

    Cutie, what’s wrong with you? ! 

    You, what are you doing so desperately to wink at me, how can you let me let go of you like this? ! 

    After Chen Xi heard Jin Yi’s words and Carlo’s refusal, he was so anxious that he blinked his eyes desperately for Carlo to get his hint. After blinking his left and right eyes, he was almost blind after blinking. 


    In the end, Carlo didn’t know what was happening. He was usually quite smart. He clearly saw his hint, and the result was the same as if he hadn’t received his signal. He looked at him stupidly, without any other reaction. 

    Chen Xi froze until a faint gaze came over.

    But after a while, Chen Xi made a decision. No matter what, Carlo is a fool who didn’t know what he refused. So he couldn’t just stand by and watch this. He had already thought about a thank you gift for Carlo.

    So Chen Xi directly said: “Well, Carlos will like this thank you gift very much, right?” 

    This over protection made Jin Yi look at Chen Xi fixedly, and Jin·Vinegar·Yi overturned, He is not happy. 

    However, at the next moment, Jin Yi felt a lot of dissatisfied gazes on him, and at a glance, he found the orange-eyed Intellectual headed by Bin Lan, and other surrounding red-eyed intellectuals secretly paying attention to his side, all were extremely looking at him with dissatisfaction. 

    The expressions in those eyes were all shining brightly. What are you waiting for? Don’t you see that the baby Chen Xi is not eating? ! 

    Jin Yi…

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  1. Oh, wow… are you sure Jin Yi is a Zhizhu? Because from what I see, they treat Chen Xi like their own family (family’s most favorite and pampered baby, more precisely) and Jin Yi is a wild outsider thug whose trying to steal their baby. 😂

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